Sexy Bedroom Gift Guide

Sexy Gift Ideas for the Bedroom

Whether it is time to spice things up or you just want to surprise your babe with a little somethin somethin, your partner is sure to LOVE these sexy bedroom gift ideas! There are sexy games that are fun, intimate, and exciting. There are kits that have everything you need for a perfect night! And there are products to help you try something new and bring in some excitement! It’s always fun to switch things up and I am sure you won’t regret it!

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Get ready to SPICE things up and bring back the excitement in the bedroom!

Sexy Gifts

6 sexy gift ideas

1. Truth or Dare Sexy SticksThis game features 100 truth or dares to make sure there is action in the bedroom, if ya know what I mean? 😉

2. Spicy DiceThese fun dice will encourage fun and spicy tasks!

3. Bath BombsNothing sets the mood quite like a nice bath together and these yummy bath bombs will make it even more fun!

4. Massage OilThis oil smells great and is such a great consistency for a full body massage…YES PLEASE!

5. CandlesThis candle has eucalyptus and spearmint which are sure to bring on relaxation.

6. Game of LoveThis game comes printed on your sheet and will spice things up for sure, SO fun!

Sexy Bedroom Gift Ideas

7. Cosmo Kama SutraA book full of different and exciting positions to switch things up and try something new!

8. Getaway KitEverything you need for a seductive getaway and all TSA size approved for your vacay!

9. Vouchers for LoversThe gift that gives 20 times with vouchers for various requests.

10. And They Were Not AshamedThis amazing book is to give hope and help for a successful and fulfilling sexual relationship!

11. Sex ChecksThese fill in the blank checks are fun and exciting with IOU’s and UOME’s!

12. The WeekenderA travel set perfect for those spontaneous romantic moments!

Sexy Gift Ideas for the Bedroom

Sexy Bedroom Ideas

13. Discovery GameThis game with help you to discover your spouse and fall in love again and again!

14. Intimacy PackThese 12 sexy bedroom games will ensure that things never get boring in the bedroom.

15. 7 Days of Sex ChallengeJust like what it sounds like, 7 days of sex! Yes it may seem like a lot but you’ll be surprised what it can do for your relationship!

16. Chocolate Body PaintYUM! Fun and delicious sounds like a good plan to me!

17. Waterproof lubeThis lubricant is waterproof..therefore location is no limit!

18. KY TouchA 2-in-1 massage creme and pleasure gel! It also has a gentle warming sensation to increase physical touch.

6 sexy Gift Ideas collage

19. Sex Around The House Board GameA fun game that will have you all over the house having fun in each room!

20. Kama Sutra Board GameThis game allows you to explore sensual and sexual aspects. A fun way to change things up!

21. Sexy Subscription BoxA fun way for you to give your babe a delivery on the bed full of sexual surprises!

22. Body PaintGlow in the dark body paint! This will surely get the party in your bedroom going!

23. Sensual LotionThe jasmine inspires sexy self-confidence while the vanilla soothes! The perfect blend to get in the mood!

24. How to Make Love & Dinner at the Same Time“200 slow cooker recipes to heat up the bedroom instead of the kitchen” Yes please, sounds good to me!

6 sexy gift ideas for him

Spicy Gift Ideas

25. Why you’re so hotA fill in the blank book proving just how hot you think they are! Great way to get things started.

26. PantiesFun little panties will get your spouse excited real quick.

27. BraletteFlirty and dainty! Love the color of this lace bralette!

28. LingerieNo hints needed here! Walk down in this and your babe knows it’s game time!

29. BoxersLeave these with and a note on the bed saying you can’t wait to see him in these tonight. He will be thinking about it all day!

30. CondomsThis variety pack has different kinds allowing you to try them out to find your favorites!

Sexy Bedroom gift idea collage

31. Silky RobeThis delicate robe is sexy and comfortable.. WIN-WIN!

32. Love is Art KitThis kit allows you to create an abstract piece of art while being intimate with your lover!

33. Tantric Massage for beginnersThis book will teach you techniques to deliver a sensual massage. I know my babe would appreciate this one.

34. ChocolatesDelicious chocolates… need I say more! Perfect way to start or end the evening!

35. Spouse SpiceInstruction cards that will bring wholesome spice into your relationship.

Sexy Gift Ideas for the Bedroom

36. Sexy Sticky NotesThese flirty messages are perfect for prepping your babe for what’s to come and heat things right up!

37. Mesh lingerieSo pretty and feminine! It is sure to get your lover excited.

38. Truth or Dare Cards50 truths and challenges that will switch things up and bring a whole new level of fun!

39. Kama Sutra Love KitThis kit includes delicious vanilla flavored body treats for you lovers! YUM!

One more sexy gift idea to use as a steamy bedroom surprise is the

The 5 Senses Gift: Bedroom Edition

This sexy bedroom idea is a quick and easy way to pull together a steamy gift to let your sweetie know they are loved and WANTED! Check out the post here!

5 Senses Sexy Gift in wooden crate with black bow

There is something here for every marriage! And something that will definitely add some steam and spice to your love life! Switch things up, surprise your spouse, and have some fun with these SEXY bedroom gift ideas! Your babe will appreciate it and will surely feel the love as you strive to create something special in the bedroom.

We also have 75 Bedroom Games, that are so fun! We also have Sexy Room Service that will make your babe feel loved!

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