Learn How to Give a Sensual Massage With 15 Helpful Tips

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Sensual Massage Tips and Tricks

The art of massage, particularly sensual massage, often takes a backseat when it comes to intimacy. The truth is, anyone can give a sexy massage! All it takes are a few tips and the ability to enjoy it as much as your spouse does!

Not to mention, there is something so sweet (and sexy) about a sensual / erotic massage from your spouse. Their intimate touch, loving hands, and desire to make you happy all come into play when you’re together enjoying a sexy massage.

To help you experience the pleasure of a sensual, sexy massage, we’re sharing some ideas with you on how to give a professional-caliber, adult massage right in your own home. Keep scrolling for tips on how to set the mood for a romantic massage, professional massage tips, and at the very bottom, 5 killer tips for giving a sexy massage that will rock their world!

Learn how to give a sensual massage with these 15 tips

How to Set the Mood for a Sexy Massage

For starters, setting the mood for your sexy massage is crucial for success! Not only will this help your spouse unwind and feel comfortable, but taking time to set up a special experience for your spouse will help YOU get excited for what’s to come!

Take time to prepare for a sensual (aka sexy) massage at home. | The Dating Divas
Set the mood for a sensual massage.

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Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. The ambiance is key. When giving a sensual massage, your environment needs to be serene and comfortable for both of you. Even if you are a little insecure about your skills, the atmosphere is of the utmost importance. It will create an environment of relaxation and comfort, which will help your spouse feel calm so they will be able to focus on their more intimate senses.

2. Turn your bedroom into an oasis. You can set up shop in any room, but if you have kids and want to ensure privacy. Make sure that the room is de-cluttered and clean. It is hard to enjoy the romance of a steamy massage when the space you’re in feels dirty.

3. Scatter tea light candles around the room. Soft lighting creates a feeling of seduction and intrigue. Decorate with some rose petals, lay down a clean sheet or towels (using massage oils can make a mess), and have some soft, calming music playing in the background (Google “ambient noise” if you need ideas). You can also use a blindfold to block out other distractions. If you’re up for massages in the tub, we love the floating tea candles in this adorable couples massage kit!

4. Draw your spouse a nice, warm bath. Baths are always a good way to start out the night. Let your spouse relax while you set up for the massage. This will also help to warm up the muscles and relax them before you begin.

How to Give a Sensual (or Sexy) Massage

Whether you are the giver or the receiver, a sensual or naked massage can be a great way to relax, romance, and connect with your spouse.

Romantic ideas for a sexy and blissful night at home. | The Dating Divas
How to give a sensual massage at home.

5. Rub your hands together to warm them up. Warm the oil in your hands before putting it on your spouse, or take a tip from the spas and immerse the bottle in a bowl of warm water. I highly recommend Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Massage Oil from their Aromatherapy line. I also have a small travel candle in the same scent that I will light and put close by to give a relaxing, calming aroma. Another great option is the Kama Sutra massage oil line–it’s edible :).

6. Start out with a light touch. Remember that your objective is to arouse, so regulate your pressure accordingly. Start with some long strokes with no oil down from the head to the toes. Touch very lightly, so you are just touching the hairs of the body. You can even try using fur or a feather duster to start the massage.

7. Massage the back with oil. Place some oil on your hands and massage the back with long, easy strokes. You can position yourself behind their head and stroke down the back near the spine and back up the sides. The Divas are big fans of the Kama Sutra brand massage oil candle. You can also use a Heart Warming Massager. It’s a heated massage pad that is perfect for relieving muscle tension, reducing stress, and soothing your aches–plus, it’s reusable! Making sure that both you and your partner are warmed up is essential for a sexy massage.

8 Start slowly, then increase the pressure. Once the muscles have warmed up and are relaxed, increase the pressure. Knead the muscles around your spouse’s shoulders and neck using your thumb and forefingers. Most of us hold a lot of tension in our neck and shoulders. Keep in mind that you want to follow the flow of the muscles, not work against them. Pay attention to what pressure points your spouse is responding to.

9. Massage everywhere. You can massage the wrists, fingers, ears, the back of the neck, and the insides of the elbows and knees–these areas are probably rarely given any attention. Rub your fingers over your spouse’s scalp, massage and rub every finger and every toe until your spouse is fully relaxed. Feel free to rub, kiss, lick, and even nibble on these neglected regions. Your spouse will feel appreciated by your attention to detail. If you have a problem with your hands tiring too quickly, give a sensual massage using other parts of your body. Your hands aren’t your only tools; you can make good use of your oiled arms, chest, and stomach. This is the concept behind erotic massage, of course.

10 . Don’t expect a massage in return. Your spouse may be so relaxed after getting a sensual massage from you that they are unable to reciprocate immediately after you finish. That doesn’t mean they won’t reciprocate your loving affection later on.

BONUS: Steamy and Romantic Massage Ideas and Tips

Take time to find out what feels good to your spouse with these sensual massage hints. | The Dating Divas
Romantic massage ideas for him and her to try in the bedroom.

For women: Wondering what is appropriate attire for you to wear while giving a sexy massage? Try a silk chemise. Your husband will LOVE to have that silkiness glide across his skin while you are massaging his back muscles. Or, turn up the heat even more by stripping down and giving a naked massage. The key is to feel good about yourself as you give it–that’s the secret to unforgettable sensual massage.

For men: Women like to be touched, especially by their significant other. It is comforting and stimulating at the same time. You want to relax her and to calm her–so don’t press too hard. Be alert to her body’s responses to you, and you can’t go wrong.

Sexy Massage Tips

Now you know the basics, but if you want your sensual massage to go beyond relaxation, we have a few more very sexy tips for when you’re giving an erotic massage.

1. Give a naked massage. Skip the clothes altogether and show your spouse exactly where you see things headed. Giving a massage naked allows you to rub and press more than just your hands against their body.

2. Turn on a sexy playlist. Rather then ambient sound, search for a sexy music playlist on Spotify or YouTube. If your goal is to create a truly sensual experience, music can get you there.

3. Lightly graze the more sensitive areas. During your sexy massage, rub down each part of the body. However, when you come to the areas that a professional masseuse would leave alone, gently glide your fingers over it. This taunting move will take your naked massage to the next level.

4. Use something other than your hands. While you are rubbing down each muscle, and teasing them with gentle touches all over, change things up by using a body part other than your hands. Your lips, your tongue, your teeth… all the way down to your toes! Get your whole body involved in this sensual massaging moment.

5. Let them choose where they want to be touched. After rubbing down your lover, let them choose one last area for you to focus your attention on. At this point, you have built the anticipation and held all the power. Now you can let your partner choose where they want to be touched/rubbed/kissed.

Sensual Massage FAQ

How to Give a Sensual Massage

Set the mood, give without expecting to receive, and start soft and gentle, moving to deeper more sensual touch as time progresses.

When to Give a Sensual Massage

Sensual massage can be welcome during times of stress, or tranquility. Read your partner’s body language and determine the best timing. You should also talk to your partner and tell them that you want to give them this romantic massage.

What Items Do You Need to Give a Sensual Massage?

– A comfortable space
– Massage oil or lotion
– Towels for clean up
– Sheets or blankets for draping and warmth
– Relaxing music

We hope you now mastered the sensual massage. For more great ideas like this one, check out our:

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