November 8, 2014

“Open When” Letters


If you are still on the hunt for a romantic, meaningful (but still simple and inexpensive) gift idea for your man, then…

Today is your lucky day!!!

We have an idea that we think you are gonna LOVE….



Have you seen all of the ADORABLE “Open When” letters that have been popping up all over Pinterest?!  We fell in love with the idea the second we saw it!

 It would make the PERFECT gift idea for a long distance couple, or really for ANY couple!  

Heck- I want to do this for my daughters one day when they go away to college.   It’s such a sweet sentiment and a beautiful way to show some love.  


AND {with the help of one of our favorite designers}- now it is super EASY to do too!  

Yep, Erin at Strawberry Mommycakes designed this whole set of  printable “Open When” envelope labels and coordinating cards  just for our readers!  

How lucky are YOU?!  


Want to know what all of the envelope labels say?


  • You need to know how much I love you
  • You need a good laugh
  • You could use a little pep talk
  • You are feeling lonely
  • You want to reminisce 
  • You want me!
  • You’re worried
  • You’re upset or angry
  • You can’t fall asleep
  • You’re feeling happy
  • It’s your birthday!
  • It’s our anniversary!
  • It’s Valentine’s Day!
  • It’s Christmas Day!

Just cut and glue the labels to your choice of envelopes.  Then use the coordinating blank cards to write your own personalized love letter to match the label’s theme.  (Print out as many pages as you need.)  It doesn’t get any simpler {or sweeter} than that!



UPDATE: You’ve been asking us for ideas on what to pair with your love letters and we’ve listened… BIG TIME! Check out our new printable bundle of ready-to-go love letters for your sweetie!


Our ALL NEW Open When Letters Kit Contains:

  • 15 Envelope labels that announce “when” to open your fun DIY love letter cards and romantic gifts.
  • 15 Cute coordinating love notes to capture a message just for his or her eyes.
  • Small printable gifts to shower your sweetie with love.
  • Gorgeous embellishments to decorate a keepsake box for your love letters.

Our Open When Letters Kit makes the process of showing your love easy and fun! We’ve taken out all the stress of figuring out how to write him or her the perfect love letter.  Check out THIS POST for the full scoop on how to get started.

When you put this darling kit together, you will have a whole year’s worth of fun love notes and romantic gifts, ready for your favorite person! 

For more great gift ideas check out our Ultimate Gift Guide for HIM.  AND make sure to check out our Pinterest board FULL of “Gift Ideas for HIM”

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86 Responses to ““Open When” Letters ”

  1. Methane says:

    Daughter leaving for college soon. These will be included in a special bag she will take with her. Great if she never has to open one of the envelopes, but if she does we hope it brings her solace and laughter.

  2. Eline says:

    I’m going on an internship to Paris for 5 months. I’ll definitely do this for my boyfriend! Thank you!

  3. Allison says:

    This is going to be my first Christmas with my boyfriend; after going through a divorce after such a young age, I was eager to make him a gift, just to show him how thankful I am to have found him. He’s my best friend, and a great reminder of how great life can be again.
    He lives a few states away, so it’s hard to always cheer him up when he needs it. I’m in my own funk, and couldn’t think of anything practical (I’m not the romantic-minded type)…. but this is an amazing idea! I know he’ll just love it!

  4. GeeGee says:

    Wow ladies when do you get time to do all this…. I’m a working mom of 2 teenagers and I’m running arround like a craze person.
    I just love all your ideas but have no time to get this all done…
    Any tips for the working mom and wife?
    Much love and dont stop what you girls are doing :)

    • Kat says:

      We’re all busy. Im going to college for nuclear physics and have class 20 hours a week. As well as a part time job for 25/30 hours a week and an internship for 20 hours a week. As well as doing tutoring for about five hours a week for extra money as well as having to study and exercise every morning among other things. Its a matter of how badly you want to make time for such crafts. I stayed up literally all night to do this and other little projects for my boyfriend. Took three cups of coffee and i was exhausted at work, but I really wanted to do this for him.

  5. Emma says:

    Love this idea!

    Could people share their ideas of what you put inside? Don’t want to put letters etc in all of them (husband hates reading!) so has anybody thought of something inventive or quirky?!

    • glori says:

      The envelopes for ‘laughter’ and ‘reminiscing’ could include pictures of happy/laughter-inducing memories. Also, I did something similar to this for my husband and in the ‘when you want to smile’ envolope I placed a small recordable button (purchased from Hallmark) with the recorded laughter of our infant son. It worked :). Hope that helps!

  6. maria ligia says:

    please can you tell me the fonte you use to do this??? please, i love this so much, BRAZIL!!!!!!!!! <3

  7. Marylene says:

    what size envelope should I purchase?

  8. Andrea says:

    what is the font of those letters?

  9. Hoshi says:

    I have to go back to my country in the end of June
    So I think this would be the special gift for my boyfriend :)

  10. Morgan says:

    Love these =) Sending with my husband who is deploying… what size envelopes do y’all use? Thanks!

  11. Angie says:

    Your website is the cutest thing! My boyfriend and I are coming up on our 1 year anniversary and I can’t wait to use this! We are long distance and I think it will be perfect for us.

  12. Hannah Curfman says:

    I have often seen this idea, the “open when” letters, and kinda just shrugged it off, but its my first year of college and I actually have to stay at campus all summer into the next school year and the separation has been hard on my mother and I, so I get to go home this weekend after final exams and be there for Mother’s Day. I bought her a special necklace that will be arriving late, so I wanted to do something else to make it even more special. and I came across this. I thought it would be perfect for my mother, not just on Mother’s Day but all summer when I can be there with her. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  13. Kat says:

    What do I write in them??

  14. Keisha says:

    Loved it, but when I printed it it came out looking different from yhe ones on the website :/ Really dont get why?

  15. ailaa says:

    OMG I’m so happy that i found your website!!. i actually don’t have any ideas how to write letters for my boyfriend. this is my first time to write letters for him. we’re really far away though he lives in New York and I’m from Asia. anyways thanks for the wonderful ideas!!!

  16. April says:

    Can You do more open when letters please?

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