Sexy Twister Bedroom Game for 2

Have a Spicy Night with Sexy Twister 

There is no way we are going to let a blasé sex life kill the romance in our bedroom. One of the fun, low-stakes ways to spice it up your sex life is to add in a game. Now we don’t want to dampen the mood by detailing tons of instructions, so today we are sharing an old classic turned into something a little more risque. Enter: Sexy Twister!

Overview of a sexy Twister game for 2. | The Dating Divas
A DIY sexy Twister game

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Table of Contents
  1. Have a Spicy Night with Sexy Twister 
  2. Sexy Twister Prep
  3. How to Play Naked Twister Game
  4. Spicing Up Your Sex Life

Sexy Twister Prep

There is very little prep here. You can pull out your Twister game or make your own! (If you need to DIY your board, find some red, blue, yellow, and green paper and place it in a 4 x 6 pattern.)

Flick the sexy Twister spinner for a fun night. | The Dating Divas
A Twister spinner that has been adapted for a sexy twist

Once your board is good to go, start assembling the FREE printables we’ve created (linked below). Pages 3 and 4 of your printable download have a new spinner board. Cut along the edges of each half-circle, then use some tape to attach it to the spinner that came with your game.

Don’t forget to look over the items on your new sexy Twister spinner. You may need to get a few supplies, such as:

  • Strawberries
  • Whipped Cream
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Something to use as your Wild Card (honey, flavored lube, caramel, etc.)

Now if you don’t have the spinner, just tape the pieces together and use a bottle to spin!

Sexy Twister additions to give it a bedroom spin. | The Dating Divas
Add each diamond to a regular Twister board to make it sexy

The red and green spaces on the floor game board are also going to get a makeover. Cut out the diamonds on pages 5 and 6 of your printables, then attach them to your board. Please one diamond per circle.

As an alternative option, you could take a sharpie to your Twister game mat and write these prompts on yourself. Totally up to you!

How to Play Naked Twister Game

There are some easy instructions for Sexy Twister on page 2 of your printable, but we’ll review it for you here too!

Make naked Twister a thing with these Sexy Twister instructions. | The Dating Divas
Instructions for Sexy Twister
  1. Decide who will go first and take the first spin. Wherever it lands, do that task.
  2. If it lands on a red, the timer will show you how long you will do the action that’s been placed on the board. For example, if you get “.5” that equals 30 seconds. Then if you place your right hand on the red space that says “eye contact,” you get some eye-on-eye with your lover for 30 seconds.
  3. If the spinner lands on a green, you will see an image of a clothing item such as a shirt, pants, underwear, and an empty hanger (which means it’s all coming off. Yay for naked Twister!) The green spaces on the board will tell you exactly how those items of clothing will be removed. For example, you might put your right foot on the space that says “Dance it off.” Get shaking as those bottoms fall right off your booty!
  4. Any yellow spot on the spinner will give you a “topping” to add to the board or your partner.
  5. Blue spots on the sexy Twister spinner show a little physical touch!
  • Left foot–pat your babe’s peach!
  • Right hand–squeeze your spouse!
  • Right foot–pinch that cutie!
  • Left hand–stroke your sweetie!
Add spicy prompts onto your Twister game board. | The Dating Divas
Adapted Twister game board with sexy prompts

Spicing Up Your Sex Life

The obvious goal of Sexy Twister is to get twisted in love, and then let it go even further in the bedroom! What we love about a good sexy game is that it doesn’t always have to be steamy and romantic. Some laughs and flirty foreplay are what we’re all about!

Turn a game into a sexy bedroom game with Sexy Twister. | The Dating Divas
Play a game of sexy twister with your spouse

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Game on!

Free Download

Sexy Twister

Printables Designed by Courtney @ Paperelli Exclusively for The Dating Divas

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