25 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

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 Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s DayKari-lastminutevalentines-pin

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  1. Sharpie Tea Cups {PNP Flowers Inc.} Want the scoop on these super sweet teacup and saucer sets? Create them yourself using nothing but a Sharpie Penand get to writing your favorite sentiments for your Valentine… get a little creative and make this a fun tea cup for your spouse!
  2. Valentines Snack Mix {Glorious Treats} Here’s a fun and easy recipe you can adjust for most any holiday, and add ingredients to suit your tastes. This Valentine’s Snack Mix is easy to make, cute and quite delicious! This would be perfect to bag up, add a cute tag, and have ready to give your sweetie on Valentine’s day. Yummy!
  3. Strawberry Skewers {Catch My Party} Want something healthy that spells out how much your love your spouse!? These strawberry skewers are quick, easy, and romantic. Use them as a side to your dinner party or later on in the evening as a sweet addition to your bedroom festivities.
  4. A Hearty Breakfast {Dating Divas}Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How about adding a bit of romance to your spouse’s breakfast? Give them a heart-y breakfast! Spell out I {heart} U with pancake batter instead of the traditional circles. Fry an egg inside a metal heart-shaped cookie cutter, or cut fruit into heart-shapes. Whatever you do, adding that special ingredient of love to their breakfast will make it taste extra yummy!
  5. Download a Quick Surprise {Dating Divas} – You don’t even have to leave your house to surprise your sweetie with a little unexpected present! Download his new favorite music CD, movie, game or even a new book to his digital device. It’s quick AND thoughtful!
  6. I’m Nuts Heart Ornament {30 Minute Crafts} I think it is fun to find things at the hardware store to craft with, taking industrial material and making it crafty and fun. Like this heart made out of nuts from the hardware store. Simple to make, you can give it to your Valentine as a way to show your spouse that you’re “nuts” about him!
  7. SoBe Your Valentine {Made From Pinterest} Who doesn’t love a sweet SoBe drink!? This idea is quit refreshing and super easy. It’ll take you all of 15 minutes to make six great Valentine’s gifts! And of course, we have our own version called Sobe Surprise. A great way to show some love to your Valentine without a lot of time to make it amazing.
  8. A Check For 100 Kisses {Dating Divas} Everybody loves getting a big fat check, but what if that check was for something much more valuable than money? Snag our FREE printable check from The Bank of Love {WINK}, and leave your spouse a check for 100 kisses!
  9. Kit Kat Love Note {Dating Divas} And all you need is a Kit Kat Bar and printer to print this darling printable. And Voila, you’re all set!!!! You’ve got a quick and sweet way to show your Valentine what you really think!Kari-QuickValentines-10-14
  10. Be Mine Banner {So So Bella} Another great way to add some LOVE decor to your home, is this darling Valentine’s ‘Be Mine’ Banner. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to make and of course, you can reuse it every year! It’s all the little touches that will make your home a romantic haven for you and your honey. But of course, we also have our own version of the Valentine’s Banner if you have more than one place in your space to decorate… it’s called the I Love You Banner!
  11. Mesh Wreath {How to Nest For Less} I love Valentine’s wreaths. Let’s be honest… they are cute, romantic, and a great way to decorate for the holiday of love. This Valentine’s wreath is so easy and so quick, I could do it! (And that’s saying a lot, because I’m not the craftiest person.) So add a little flare to your home and make this quick and easy wreath that is sure to add some romance to your space.
  12. Bacon Hearts {The Paper Mama} What do you do for your sweetheart when you’re on a budget for Valentine’s Day… and, you are not a chef and only sort of know how to work the oven? How about Valentine’s bacon? Yes! Need a bacon hearts recipe? Ok! Here ya go! It’s easy, it’s salty {but totally sweet} and your Valentine is going to love it!
  13. Dirty Deeds {Dating Divas} Are you ready to REV up your intimate life this Valentine’s Day!? Maybe your romance level isn’t as HOT as it used to be, but we’ve got a fun way to make intimacy a priority. This game is easy to put together, and will throw some SPARK back into your bedroom romance. Oh, and it really makes for an awesome Valentine’s Day gift!
