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The 5 second rule game: Relationship Edition

There is just something about game night that makes for the perfect date. Whether it’s just the two of you playing cards, using game night to be more intimate, or throwing a bash with all your friends, games are a great way to connect as a couple. Because we love games so much, we’ve created another new game idea for date night that we think you are going to love! Check out our own version of 5 Second Rule, 5 Second Game: Couples Edition, and get ready for a night of fun!

Love 5 Second Rule? You will love our free 5 Second Game: Date Night Edition! | The Dating Divas
Free printable for 5 second rule game: date night edition.

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How to Play 5 Second Rule

If you’ve never played the classic 5 Second Rule Game (or the somewhat similar Name 5 Game), never fear! Here is the 5 second rule: one person reads the topic on the card, and the other person has 5 seconds to name 3 things that fit the topic. Sounds easy but can be really difficult! Check out these funny scenes of the game on Ellen. There is also a 5 Second Rule Jr. for a family game night everyone will love and a Name 5 Game with only cards that can be played just about anywhere!

But if you’re looking for a fun and FREE game night, you’ve come to the right place! We have put together everything you need for a 5 Second Rule game night for two with our classic Diva twist.

Read our 5 second rule questions for some real date night fun. | The Dating Divas
Couple plays our 5 second rule date night game.

5 Second Rule: Diva Style

Did someone say free? That’s right, grab those printables below! We’ve kept the prep simple so you can throw together this date night last minute, or give your spouse the invite days ahead to build the suspense!

So, what do you get when you click that “Download” button below?

  • Invite: This cute game-inspired invite is the perfect intro to your fun date night! Print it off and place it somewhere your spouse can’t miss it.
  • Timer: The classic game comes with it’s own clever timer, but if you don’t own the game, we wanted a way to still make this date night easy and free! Print off our cute timer, and use your finger or a pen to trace the lines while the other person tries to name their 3 things. You can also just use a timer on your phone or even count in your head!
  • Game Cards: We loved seeing that there are different versions of the game such as Disney 5 Second Rule, so why shouldn’t Date Night get it’s own special version too? Ask each other these 5 Second Rule questions all with date night and couples themes that you can’t find anywhere else!
  • “Sexy” Game Cards: Feeling close yet? An optional round 2 of the game includes some spicy 5 Second Rule questions that are sure to bring the heat!
  • Foldable Card Box: Keep your cards nice and tidy in this foldable box! This box makes it easy to pass the cards back and forth to read them to each other. Also, notice that we’ve included blank game cards. Print off as many of those as you want, and make your own customized version of the game!
This printable 5 second rule game is a fun idea for date night at home. | The Dating Divas
Some of our 5 second rule game questions and printable game box.

Group Date Game Night

If you’re feeling a little more social, consider making this a group game night! Here are a few ways to tweak this date to be extra fun in a group:

  • Text the printable invite to your friends! Get them all psyched about a fun group date.
  • Print off extra blank game cards and have everyone fill in a few of their own before you start.
  • Play as teams! Being on a team with your spouse is a great way to build a connection and closeness even in a large group.
  • Have prizes for the winners. These can be as simple as dollar store crowns or even a Game Night Trophy. This could start such a fun tradition of passing the trophy around each game night and seeing who can hold on to it the longest!
  • Mix in some of our other fun games! Try Couples Cranium, Couples Catchy Phrases, or head outside and play some Night Games!
  • Be sure to remove the “sexy” game cards–those are just for the two of you!
These 5 second rule questions are perfect for a date night! | The Dating Divas
Couple laughs as they read 5 second rule questions.

Ready, Set… Play!

Grab some drinks and chips and we’re confident you’ll have everything you need for an awesome, game-filled date night! Grab your sweetie and free up a Friday night–you’ll need it after you click that pink button below!

After you are done playing our 5 second rule game, try the sexy after party version! | The Dating Divas
All of our free 5 second rule game: date night edition printables.

We can’t let you go without sharing some of the 5 Second Rule questions we came up with for this special date night version!

  • Name 3 – Rom-coms
  • Name 3 – Couples we could double date with
  • Name 3 – Appetizers
  • Name 3 – Quirks you love about your spouse
  • Name 3 – Ways your spouse shows love
  • Name 3 – Foods your spouse hates
  • Name 3 – Things you have to do to get ready for a date night
  • Name 3 – Gifts your spouse loves
  • Name 3 – Snacks at the movies
  • Name 3 – Of our favorite restaurants

In our free printable game cards, you can find even more “Name 3” ideas!

We can’t resist sharing a few of the steamy ones too…

  • Name 3 – Things that turn your spouse on
  • Name 3 – Things you love in the bedroom
  • Name 3 – Places you want to be kissed

And you’ll just have to play the game to find out the rest!

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5 Second Rule Game: Couples Edition

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