6 Romantic Scavenger Hunt Riddles To Surprise Your Spouse

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Create a Scavenger Hunt for Your Spouse

Do you think scavenger hunts are just for kids? No way! In this post, we’ll show you how to make a romantic scavenger hunt for your spouse that you can do ALL at home and that eventually leads to a romantic picnic for two. It’s simple, romantic, and allows you to spend quality time with your favorite person in the world. Not to mention, this romantic date idea is quarantine-friendly!

And, because we love you, we have included 6 scavenger hunt riddles to help you out (check out the “Romantic Scavenger Hunt Riddles” section below for the exact riddles!) Using these adorable scavenger hunt clues, you will create the ultimate surprise for your sweetheart!

Scavenger hunt riddle activities that are perfect for a romantic date night | The Dating Divas
Couple holding scavenger riddle date night printable while enjoying a picnic.

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By the way, this adult scavenger hunt is the perfect way to celebrate your anniversary with your one and only. Why? It’s so easy to put these creative scavenger hunt riddles together since we did all of the work for you! Of course, you can totally let your sweetheart think you made them up yourself! 😉

We do want to thank our lovely designer Kristin of CdotLove, who created these beautiful free printables. She did such a good job, right?!

Now let’s dive into how to do this scavenger hunt!

How to Arrange a Scavenger Hunt

If you don’t already know how to do a scavenger hunt, we’ve got you covered! To start, download and cut out the printables linked below. Next, prep your at-home picnic by gathering the items you need for this adult scavenger hunt. Keep in mind that when choosing a location for your romantic picnic, it’s all about finding a place where you and your love can relax and enjoy each other’s company with minimal distractions. We recommend your front yard, back yard, or even your bedroom!

Husband and wife having a romantic picnic for date night | The Dating Divas
Couple enjoying a romantic picnic with scavenger hunt printables.

Once you know where you’ll be having your romantic picnic, plan a time that you want your sweetheart to start the scavenger hunt. You’ll want to be nowhere to be seen during that time so that you are the surprise waiting at the end.

When it’s time for the hunt, and you have set up your romantic anniversary picnic, leave the invitation for your sweetie to find. Then, you can sit back and relax at the picnic spot as they follow each of the scavenger hunt clues and riddles throughout the house. Ultimately, they will end up with the best surprise of all… YOU!

Prepping the Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Prepping the romantic scavenger hunt is easy peasy! Just follow these instructions:

  1. You will need six paper bags, picnic food, and your free printables (linked below!)
  2. We recommend choosing foods that are portable and won’t make a mess. For example, grapes, cheese, crackers, chocolate, and yummy drinks might be good choices.
  3. Once you have printed out your bag tags, fill each bag with a different picnic food! As your sweetie finds their way to each clue, they will gather the bags as they go.
  4. Place your picnic bags in the locations on the printable clues. If any of these locations don’t work for your home, we’ve added six blank scavenger hunt cards that you can fill out instead.
  5. When it’s time for your scavenger hunt to begin, leave the invitation and the first clue bag together for your love to find. Don’t forget to attach the scavenger hunt riddles to the bottom of each bag before you place them in the correct places!

Here are the location spots for each of the 6 scavenger hunt riddles:

1. The Car

2. The Fridge

3. Stove or BBQ

4. Bathroom

5. Sofa

6. Backyard

Girlfriend setting up romantic scavenger hunt that leads to a picnic | The Dating Divas
Woman holding scavenger hunt printable invitation on a romantic picnic.

Scavenger Hunt Surprise Set Up

To create a romantic atmosphere for your at-home picnic date, consider getting creative with heart-shaped desserts and foods. Use cookie cutters to create heart shapes out of sandwiches, fruit, or cheese! On top of that, you can take it up a notch more! Add rose petals, balloons, and play romantic music. Don’t forget to bring along some battery-operated candles to your moonlight picnic to further set the mood.

Girl on a picnic eating grapes | The Dating Divas
Girl eating grapes on a scavenger hunt picnic.

Romantic Scavenger Hunt Riddles

We know creating riddles to a scavenger hunt is intimidating, but don’t stress. We have done it all for you with the printables below! Plus, you’ll see how easy they are to use when you download them.

Scavenger hunt riddles leading to a picnic that are perfect for date night | The Dating Divas
Scavenger hunt printables that lead to a picnic.

Send your sweetie on a hunt with these scavenger hunt clues (for adults, of course), leading to 5 different places in your home!

Scavenger Hunt Riddles:

  1. I’ve been busy running about leaving surprises inside and out. I’ll show you the way with clue after clue but before you go, check the rearview!
  2. From inside the car the world seems quiet. Go to the place where you balance your diet!
  3. Are you needing a break from all this running about? There is no time for that – your next clue is where we cookout!
  4. Man, you’re quick and right on my path! To find your next clue, look in the bath!
  5. You’re getting so close! Don’t stop, push through! Go to the spot with the best T.V. view!
  6. Your hands are getting full with each sack, to find your sweetheart bring everything out back!

Once all of the clues and bags have been collected, the last clue card will lead your sweetheart to YOU! From there, let the romantic moonlight picnic begin!

Romantic Picnic for Two

Congratulations! Your sweetheart has solved all the scavenger hunt riddles, and you’ve surprised them with a romantic picnic. The rest of the night is yours to reflect on how far you’ve come in your marriage! As it begins to get dark, consider adding some star gazing, smooching, and picnic snacking to really make this an unforgettable at-home experience!

Wife and husband kissing on their scavenger hunt date | The Dating Divas
Couple kissing on their romantic picnic date.

This would make for the perfect at-home anniversary celebration OR birthday surprise. Either way, enjoy the opportunity to connect with your love under the moonlight!

If you want to, you could also bust out some Anniversary Game Questions OR Intimate Questions to Ask Your Spouse during the remainder of your picnic. Without question, both will provide you with a quality conversation!

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