Sweet & Bubbly Soda Pop Date Night

Share a Soda pop with Your Sweetie

Guys! We can’t keep it bottled up any longer… we’ve created a date night that is sodarn cute, and we have to share it with you! It’s a Soda Pop Date Night! Whether you call them sodas, soft drinks, pops, fizzy drinks, or cokes, this date night is sure to make you and your honey feel all sweet and bubbly inside. So get ready because your date night is about to bubble over with fun!

Enjoy this sweet and bubbly soda pop date with your spouse! | The Dating Divas
Husband and wife share a soda pop on the grass.

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Soda Pop Date Printables

Of course, we have all the FREE printables to really make your date night POP! Let’s give a shout-out to Dawn at Lock Paper Escape for making these printables soda-lightful!

Drink soda pop and play a fun guessing game for date night! | The Dating Divas
Soda pop date game printables

Here’s a look at what you’ll get in your free download:

  • Digital Invitation
  • Create-your-own-soda Cards
  • Soda Pop Game Score Cards
  • Bedroom Blenders (a sexy activity for two!)

Let’s check it all out, shall we?

Soda Pop Digital Invite

What better way to invite your sweetie to a soda-licious date night than with an adorable invitation? And, we made it extra easy for you by making it digital! Simply download the invite to your phone and text it to your soda-loving spouse. Piece of cake, right? It reads “I soda think you’re cute! Join me for a Soda Pop Date!”

Invite your spouse to a fun soda pop date with this digital invitation. | The Dating Divas
Soda pop date digital invitation

Create-Your-Own-Soda Cards

Have you ever been to a soda bar or a soda pop shop? They are becoming more popular these days and that’s what this date is all about! Just like in an old-fashioned soda shop, you can order a soda with mix-ins. Usually, you begin with a soda base, like Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, etc. Then, you add in your syrups. Popular syrups include: coconut, cherry, lime, vanilla, grape, and many others. You can also add fruit purees to give your soda a fresh taste. Next, add cream to your soda pop to give it a melted ice cream float taste. Finally, add in candies like Swedish Fish or Gummy Bears.

Many people choose to create their own sodas, however most soda bars have a menu of tried-and-true soda creations for you to choose from. In addition, most have creative, unique names based on the type of soda and mix-ins. For example, a drink called a “Beach Babe” would probably have tropical syrups like coconut and pineapple, while a drink called “Buttery Beer” would have Root Beer as the soda base with a butterscotch syrup.

Create a new soda pop for your spouse on this soda-lightful date! | The Dating Divas
Soda pop bottles in a circle around date printables

For this part of the date, you get to create a unique soft drink for your sweetie based on their personality and what you think they would enjoy. Print and cut out the cards to make your own soda shop creations.

Here are the instructions you will find on the printable:

“Buy ingredients at a store or head to your local soda pop shop and create a special soda for your sweetie. Don’t forget to give it a creative name!

(Tip: Get creative with your soda and mix-ins! Is your wife sporty? Try a sports drink base! Does your husband have a laid-back personality? Add some relaxing tropical mix-ins, like coconut or pineapple!).”

Enjoy drinking sodas with your sweetie on this bubbly date night! | The Dating Divas
Husband and wife sip on sodas

Soda Pop Game Score Cards

We think this next game is so-da bomb, and we think you’ll like it, too! Here’s what you’ll need to play this game:

  • Five different sodas
  • Blindfold
  • Soda-lightful score cards (printed and cut out)
  • Pen/pencil
Use the cute score cards to keep track of which sodas you guess correctly. | The Dating Divas
Sodas and soda pop scorecard

After gathering all of your supplies, sit at a table and write down the names of the five different soft drinks on your cards. Next, one spouse will blindfold the other and give the blindfolded spouse samples of each soda. The blindfolded spouse will try to guess which soda it is, and the other one will mark it right or wrong on the scorecard. After guessing all five, switch spots and have the other spouse take a turn guessing. The one with the most sodas correct wins!

Another fun variation of this game is to choose similar sodas but in different versions or brands. For example:

  1. Dr. Pepper
  2. Diet Dr. Pepper
  3. Dr. Thunder (Walmart Brand)
  4. Dr. Pepper & Cream Soda
  5. Dr. Shasta (Shasta Brand)

This game variation can be super funny! It’s amazing how your taste buds can trick you when blindfolded!

Try to guess the name of different soft drinks on this soda-lightful date night! | The Dating Divas
Soda pop score cards for a fun guessing game

Let’s Get Fizz-ical

POP POP! FIZZ FIZZ! It’s time to get fizz-ical with your sweetie with our Bedroom Blenders! That’s right–it’s time to take this soda pop party to the bedroom!

For this part of your date night, print, cut out the six different Bedroom Blenders, and follow the instructions on each card. Like a soda you might buy in a soda pop shop, each card has a unique “soda” name and the ingredients you might need to make that specific creation.

The names of the different Bedroom Blenders are:

  1. Berry Nice
  2. Surf’s Up
  3. Polar Punch
  4. Bomb.com
  5. Drama Queen
  6. Peaches ‘N Cream

To help you out, here’s a list of “ingredients” you’ll need for these cards:

  • Ice
  • Sliced strawberries
  • Grapefruit
  • Whipped cream
  • Tasty lube
  • Sexy toy
  • Role-play clothing and accessories

I bet you can imagine how fun things could get with these fun blender names and ingredients! 😉

Get flirty with your spouse on this sweet and bubbly soda pop date night! | The Dating Divas
Husband and wife smiling and drinking sodas

We hope this date will make your hearts POP! If you want more sexy date ideas, try out our Spicy Date Night or our Sex Positions Match Game. We think they are soda amazing!

And, if you want to really strengthen your connection with your spouse, we can’t say enough about our new Couple’s Calendar! We just know you will be soda-lighted all year long!

Free Download

Soda Pop Date Night

Printables Designed by Dawn Young Exclusively for The Dating Divas
Free Download

Soda Pop Digital Invitation

Printables Designed by Dawn Young Exclusively for The Dating Divas

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