Game Night for Two!

Game Night Ideas for Two!
My husband and I love to play games. We used to have game nights more frequently with family and friends, but life got busy with school and having a child. Game nights were hard to come by. BUT for the past little while now, my husband and I have found a few games that are really fun and can be played with just TWO players! This is a great solution for our busy lives because we can pull them out and play together when we suddenly realize we have some down time.
Perfect two player games that everyone will love!
I thought I’d share some we’ve found that are fun with just us two, as well as with a group.

TICKET TO RIDE – our favorite is the Europe version.

BLOKUS – This game is fun. We have the original, but there are a lot of other versions. We actually just played the Blokus 3D Version and it may be a new favorite. Might have to put it on the Christmas list…
BOHNANZA – This one is our current favorite. SO fun! Also great for a group.
The next few are card games and they go pretty quick. So if you only have 5 minutes, grab one of these.

SCRABBLE SLAM – I love Scrabble Slam because it uses words. Not my hubby’s favorite! But he’s nice and will play it with me.
SET – this one is tricky to catch on to, but once you have it down you’ll do great! You try to make a set of 3 cards by matching colors, shapes, and design.
BLINK – This one takes less then a minute! Seriously. Everyone has one minute to play a game with their spouse!
Hope you enjoy some new games or a fun game night with your hubby! Anyone have any other suggestions for great games for two people (or more for that matter…we love games!) We’d love to hear them!

About the Author: Erika

I married the love of my life and enjoy being with him and our son. We love to try new things – traveling, food, games, and everything in between.

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9 Responses to Game Night for Two!

  1. Carcassonne and Fluxx are two of me and my wife's favorite two player games. A game of Fluxx usually takes 5-10 minutes, while you're looking at 30-45 for Carcassone. Enjoy!

  2. Oh, thanks Mark! We actually have Carcassone…my husband loves it. I forgot to mention that one. I've never heard of Fluxx, but we'll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  3. FUN! My husband and I are about to move overseas (to a country that won't have TV/internet/technology whenever we want) and I'm trying to think of some things to take that we can spend time together without going crazy. I'm going to look into some of these card games b/c they'll be small/lightweight to pack!

    We also love Mexican Train. Not so much a two person game, but we have other couples over to play all the time and our friends love it. It's really easy to learn, too!

    I just found your blog yesterday and spent a lot of time over here last night. I love what yall are doing.

  4. The Last Word. To play the whole game takes a little while but you can do it without the board for as much or little time as you want:)It can be played with only 2 players and my husband likes it too!

  5. I’m posting this comment really late, but I was just browsing your site for some date ideas and thought I’d comment. My husband and I enjoy playing games, but we’re both super competitive, so sometimes playing with just the two of us can create awkward moments. I know it’s “just” a game, but I can still take it too seriously and end up feeling at odds with my husband at the end of the evening. We’ve found a great solution to this problem: the loser gets to choose how the winner will serve him/her (kiss, massage, etc.)! It takes the bitterness out of losing and can lead to a great finale for date night! One of our favorite games is Dutch Blitz, a lightning-fast card game.

  6. This is practically 3 years after this post was published but I just found it. I’m always looking for two player board games because quite often, we find it hard to coordinate with other couples. This was great for me! Thanks!

    My husband and I bought a game (asked the game store specifically for recommendation on a good 2 player game) called Pandemic. It’s our favorite game ever and it never gets old. The most fun part of it is that it’s actually a cooperative game. I highly recommend it! There is another one by the same maker as Pandemic called “Forbidden Island” both are similar in game play but Forbidden Island takes less time and is a bit more simple. Both are great!