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Sweet, sweet, Valentine’s Day!!! Love is truly in the air on this romantic-al day! I hope that you are greeted with all the flowers, kisses, and romance that you can handle. And more!!!!

Valentine’s Day is a BIGGIE here at The Dating Divas! So to kick-start your day I’ve collaborated with my fellow Diva, sister, and close friend Kristen to give you a gift! Just a little somethin’, somethin’ from us for you, to help your day go down without a hitch!


We have put together our absolutely FREE version of The Newlywed game! So if you’re still on the hunt for something fun before the romance tonight then this just might be it.  Challenge your lover to see who knows who best! It’s quick and easy to prep, as well as fun and intimate for the two of you! Perfect for a last minute idea or to complete your V-day plans!

To use your gift, simply download and print our FREE Newlywed Game! That’s it, you’re good to go!

Guess what we did?! We created a whole new game for those of us that aren’t quite newlyweds anymore, although we might still be in our hearts!

The Not So Newlywed Game

The Newlywed Game Show is back with a twist! THIS date night idea is meant for couples with years of marriage under their belt! The Not So Newlywed Game can be played as a group or as a couples date night and is SURE to be full of love and laughter! Check it out HERE!!! 

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at The Dating Divas!!!

About the Author: Lisa M.

I am a wife to one, mom to five, and pet owner to two. I consider myself very fulfilled in this journey we call life. If you were to visit my home, you would quickly discover that my kids come first and above all else. They keep me busy and on my toes, which doesn't leave a lot a wiggle room for much else. But somehow we make it all work and keep chugging along. My husband, Dom, is my rock. He helps me keep my head on straight when I need it the most. I love all the moments that I get to spend with my husband, children, family and friends. They bring me endless joy every day and I cherish them all. In my "extra" time I enjoy movies, girls nights out, date nights, shopping, projects, vacations and sometimes.........doing nothing at all!!

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    Thank you for all of your hard work. I appreciate the value this website puts on keeping marriages sacred. It is wonderful to have a resource such as yours to keep our relationship vibrant. Thanks again! I have been sharing your website with all my friends to encourage them in thier dating/married lives. Keep up the great work!

  2. The hubby cooked V-day dinner, we ate, then put the baby to bed, and played this game. We had SO much fun!!!! I was very surprised the hubby won! I figured I had that win in the bag! We were shocked that we didn’t know as much as we though we did after 8 years of marraige (been dating 11).

  3. Does each of you answer privately before you start or just let the one asking whether they are correct or not as you go? It’s been too many years since I watched the TV show. 🙂

  4. I used this last night for our date night! It was a blast with no work invovled on the front side! Thank you so much for the free printables of the game. We were both surprised by some of our answers. Date night idea=success!

  5. I love this Idea and hope to do it for a uncoming special date with my husband. Thank you so much for being willing to create and post such a fun, ready-to-go date idea! Unfortunately, when I tried to download it came through all garbled. Is there anyway you could attach the pdf to an email for me and see if that comes through better? I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks so much for your help keeping things romantic on our 25 year marriage!


  6. I printed these out and had them all ready for dinner for the weekend coming up, well my husband ended up getting really sick so instead of playing at dinner we played in the hospital and it worked out great! It really cheered him up and we had some good laughs. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for creating an awesome G-Rated Newlywed game! We are using it for our parents’ 40th wedding anniversary! So excited to find this! THanks for creating awesome stuff and sharing it!

  8. I absolutely love this game and website in general! All the date night ideas are my favorites by far. However, I would love it if a gender neutral Newly Wed game was created. My girlfriend and I have been together for almost two years so I often come to this website to find fun new things to do together. But I’m always a little disheartened when the games are constructed for only heterosexual couples. I understand this website is geared more toward heterosexual couples and if that’s how you lovely ladies would like it to stay, then that’s your right. Just saying inclusivity would keep me coming back more frequently! Thanks again for the hard work and awesome date night ideas!