101 Maternity Tips and Tricks

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Congrats! You are most likely here because you have a little miracle growing inside of you! Or maybe you are the daddy/best friend/aunt/mom of someone who is expecting: welcome! We are creeping up on 50 babies in our Diva family {even more with all of our retired Divas!} so we’re just gonna go ahead and call ourselves experts :p.

So here is all of our expert advice on clothing, wellness and preparation, websites, nursery, products, and even some ideas for the new daddy.

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Our Best Pregnancy Tips

Finding out that a little one is on the way can be a little {A LOT} anxiety-inducing. We are hoping that some of our tips will help you out! We have rounded up our favorite!

15 Tips for Dressing Your Bump

24 Tips for Pregnancy Wellness and Preparation

10 Best Pregnancy and Parenting Websites

15 Nursery Tips and Tricks

22 Favorite Baby Products

15 Ideas for the New Daddy

So get ready! We want you to leave the fear behind and enjoy this experience!

15 Tips for Dressing Your Bump

Accepting and even reveling in your new body is going to make this process so much more enjoyable! We pooled together some of our favorite hacks and places to shop!

pregnancy clothing tips bannerVarious maternity clothing tips

1. Pink Blush (Pink Blush) – This adorable light hoodie is perfect for that growing belly! Anything comfy that doubles as pretty is a winner! Pink Blush has so many great options!

2. Capsule Wardrobe (Cladwell) – Don’t go buy 100 new pieces for this 273-day journey – invest in a capsule wardrobe!

3. StitchFix Your Pregnancy (StitchFix) – If you haven’t heard of StitchFix you’re in for a treat! Get a box of curated maternity styles sent straight to your door!

4. Zulily (Zulily) – This site has a TON to offer in every department, but we LOVE how fresh new maternity looks pop up every few days.

5. Rent and Consign (Motherhood Closet) – Rent your clothes or buy consignment maternity wear! Brilliant!

6. ASOS Maternity (ASOS) – 1st – this shirt! HAHA, LOVE! 2nd – ASOS Maternity is seriously a little affordable GEM!

7. Rent it! (Le Tote) – Rent adorable clothes for the weekend, work, or just chillin’ on the couch!

8. Shorts (H&M) – Finding knee-length maternity shorts is no easy feat. These are our FAVORITE!

pregnancy clothing tips

9. Skinny Jeans (H&M) – Just because your tummy is getting big doesn’t mean you can’t still ROCK the skinny jeans!

10. Maxi Dresses (Destination Maternity) – When I’m pregnant, I literally LIVE in maxi dresses. They are SO comfortable when you don’t want any waistband pushing against that growing belly.

11. Belly Band (A Beautiful Mess) – Did you know it’s easy to make your own belly band?

12. Bump Shirts (Mamagama Maternity ) – Funny and cute shirts to emphasize the bump – I love the watermelon!

13. Affordable Options (Old Navy) – Old Navy (especially online!) has some great affordable maternity options. You can even shop by trimester!

14. Pretty Hospital Gown (Etsy) – The beautiful caftan will take you through your pregnancy, the hospital, and beyond! Perfect for those days when you don’t quite make it to the shower…

15. Comfy Bras (Target) – Even if you don’t plan on nursing, those last few weeks you just need a stretchy bra! This is a winner!

24 Tips For Pregnancy Wellness and Preparation

Keeping your body healthy and feeling prepared will make the world of difference! We’ve gathered up some of our favorite ways to keep well and get ready for baby.

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8 tips for pregnancy wellness

16. American Pregnancy (American Pregnancy) – A GREAT website for all your questions!

17. Postpartum Bath Herbs (Amazon) – These bath herbs are so great! You can make a sitz bath or use them as a compress. WIN!

18. Breast Pump (Medela) – If you plan on breastfeeding you may need a breast pump! We love the Medela Pump in Style, but make sure to check with your insurance to see which one they will cover for you! There’s also SO much to learn, and Medela has so many valuable resources!

19. Brewer’s Yeast (Amazon) – If you plan on making lactation cookies, Brewer’s Yeast is key – this one is a great price for what you need.