  14. Owl Always Love You Candy Bar Wrappers {Catch My Party} These are so darling! All you have to do is print one off and put it around your spouse’s favorite candy bar. It’s that easy!
  15. Carved Love {Dating Divas} Remake this craft using a sheet of scrapbook paper with a woodgrain design (that I found for 50 cents at my craft store) and backstitch a simple heart with initials using embroidery floss. It’s something that your spouse will love (ahem… because it is manly) and that you can use as decor throughout the year!
  16. Easy Valentine Card {Live It Love It Make It} Aren’t these darling Valentine’s Cards?! You can make the hart one by using a hole punch to punch a heart shape and then threading ribbon through the holes and tying it in a bow to finish. Wahoo! A card for your Valentine in a flash!
  17. Madly In Love Mad Libs {Dating Divas} – We all express our love differently, but this couple’s game night may be the wackiest way you have ever declared your love to your spouse! Well, for some silly time with your spouse, we have created 4 Love-themed Mad Libs for you and your spouse to have a little fun – a PERFECT at home date idea! You know what to do!
  18. Valentines Dessert Platter {Live It Love It Make It} Even if you don’t make a big fuss over Valentine’s Day, you can always make a special effort to cook a nice meal and make your spouse a little something. You don’t have to make a big deal about it, but it’s all about the presentation. Make this sweet dessert platter for you and your spouse to enjoy after dinner while you fill out your Madly in Love Mad Libs (above). {WINK} Something sweet and something funny to wrap up your evening together!Kari-QuickValentines-19-23
  19. I Love You Whole Heart Cereal {Dating Divas} How cute are these sweet little hearts?? The flavor of them is similar to Honey Nut Cheerios but the shape – SO FUN! Print off this fun printable and attach it to the box to make it a cute love note for your husband on Valentine’s Day!
  20. Valentine’s Spooning Art {Home Talk} This tutorial will show you how to make this easy piece of “couples” artwork for less than $20 and in under an hour (not counting drying time.) I love how it turned out!  It is fun and whimsical, and it is certainly unique… which makes for a perfect gift!
  21. The Man Bouquet {Dating Divas} Women like bouquets of roses or lilies, but a man… well, he might like a bouquet of a different sort! Create a unique “Man Bouquet” this Valentine’s Day, filled with treats, and gifts customized especially for your spouse!
  22. Love Story Print {Eighteen25} I’ve seen this saying a few different times now and I just love it. It would be the perfect addition to any master bedroom or a collage of photos of just the two of you. So darling! And, of course, all you have to do is grab a cute frame and print off this cute printable! Easy peasy!
  23. It’s A Love Match Game {Dating Divas} Are you looking for a fun way to connect with your spouse that will spice things up in the bedroom, sharpen your memory skills, and celebrate Valentine’s Day?  This post accomplishes all three of these goals by putting a romantic spin on the classic game of Memory!  Our version contains fun little romantic prompts that your hubby and you are only allowed to complete once a match has been made!  So, to surprise your sweetheart with some friendly competition, and create your own game, download our free printable: It’s a Match!Kari-QuickValentines-24-25
  24. Riesens Why I Love You {Dating Divas} We know you have plenty of “Riesens” you love your spouse…so why not whip this little ditty up and give it him or her for Valentine’s Day!? All you need is a bag of Riesens candy and some paper. Then write down  all the ‘reisens’ your spouse is ah-mazing. It’s a thoughtful gift with a sweet twist!
  25. Kiss Me Countdown {Eighteen25} It’s always fun to count down to those special days of the year.  With Valentine’s Day almost here, you can put together this quick and simple kiss me countdown and kiss on the hour throughout the day! It’s the perfect treat for your significant other and will bring you both a whole lot closer together!


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    1. Thanks dahling, Tara!! It was fun putting this list together, and gave me a head start on what to make for my own man!

  1. These are probably the best Valentine ideas I have ever come across!! Especially love those I’m Nuts About You hahaha

    1. LOL, Evelyn, don’t you love that I’m Nuts About You! I started laughing when I saw that! So glad that you love this post, hope it makes for an amazing VDay for you!!