Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Everyone

Fun and Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas

Forget the cheesy pink cards, it’s time for a Sexy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a round-up full of sassy, cute, and sexy ideas the hubby is SURE to love! {Don’t worry, each one of these sexy valentine’s day ideas 100% Diva approved! Wink wink!} We’ve gathered up an amazing list of sexy games, flirty ideas, and sexy date night ideas ranging from G to PG-13+ to get you through Valentine’s Day! And yes, a lot of these ideas can be used all year long or whenever you’re feeling a little frisky! {Wink!} So get ready to plan out your sexy Valentine’s Days for the next forever!

Sexy Valentine's Day Ideas


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With this many ideas, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you and your sweetheart! We’ve broken them up into 4 categories:

When I told my husband about all of the fun ideas I was gathering up – He almost squealed with excitement! {In a very manly way, of course!} I can’t wait to get started! First up…

G-Rated and Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Did I say no cute pink cards? I spoke too soon! You’ll find some pretty cute ideas here! All of these sweet ideas speak enough of Valentine love, but keep it tame, just in case anyone else sees it 😉

G - Rated Valentine's Day Ideas


  • Man Approved Valentines Here are some Free Printable Valentine cards your man will appreciate! Speak to his nerdy side and see him smile. And let’s be real – there are plenty of women who would LOVE to find one of these sweet cards for V-Day.
  • Secret Love Notes Date Write a sexy little note for each other in code and use the key as a cipher for the message. Take you both back to your childhood days of playing secret agent – all you need is a book and some paper.
  • Loveseat Lounge A great date idea and you don’t have to look any further than your living room. Take out, entertainment, and cuddles = a perfect Valentine’s Day.
  • Room Service Pamper your sweetheart with this Romantic Valentine’s gift. What’s on the menu… I’ll give you a hint, it’s not just food 😉
  • Valentine Photo Booth Props Super cute printable props to take pictures at home. Such a fun Valentine’s Day Activity. This is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by all members of the family and will provide memories!
  • 100 Reasons why I Love You DIY Book  Make a detailed list of all the reasons you love your sweetheart. You can be as flirty as you like.  A lot of Divas (past and present) have given some of their reasons why they love their hubbies – so their list may also inspire you!
  • Valentine’s Mixed CD Remember mix tapes?! They really are a great way to share your thoughts on love. If you feel like you’re running out of time for a gift idea, a love song mix will always hit the right spot. Cute Free Printable CD Covers! And really, who didn’t love getting a mix, and who says you can’t mix in a few sexy songs 😉
  • Fondue Date Night Dip the night away in candlelight with this tasty night in. Melted cheese, chocolate or icing for dinner! It’s romantic and delicious.
  • I’ve Kissed the Ground You Walk On Cute, fast, and simple Valentine’s gift ideas! Leave a trail of kisses that will lead your sweetheart where you’d like. It will be a tasty night for both of you this Valentine’s Day.
  • Unique DIY Valentine’s CardsThese fun Valentine’s cards are punny and adorable – a perfect mix for a little G-rated V-day fun.
  • More Man Approved CardsMore Valentine’s cards that will speak to your man’s aesthetic.
  • A Hearty Breakfast This breakfast in bed is pun-beleivable 😉 Enjoy a sweet V-day breakfast full of hearts.
  • Valentine’s Cuddle KitA sweet way to spend your Valentine’s Day if you need to keep it G-rated but you still want your snuggles! The personalized wine bottle is adorable.
  • Love Note AdventWho wouldn’t want a love note a day leading up to Valentine’s day! What a fun way to build up that anticipation.
  • Love LunchThis cute post has a version for kiddos and one for your spouse! I love the thought put into the drink – a CRUSH soda! Brilliant.
  • Fill in the Blank Valentine’s Love Notes – Fill in these cards with whatever speaks to you! There’s comparisons, pie charts, and overall adorableness.
  • Tied to You Valentine Surprise Hunt This is a sweet but fun way to lead the one you love to some special gifts just for the,.
  • How Do I Love TheeThis may not be the pinnacle of Sexy Valentine’s Day ideas, but it will make your sweeties feel the love, and that does lead to the sezy? Give them 24 days of sweet compliments.

PG-Rated Flirty Valentine’s Day Ideas

Get ready to get your FLIRT on with these ideas! Take your “good” side and turn it up a few notches, but not too much that you’d be embarrassed if the kids found it :p These “sexy” Valentine Ideas are nothing to worry tooo much about.

