Spicy Gift Guide

Sexy Gift Guide

Is it time to spice things up in the bedroom?! We vote, YES! It’s always fun to switch things up and we have come up with a sexy gift guide we know you and your sweetheart will absolutely love! We have rounded up…

The Best Spicy Ideas for the Bedroom

Sexy Gift Guide #SexyGiftGuide

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Get ready to SPICE things up!

Sexy Gifts #SexyGiftGuide


1. Truth or Dare Sexy Sticks 

2. Spicy Dice 

3. Bath Bombs 

4. Massage Oil 

5. Candles 

6. Game of Love 

Spicy Gift Guide #SexyGifts

7. Cosmo Kama Sutra 

8. Getaway Kit 

9. Vouchers for Lovers 

10. And They Were Not Ashamed 

11. Sex Checks 

12. The Weekender 

Sexy Gift Ideas #SpicyGiftGuide

13. Discovery Game 

14. Intimacy Pack 

15. 7 Days of Sex Challenge 

16. Chocolate Body Paint 

17. Waterproof Lube 

18. KY Touch 

Sexy Gift Ideas #SexyGifts

19. Sex Around The House Board Game 

20. Kama Sutra Board Game 

21. Sexy Subscription Box 

22. Body Paint 

23. Sensual Lotion 

24. How to Make Love & Dinner at the Same Time 

Sexy Gift Guide #SexyGiftGuide

25. Why You’re So Hot 

26. Panties 

27. Bralette 

28. Lingerie 

29. Boxers 

30. Condoms 

Spicy Gift Guide #SpicyGiftGuide

31. Silky Robe 

32. Love is Art Kit 

33. Tantric Massage for Beginners 

34. Chocolates 

35. Spouse Spice

There is something here for every marriage! And something that will definitely add some fun and excitement to your love life! Spice things up, switch it around, and have some fun with these SEXY gift ideas!

One more sexy gift idea to use as a steamy bedroom surprise is the

The 5 Senses Gift: Bedroom Edition

This steamy bedroom idea is a quick and easy way to pull together a sexy gift to let your sweetie they are loved and WANTED! Check out the post here!

5 Senses Sexy Gift

We have 75 Bedroom Games, so make sure to check them out! 

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