20. Flaxseed (Amazon) – Another key ingredient in those cookies is flaxseed! Bonus – your hubby can also benefit from all the omega-3s found in flaxseed!

21. Mamastrut (Amazon) – Pelv-Ice created a natural way to help you heal.

22. Hospital Bag List (Alexa Marie Zurcher) – A great list of the ESSENTIALS that you’ll want to be prepared with!

23. Prenatal Vitamins (Amazon) – You need to be taking a prenatal to keep you and baby well!

Tips for preparing for baby collage

24. Announcement Ideas (The Dating Divas) – A HUGE collection of fun ways to share your exciting news

25. Maternity Photo Tips (The Dating Divas) – Make sure you capture this special time with a maternity photo shoot.

26. Newborn Photo Ideas (The Dating Divas) – Your new little one will be here before you know it. Why not schedule a newborn shoot and be prepared with some shots that you’d LOVE to capture?

27. Gender Reveal Ideas (The Dating Divas) – If you’re planning a gender reveal, you NEED to check out this jackpot of fun and creative ideas.

28. Prepare for Baby (The Dating Divas) – Great ideas for preparing yourself, your marriage, and your children for a new baby.

29. Nurse Thank Yous (Craftiness is Not Optional) – While you’re waiting for baby, why not prep these sweet nurse thank you gifts. After all, they are LIFESAVERS when you’re in the hospital.

30. Prenatal Yoga (Health. Faith. Strength) – Strengthen your body for birth with these 10 simple poses.

31. Prepping for Baby (Welcoming Wolfgang) – If you’re type-A, OCD, or love making lists – you definitely want to check out this article!
8 Pre and Postnatal tips collage

32. Pregnancy Workouts (Moms Into Fitness) – There’s a DVD for each trimester AND she also has some great workout programs to lose that belly after baby!

33. Postpartum Girdle (Stork Mama) – Postpartum girdles are amazing, especially if you end up having a C-section. This site reviews different types for you.

34. Bump Nest (Amazon) – The VERY best pregnancy pillow ever. My hubby was like, I’ve been replaced by the bump nest. HA!

35. Bellefit (Amazon) – You MUST have this. My hubby is a Physical Therapist and he was really hesitant about any of them because they can do more damage than good. These actually help remind your muscles how they were supposed to be.

36. Lanolin (Amazon) – You are going to want some lanolin pretty much from the first latch – this is our favorite!

37. Nursing Pads (Amazon) – These are the best because they actually stay in place and are SUPER absorbent {So important while supply regulates}!

38. Pregnancy and Oils (Mom Junction) – This will help clear up what is A-Ok and which oils to avoid at specific points in your pregnancy.

39. Register (BabyList Registry) – People LOVE this registry! Get any item you want/need!

POSTPARTUM TIP: Once you’re 6 weeks postpartum, we highly recommend a workout program called the Mommy Tummy Fix that was created by a physical therapist. It is specifically designed for women who have had the blessing of carrying a child, but that blessing left their body in a different state than it was before. This program walks you through the WHY behind your changing body, and gives specific advice for how to workout the RIGHT way in order to help your body continue to heal! We love it because it’s simple, which means that it’s a lot more sustainable and easy to stick with. (Unlike other programs that you start and then quit after 1 week.)

If you’re interested in trying it out, use the code MOMMY30 to save $30 on the program!

10 Best Pregnancy and Parenting Websites

You’re going to be turning to Dr. Google way too often over the next, oh, forever. To help avoid some of that, turn to these pregnancy and parenting websites. We’ve collected websites that will make you laugh, cry, and learn!

10 site for parenting and pregnancy tips

Parenting and pregnancy tips websites collage

40. Pregnant Chicken – You need this in your life. Laugh at the absurdities of pregnancy!

41. Scary Mommy – An unfiltered view of pregnancy and motherhood.

42. Baby Center – How big is your baby compared to a fruit? They’ve got ya! And hey, if you want to see what a non-vegetable baby looks like they have that too.

