January 14, 2011

Birthday Present Ideas



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What should I get him for his birthday?!?! This is the question that runs through my mind EVERY time my husband’s birthday comes around. I want it to be thoughtful, fun, amazing, and something he’ll remember. However, often times it ends up being something he needs. Charlene, Corie, Erika, Lisa P., Tara, Lisa M., and Cami all pooled some of their best gift ideas to give YOU a starting point for a gift to give your man this year!


My husband’s birthday this year landed on an already FULL day :( We had plans to celebrate his birthday the following weekend.  But, with the weekend being 4 days away, I did not want him to feel forgotten on his actual birthday. So the Plan….  I had to think of something quick, easy, and inexpensive! So I ran to Wal~mart and picked up the GAME TWISTER and the MOVIE TWISTER!

After dinner and our daughter was down to bed, I presented him with the two wrapped “TWISTER” gifts. Before I let him open them I said, “I know it’s “TWISTED” we have to wait to celebrate your birthday but here is a little something so hopefully you won’t let it blow you down.”

Before we cuddled and watched the movie together we Played the Game Twister. I just have to say I have not played Twister since I was a kid but surprisingly it was better than I remembered! And it was so much fun playing just with my husband! He really is my best friend.

Blu-ray U2 Concert

My man is the ultimate U2 fan.  We have been to half a dozen concert over the years!  We were so excited when U2 was headed to our town, yet again!  We hurried and bought tickets and started the countdown.  Unfortunately, the lead singer, Bono, broke his back!  Poor Bono and poor us…especially my husband!  U2 cancelled the concert and we were devastated.  Keep reading….there is a happy ending!  Well, the good news…U2 had already been around most of North America and they were getting ready to release a DVD of the concert we were suppose to go to!  The best part is…they released the DVD TWO days before my man’s birthday!  So…for his birthday I gave him the U2 concert experience he thought he would never have!

Sports Fan

My husband is an avid Jazz Basketball Fan. For his birthday, I wanted to surprise him with a night he could remember so I purchased tickets to one of the ‘good’ games (I checked with my brother…I’m not up on all my NBA teams.) At the last minute, I bought him a Jazz hat to wear to the game and for everyday use afterwards. He LOVED this gift, and it gave us a date night to remember!

You could use this for ANY team…pick your man’s favorite and get him a small memento (hat, shirt, key chain, etc.) and tickets to see them play. He’ll remember it forever!

Pop Up Picture Book

Being sentimental is very important to me. I enjoy trying to incorporate real feelings into presents or cards that I make for my husband. It always gets a great reaction from my sweetie. We enjoy doing these nice things and I often see that he will try to beat something that I just created for him. Of course they usually aren’t as creative as mine but they are just as special because they come from the heart.

Well for his birthday a little while ago I decided to make a pop-out book to showcase some of the pictures(memories) that made me smile. He loved it and it was super easy to make. All you need is scrapbook paper, 4 pieces of cardstock, and pictures that you want to showcase. Then of course any embellishments or phrases that you want to include. This present took about an hour and a half to make and my sweetie loved it so much. We talked about all the memories that we shared from the pictures that I included.

Golf Pills

Everybody knows that in order to make sure your golf game is where you want it to be….you need to take your daily…GOLF PILLS!! I can’t remember where I saw this idea, but I laughed out loud when I read the outside of the pill bottle…and then I set to work making one of my own to give to my own talented golfer!  Here are the materials you will need to gather: (Hint: I found my “pill bottle” at Michael’s Arts & Crafts…it was the perfect size!!)

I created the bottle label in Photoshop (Since it was so similar to the example I saw…I didn’t feel comfortable giving out that download.) You can totally change it up any way you want. I loved the one I saw SO much…that I used a lot of those sayings. I then printed it and cut it out.

Onto the bottle – after emptying the sprinkles from its bottle (and hopefully using them on a YUMMY cake of some sort…) and taking off the label it came with, I spray painted the inside orange. (Hint: If the label is not coming off….you can spread peanut butter on it and let it sit for a few hours. THEN – wash it all off. It works, promise!) This was tricky….if you spray TOO much of the orange spray paint…it will drip inside. I would suggest doing a light coat, letting it dry, and then if it’s not to your liking…try it again. You may want to start on this before working on your Photoshopped label…since there are a few steps involved. After the bottle was ready, I adhered the label with spray adhesive. Be careful not to use too much! A light coat (if you work quickly) will work just fine!

And there you go! A fun little present for the avid golfer in YOUR family!

P.S. I also typed up a super cute “official” document (rolled up in the picture above) proclaiming who the “Top Ten” golfers in the world currently were…and you better believe my man was on top!

100 Reasons Why I Love You

A fabulous present that will work for any age birthday is a ” 100 Reasons Why I Love You” book! This is a picture of the book I home-made for my husbands latest birthday. He just turned 30 so that was the lucky number I used to make the book. It has 30 pages, each one with a different reason and picture to boot! Check back at the end of the month to get a step-by step guide to how I put this unique present together. It really was soo inexpensive to make because I just used items that I already had…….like cereal boxes, No joke! Watch for that post near the end of January to get the step-by-step know-how on how to make this book just as I did!