PG -Rated Sexy Valentine's Day Ideas

  • Showered in Love A fun and easy surprise gift for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day morning. Plus- free, flirty printables! (Take it to the sexy Valentine side by offering a shower together!)
  • Name That Treat  Blindfold your spouse and let the taste test begin! This can definitely be considered foreplay, or you can simply tease… but that might not be very nice.
  • Rose Petal Romancing Make over the whole house with rose petals. Change a normal day into something extraordinary! As far as simple sexy Valentine’s Day ideas go this is as easy as 2 day delivery of some beautiful rose petals – real or artificial .
  • Power Outage Date When the lights go off, the fun is just beginning. You can start it off as innocent as you want, but all that darkness and all those activities might just turn a little more… adult.
  • Spa Date Night Kit Let the two of you unwind together with a little massage at home.
  • Valentine’s Win it in MinutesEverything you need for a perfect Valentine’s Group Date! Free printables, too! There are so many funny games to put on a perfect V-Day party.
  • Date Night in a Box Everything you need in a cute little box. Eight different date night boxes to choose from, plus – a bonus sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas Box!
  • Valentine’s by the HourGive your honey a small gift every hour all day long! The free cards that go with each gift are so beautiful and truly share the love.
  • Quick and Easy Romantic Video Create a stunning video in minutes.  I almost forgot the best part – it’s free! Your spouse is sure to be impressed with this creative DIY gift idea.
  • DIY Love Coupons A personal and inexpensive Valentine’s gift idea your spouse will love. Some are sexy Valentine’s Day ideas (ok any day!) and some are tame.  You control the mood.
  • Kit Kat Love Note Break me off of piece of that! This is a fun and flirty love note to leave for your spouse!
  • Heart AttackA sweet way to speak your love to the one you love! We love the look of the conversation hearts and the fun pre-written letter makes it easy as pie. (Pro-tip, put the hearts on the bed!)
  • Pucker Up Game These cards will have you and your honey kissing up a storm – in all sorts of ways!

PG-13-Rated Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas

Now we’re ready to get down to business! Seriously SEXY Valentine’s Day ideas for just the two of you! {Mom, you should stop reading now! Seriously – look away.} This is a “For His Eyes Only” area! Bringing SEXY back!!

PG 13 Sexy Valentine's Day Ideas

  • Naked Night A date night the hubby will be excited about! This is one of our favorite sexy Valentine’s Day ideas that can easily be used ANY time of the year. And no one is going to complain about a little Naked juice
  • Sexy Survey A sexy survey to break the ice and improve your time in the bedroom. This will help you ask the questions that you always wanted to, but maybe you were a little too timid. It’s a great way to start your sexy Valentine’s Day.
  • Spoil Your Spouse Date Night Your spouse holds all the cards for your sexy night at home. Those door hanger printables are so fun!
  • Lingerie Love Note Get this sexy card to get your hubby in the mood! He gets to go shopping in your lingerie store for a sexy Valentine’s Day.
  • The Man Can A gift to let him know he’s getting lucky tonight! There are all sorts of sexy Valentine’s Day ideas and they can totally be reused throughout the year. It also come with gift ideas to fill it with!
  • The Love Shack Date Turn your room into a sexy getaway.  Your spouse will be dripping with anticipation. And no, you won’t be able to get that song out of your head, you’re welcome :p
  • Sensual Massage Date Set the mood with a sensual massage and treat your spouse to a wonderful night in. Everything you need to know to get started.  How to give a semi-professional massage right in your own home. It means so much more coming from your sweetheart.
  • 2 Minutes in Heaven All you need for this sexy bedroom game is some dice, paper, pen and a timer. Bam!! Ready to have some FUN! The free printables give you all the details for your sexy Valentine’s night.
  • The Valentine’s Date Everything you need for a sexy date night at home.  Plus, a free printable love scavenger hunt! Founder Diva Tara planned a whole night from beginning relaxation, to dinner, to some sexy V-day fun, and a dessert.
  • The Game of Love This started out as a DIY that was then produced into a real live, washable, beautiful bedroom game product! Order your Game of Love sheet early and then come back here for the collab of your dreams as the Divas add to this intimate night.
  • Go Picasso Get creative with a black light and some glow in the dark markers.  Leave notes for him all over the room – including on you!
  • Follow Me – Sexy Tease Clothespins with pictures of you leading him to the bedroom and every little step removes a little more clothing…
  • Remove Your Candy Shell This sexy bedroom idea is cute, fast, and direct! Your sweetheart will be drooling to play this game! It’s definitely one of our favorite sexy Valentine’s Day ideas for when we don’t have a ton of time.
  • Anticipation is Half the Fun The excitement starts in the morning and by evening you’ll be dying to get to the bedroom!
  • Sexy Bucket List It might be time to start doing all of the things on your list.  Hang on for the ride! This isn’t just a sexy Valentine’s Day idea, but that’s definitely a great time to start making some check marks!
  • Sexy Deal or No Deal Find out how risky you both are with a rousing game of Sassy Deal or No Deal.
  • Fantasy Suite Date NightWelcome to a night in the Fantasy Suite! {Without leaving home!} Invite him to pick a card to decide the theme for the night! These sexy Valentine’s Day ideas all come with a matching song to help set the mood.
  • Mission: Valentine Love Hunt Lead your sweetheart straight to the bedroom in James Bond Style! It starts off pretty tame, but it does lead to whipped cream and the bedroom sooo.
  • Je T’iame Hotel Make a reservation for a romantic night  in your own home. The perfect Valentine’s Staycation begins with these sexy Valentine’s Day ideas!
  • Spin the Bottle: Board Game Edition Spin the bottle one-on-one.  There’s more than just kissing in this version! {Wink!} If you know your spouse’s favorite things in the bedroom, add them yourself, otherwise you can let them fill in what they most desire.
  • Intimate Bingo This scorecard is sure to lead you to the bedroom. Bingo! There are three different ones and for your extra sassy night you’re going to want to scroll to the bottom of the post.
  • Strip Horse Hit the court with a little one-on-one. Oh, did we say court?  We meant the bedroom. {Wink!}
  • 14 Sexts of Valentine’s Day Get your sweetheart excited for what’s back home with these adorable texts! The sass is sure to speed up their travel home 😉
  • Valentine’s Day Spicy Book of LoveThis is a super sweet looking book that has a super spicy inside ;P Give your love some coupons that are just for them.
  • Sex Position CountdownYou can see why this was in the PG-13 category, eh?  This will be your spouse’s favorite countdown of the year – who ever thought of a sexy advent deserves our applause!
  • Love is Sweet Bedroom Game –  One of the husbands’ fave little bedroom games. Who can complain when we know that both players will be winner this Valentine’s Day!
  • Valentine Search and FindThe start of this post is a totally G-rated search for the kiddos… but you’ll want to keep scrolling for the good stuff 😉
  • Sexy Room ServiceWe had a tamer version of room service at the start of this roundup, but we thought by the end we should bump it up a little bit. Sexy Valentine’s Day ideas abound in this fun date idea.
  • Sweetheart Bedroom Party PackLead your love on a little scavenger hunt then reward them with a game of checkers that has some extra sweet rewards for winning 😉

