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How’d you like to SCORE this Darling “Love You a Hole Punch” set for FREE ?


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Yep, FREE!!!  Tasha, the incredible talent behind Whimsicle Design Studio, created this whole printable set, and we are giving it away to all of YOU lucky ladies!  Just wait until you see what it includes!

 It’s seriously the sweetest way to show some appreciation to your spouse AND encourage a little more romance at the same time.  


This love note set includes…


A darling “I Love You a Hole Punch” card


With a sweet, clever poem on the inside that explains the whole thing:

I’m so in love with you, you know that it’s true

I’m so grateful for all of the things that you do

You’re thoughtful and caring, charming and sweet

It’s the little things that sweep me off of my feet


I want you to know- I notice it all!

It’s the reason that, for you, I still fall. 

Being this amazing must be hard.

So I wanted to give you these little punch cards.


Every time you do something to make me swoon,

(Whether it’s morning, night, or afternoon)

I’ll grab our love card and give it a punch

And before you know it- you’ll have a bunch

And when all the circles are finally punched out,

Then it’s really time to celebrate and shout!

Because I’ve got a surprise that’s waiting for you.

(And I promise it’s a really good one too!)


SO cute, right?!  And don’t worry, the Lover’s Loyalty Punch Cards are included! 


Along with ten little love note cards so you can let him know when he’s earned a punch!  

Then just be prepared to deliver his well-earned reward when all ten punches are punched-out.   It could be a totally romantic at home date night, complete with his favorite homemade meal.  Maybe it’s a sexy bedroom surprise {*wink*}!  Or a wrapped gift just for him.  OR all of the above!  You know your spouse best- just pick something you KNOW he’s gonna LOVE!  

About the Author: Becca

Besides my hilariously witty husband, I love a good book, sappy songs, old black-and-white movies, cute crafts, and all things chocolate. I have four (seriously adorable) little kiddos at home and they definitely keep life at home FUN!

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65 Responses to Love You a Hole Punch

  1. I didn’t get the form either! :((
    Been married 27 yrs and have 4 kids. Sometimes the little things seem to get lost in the mix! I thought this a great way to show I STILL appreciate all the things he still does for me that he might think I overlook now!

      1. Thanks Becca. Of course it popped up right after your responded, lol! I filled it out but nothing popped up after hitting submit. I’ll check my email now. 🙂

          1. Aww, thanks! You might see that I submitted it twice. Sorry! Nothing has popped up yet and I don’t see any email (checked spam too). No rush/worries. 🙂 VERY cute idea though!

          2. Got the email, thanks! Wow, my computer lagged on that one. Just popped up but has the time stamp for 14 minutes ago! Ugh, technology! lol, thanks Becca!

  2. Thank you SO much for posting this! This is the first thing I have downloaded and just spent the last 20 minutes cutting everything out.

    What a great idea and perfect for my husband, he has been super supportive of me lately and this is just what I need to show my appreciation!

    Can I also mention how easy this was to print out and make. Thanks again!

  3. I love this punch card idea! But I really love all the things I pinned! I especially LOVE the neighborhood block party idea! I can’t wait to do that here for our fall festival in our neighborhood!

  4. Becca, these are so creative and clever! I can hardly wait to surprise my husband with this…I just need to think of something fabulous for the end prize and find my hole punch:)