Improve Your Sex Life Through Our Virtual Sex Seminar 2020

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Virtual Sex Seminar 2020

Improve your sex life from the privacy of your own home!

Do you want to improve the intimacy in your marriage and enjoy better sex? No matter how long you’ve been married or how many kids you have, imagine a future with your spouse where your love life is one of the very BEST parts!

A lot of times sex is awesome. But other times, we know that there are some not-so-great parts. Mis-matched sex drives, boring routines, unspoken desires, or even more serious issues can turn the bedroom into a source of stress & frustration. Above all your marriage needs to be enjoyable! That’s why we are so excited to share a BRAND NEW resource with you that will totally transform your sex life in the very best way!

UPDATE: Click here for our 2021 Sex Seminar

This couldn't be easier! I can't wait to work through this online sex seminar from! Better sex, here we come! #HowToHaveBetterSex #Sexperts #SexTherapist #MarriageCounselors

Have you ever wondered how to make sex more FUN?!

Do you want the answers to those sensitive, awkward sex questions without all of the awkwardness?

Then picture this, a place where you and your spouse can go to listen & watch presentations from EXPERTS in the field- addressing all of the sex & intimacy pain points that you didn’t know how to put into words or were afraid to ask.  

We put together a virtual SEX SEMINAR to make this very thing happen! 

Learn from marriage counselors and sex therapists how to have better sex.

Learning from the Experts

Some of the biggest names in sex & marriage will be sharing their best tips and practical advice, in addition to steamy suggestions that will transform the way you approach physical intimacy in your marriage.

9 experts, including professional marriage counselors & sex therapists, will be presenting on 9 different topics including…

  • Dealing with Varying Sex Drives
  • How to Make Sex More FUN
  • Making Time for Sex
  • How to Talk about Sex
  • Increasing Libido
  • How to Bust Through Limiting Sexual Beliefs
  • Overcoming Pornography & Sexual Addiction
  • How to Better Understand Female Sexuality
  • Ideas to Add Variety for Long-Lasting Connection & Pleasure


Everything you need to know about SEX! 

And here’s the best part. Not only is ALL of this information can be absorbed from the privacy of your own home and the comfort of your couch, but you can revisit it whenever you need for 1 year!

Learning how to have better sex from the comfort of your home!


This Seminar is usually offered at $35 (which is a total STEAL for all of this expert information), but if you grab your access pass RIGHT NOW, you can view all of these videos and resources for ONLY $20! We wanted to make this as affordable as possible for every couple!

Normally $35


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Want tips for better sex?! 

If you want to know: 

  • How can I build more anticipation for physical intimacy?
  • Is it possible to avoid falling into the same sexual routine over and over?
  • Can we learn to even start TALKING about sex?
  • How can we handle when one person wants sex a lot more than the other?
  • Can we build connections while dealing with addictions or pornography use?
  • How can I change my unhelpful thoughts about sex?
  • What do I do when I have a low sex drive but don’t know why?
  • How can we both feel fulfilled with intimacy?
  • Is there a way to keep sexual satisfaction from declining as we get older?

EACH one of these questions is addressed – and SO MUCH MORE!

Here’s what’s included:

  • SCHEDULING SEX by ONE Extraordinary MarriageTake the Guesswork Out of Wondering When You’re Going to Get Some.
    • Yes! We’re talking about putting sex on your calendar. Scheduling your special intimate time in the bedroom does not take the magic out of it, but rather puts the spice back in by building anticipation, creativity, and making it a priority! You can make it even spicier by giving it a secret code name that only you and your spouse know about.
  • FROM BONDAGE TO BONDING by Tim Curtis, LCSWFreeing Your Relationship from the Clutches of Pornography and Sexual Addiction
    • Relationships are hard! They are especially hard when mixed with the pain, loneliness, and disconnection stemming from pornography of sexual addiction. Take control of your relationship once again by learning to battle pornography use, heal from hurt, and create connection once again with these powerful and proven steps to relationship recovery. Whether you are looking to increase understanding, put prevention tools in place, or face this issue head-on, this course will have a variety of topics and strategies for you and your partner.
  • NAKED AND UNASHAMED CONVERSATIONS by Awesome MarriageHow To Talk About Sex In Marriage
    • How can you have awesome sex in marriage if you don’t TALK about sex in your marriage? When was the last time you and your spouse had a positive conversation about your sex life? Learn how to have safe, genuine conversations about sex with your spouse. In this seminar, you’ll hear from marriage counselor Dr. Kim Kimberling and his wife of 50 years, Nancy Kimberling. You’ll learn how to create a safe space to talk about intimate things with your spouse in addition to getting Awesome Marriage’s in-depth Love Making Survey for free.
  • WHEN YOUR SEX DRIVES DON’T MATCH by Hot, Holy, HumorousHow to Resolve Your Sexual Interest Differences
    • One of you wants a lot of physical intimacy, the other not so much. How can you negotiate the mismatch? Whether you’re inches, yards, or miles apart on this issue, you can close the gap and experience better intimacy! Discover how different sex drives function, then learn how to productively discuss your desires, and finally walk away with real-life ideas for aligning your sexual interest.
  • BUSTING THROUGH YOUR LIMITING SEXUAL BELIEFS by Marriage LaboratoryQuestion and Shift Your Unhelpful Narratives
    • When asked how to improve their sex lives, most people think of something on the behavioral level: new techniques, foreplay ideas, etc. But as Stephen Covey says, if you want to make small changes focus on behaviors, if you want to make QUANTUM changes, focus on changing your paradigms. In this class, we’re going to be examining the limiting beliefs we have surrounding sex. We’ll be questioning ideas like “Sex is just physical.” “The best sex is reserved for the young, skinny and males.” And “I am not sexy.” If you are serious about making QUANTUM level improvements to your sex life, join us and let’s bust through them together!
  • LOW LIBIDO by Dr. Meghan Schoening What to Do When You Have a Low Sex Drive and Don’t Know Why
    • How would your life change if you had the sex drive you desire? Physical intimacy is an important part of relationships and sex drive is a healthy part of feeling good. However, most people shrug low sex drive off or consider it their new “norm”. In this class, Dr. Meghan Schoening will outline the most common health imbalances linked to low sex drive. Finding a diagnosis is very individualized and not all doctors dig deep enough to get to the root of the problem. Learn what to ask for, then how to find the path that may be holding you back from the energy you want in your sex life.
  • LIGHTING HER FIRE by Strengthening Marriage12 Keys for Creating a “Sextraordinary” Marriage
    • Wives, want to learn how to genuinely “want to?!” Husbands, want to better understand your wife sexually?! Women have been mysteries to themselves (and their husbands) for too long! In this webinar, marriage counselor and certified sex therapist, Laura M. Brotherson, will help you learn to create a mutually fulfilling and more intimately connected sexual relationship—a sextraordinary marriage! Learn how women get in the mood, why women aren’t always “in the mood,” 12 dimensions of female sexual wholeness, and so much more!!
  • VARIETY ADDS VITALITY by Get Your Marriage On!Healthy Ideas to Spice Things Up for Long-Lasting Connection & Pleasure
    • Physical intimacy in long-term committed relationships can sometimes get a bit routine and feel less… intimate. In fact, a majority of married couples report a decrease in sexual satisfaction after a few years of marriage. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way! What about those that report an increase in satisfaction and intimacy? What are they doing to keep their marriage vital for the long haul?  In this seminar, we’ll discuss how healthy doses of variety can add vitality to your intimate relationship. Then, say goodbye to ruts and hello to a passionate, pleasurable, and connecting sex life!
  • 5 SEX-CITING DATE IDEAS by The Dating DivasCreative & FUN Ways to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom
    • Miss the passion from your newlywed days? Has your sex become a little boring or routine? In that case, learn how to ban bedroom boredom and put the fun and excitement back into your love life with creative & SEX-CITING date ideas! This class will share 5 FUN ways to spice things up in the bedroom! From sexy bedroom games to pillow talk conversation starters – you’ll get all the tools, tips, and tricks you need to easily initiate and enjoy more intimate date nights!

Your sex life will never be the same!

This Seminar includes EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know about getting that newlywed passion back and kicking boring routines to the dust. 

Decide now that you are done with missed opportunities, hurt feelings, or feeling dissatisfied when it comes to your sex life. It’s time to totally transform your perception of intimacy!

Sign up for an online sex seminar.

Click below in order to join this virtual seminar and start rocking your sex life!

Normally $35


($15 OFF discount automatically applied at checkout)

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UPDATE: Click here for our 2021 Sex Seminar


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