45+ of The Best Sexual Gift Ideas

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Sex Gift Ideas FOR COUPLES

Whether it is time to spice things up or you just want to surprise your babe with a little somethin’ somethin’, your partner is sure to LOVE these sexy gift ideas! We’ve rounded up the BEST sexual gifts out there and compiled them all here for you so that you don’t have to go searching! This list has everything from sexy games, to full-on kits, to sex products that come highly recommend! In no time at all, you can be presenting your sweetheart with a sexy gift that is sure to drive them wild! Are you ready for this? Check these spicy gifts out!

Sexy Gift Ideas for Couples

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I don’t know about you, but giving a sexy gift to my spouse instantly makes me feel butterflies…But in the best way! So while any of these sex gifts below is SURE to be a winner, we couldn’t help but find a wide variety to meet your personal preferences! We’ve gathered gift ideas for the following groups:

I’m sure you’re just dying to see what sex gifts we’ve rounded up for you! But before we dive in, we just have to say that these gifts will be an automatic win for your relationship! We’re certain that you’ll come back looking for another gift idea very soon (that OR your spouse will come lookin!) It’s just SO fun to add sexy items to your bedroom routine! So come back, again and again, to get your hands on more of these ideas!

Now…On to our first batch!

Sex Gifts for the Body

Now before you view each of these suggestions, we think it’s important to note that anything that will go on, over, or around the body from this list will definitely be intimate! But, since you’re looking to step up your sex game, wait no longer! Enjoy this list of sexy gifts for the body!

Gift Ideas for the Body
Sexual gifts for the body
  1. Bath BombsNothing sets the mood quite like a nice bath together, so gift your sweetie these yummy bath bombs to set the tone of your evening off right!
  2. Massage OilThis oil smells great and is such a great consistency for a full body massage!
  3. CandlesThis candle has eucalyptus and spearmint which are sure to bring on relaxation! 
  4. Cosmo Kama SutraA book full of different and exciting positions to switch things up and try something new! The question is, which position will you try first?
  5. Chocolate Body PaintYUM! Fun AND delicious sounds like a good plan to me!
  6. Waterproof LubeSafe in the water…Therefore location is no limit! You could even gift this with a cute new swimsuit! 😉
  7. KY TouchA 2-in-1 massage creme and pleasure gel! It also has a gentle warming sensation to increase physical touch. #1 sex gift idea right here!
  8. Body PaintGlow in the dark body paint! This will surely get the party in your bedroom going!
  9. Sensual LotionThe jasmine inspires sexy self-confidence while the vanilla soothes! The perfect blend to get in the mood!
  10. CondomsThis variety pack has different kinds, allowing you to try them out to find your favorites!
  11. Tantric Massage for BeginnersThis book will teach you techniques to deliver a sensual massage. Yes, please!
  12. ChocolatesOne way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…Why not gift him some delicious chocolates?

The Best Lingerie Sex Gifts

And now, a few sexy gift ideas that keep on giving! Lingerie is not only fun and sexy, but the PERFECT gift to indicate that you’re wanting to give your sweetie some extra lovin’. Consider any one of these lingerie pieces (for him or her) and we’re certain you’ll be using them on repeat!

Lingerie Gift Ideas
Lingerie that makes the best sexual gifts
  1. PantiesThese fun cheeky panties will get your spouse excited real quick.
  2. BraletteFlirty and dainty! Love the color of this lace bralette!
  3. Lace Plunge BodysuitNo hints needed here! Walk down in this and your babe knows it’s game time!
  4. Mens BoxersLeave these with and a note on the bed saying you can’t wait to see him in these tonight. He will be thinking about it all day!
  5. Silky RobeThis delicate robe is sexy and comfortable… WIN-WIN!
  6. Mesh UndiesSo pretty and feminine! It is sure to get your lover excited.
  7. Lace and Mesh Polka Dot Teddy – Flirty, but sexy with the lace and mesh! The perfect combo!
  8. Babydoll Lingerie – This fierce red satin screams “sexy” but “sweet” at the same time. We love this!
  9. Mens Plaid Boxer Brief Set – This definitely has a schoolboy theme and that ain’t a bad thing!
  10. St. Patrick’s Day Undies – You don’t even have to wait until March if you don’t want to! But this would be a perfect holiday surprise!
  11. Jingle Bell Panties – Ho ho ho is right! Christmas will mean something a lot more special with these in your life! 😉

Sexy Games to Gift

We’re ALL about the sexy games as gifts over here. The face on your spouse as they unwrap one of these? Priceless! These sexy games we found are all PERFECT for a spontaneous night of fun and naughtiness…We highly recommend adding a few games to your collection every so often!