43. Baby Med – All about pregnancy from a medical standpoint.

44. Baby Tracker App – This app will be a lifesaver when you get to your first post-birth appointment and the doctor asks how many wet diapers your baby has had… trust us, you’ll need to track it.

5 favorite pregnancy and parenting websites.

45. The Bump – Pregnancy info and thousands of names to scroll through until your little one’s jumps out at you.

46. What to Expect – The go-to book is now your go-to website!

47. Mommy Status – All things baby, toddler, momma!

48. Alpha Mom – This site is a perfect resource from pregnancy all the way through childhood!

49. Project Nursery – Part of the fun of expecting a baby is decorating a new room! Let Project Nursery help.

15 Nursery Tips and Tricks

Make your nursery work for you! Here are our best ideas on how to make that happen! We love to make a nursery a space that both mama and baby can enjoy!

15 nursery tips and tricks banner

8 nursery tips

50. Diaper Cart (Hello Baby Brown) – A diaper cart is a must have! {and really this whole nursery is GORGEOUS!}

51. Pacifier storage (Keepin’ Up With the Jones) – Apothecary jars to hold pacifiers are amazing!

52. Size Dividers (Etsy) – Keep those clothes organized but in sight! {You never know when baby will get a growth spurt!}

53. Newborn Momento Shadow Box (Three Sisterz) – What a fun idea to display in the nursery.

54. DIY Baby Closet (Project Nursery) – This is just genius! Turn an old book case into a perfect closet for baby.

55. Bedding (Copper Pearl via Amazon) – These sheets are so cute and come in fun prints for both genders.

56. Latchy Catchy (Latchy Catchy) – Peek in on your babe so silently they’ll never know!

57. Book Display (The Sweetest Digs) – Books easily double as art with these picture ledges.

7 Nursery Must-Haves

58. 25 Free Prints (Burlap and Blue) – Easy nursery decor that you can print for FREE!

59. DIY Mobile (Lia Griffith) – Follow this tutorial or their hot air balloon tutorial to make your own mobile for Baby!

60. Diaper Pail (Amazon) – Cutest diaper pail ever! And they come in so many colors to match your decor! {We know you think you’ll throw each diaper outside… trust us: you won’t. A diaper pail is well worth the investment!}

61. 3 in 1 Rocker (Amazon) – I always love products that grow with my baby. This napper reclines from a seat to a napper with three different positions.

62. Anchoring Furniture (Two Twenty One) – Anchoring your furniture may not seem essential when your baby can’t move, but they will be climbing before you know it!

63. Blanket Basket (Amazon) – Millions of baby blankets need a home – try a cute basket to corral them.

64. Glider Comparison (Kiwi in the Clouds) – We love this resource to find the best glider for you!

22 Favorite Baby Products

Just pop all of these on your registry right now. Seriously. Some you may scoff at, but just trust us!! You will love these!

22 must-have baby products banner

8 must have baby products

65. Bum Brush (Amazon) – This is a life saver! No more diaper cream under your nails!

66. Butt Paste (Amazon) – Our #1 diaper cream! It works so well and has a subtle/neutral scent.

67. Noise Machine (Amazon) – 6 different sounds, 3 timer options, and you can plug in or use batteries!

68. Bamboo Swaddles (Amazon) – 3 lightweight swaddles that are easy to pack and can double as a nursing cover.

69. Carseat/Nursing Cover (Covered Goods) – Covered Goods is the original multi-use nursing/carseat/cart cover AND it’s a cute scarf to boot!

70. Puj Tub (Amazon) – Bathing baby can be so fun and SO STRESSFUL! take some of the stress out with an always warm, never slippery, store-flat Puj tub!

71. Pacifier Clips (Amazon) – Keep those pacifiers attached to the baby! You won’t lose the baby in the couch cracks… right?!

72. Wub-a-Nub (Amazon) – Another great pacifier option – this one is attached to a sweet little stuffy! {SO many options!}

8 Favorite baby products

73. Swaddle Sets (Milkmaid Goods) – These are seriously the most darling swaddle sets EVER!

74. Baby Lounger (DockATot) – You’ve probably heard of a boppy – but have you heard of the DockATot? It’s amazing!

75. Wooden Teethers (See Kate Sew) – If you need something to do while you’re nesting – why not sew up a bunch of these cuties?! You’ll be needing them in the near future!

