Open Up This Christmas Eve Box!

Christmas Eve Box for Kids

Here is the perfect Christmas gift for the whole family and the best part is… You get to open it EARLY! Yippie! We have so many Christmas Eve box ideas for you to make your holiday’s even merrier! Our Christmas Eve box for kids has free printables and we’ve even included exactly what you need to buy to fill this box. So what are you waiting for? Certainly, your family would love their very own night before Christmas box! So print out the free printables, pick up a few fun items, and pack your own Christmas Eve box with tons of magic!

So excited to put together a Christmas Eve box this year! Such a fun and magical Christmas tradition! #christmasevebox #Christmasboxideas

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Christmas Eve is almost here! Is the excitement building up inside of you? Well, I’ve got another thing for you to be excited about…

A DIY Family Christmas Eve Box

…to open up before Santa makes his way down the chimney! So cute, right?! I haven’t gotten to the best part yet, FREE printables! We’ve made it so easy for you to have a DARLING Christmas Eve box for kids and for your whole family to enjoy together. I can’t wait for my little family to open theirs up and see all of the goodies inside. We have all of the Christmas box ideas you could ever need, so get ready to grab a pen and get shopping!

December 24th Traditions

Putting this Christmas Eve gift together is super easy and fast! Simply, gather a few things to put inside and then print out all of these cute gift tags to dress it up! Undoubtedly, every Christmas Eve box should have Christmas jammies! However, if you’re like me and want to save a little money, you can even just throw in pajamas you already have and slap a tag on them!

Christmas Pajamas

Create Your Own DIY Box

The Christmas Eve Box ideas and printables are free! So you get all of this sweetness and holiday magic with just a little effort on your part!

Plus, the darling Christmas Eve box flap printables turn any boring box into something FUN and cute! Undoubtedly the printables dress up the project and add that finishing touch of magic to your night before Christmas box.

Gift Ideas

Christmas Eve gift ideas can be tough considering the very next day, your house will be exploding with gifts. That’s why Christmas boxes for kids are a great way to create traditions and holiday spirit, rather than just adding to piles of toys.

Christmas Box Ideas

You can add whatever you know your family will love, especially because the tags are vague enough to allow you to put your own creative spin on things if you’d like! However, I’ll share the goodies I always put in mine. So you have all the inspiration you need to launch into action with your own Christmas box ideas!

Night Before Christmas traditions

Tags Included in the Printable Pack:

Now, these are great items for any Christmas Eve box, followed by a tag that would pair perfectly. So here we go!

Christmas Eve Box for Kids

  • Pajamas Tag: Nestled All Snug in Your Beds
  • Christmas Book Tag: “Twas the Night Before Christmas”
  • Christmas Movie Tag: “It’s a Wonderful Life!” “Laughing All the Way”
  • Christmas Holiday Socks  {Or Slippers} Tag: “For your Mistle-toes”
  • Popcorn Tag: “I Brought Some Corn for Popping!”
  • Hot Chocolate/Mug Tag: “Baby it’s Cold Outside”
  • Candy/Cookies Tag: “And to all a ‘Sweet’ Night”, “Save some for Santa!”
  • Box Tags: “Handle with Cheer”, “Open on Christmas Eve!”

Christmas Box Ideas

Fun Family Traditions

When you’re done, you’ve got a box bursting with Christmas Cheer! Truly, EVERYTHING you need for a fun and memorable Christmas Eve with your family! Now, whether you choose to give this Christmas Eve box to your family on December 1st, or wait and save it as Christmas Eve gift ideas, it will still surely be a hit! Our night before Christmas box would be a fun family tradition to open on Christmas Eve. It is bursting with holiday cheer and so many fun ways to create memories with the ones you love the most.

Holiday Magic

Christmas Eve Gift Ideas

Excited?! So what are you waiting for? Print them out and give these Christmas Eve gift ideas a try this year!

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