The Best Christmas Party Games

Fantastic Christmas Party Games

Happy Holidays! We have so many Christmas games to help you make your holidays the happiest! I just LOVE December because of the holidays. It’s a great time to get together as a family and celebrate with delicious food and some fun Christmas party games!

I think one of the best things about the holidays is the holiday games! Wahoo! For those of you who are planning a holiday party this year, we wanted to help out as best we could by gathering the best holiday party games.

We put together a list of 50 AH-MA-ZING and FANTASTIC Christmas games ideas that will be PERFECT for any holiday party!

I love this list of fun Christmas party games! These Christmas games will add so much fun to our holiday celebrations! #Christmasgames #Christmaspartygames

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Below you will find awesome party ideas for any party type!

Minute to Win It Christmas Games

Take your holiday party games to the next level. Everyone knows how much minute-to-win-it games can make you laugh. Bring silly, fun Christmas party games to your holiday celebrations using these Christmas minute to win it game. Our wonderful Michelle did a whole post on Minute to Win It Christmas games last year. Undoubtedly, her awesome post will have even more ideas, and she has adorable game cards in her post to really ‘spice’ up your party. After that, come here and try out a combination of these games AND Michelle’s to really get your party hopping!

19 minute to win it Christmas party games!

fantastic minute to win it holiday games

Excellent Christmas holiday minute to win it games.

  • 9. Christmas Ball by A Beautiful Vibrant Life: For this game, you will need a wrapped present box, an ornament, and an 18 inch by 18 inch square of wrapping paper taped down to use as a target.  In a minute you would take the box and fan the ornament until it stays within the targeted square.  It’s a lot more challenging than it sounds.
  • 10. Wreath Relay by The Dating Divas: Here you need a partner and a wreath. So with your partner, you must transfer the wreath to a designated area, without using your hands. Do your guests have the skills?
  • 11. Snowball Fight via Christian Camp Pro: For this game, you will need styrofoam balls like these, ping pong balls, buckets (to hold the balls), and a partner. So in 1 minute the duo needs to knock off the balls (balls) from their pedestals using ping pong balls.
  • 12. Lollipop via Christian Camp Pro: Get 9 metal nuts, 3 straws, and 3 ping pong balls. reate 3 lollipops by balancing the straw, lowering the 3 nuts over the straw and balancing the ping pong ball on top. So do that 3 times in a minute and you win!
  • 13. Hung with Care by The Dating Divas: This game requires a 3-foot string and 3 candy canes. Take the string and make it taut between 2 objects. The game requires the player to hang 3 candy canes on the string on the edge of the small hooked part of the candy cane.
  • 14. Cliffhanger by The Dating Divas: Use 10 holiday cards and a flat table. So the object of the game is to blow the cards to the edge of the table without them falling off. Finally, see how many you can get hung within a minute.

Awesome minute to win it christmas games.

  • 15. Deck the Balls via Christian Camp Pro: Get a bowl full of ornaments, a 3-foot string (hung taut between 2 objects) and a cardboard tube. The player must suck an ornament to the end of the tube and hang it on the string. So if the player can get 5 balls hung within a minute, he/she wins!
  • 16. Christmas Ball Conveyor via Christian Camp Pro: This is another game that requires a partner. So tie 30 feet of ribbon into a loop, get some ornaments, and a small Christmas tree like this one. Next, place each player inside the loop, pulling up the ribbon to their waist to form a conveyor belt. One player will take one ornament at a time and convey it to their partner by them twisting at the same time. Finaly the partner will then take the ornament and hang it on the tree. If the partnership can do this 3 times within a minute, they win!
  • 17. Christmas Jingle via Christian Camp Pro: Fill 13 glasses of water at different heights so when you tap them with a spoon, they play Jingle Bells.  Mix up the glasses and have a player try to arrange the glasses in the right order. So when tapped they play Jingle Bells.
  • 18. Merry Fishmas by Your Homebased Mom: For this game, you will need 2 chopsticks, 2 large candy canes, and 6 smaller candy canes. At the end of the chopstick attach the large candy cane with a string. Have 2 players play against each other by holding the chopstick in their mouth and try to pick up 3 candy canes, using the large candy cane as a fish hook. Finally, the first player to accomplish that task wins!
  • 19. Jingle in the Trunk by Your Homebased Mom: This game requires 2 empty Kleenex boxes, 2 belts or strapping to attach the boxes to and 16 jingle bells. Next, attach the boxes to the belt or strapping then fill each box with 8 bells. Have 2 players play against each other by shaking their hips to get the bells out of the box and the first players to remove all their bells wins.

Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids

Every awesome holiday party needs amazing holiday party games geared toward kids!  Let’s be honest, if you can keep your kids entertained, the party is a HUGE success. Choose from this list of fun holiday games for kids to make your party extra-special for the children. All of these games to play at Christmas are kid-approved!

15 Christmas holiday games for kids.

Amazing holiday party games for kids.
  • 20. Candy Cane Relay by Egg 2 Cake: For this holiday game split the kids into 2 teams.  Hand each player a candy cane that they will hold in their mouth like a hook.  Each team must pass another candy cane from person to person without using their hands, and only their ‘hooks’.  The first team to pass the candy cane through every player wins.
  • 21. Rudolph Race by Egg 2 Cake: This holiday game is just perfect for the kids.  Hang a red pom-pom at the end of a string.  Hand one out to each child participating to hang from their mouths.  When you say ‘go’ each player then tries to pull up the string to until they get to the red pom-pom.  The player who does that the fastest wins.
  • 22. Snowflake Race by Thinking IQ: Hand a paper snowflake (grab these or make your own) to each player to place on top of their heads.  When you say ‘go’ the players have to walk from one end of the room to the next without their snowflake falling off their heads and without using their hands.  So this holiday game is a for sure hit but also a real challenge for the participants!
  • 23. Penguin Walk by Thinking IQ: This game requires you to have a balloon for each player. They then have to walk from one end of the room to the next holding the balloon in between their legs. So if the balloon falls out of their legs, the player has to start over. Most importantly, the player who gets to the finish first wins this fun holiday game!
  • 24. North Mountain Snowball Toss by Not Consumed: A holiday party that includes kids would not be complete without some games geared toward the movie Frozen! So these next 5 games will give you all the Frozen references you would need! Stack up 10 plastic cups in a pyramid, crumple up some scrap paper into balls. So have each participant throw the snowballs at the ‘North Mountain’ to knock it to the ground!
  • 25. Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? by Not ConsumedCut out 2 eyes and a nose for your snowman.  Then using a roll of toilet paper, wrap one child in the toilet paper until it is gone.  Then affix the eyes and nose to your ‘snowman’–this will be a for sure hit!
  • 26. Hot Chocolate for Anna by Not Consumed: This holiday game will test the kid’s endurance! Use chopsticks or you can choose to use your mouth, and transfer as many marshmallows as possible from your pile and into a mug within a minute!
  • 27. Kristoff’s Ice Stack by Not Consumed: This game is a must for your holiday party. So get lots of ice, set a timer for a minute, and then have the kids stack the ice on top of each other.  Whoever stacks the most, wins!

Christmas holiday games for kids

  • 28 Christmas Memory Game by Crazy Little Projects: I love the game of memory – it really is good for your brain’s development. So print off these holiday game cards and have the kids play over and over to their heart’s desire. {Or you could also purchase this cute version if you don’t want to DIY.}
  • 29. Christmas Bingo by Crazy Little Projects: Bingo is another must-have for a holiday party game! Have each player use Christmas colored candies to fill their board or these cute red bingo markers!
  • 30. Scrambled Reindeer by Life Design Craft: Have your children put their thinking caps on with this fun holiday game. So print off the free printable sheet of scrambled reindeer names and see who can fill their sheet in the fastest.
  • 31. Reindeer Poop by Life Design Craft: This is just a plain old silly holiday games (what holiday party would be complete without a silly game or two?) .  Get Cocoa Puffs and sprinkle them all over the lawn (if you are somewhere there is snow, do this indoor in a designated room).  Give the kids a plastic spoon and a designated container.  Whoever gets the most poop in their container in the allotted time (1-3 min) wins this fun holiday game.
  • 32. Draw a Snowman by HubPages: Use a die to ‘roll’, and each number has an assigned part of the snowman to draw (the key is provided).
  • 33. Christmas Word Search by Moms and Munchkins: What kid doesn’t love word searches?  So use this holiday word search in your party for loads of fun. Also, if your family loves word searches you can also grab this book for word search fun all season!
  • 34. Christmas Word Scamble by Moms and Munchkins: Have the children at your holiday party unscramble the holiday words to have lots of fun.