Sexy Games for Couples
  1. Truth or Dare Sexy SticksThis game features 100 truth or dares to make sure there is action in the bedroom if ya know what I mean? 😉
  2. Spicy DiceRoll these dice for extra fun and spicy tasks!
  3. Game of LoveThis game comes printed on your bed sheet and will spice things up for sure. SO fun!
  4. Vouchers for Lovers Vouchers, aka coupons, to gift to your sweetie to redeem as they wish. Um, this is a slam dunk sex gift!
  5. Sex ChecksThese fill in the blank sex checks are fun and exciting with IOU’s and UOME’s!
  6. Discovery GameThis game with the help you to discover your spouse and fall in love again and again!
  7. Intimacy PackThese 12 sexy bedroom games will ensure that things never get boring in the bedroom!
  8. 7 Days of Sex ChallengeJust like what it sounds like, 7 days of sex! However, if that seems like a lot, we challenge you to try this out!
  9. Sex Around The House Board GameA fun game that will have you all over the house having fun in each room! Likewise, a perfect gift to give!
  10. Kama Sutra Board GameThis game allows you to explore sensual and sexual aspects of each other. In other words, it’s a fun way to change things up!
  11. Why You’re So Hot BookA fill in the blank book proving just how hot you think they are! Great way to get things started.
  12. Love is Art KitThis kit allows you to create an abstract piece of art while being intimate with your lover!
  13. Spouse SpiceKeep these handy so and pull a card every day or so. Basically, they will bring wholesome spice into your relationship in no time!
  14. Truth or Dare Cards50 truths and challenges that will switch things up and bring a whole new level of fun to your relationship!
  15. DIY Sexy Dice – Make your OWN dice and play over and over with them! Trust me, this is a sexy gift you will BOTH love!

All-in-One Sex Kits

Are you blushing yet?  This list of sex gifts has been SO good so far! But we’re not done yet! We get that sometimes you just need all the sexy stuff put together for you or listed out so you can easily grab them. That’s why we have this part of the list! Saving you time and energy better spent in the bedroom with your sweetie! 😉

Couple laying in bed
  1. Getaway KitEverything you need for a seductive getaway and all TSA size approved for your vacay!
  2. The WeekenderA travel set perfect for those spontaneous romantic moments!
  3. Sexy Subscription BoxA fun way for you to give your babe a delivery on a bed full of sexual surprises!
  4. Kama Sutra Love KitThis kit includes delicious vanilla flavored body treats for you and your lover to taste test! YUM!
  5. The 5 Senses Gift: Bedroom Edition – Quickly and easily pull together this steamy gift idea to let your sweetie know they are loved and WANTED in every sense of the word!
  6. The Man Can – Just like it sounds, this is a can full of all the things a man would want! Meanwhile, it’s full of sexy surprises and makes the perfect gift!
  7. All About You Gift Basket: Sexy Edition – We don’t think anyone would be sad to receive a gift basket all about them…Most especially if it’s full of sexy gifts!
  8. SexBox – This creative sex gift is PERFECT for any man, but especially for someone who’s into gaming. The invitation alone will blow their mind, but the contents within will send them over the edge!
  9. Sexy Easter Basket – Although this works only around Easter, this sexy Easter basket could carry enough sexy fun for a whole year!

In conclusion, we just need to let it be known that any of these sexy gift ideas will add some serious steam and spice to your love life! Switch things up, surprise your spouse, and have some fun with these!

And if you’re looking to spoil your sweetheart on top of any of these gift ideas, we also have a Sexy Room Service date that will make your babe feel completely adored (and turned on!) Don’t forget about our Win It In A Minute Sexy Games if you’re looking to have a night of fun AND competition!


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  1. Good ideas. My hubby’s love language is physical touch and receiving gifts. And I got perfect gift for him from the list. Thank you.
    One more thing I want to share with you divas is I am doing 29 days to great sex series by Sheila Wray and it has taken my sex life from good to great.
    Have any of you divas tried it?

    1. Hi! Yes we have heard of that marriage challenge! We actually linked up to it recently in another post. So glad you’re loving it! 🙂