Easter Egg Hubby Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Couples

Hippity Hop and hip hip hooray! The day of all things eggs is right around the corner and we’ve got a post full of Easter Egg hunt ideas your hubby will DIE for! That’s right. We’ll help you tell him he sure is some-bunny special with our printable download that includes a one-of-a-kind set of Easter egg hunt clues that are not only cute but easy to use and SO fun to set up! Are you ready to step into that bunny-suit and get to the goodies? Let’s go!

Easter Egg Hubby Hunt #easteregghuntideas #easterriddlesforadults #easterhuntideas #easteregghuntclues

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But first, we have to pause and give a huge Easter-sized “Thank you!” to Carisa from Messes to Memories for creating such egg-cellent printables for us. We seriously couldn’t have done it without her and we’re always blown away by her talent!

Alright, are you ready to take a peek at the awesomeness that is all things eggs?? Let’s go!

Fun Easter Riddles for Adults

There’s nothing more fun than a riddle, am I right? This idea has taken riddling to an entirely new level with our set of five pre-made, printable paper Easter clues that will take your hubby on the hunt of his life! Plus, we’ve included a beginning AND ending clue card (not to mention a blank one if you’d like come up with your own Easter Egg Hunt Ideas) to get the ball rolling and signal the end.

Easter Riddles for Adults #easteregghuntideas #easterriddlesforadults #easterhuntideas #easteregghuntclues

Take a look below to see the exact wording that appears on each egg and to see what your one-of-a-kind easter hunt entails.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Couples #easteregghuntideas #easterriddlesforadults #easterhuntideas #easteregghuntclues

Clue #1 

I ‘carrot’ wait to hold you…tight, go to the place we sleep at night.

More Easter Egg Hunt Clues for Couples #easteregghuntideas #easterriddlesforadults #easterhuntideas #easteregghuntclues

Clue #2

An Easter clue you shouldn’t ignore: Run and check by our front door!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Your Husband #easteregghuntideas #easterriddlesforadults #easterhuntideas #easteregghuntclues

Clue #3

You crack me up and your smile rocks. Go look in the place where you keep your socks!

Fun Easter Riddles for Adults #easteregghuntideas #easterriddlesforadults #easterhuntideas #easteregghuntclues

Clue #4

Don’t worry, be hoppy. You’re almost through. Peek in the car to find your next clue!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Adults #easteregghuntideas #easterriddlesforadults #easterhuntideas #easteregghuntclues

Clue #5

You’re some-bunny great, you can’t be beat! Go look on the table where we eat!

Couples Easter Egg Hunt Ideas #easteregghuntideas #easterriddlesforadults #easterhuntideas #easteregghuntclues

How great are those?!

Assembling Your Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Hubby #easteregghuntideas #easterriddlesforadults #easterhuntideas #easteregghuntclues

We’re all about what’s easy and crafting your clues definitely fits the bill!

Step 1- Download and print on the paper of your choosing. We absolutely love using a high-quality cardstock for this type of project but feel free to use what works for you!

Step 2- Next, you’ll want to cut around each egg, making sure NOT to cut down that center line where the two sides attach. That nifty little spot is what makes folding your double-sided egg clues, oh-so-easy!

Step 3- Apply a little adhesive to the back of each egg side, fold down the previously mentioned line and voila! You’ve got yourself a set of double-sided Easter egg hunt clues that are fab and functional.

Easter Hunt Ideas

You can go about this idea in one of two ways. You can choose to do what we did by leaving a trail of clues throughout the house that leads to one big basket of fantastic Easter goodness OR you can choose to leave one treat along with each clue. If you choose the latter option, your hubby will essentially be finding each of his Easter basket items as he goes along instead of all at once. We think both ideas are stellar!

Easter Basket Ideas

Need a few ideas for Easter treats? Check out the list below for some fantastic Diva-approved goodness:


Ideas for Easter Egg Hunt Clues #easteregghuntideas #easterriddlesforadults #easterhuntideas #easteregghuntclues

Looking for even more for hubby-friendly Easter egg hunt clues? We’ve got you covered! Check out the ORIGINAL Easter Egg Hubby Hunt printables below for a completely different set of clues that are just too cute for words!

Easter Egg Hubby Hunt Clues #easteregghuntideas #easterriddlesforadults #easterhuntideas #easteregghuntclues

Click Here to Download the Original Easter Egg Hubby Hunt Clues

Fun Easter Riddles for Adults #easteregghuntideas #easterriddlesforadults #easterhuntideas #easteregghuntclues

Happy Easter from all of us Divas to you!


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  1. Love these. I needed my clues to in a different order. Especially since I am going to have him end in the bedroom (wink). Instead of following Step 2, I cut down the middle line to have one egg with words and the other just the pattern. I scored the decorative piece, placed some double stick tape across the word “clue”, and adhered the decorative egg on top. It made a little card, and now I can put my clues in any order. Thanks for the great printable. Can’t wait to share for Easter with the hubster!