Fun Christmas Party Games for Adults

You can’t exclude adults when planning your holiday party fun. So pick from these fun Christmas party games to really liven up your holiday party. These Christmas games ideas are tried and true. So if you’re looking for games to play at Christmas, grab a pen. Truly, these Christmas games ideas are sure to make for a memorable holiday party!

7 holiday games for adults.

Great Christmas holiday games for adults.

Holiday Games for All Ages

If you would like to combine some holiday fun between the young and ‘older’ at your holiday party, these are the games for you! These games to play at Christmas are great for all ages. So if you have a big family and all love to get involved, these games to play at Christmas will be a perfect fit!

9 holiday games for all ages!

Fun holiday games for all ages.
  • 42. Snowblower Game by Thinking IQ: Tape 2 cups at the end of a table, get 2 paper towel tubes, and lots of ping pong balls.  Have 2 players race against each other to see how many ping pong balls you can blow in the cups in a pre-determined amount of time.
  • 43. Unwrap Gift Relay by Egg 2 Cake: For this holiday game you need a pair of mittens or snow gloves and a wrapped present for each player. So split the kids into 2 groups. Now, hand the first player a wrapped present, which they must unwrap before the next player can unwrap theirs. Finaly, this repeats until the last player unwraps their present. The first team who can unwrap their presents the fastest wins.
  • 44. Christmas Rollick by Upside Down Homeschooling: This holiday game is like Charades, but backwards. So instead of having 1 player act something out and have the whole team guess, it’s the opposite. In this holiday game, the whole team minus 1 player acts their item out and 1 player has to watch everyone and guess what it is. Undoubtedly, this one is guaranteed to bring on lots of laughs.
  • 45. Oh Deer! Reindeer Scavenger Hunt by Life Design Craft: Scavenger hunts always make things a bit more interesting at any party, and this holiday hunt is no different…use the clues provided to send your guests on a fun hunt around your house.
  • 46. ReignDeer Bubble Blowing Contest by Life Design Craft: Come on, who doesn’t LOVE pretending to a kid again and blowing huge bubbles? First, give each player a piece of bubble gum, get your cameras ready, and have them blow for their lives – lol! Finally, whoever blows the best bubble wins. So if you’re having a big party, then make sure you grab this!
  • 47. Reindeer Home by Life Design Craft: Get a teammate for this holiday game…time your guests for 5 minutes to use toothpicks and marshmallows and build a home for Santa’s reindeer. You can be the judge or assign one before the game begins and decide who built the best home for your reindeer.

Awesome holiday games for all ages.

  • 48. Christmas Charades by Moms and Munchkins: Charades is always fun to play, so use this charade list for your holiday game.
  • 49. Shoveling Snow by Kids Creative Chaos: Get Vaseline, a bowl full of cotton balls, and an empty bowl for each player. Secondly, have each player put Vaseline on the end of their nose, set a 1 minute timer, then have each player transfer the cotton balls from one bowl to the next without using their hands and instead using your nose. Lastly, whoever has the most cotton balls transferred over wins.
  • 50. Right Left Gift Exchange Game by Diva Girl Parties and Stuff: This holiday party game list would not be complete without having a game for a fun gift exchange.  Instead of just exchanging presents, use this fun Right Left story to help you sort out who gets what gift!  Fun!

Don’t you just LOVE all these ideas?  What I love about these holiday games is you can use any combination from any list to really make your holiday party perfect!

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