100 Last Day of School Ideas!

Last Day of School Ideas

School is ALMOST out! Seriously!? This year has flown by and summer is just around the corner once again! In no-time-at-all the kids will be out of school, and if you are anything like us you are ready to kick your summer off right!! We’ve got the best ways to celebrate the end of the school year with a list of 100 last day of school ideas!

End of Year Celebration #LastDayofSchoolIdeas

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We have gathered together the best of the best, top-notch, unbelievably amazing, over-the-top-fabulous ideas to help you make this summer the best one yet!! Below you will find:


-Gift Ideas
-Party Themes
-Photo Ideas


We have everything you need right here, so lets get going!!

Take a look at these fun activities to do with your kids on the last day of school. They are sure to love any one of them!

Last Day of School Activities

Welcome summer with some fun activities!

The best ways to celebrate school being out!

Last day of school fun!

1. Chalk Paint: You better believe that the adults will love getting in on this chalk fun as well!
2. Last Day of School Shirt: Cutest idea ever! {You will need a few supplies like this, but it looks super easy to put together!}
3. End of School Year List: Top 20 list of fun ways to celebrate the end of school!
4. Summer Countdown: Always know how many more days until summer break with this cute chain!
5. Popsicle Piñata: Umm, can we say ADORABLE?! Seriously, how much would the kids love a GIANT piñata!?
6. Balloon Countdown: This post could easily be adapted to work for you in your home with your adorable kiddies!

Summer fun ideas!

7. Last Day of School Books: I LOVE to read children’s book with my son and having holiday books just adds to the fun! {I own this book and it is SUPER cute!}
8. Summer Dreams: What are your kids’ summer dreams made of? This fun printable will help you discover just that!
9. Summer Bucket List: Make a list of MUST DO items so that you are sure to accomplish them all this summer!
10. Summer Fun Calendar: Summer seems to slip away too quickly every year. This cute printable will help keep your activities going all summer long!
11. Popsicle Memory Game: Ridiculously adorable, this popsicle memory game is SURE to be a hit!

End of School Activities

12. Summer Guide: Keeping track of all of your summer wishes in one place!
13. Summer Fun Passport: The passport to fun will be a favorite in no time.
14. MORE Books to Celebrate Summer Break: Did we mention how much me love children’s books?
15. Summer Reading Chain: Make reading both fun and a priority this summer.
16. Reading Bucket List: Reading need not bore you kids another moment! Check-out this amazing reading bucket list!
17. Random Acts of Kindness: Finding ways to serve others with their extra time this summer sounds perfect!

Last Day of School Gift Ideas

Need a gift idea? We have you covered and then some with these gift ideas for your student, their friends and their teachers!

Fun gift ideas for the last day of school.

end of school gifts

18. Fun in the Sun Gift Bag: Spending some extra time outside this summer? This gift will have your child covered! {How stinking cute would these look with this gift?!?}
19. School is Out Basket: Everything you could ever need in one place! We LOVE this post!!
20. “Orange” You Glad it’s Summer: Talk about adorable! I can think of SO many fun items to drop into this gift bag! {This, this, and this are just a few of the things that I have in mind!}
21. “O’FISHally” the Last Day: The day wouldn’t be official without this yummy treat!
22. Last Day of School Basket: Start Summer vacation the moment your kids walk through the door!

Last Day of School

23. Summer Boredom Box: Never hear, “We’re bored!” this summer!
24. Fruit-Roll-Up Diploma: Yummy treat to celebrate graduating to the next grade!
25. Summer Activities Coupon Book: Do you have some fun activities in mind that you would like to do with your kids this year? Wrap them all up into this activities coupon book and you are sure to have an amazing summer ahead of you!
26. Welcome to Summer Bucket: Get ready for Summer today with this cute idea!

Teacher Gift Ideas

27. Couldn’t Have Picked Any Better: Every teacher will love this thoughtful gift on the last day of school.
28. Thanks for Helping Me Grow: Such a great idea! Not just another knick-knack, but something that will provide beauty!
29. Smart Cookie: Treats? Why, yes please!
30. S’more Basket: Give the gift of summer fun to your child’s teachers this year.
31. I’ve Had a Blast: Everyone will need a nice cold drink to cool them off at one point this summer. Make the first one on you!

Last Day of School Teacher Gift

32. Summer Countdown: Start the countdown early this year for every teacher you know!
33. Top Teacher Gift: Target gift cards will ALWAYS be a hit!
34. Summer Prep: A magazine, beach towel, sunglasses and a thank you. What else could a teacher ask for!?!
35. Summer in a Jar: Gifts in a jar always turn out so cute! This summer in a jar most definitely didn’t disappoint!

Summer is Here - Gift Ideas

36. Bursting with Fun: Water balloons are a must this summer!
37. CHALK Full of Fun: Let the creativity flow with this fun gift idea! You are sure to have chalk murals in no time!
38. Kool Sumer: Kool-Aid with a twisty straw is what every kid pictures as the perfect summer cool-down beverage!
39. Have a Ball: Bubble-gum paired with this printable is the perfect combination!
40. Have a GOO’d Summer: Gift your kids’ friends some goo for a fun playful gift idea!

End of School Gift Idea

41. Rockin’ Summer: Pop Rocks are always a favorite treat!
42. “Let’s Play” Cards: Don’t miss out on extra playtime this summer! Make sure you stay in touch!
43. Hello Sun: This Hello Sun box is the perfect gift for your teenagers!
44. Gift Tag: Attach this cute tag to your child’s favorite treat and you are set!
45. Jump for Joy: The last day of school is definitely a reason to jump for joy!

