Eat Breakfast For Dinner For Your Next Family Night or Dinner Party!

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Breakfast For Dinner

It’s so important to date your spouse, but it’s just as important to “date” your family. Really spend some quality time together, get to know each other a little better, and just have FUN with the people that you love the most. But a big vacation, going out to a restaurant or even to a museum can be EXPENSIVE and time-consuming. Trust me, you do not need to spend a bunch of money to have fun with your family. That’s why we’ve created the perfect zero prep, no-hassle, breakfast for dinner idea for your next family dinner or dinner party.

LOVE having breakfast for dinner! Can't wait to do try this fun breakfast party idea with my family! #breakfastfordinnerideas #dinnerpartyideas #familyfun

Breakfast For Dinner Date

Breakfast for dinner is a great way to switch up the boring old dinner routine. We have done all the prep for you and paired it with the cutest breakfast themed printables. We promise your family will love this fun and simple breakfast for dinner idea! Who doesn’t love breakfast?!

Build A Healthy Breakfast Ideas

The best thing about this idea is that it’s completely customizable! When I did this with my family, we all got in our jammies and let our kids pick some breakfast dishes that they really wanted to try so we could make the meal together. They loved cooking together as a family with foods they had picked themselves. We also bought this Baby Cakes Waffle Stick Maker, which made it so easy for our kids to help us cook the meal. Then we printed off the activities and dove right into the fun!

Build A Breakfast Menu

I’ve already told you how easy this family fun night will be for your next dinner party. But did I mention how adorable and fun our printables are? Well, our very own Diva Designer Elizabeth has created the cutest breakfast-themed printables for you. All you have to do is click, print, and fire up the griddle for some pancakes.

Breakfast Placemat Free Printable


If you are having a hard time deciding what to make or wanting to mix up the usual pancakes and eggs routine, we have a whole collection of mouth-watering breakfast recipes for you to choose from. Check out this post full of yummy breakfast ideas. They are all pretty simple and delicious. Plus, you have 100 to choose from, so you are sure to find something that your whole family will love.

Breakfast Menu Placemat Printables


First things first when it comes to any meal, building a menu. This completely customizable menu gives you options based on categories. This makes it easy to pick and choose what menu items you want to include for your meal, and more importantly, cook. You can make a list and your kiddos can circle what they want, or if you want them to be able to choose their items, they can write in exactly what they want. We have spots for our whole grains, proteins, fruits or veggies, and drinks. You could even have your kiddos fill this in before the dinner (like I did) so they can help you plan the menu with some of their favorite breakfast foods.

Placemat Menu Conversation Cube Printables


Once they have chosen their menu and the food is on their plates, they are going to grab one of our super adorable activity placemats. These have a bunch of fun activities for your kiddos to do while eating their breakfast. Trust me, they are WAY better than the ones you can get at a restaurant. There are options on these for coloring, tic-tac-toe, a word search, and even a maze. We promise your kids will LOVE these and most likely ask you to print them and over again for mealtime. I would recommend keeping this file on hand, so you can print it for future family fun meals.

Conversation Cards


The absolute best way to connect with each other is to talk about what’s going on in your lives. But sometimes that dinner conversation becomes mundane with the same old “what did you do at school today?” question. Your kids give you the same generic answer, and you find yourself struggling to pull more information from them. This kind of “conversation” ends up leaving everyone annoyed and frustrated. Well…you are going to LOVE our  breakfast for dinner conversation cards for this very reason! They have fun and interesting questions on them that are definitely far from mundane and are sure to spark great conversation for the entire family.

Build A Healthy Menu Printable

These will even get your teens in on the action and create memories and laughter for the whole family. You are going to want to print these and reuse them over and over again with your family. One helpful tip might be to laminate the cards and write someone’s name on the back once they have answered a question. This way everyone has a chance to answer each question at least once, and you don’t have to worry about repeats.

Conversation Starters And Cube


For those of you with young kiddos like myself, we have also created a perfect adaptation to the conversation cards, with (drumroll please…), the conversation cube! This will really make your breakfast for dinner date seem like a party. All you have to do is cut this baby out and fold and glue into a cute little cube. Toss this around the dinner table and whatever side it lands on is the question that has to be answered.

I tried this with my kids and they have asked to do this every single day since we tried it. It is the perfect way to keep the attention of those smaller kids that have a hard time participating in more grown-up conversation. My 3-year-old was answering these questions like it was no big deal and begging to play the “box game” over and over again.

Printables For Placemat And Conversation Cards

There you have it! Your very own breakfast for dinner date night that is the least prep you will ever have to do! Grab some breakfast items you have around the house, plan your menu, and print off these cute printables. But most importantly, prepare to have an easy and memorable night with your family! This date would also be so easy to use with a big group. A breakfast for dinner party with friends or neighbors all in our jammies sounds like the perfect way to relax with friends and create some fun memories!

Printable Conversation Ideas

If your family loves creative family dinner games and spending time together, we have a few more ideas that they will also love! Check these out:




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Eat Breakfast For Dinner For Your Next Family Night or Dinner Party

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