Sexy Valentine Products from Divas

Our store has our best and our brightest – so we thought we’d compile them all for you! These are some of our favorite ideas for Valentine’s Day and they range from G to beyond!

Sexy Valentine's Day Ideas from the Dating Divas' Store

  • Valentine’s Countdown14 ways in 14 days to show your love! It’s a great way to keep the momentum going up to Valentine’s Day with romantic notes, date ideas, and acts of service. If you want to add to it, or simplify you can also check out the Mini Pack.
  • 7 Days of SexOh yes. It’s a challenge but it’s probably going to be your spouse’s favorite challenge of year. There are different sexy Valentine’s Day ideas to mix it up each night. Start the week before or present it as a gift on Valentine’s Day.
  • 7 Days of SpoilingThis is a little different that the 7 Days of Sex because not every day as an intimate activity for the bedroom – BUT each activity is sure to increased the intimacy in your marriage.
  • DIY Sexy Subscription Date Box This is your own little subscription box that will keep giving to your wedded bliss. IT comes with printables and tips for each month of the year. Can you image if you gifted this for Valentine’s Day?! A year of sexy surprises = #1.
  • Love Letters –  Ever doubted your ability to woo via the written word? No worries, we will be your Cyrano! This amazing gift come with letter prompts, coaching, treat ideas, and stationary. And if it’s really your thing, we have a second version as well!
  • Open When Date BoxInspired by our ever popular “Open When Letter” we bring you the “Open When Date Box” which allows your partner to choose what type of date night they are feeling – 15 options!
  • Open When Letters –  Open When Letters are having a moment and honestly, they probably always should. This thoughtful gift will give your spouse the chance to turn to your words whenever they most need them – an incredible gift and keepsake.
  • Love Wall ArtTake your pick from 5 different prints – all of them editable and customizable with 5 different color options! Share your love through special moments and decor.
  • Romance Movie DateIf you need to stay in for Valentine’s Day this year, or simply don’t want to fight the crowds, try out the Romance Movie Date. It has a list of romantic movies, sexy Valentine’s Day ideas for your activities, and will impress your sweetheart with something different.
  • Love Planner If you need help knowing how to romance your spouse, get this! If your spouse needs help knowing how to romance you… gift this!
  • Intimacy KitTake your intimate life to the next level with 12 different dates – 1 for each month of the year! It’s a Valentine’s Day gift that gives all year long.
  • Week of LovingThis kit is actually multi-use. IF you need to say sorry – we have a week for that. Want to just share some good vibes? Check. With 10 weeks of options you would have a quick and easy Valentine’s Day gift with plenty of other options to have waiting on deck.  
  • Love JournalIf your sweetheart is sentimental then this is the Valentine’s Day idea made for them! Create a storybook journal of your love.
  • Ultimate Valentine’s Day Pack –  The best sexy Valentine’s Day ideas mixed with a lot of tame ones too. This pack features 22 options from multiple bloggers to mix and match for your special Valentine’s Day.
  • Five Senses Gift Basket – Bedroom Edition  This gift is all about the bedroom! Create a gift basket full of sexy Valentine’s Day ideas that also communicates love. And if you are looking for a more general, less overtly sexy version, we have our regular Five Senses Gift Basket as well.

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