24 SEXY New Year’s Resolution Ideas

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Make a New Year’s Resolution for the Bedroom

The tradition of setting a New Year’s resolution is all about starting fresh and making goals. We do this with healthy eating plans, exercise goals, and all sorts of other self-improvement areas. This year, commit some of your New Year goals to becoming a better LOVER to your spouse! Take into account your sex life and use our sexy New Year’s resolutions printables! (Keep scrolling to check them out!)

This year your resolution will be FUN to keep with a sexy New Year's Resolution. | The Dating Divas
Improve your love life with some sexy New Year’s resolutions.
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Sweet designer Kensie from Kensie Kate created these beauties for us! She did a great job making them useful AND adorable! Thanks, Kensie!

Start making your bedroom New Year’s Resolutions by taking this helpful Sexy Survey. This will open up a great conversation about what you and your spouse both WANT & NEED in your intimate life!

Take a sexy survey to share what you need and see what he needs. Then form your New Year's resolution from what you learn. | The Dating Divas
Sexy survey for him and her for New Year goals.

How to Write a Sexy New Year’s Goal

Once you’ve filled out the survey and discussed it with your spouse, you should have some good ideas about where you BOTH can improve! Now it’s time to actually make some resolutions!

Start by clicking the pink download button below and printing off the Intimate Goals Sheets. Then, fill them with a few things you each want to work on. We’ve given you His & Hers pages with “sentence starters” and prompts for a variety of resolutions, such as:

  • I resolve to be a better lover by…
  • Before sex I will…
  • I will do more…
  • I am going to try…
An intimate New Year's resolution date night is the perfect first date of the year. | The Dating Divas
Printable New Year’s resolutions

You can always just talk through those prompts if that is easier than printing and writing them out. This whole experience is meant to bring you and your love closer together in whatever way makes sense to your partnership.

(Looking for a new and unique way to initiate some lovin’? Use the Sex Checks, pictured above, and thank us later!)

New YEar’s Resolution IDeas

If you need even more tips, here are some possible goals and resolutions for you:

For Him

  • I resolve to be a better lover by:
    • understanding that I need to “set the scene” for you.
    • telling you how much I love you: body, soul, everything.
    • taking your cues in the bedroom.
  • Before sex, I will:
    • give hints at the start of the day, so you can warm up to the idea all day long.
    • clean up and put on some cologne.
    • create a calm environment.
  • I will do more:
    • massages to help you relax before getting to the action.
    • foreplay that pleases you.
    • complimenting you throughout the day.
  • I am going to try:
    • sending flirty texts while I’m away.
    • to clean up after the day, so we don’t have any chores to distract us.
    • turning off the TV once a week so we can focus on each other.

For Her

  • I resolve to be a better lover by:
    • trying new things.
    • complimenting your work.
    • committing to a sex schedule.
  • Before sex I will:
    • commit to clearing my mind and focusing just. on. you! I’ll do this by listening to music and slipping into something I feel good in.
    • put my phone and other distractions in another room.
    • prep an after-sex snack.
  • I will do more:
    • flirting when you come home.
    • romantic date nights that end in sex.
    • experimenting with toys.
  • I am going to try:
    • to initiate once a week.
    • a new position every other month.
    • a new lubricant.
Sexy New Year's resolutions and goals to improve intimacy. | The Dating Divas
Blank sexy New Year’s resolution lists

There is also a blank checklist if you want to make your New Year goals extra personal.

New Year’s resolution Reminder Cards

Don’t stop there! To keep yourself on track with your New Year resolution, there are lovely little reminder cards you can stick around to remember your goals. You may want to put them somewhere the kids won’t find them – like the lingerie drawer or on your master bathroom mirror!

Sexy goals with your spouse for New Year's resolutions. | The Dating Divas
Remind yourself of your New Year’s resolutions with goal cards.

New Year’s Resolution Rewards

You already have a REALLY good reason to stay on track with your goals: a hotter, more fulfilling sex life! Yes, please! But, just to give you a little extra motivation, choose a reward once you’ve achieved your sexy New Year resolution.

Sexy New Year's resolution rewards are a must! Write them down beforehand. | The Dating Divas
Reward cards for keeping your New Year’s resolutions

Fill out these sweet little Rewards Cards, and turn them in to your spouse once you have completed your tasks!

Enjoy This Year’s Resolutions

These are New Year’s Resolutions that you and your spouse are sure to keep! Being open about intimacy and working towards goals together is so important. Hopefully making these goals will start a great discussion and ignite some sparks!

Make a New Year's Resolution with your spouse. | The Dating Divas
Sexy New Year’s resolution cards

Are you ready to start out the New Year even HOTTER than before?! You can only improve your love life with your sexy New Year’s goals!

Intimate New Year's Resolutions
Free Download

Sexy New Year’s Resolutions

Printables Designed by Kensie Kate Exclusively for The Dating Divas

(Oh! And if you REALLY want to strengthen your marriage and get the “SPARK” back in your marriage all year long – make sure to check out our 365 Ways to Rekindle the Spark!! It even includes monthly love calendars to keep you on track!)

Have New Year goals?  Use 365 Ways to Rekindle the Spark! | The Dating Divas
Use 365 Ways to Rekindle the Spark as part of your New Year goals.

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