80 Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas

80 Fun, Flirty and Sexy

Valentine’s Day Ideas

       Forget the cheesy pink cards. Here’s a round-up full of sassy ideas the hubby is SURE to love! {Hubby approved!!!} We’ve gathered up an amazing list of sexy games, flirts, and date ideas to get you through Valentine’s Day or whenever you’re feeling a little frisky! {Wink!}

80 Sexy Valentine's Day Ideas

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With this many ideas, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you and your sweetheart! We’ve broken them up into 3 categories:

  • 20 G-Rated Valentine’s Ideas  (Did I say no cute pink cards? I spoke too soon! You’ll find some pretty cute ideas here!)
  • 20 PG-Rated Valentine’s Ideas  (Get ready to get your FLIRT on with these ideas!)
  • 40 PG13-Rated Valentine’s Ideas  (This is a “For His Eyes Only” area! Bringing SEXY back!!)

When I told my husband about all of the fun ideas I was gathering up – He almost squealed with excitement! {In a very manly way, of course!} I can’t wait to get started! First up…

20 G-Rated Valentine’s Ideas

20 Fun Valentines Ideas for your Spouse

Fun Valentine's Ideas for your Husband

1.  Man Approved Valentines Forget the pretty pink hearts! Here are some Free Printable Valentine cards your man will appreciate!

2.  Secret Love Notes Date Write a sexy little note for each other in code and use the key as a cipher for the message.

3.  Pillow Talk Pillows A prefect reminder to say “I love you” before drifting off to sleep.

4.  Love Seat Lounge A great date idea and you don’t have to look any further than your living room.

5.  Fruit Roll-up Fortune Cookies Shower your Valentine with a flirty fortune rolled up in a sweet, chewy shell.

6.  Printable Love Check Write a check for a 100 kisses.  Hide it somewhere for your sweetheart to find and enjoy cashing it in!

7.  Room Service Pamper your sweetheart with this Romantic Valentine’s gift. What’s on the menu?

8.  DIY Love Letter Subway Art Create a beautiful bedroom art piece using the words from some of your love notes to each other.

9.  “I Pick You” Key Chain For the music lover in your life- a sweet key chain to remind him of you.

10.  Printable Art “All of my smiles begin with you”.  A sweet and perfect Valentine’s day gift.

Fun Valentines Ideas
11.  Spell it out in Chocolate Let you’re sweetheart know how you feel in everyone’s favorite dessert – Chocolate!

12.  DIY Heart Dice This is a super simple and fun DIY gift idea. Who knows what kind of games you could play with these!

13.  Valentine Photo Booth Props Super cute printable props to take pictures at home. Such a fun Valentine’s Day Activity.

14.  100 Reasons why I Love You DIY Book   Make a detailed list of all the reasons you love your sweetheart. You can be as flirty as you like.

15.  Valentine’s Mixed CD If you feel like you’re running out of time for a gift idea, a love song mix will always hit the right spot. Cute Free Printable CD Covers!

16.  Fondue Date Night Dip the night away in candlelight with this tasty night in.   Melted cheese, chocolate or icing for dinner!

17.  I’ve Kissed the Ground You Walk On Cute, fast, and simple Valentine’s gift ideas! Leave a trail of kisses that will lead your sweetheart where you’d like.

18.  Root Beer Float Kit Grab your favorite root beer, vanilla ice cream, straws and print out these Free Printable tags and you’re good to go!

19.  Do You Love Me? Printable Art to add to your bedroom. Hopefully the check always stays in the same spot!

20.  Madly in Love Mad Libs A Funny and Flirty Printable card for both of you to fill out. You’ll be giggling the night away!

It’s time to let your FLIRTY side come out!

20 PG-Rated Valentines Ideas

20 Flirty Valentine's Day Ideas

Flirty Valentines Ideas for your husband

21.  Showered in Love A fun and easy surprise gift for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day morning. Plus- free, flirty printables!

22.  Name That Treat –  Blindfold your spouse and let the taste test begin!

23.  Not Just for Da Garden Make over the whole house with rose petals. Change a normal day into something extraordinary!

24.  Power Outage Date When the lights go off, the fun is just beginning.

25.  Sexy Gift Box For the guy that has everything – he will love this! Simple, easy and inexpensive.

26. Lets Make Out Pillow Let your sweetheart know how you’re feeling with this flirty and sexy pillow.

27.  You Turn Me On A cute card for the Gamer in your life. The inside is blank so you can be as creative as you like.

28.  Stud Hanger Getting ready in the morning is a little more fun with this flirty hanger. Great Valentine’s gift idea!

29.  Spa Date Night Kit Let the two of you unwind together with a little massage at home.

30.  I Love You Cookies Personalized cookies with all of the reasons why you love your Valentine.

Flirty Valentine's Day Ideas
31.  Kisses For You Add lipstick kisses to a piece of card stock, cut them out, and write all of the reasons you love your honey. Sweet Valentine’s DIY gift for your husband.

32. Valentine’s Win it in MinutesEverything you need for a perfect Valentine’s Group Date! Free printables, too!

33.  Date Night in a Box Everything you need in a cute little box. Eight different date night boxes to choose from, plus – a bonus Valentine’s Day Box!

34.  Valentine’s by the HourGive your honey a small gift every hour all day long!

35.  Quick and Easy Romantic Video Create a stunning video in minutes.  I almost forgot the best part – it’s free! Your spouse is sure to be impressed with this creative DIY gift idea.

