Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Find the PERFECT Christmas Gift for Your Husband

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is finding and giving the BEST Christmas gifts! I love discovering that perfect gift for someone and just knowing that they’re going to love it. It’s such a great feeling to receive a meaningful gift that’s perfect for you because you know how much the giver cares to have taken time and effort to really make the gift match your personality. With so many perfect gifts to grab, the holiday season can start to feel overwhelming so we’ve put together a way to make your gift-giving experience as simple as answering a few questions about your spouse! Use our gorgeous flowchart to help you decide on the PERFECT Christmas gift for your love!

What to Get Your Husband for Christmas

How incredible is this flow chart?! Leah from January + May helped us meticulously craft this genius creation! She’s made it perfectly functional and perfectly adorable, all at the same time! If you’re ready to find the perfect Christmas gift for your husband, look no further! Let’s get started!!

Finding the PERFECT Christmas Gift

First, you need to decide if you’d like to snag a DIY gift from The Dating Divas OR if you’re ready to spend a little bit more money and purchase a gift. We’ve got BOTH of these infographic flow charts in the same downloadable file! So just click below to grab your copies!

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’ve got a little time to spare, we really think going DIY is so much more meaningful, so we put together a chart to help you decide on a gift from The Dating Divas that he’s sure to love. It’s got a few questions like these:


Start by answering all the questions with your hubby in mind! For each question, choose the gift tag with the best answer!


As you answer each question, follow the flow chart along until you get to the perfect gift idea! When you get to the cute, green gift box all you have to do is click!

DIY Christmas Gifts

It’ll take you straight to the post with all the details on grabbing that fun idea for your guy! Just check out some of our favorite gift ideas…

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

I love that so many of these gift ideas are really lots of little gifts, all in one!

Quick and Easy Christmas Gifts

You can grab the printables and your creative cap, and get to work!

Quick and Easy Christmas Gift Ideas

The Divas have created lots of sentimental ideas to help you give a thoughtful gift to your guy, but sometimes it’s overwhelming to try to pick the best one, so with this flowchart, we’ve made it easy. Christmas shopping… done!

Purchased Christmas Gift Ideas

Since we also understand how busy everyone is during the holidays we’ve also got some pretty sweet gifts you can just add to your cart and grab! Use the second flow chart in the downloadable file if creating your own gift just isn’t in the cards this holiday season.

Questions for Husband's Christmas Gift

Simply answer a few quick questions about your hubby and you’ll end up on the perfect gift idea.


When you click on the gift, you’ll see our recommendation for an awesome man-approved Christmas present! So you can just add them to your cart and cross Christmas shopping off your to-do list! {There are a few gifts we haven’t linked up, you’ll have to choose your hubby’s favorite team or a location close to you to finish that gift!}

Budget Christmas Gift Ideas

Don’t worry… if you’re tight on cash, we’ve got some great budget-friendly ideas that he is still sure to love!

Budget Christmas Gifts

These meaningful presents won’t break the bank, but they’ll definitely be appreciated.

Splurge Christmas Gifts

And if you really want to SPOIL your man this year, we’ve got plenty of ideas for that, too!

Splurge Christmas Gift Ideas

We’ve totally taken the guesswork out of shopping this year—you’re welcome! Christmas shopping just got SO much easier! Now all you have to do is wrap that gift and you are allllll set!

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I find a way to be highly creative and highly organized all at the same time. I love discovering a new favorite book, sitting on my back porch in the mornings, mountain views, and random science facts! I married my high school sweetheart after dating for nearly a decade and I love meeting people who know how to make me laugh, like my husband who can crack me up by just looking at me.

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    1. Hey Cindy! If you check out the bottom of the post, you should be able to click and download both of the flow charts as one file so they are totally legible and you can click on the gift ideas! Happy shopping!

    1. Hey Emily! If you’ve downloaded the flow chart and found the green gift box with “Cuddle Kit” in it, all you have to do is click on that box and it will take you straight to that idea on our site. Hope that helps and you’re able to cuddle up soon!