76. Rock n Play (Amazon) – We have so many mom friends who use these for their babies to sleep in the first few months. The incline helps with reflux, the hanging hammock makes the baby feels snug and secure, and it’s super easy to move around the house and travel with. The best!

77. SwaddleMe (Amazon) – This was the ONLY thing that would keep our Houdini of a baby’s arms in her swaddle!

78. Avent Bottles (Amazon) – We loved these bottles! Super easy to clean and no confusion for our daughter.

79. Nose Frida (Amazon) – NOT GROSS! We repeat – this product is not gross, it’s a life saver! Throw those bulb suctioners out!

80. Bandana Bibs (Amazon ) – Keep those itty-bitty clothes clean with these cute bibs!

6 Baby products that will make the transition easier

81. Bottle Drying Rack (Amazon) – A cute and functional way to take care of drying all baby’s bottles.

82. Gripe Water (Amazon) – This gripe water saved us! The natural ginger in it helps sooth baby’s belly.

83. Monitor (Amazon ) – Monitors will save you during nap time – it really is ok to leave the room!

84. Owlet (Owlet Care) – This little tool monitors oxygen levels and heart rate to help keep your heart rate down while baby sleeps!

85. Diaper Bag Dispenser and Bags (Amazon) – These little baggies will keep all the gross smells in when you are on the go! The Arm and Hammer makes them magic!

86.  Pretty Diaper Bag (Amazon) – Petunia Pickle Bottom is the best diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag! Save some of your style with one of these!

15 Ideas for the New Daddy

Don’t let your growing belly block out the new dad! They need a little spoiling too 🙂

ideas for new father banner

8 gift ideas for a new dad

87. Dada Book (Amazon) – Such a fun book to give the future dad!

88. You’re a Daddy Gift (The Dating Divas) – What a fun gift for the new daddy!

89. Daddy Money (The Dating Divas) – Just like a new momma needs a break, so does the daddy!

90. New “Pop” Gift Basket (Pretty Providence) – Another cute gift basket idea for the new POP!

91. My Dad’s Beard Rocks (Etsy) – Ok it’s a onesie for the baby, but it’s really for the bearded daddy in your life!

92. Dad, You are My Father (Etsy) – A great new mug that your Star Wars fan will love.

93. Daddy Diaper Bag (Amazon) – Get your husband a diaper bag that he won’t be embarrassed to take out!

94. Dad’s Hospital Bag List (Stolen Moments of a Mostly-Sane Mom) – Make sure that your husband doesn’t suffer by coming unprepared.

ideas to celebrate the new dad

95. Our Love Story (The Dating Divas) – A darling keepsake journal the two of you can work on together.

96. New Parent Date (The Dating Divas) – A cozy at-home date night PERFECT for celebrating your new role as parents after the baby comes home.

97. LilleBaby (Amazon) – Turn your husband into a baby-wearing-dad with this 6 position carrier {And let’s be real, it’s a gift for you too!}

98. Maker Dad (Amazon) – This is the cutest DIY project book for daddies and their daughters! {HEART EYES!}

99. Geek Dad (Amazon) – Another fabulous book for those geeky dads! {There are 2 more in the series!}

100. Gerber Dime (Amazon) – The only Gerber your husband used to know about 😉 Isn’t that cute and manly?!

101. Great Expectations (The Dating Divas) – A fun date idea all about your little bundle.

We hope this has been helpful and exciting! 🙂 You have totally got this! If you have more questions about adding a baby to the family we suggest checking out Marriage After Baby to get our readers’ top tips about married life after you have your little bundle! And don’t worry – you can still date even with a kiddo! We always suggest the Babysitter in a Bag to help everyone feel prepared for dates out on the town! And don’t forget to keep checking back with The Dating Divas to see what other ways you can make your marriage and family stronger!


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