Shadow Box
My favorite part about a birthday is the PRESENTS!  I don’t only like to receive the presents, but I love to GIVE the presents.  My husband was an amazing example of this the first year we were married.  He gave me a sewing machine on HIS birthday!  Yes, you heard right, I was supposed to be giving him the present, but he turned it around on me!  It was such a huge surprise.  That year he taught me how important it is to focus on your spouse’s ‘likes’ and hobbies.  Ever since then I have really tried hard to focus on his hobbies, things he is interested in, or on things he is doing that year.  A couple years ago I really wanted to make his birthday present extra special.  Joseph is a former baseball player and I really wanted to do something with all his great memorabilia from his baseball days.  He also likes homemade presents so I got the idea to make him a shadow box full of his baseball stuff.



This box contained his old baseball jersey, a bat that he split in half (hitting a ball so hard), an old ball he used to practice with, and then I laminated newspaper clips that he kept on his stats/rankings in his state.  I had SO much fun putting it altogether because I knew that it would mean so much to him.  He of course LOVED the present, but he has told me it is mainly because of the thought and effort that went into in doing the present.  So, how does this translate to you?  Think of something that your spouse absolutely loves and create a present that builds on that.  Your spouse will not only be impressed with the present itself, but realize how much time and thought you put into making their birthday an amazing one!
What is the best gift you’ve ever given your guy?


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  1. Laura says:

    I really like the Twister idea to do as a date night!

    And great giveaway. My favorite printable on Colette’s Etsy shop is the Birthday Organizer – brilliant! But, I am assuming that I should pick one OTHER than that, and that would be the YW Personal Progress Quote Album. They would be perfect to use to introduce the value of the month!

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    I am a newsletter subscriber. Lots of fun things in her store. I love the YW printables.

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    I’m already a newsletter subscriber. I checked out her store and my favorite was the nativity art bundle.

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    I am alrealy a newsletter subscriber. I checked out her store and I really like the Advent Bundle.

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    I am a newsletter subscriber and I just love this giveaway I am horrible at remembering birthdays unless I right them down this would be perfect I also checked her etsy shop and I just love The YW Personal Progress Quotes.

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    I’m already a subscriber and my favorite of all the amazing printables is the YW Personal Progress Quotes. So fabulous!! The Christmas Card games was a very close second. :)

  7. Krystal says:

    Its my party and i’ll cry if I want too!!! One of my favorite birthday memories is when my hubby presented me with two tickets to go to the UK for a holiday! I was thrilled (obviously!!!)

  8. Krystal says:

    I am a newsletter subscriber and would love the Advent Bundle! I love holiday countdowns!

  9. Krystal says:

    I also posted to my blog (which is private) “Awesome printable giveaway, check it out http://www.thedatingdivias.com

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    I am a newsletter subscriber and I love the Conversation Cards Bundle!!

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    I am a newlsletter subscriber and would love the 2011 clipboard calendar. I love everything in your etsy shop, some very neat stuff.

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    Haha! I’m diggin’ the Twister theme.

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    I am a newlestter subscriber.

    I love the “Conversation Cards” from The Computer is my Canvas.

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    I shared this on facebook at this link: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Where-is-the-ME-in-Mommy/269293302155

    And FYI–My husband has been trying to get me to play naked twister since 2004. Now it’s a running joke. Maybe I’ll get him twsiter sheets for his birthday!

  15. Love this giveaway! I am totally a subscriber!

    And I love the clipboard calendar over at her etsy shop as well. I’m a Calendar girl!

  16. Teresa Farmer says:

    I am a subscriber and I love the Calendar bundle. Her stuff is so cute!!!

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    I am a subscriber! I love her advent calendar, the birthday calendar, and the YW value cards.

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    I am a subscriber! I love this website! Please pick me! I want to win! I love the 2011 clipboard!

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    I love the calendar bundle and the YW Personal Progress Quote Album. I am also a subscriber of the DD newsletter.

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    I’m a subscriber. I love the Printable Winter Bundle! I love to decorate all year round and this is a great way to get both January and February!

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    I am a subscriber and I love the ideas for these printables. I especially LOVE the Birthday and Advent Calendar printables. I am so bad at remember family and friends birthdays so that would be wonderful, and Chritmas is the best holiday so counting down makes us all feel like kids again:)

  22. barbara says:

    YAY!!!!!!! As an official newsletter reader I got my first newlsetter yesterday and it brightened my day and my inbox! I love the idea of the conversation coasters and cards in Colette’s shop. What a great ice-breaker for a party!

  23. Marilee says:

    I also texted all of my friends and family and told them to check out your website. Told them about your totally awesome Birthday Party ideas since my husbands family has 5 birthday parties this month. We love cake!

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    Im a official newsletter reader! I had a hard time choosing but the printable I liked the most was the snowman art bundle.

  25. Jennifer Chapman says:

    We did the twister theme date once…we also went out for a “twisted” ice-cream cone (chocolate and vanilla twisted together.” It was super fun! :)

    I love printable calendar bundle! :)

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