Gift Ideas for the Last Day of School

46. Soaking Fun Summer: These water guns will make this gift a hit!
47. Sponge Balls: Make every water party a little wetter this year!
48. Stay Silly: A simple and sweet goodbye for all of your kid’s friends.
49. Flippin’ Awesome Summer: Be sure not to miss this cute idea! We flippin’ love it! 😉
50. Flew By: A gift that is sure to be used all Summer long!

Last Day of School Party Themes

Host the best party ever this year! One of these party themes is sure to be the perfect fit for you!

Have the best party ever this summer!

Party Themes for the Last Day of School

51. Sidewalk Chalk Festival: Bring out the inner artist in all of your guests.
52. Carnival: What says summer more than a carnival?
53. Dance Party: Dance out all of your summer excitement!
54. Ice Cream Party: A cool treat for your warm summer party!
55. Drive-In Movie Night: Invite all of the friends over for this fun filled end of school party!

Summer Parties

56. P.O.O.L Party: Play Outside On the Lawn! What fun way to celebrate summer!
57. Picnic and Party Games: So many fun printables and games! This post is a MUST read!!
58. Minute-to-Win-it: Laughter is sure to ensue at this hilarious minute-to-win-it party!
59. S’more Party: Host a s’mores party with a buffet of gourmet s’mores ingredients!
60. Popsicle Party: Cool off with this sweet party idea!

Have the best end of school year party!

61. Splish Splash Pool Party: Take a swim at the party that everyone will love!
62. Summer Games Party: Game time!! Come along and see all of the fun ahead with this summer party!
63. Summer Beach Party: It wouldn’t be a complete summer without a little beach time! Bring the beach to your guests with this cute party theme!
64. Shaving Cream Party: Messy? Yes. Fun? ABSOLUTELY!!
65. Smarty Pants Party: Congratulate your smarty pants for all of their hard work this school year!

Summer is here! Tons of party ideas!!

66. School’s Out Breakfast: This post has EVERYTHING that you need for the perfect school’s out breakfast!!
67. Surfin’ into Summer: Surf right on into summer at this party!
68. Last Day Tail Gate Party: Bring the party to them! This is sure to be a hit!
69. Waffle Breakfast: Since all of the details have been ‘ironed’ out this is sure to be a perfect party!
70. That’s a Wrap: Help you child finish off the year with all of their friends at this sweet party.
71. Welcome Summer Party: Welcome it in, because summer is finally here!

Last Day of School Photo Ideas

Snap the perfect last day of school photo with one or more of these perfect ideas!

Great photo ideas for the end of school!

Top photo ideas for the end of school.

72. All About Me: Document all of of your child’s accomplishments this year!
73. Photo Booth Props: Have some fun with your photos!
74. Last Day of School Signs: Print these off for a fun end of year photo.
75. Last Day Chalkboards: Possibly the cutest signs ever! You just have to go snatch these printables up!
76. Side-by-Side Sibling Photo: We LOVE the idea of having ALL of the sibling in a photo to see how much they have all changed!

Taking photos of the end of school.

77. Picture in a Picture: Document the start and end of school all in one photo with this creative idea!
78. Fun Photo Booth Printables: If your kids are a little on the silly side, they are sure to love this printable pack.
79. Portable Photo Booth: Summer fun begins with a goofy photo!
80. End of School Printable: Need a printable for your end of year photo? We’ve got you covered right here!
81. Last Day of School Shirt: Fun fashion for the last day of school.

Last Day of School Surprises

Plan fun surprises around every corner! Your kiddos are sure to LOVE these amazing ideas!

Exciting summer ideas for your kids!

Fun End of School Ideas

82. Accomplishment Walk: Make them feel truly special as they walk into the door on their last day of school.
83. Last Day of School Breakfast: This is such a bright, fun breakfast!
84. Good Morning Balloons: Balloons are about as easy as it gets, yet make anything feel like a real celebration!
85. Cereal Surprise: It doesn’t have to be a fancy, hot cooked breakfast to be special!
86. Art Gallery: Display your child’s top works of art from the school year!

Best End of Year School Ideas

87. Lunch Printables: Make their last day lunch extra special!
88. Number Food: Celebrate your child’s grade with this yummy idea.
89. Last Lunch Ever: Their last lunch is sure to be memorable with this simple idea!
90. Punch Box Countdown: Countdown the days until school gets out with small surprises each day leading up to summer!
91. Chalk on Garage Door: Larger than life ‘Welcome to Summer’ sign!

The best last day of school ever!

92. Snow Cones: This sweet surprise has always been a favorite at our house!
93. Water Balloons: Be prepared to get wet with this exciting welcome home surprise!
94. Hooping you have a Great Summer: Spin into Summer from the moment your kids get home.
95. Party Car: Excited for summer?? Party the whole way home!
96. Finish Line: They finally made it! Let them cross the finish line to officially begin their summer celebration.

<center”>School's Out for Summer!


97. Run Through Banner: Welcome your kids to Summer with this exhilarating surprise!
98. Yard Balloons with Secret Messages: Let the WHOLE family pitch in for this memorable last day of school activity.
99. Yard Signs: Let your kids know how truly excited you are to get them home for the summer!
100. Welcome Home Chalk Sign: Last but not least, a sidewalk chalk sign will be a favorite surprise for sure!

Yay!! SO many fun last day of school ideas! Now the hard part is deciding which ones to use this year!?! Pick a few and get ready for the fun summer ahead!

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