Quick, Easy and Free Love Notes

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Creative Love Note Messages from Home

We all love fabulous ways to show that special someone our love right? Well, these ideas are free and easy! What else could you ask for?! Sometimes you know your spouse needs a little boost of encouragement or a romantic message but running to the store to grab supplies or even printing out a card can be too much of a hassle. (Why does the printer always seem to be out of ink?!) So for these creative love note ideas you don’t have to leave the house, just use the supplies you’ve got on hand. Get those creative juices flowing (don’t worry we’ve got some ideas to get you started) and give your love some words of affirmation these no-cost love notes!

Free Creative Love Notes #creativelovenotes #quicklovenotes

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I hate it when the windows fog up in the car in the winter and you turn around to see your little one writing or drawing a lovely picture on the window… can you relate to me? But this gave us the first hint… next time your honey is in a steamed up bathroom taking a shower, slip in and write a cute message on the mirror! Once they hop out of the shower, there will be a sweet love note waiting to make their day!

I wrote my little message and it took my hubby a few days to see it. Because I would NEVER do something like that. {wink, wink} When he noticed, he wrote me a cute message back on the bottom. So priceless!  Your kids can even get in on the fun too, and then… anytime the mirror fogs up your cute message will be revealed! And now we patiently wait for our cute kids to leave us messages, too!!

Mirror Love Note

If you’d rather do something a little more sexy and romantic… try writing your message in a sweet shade of your favorite lipstick!!

Creative Love Note Idea with Lipstick

We loved the idea of leaving creative love notes that don’t cost a thing, so we put our heads together and brainstormed a whole list of ideas for you to recreate and make sure your spouse is truly feeling the love whenever they need it.


Creative Love Notes to Write IN Everyday Objects

Use your finger or a pointed object as your writing tool and leave love note impressions that are actually in different objects around the house.

Takeout Creative Love Note

Try leaving your mark in:

Use Unique Items from Home to Leave Love Notes

Search for objects around your house that you can twist, line up or shape into letters leaving an easy love note. Add these clever ideas to your Pinterest board so you don’t forget!

Quick Love Note

Try writing a message using:

Free Love Note Idea

Easy Love Notes in Clever Places

Use your basic markers and pens or more creative writing tools to leave creative loves notes in unique places.

Create Love Messages

Try putting your message on:

  • Shower Curtain
  • Bananas
  • Window or Mirror Using Lipstick
  • Chalk on Driveway
  • Newspaper or Magazine (Circle one letter at a time.)
  • Plastic Wrap on Top of Leftovers

These quick and easy love notes are just the beginning, the possibilities are endless, so just look around the house and use what you’ve already got. You could even go on a little scavenger hunt with the kiddos to explore your home and yard, then start leaving thoughtful messages all over!

If your printer does have ink, you can also grab any of our favorite easy love notes or check out these fun Printable Sticky Notes. We even have some Funny Sticky Notes and some Sexy Printable Sticky Notes! Don’t forget, save these ideas on Pinterest now!




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