36.  The Kiss Card Fast, fun, flirty and frugal – this is sure to let your sweetheart know you’ve been thinking about them.

37.  DIY Love Coupons A personal and inexpensive Valentine’s gift idea your spouse will love. Some are sexy and some are tame.  You control the mood.

38.  Sexy Apron Making Valentine’s dinner in this flirty apron is sure to get everyone in the right mood.

39. Kit Kat Love Note Break me off of piece of that! Flirty love note to leave for your spouse!

40.  101 Ways to Flirt With Your Spouse Get your flirt on! A great list of ideas to let your sweetheart know you’re thinking about them.


Now we’re ready to get down to business! Seriously SEXY Valentine’s Day ideas for just the two of you! {Mom, you should stop reading now! Seriously – look away.}

40 PG13-Rated Valentines Ideas

40 Sexy Valentine's Day Ideas

Sexy Valentine Ideas
41.  Sweet Retreat Kit – Put together your own romantic gift basket for 2 – massage oil, bubble bath, lingerie, and free printable tags.

42.  Naked Night A date night the hubby will be excited about!

43.  Sexy Survey A sexy survey to break the ice and improve your time in the bedroom.

44.  Spoil Your Spouse Date Night Your spouse holds all the cards for your sexy night at home.

45.  Naughty Coupon Book A great last minute gift idea that is sure to please!

46.  Lingerie Love Note Get this sexy card to get your hubby in the mood!

47.  Sexy Spinner Card Spice up the bedroom with this free sexy spinner.

48.  The Man Can A gift to let him know he’s getting lucky tonight!

49.  Strip Trivia A sexy bedroom game of lovers’ trivia. How well do you know each other?  A wrong answer can get the room quite steamy!

50.  Personalized Underwear Let him know how much you love him! Flirty and sexy customized hot shorts.

Sexy Valentines Ideas

51.  The Love Shack Date Turn your room into a sexy getaway.  Your spouse will be dripping with anticipation.

52.  Sexy Card Let your sweetheart know what you’ve been thinking about all day.

53.  Sensual Massage Date Set the mood with a sensual massage and treat your spouse to a wonderful night in. Everything you need to know to get started.  How to give a semi-professional massage right in your own home. It means so much more coming from your sweetheart.

54.  2 Minutes in Heaven All you need for this sexy bedroom game is some dice, paper, pen and a timer. Bam!! Ready to have some FUN!

55.  The Valentine’s Date Everything you need for a sexy date night at home.  Plus, a free printable love scavenger hunt! Done and Done!

56.  Panty Gram Send your honey a pick-me-up and set the tone for the rest of the day!

57.  The Game of Love Grab a new white sheet for your bed, tape, and a sharpie and you’re on your way to a sexy fun night in the bedroom.

58. 75 Sexy Bedroom Games Tons and tons of sexy game ideas to heat up the bedroom! One of these sexy Valentine’s Day ideas is sure to heat up your evening! (Wink!)

59.  Go Picasso Get creative with a black light and some glow in the dark markers.  Leave notes for him all over the room – including on you!

60.  Follow Me – Sexy Tease Clothespins with pictures of you leading him to the bedroom.  Win-Win!

Sexy Valentine Ideas
61.  Remove Your Candy Shell This sexy bedroom idea is cute, fast, and direct! Your sweetheart will be drooling to play this game!

62.  Five Sexy Printables I love anticipation and these sexy love notes add to the drama without adding to the waistline.

63.  Anticipation is Half the Fun The excitement starts in the morning and by evening you’ll be dying to get to the bedroom!

64.  Smoldering Violation Ticket It’s time to take control and initiate some intimacy.  Your spouse won’t mind a bit.

65.  Steamy Bucket List It might be time to start doing all of the things on your list.  Hang on for the ride!

66.  Dirty Deeds Break free of the routine with these sexy bedroom game ideas.

67.  Simon Says A steamy night of Simon Says! It comes with a cute printable storage box, because you’ll want to play this sexy game over and over again.

68.  Sexy Deal or No Deal Find out how risky you both are with a rousing game of Sassy Deal or No Deal.

69.  Chocolate Body Paint Really?! Sold! I’m buying mine right now!

70.  Seven Days of Sexy Love Your spouse will be head over heels for this simple and Sexy Valentine’s Gift idea! An invitation for sexy time for seven full days!

Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas
71.  Fantasy Suite Date NightWelcome to a night in the Fantasy Suite! {Without leaving home!} Invite him to pick a card to decide the theme for the night!

72.  Mission: Valentine Love Hunt Lead your sweetheart straight to the bedroom in James Bond Style!

73.  Je T’iame Hotel Make a reservation for a sexy night  in your own home. The perfect Valentine’s Staycation!

74.  Spin the Bottle: Board Game Edition Spin the bottle one-on-one.  There’s more than just kissing in this version! {Wink!}

75.  Five Senses Gift Basket Let your sweetheart know how much you love them with ALL of your five senses!

76.  Intimate Bingo This score card is sure to lead you to the bedroom. Bingo!

77.   Strip Horse Hit the court with a little one-on-one. Court?  Maybe the bedroom. {Wink!}

78.  Sizzling Truth or Dare Now that you’re older you get to tell your crush (and spouse) how much you LIKE them and much, much more.

79.  Lingerie Sugar Cookies Baking is perfect for Valentine’s Day! These cute little cookies have a PG-13 Rating!

80.  Romance Novel Yourself A fun site where you can add you or your spouse’s picture to a Romance Novel Cover.  Who wouldn’t get a kick out of seeing this on the bedside table?!

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