Growing Stronger Relationship Intimacy in Your Marriage

Tips for Building Relationship intimacy and Closeness

All of us here at the Dating Divas are so passionate about our mission to strengthen marriages and families. We have some of the most fun and unique date ideas, family activities, and relationship intimacy ideas in the form of sexy dates and games that not only keep the spark alive, but totally fan it into a flame.

There are many different forms of intimacy, especially in a marriage. While quality time together and sexual intimacy are so important, we also believe that emotional closeness is a huge and important part of relationship intimacy in marriage. In fact, a study in 2018 found that partners being emotionally accessible to one another was more important than sexual accessibility, especially for women.

Another study from 2012 found that emotional intimacy was the biggest predictor of sexual satisfaction in couples with sexual arousal problems. In other words, feeling emotionally close with your spouse could actually improve your sex life!

In this article, we will discuss what emotional closeness looks like and how to build an emotional connection with your spouse.

Check out these emotional intimacy ideas for growing closer to your spouse. | The Dating Divas
Couple struggles with finding emotional relationship intimacy.

The Importance of Emotional Closeness in Marriage

New relationships can be fun and exciting, but closeness grows over time and turns a relationship into something strong and wonderful. While all forms of intimacy can strengthen your bond, emotional intimacy only occurs when both people feel loved, understood, and respected. A couple will bond even more when they feel they can be wholly themselves together.

It’s no secret that marriage has a way of showing off your flaws in a way that dating just doesn’t. Suddenly, dirty laundry on the floor or the way you squeeze a tube of toothpaste can become the little things that grate on your partner’s nerves. A foundation of emotional closeness is a protection against those little problems and a shelter from the storm when the big problems arise.

Emotional relationship intimacy is so important because it provides a sense of security for both people in the marriage. You won’t worry so much about losing the relationship when you are yourself, for better or for worse.

Luckily, building emotional intimacy isn’t some daunting task — it can and should be a lot of fun, and will create some of the most rewarding memories in your marriage.

Strengthen your marriage by focusing on how to build an emotional connection. | The Dating Divas
A couple hugs and feels closer after finding emotional intimacy ideas.

Ways to STrengthen Your Emotional INtimacy

The scary thing for a lot of us is that building emotional intimacy with your spouse requires being vulnerable. Vulnerability is hard, but the only way to feel that closeness with your spouse is to work through it. One of my favorite memories of early marriage is staying up late into the night just talking. Something about the dark makes it easier to open up and be honest. We learned so much about each other that way, and it was totally worth the tired mornings the next day.

Although shared experiences and time together can create closeness, if you’re searching for how to build an emotional connection, a lot of times just talking is the answer. Be open with each other and be willing to share the things you’ve never told anyone else — even the things you are embarrassed about.

Emotional closeness is one of the most important forms of intimacy in marriage. | The Dating Divas
A couple uses intimate questions to ask your partner to strengthen their connection.

I have always found the idea of 36 Questions to make people fall in love completely fascinating. It goes back to the ideas of happy arranged marriages and searching for soul mates — can you really fall in love just by asking each other questions? The creator of this list of questions believes so. Imagine the impact these conversations can have on your marriage! You’ve already chosen each other, you’re already in love. Could these questions help build a closeness you’ve been seeking?

Of course, we’ve come up with a few of our own intimate questions to ask your partner. Try a couple of these and see if you can get the conversation flowing.

  1. Who was your best friend growing up?
  2. What is your first memory?
  3. What did you most look forward to about being married?
  4. What is something I do that you love?
  5. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
  6. What makes you feel loved and respected?

More Paths to a Stronger Marriage

Here at The Dating Divas, we love love. Strengthening marriages is our main goal! Try one of our awesome resources for building emotional closeness with your spouse:

These intimacy ideas can help build a stronger foundation for a successful marriage. | The Dating Divas
A couple holds hands after discovering how to build an emotional connection.

Finally, here are a few extra intimacy ideas to help you feel close when being vulnerable can feel a little intimidating:

  1. Try talking in the dark. The darkness can help you open up and be more vulnerable.
  2. Go for a drive and talk while you drive.
  3. Set some time to spend together every day to intentionally work on growing closer together.
  4. Schedule kid-free date nights.
  5. Put away phones and turn off the TV. Focus completely on each other.
  6. Call or send texts when you aren’t together. Sometimes it’s easier to open up when you aren’t face-to-face.
  7. If your partner is unwilling to open up, dive in fully yourself. Show them you are willing to be vulnerable and commit to focusing on what you can control — your own actions in your marriage.

Choose any of these ideas and watch your marriage grow. We are so excited to see what your relationship can become when you are committed to growing your emotional relationship with your spouse.

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