An Out-of-the-House Urban Adventure Date

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Explore Your Town With An Urban Adventure Date

Put on your shoes and grab your sweetie, because it’s time for an urban adventure! An Urban Adventure Quest, to be exact. This date night is completely out of the house and involves your hometown, or even a new city you’ve been wanting to explore!

Urban Adventure Quest is similar to the Amazing Race! For only $49 for a team of 2 to 5 people, or $30 for a mini quest, you’ll be sent on a sightseeing adventure around the city of your choice. Grab some friends for a group date or a night around town for just the two of you! And get this: all you will need is your phone!

You and your date will be solving clues and completing tasks, as well as learning local history and seeing sights! Sounds pretty epic, right?!

If you and your sweetie are adventure seekers, this real-life adult scavenger hunt is for YOU!

Grab your shoes and your sweetie, because it's time for an Urban Adventure Quest date! | The Dating Divas
A couple holding hands during the Urban Adventure Quest date night

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Table of Contents
  1. Explore Your Town With An Urban Adventure Date
  2. Invite Your Spouse to Date Night
  3. Cities You Can Explore with Urban Adventure Quest
  4. Intimacy Invite for Couples Date Night
  5. 5 Ideas for Continuing the Adventure in the Bedroom
  6. Bonus: Our Top 10 Adventurous & Sexy Dates

Invite Your Spouse to Date Night

Can’t have date night without a cute invite! 😉 Here at The Dating Divas we’re known for providing our readers with super cute and on-theme date night invitations! Since this particular date is outdoors and it’s all done on your phone, we thought it would be fun to provide a digital date invite!

This date night features an epic adult scavenger hunt called Urban Adventure! | The Dating Divas
Cute wife inviting her husband to an adult scavenger hunt date night

The invitation says “Ready for an Adventure?” Since it’s digital, all you need to do is download the invite to your phone and text it to your spouse! No printing required. Super easy and perfect for getting your spouse excited for date night!

Cities You Can Explore with Urban Adventure Quest

One thing we absolutely LOVE about Urban Adventure Quest is how many cities are offered! With each city comes new tasks and sights to see. If you’re up for it, you can do this again and again, each time in a new city!

Use your phone for clues during this adult scavenger hunt! | The Dating Divas
A couple using their phone for clues during the adult scavenger hunt

Here is a list of the cities you can explore:

Can you believe how many cities are available? Crazy!

Like we mentioned above, most of these quests are $49, but the mini quests are only $30. Urban Adventure Quest offers military discounts as well as group rates for schools and larger groups.

For any questions, visit their How It Works page or FAQ page.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your city, pack some snacks, and start your urban adventure!

Grab some snacks, sunglasses, and your phone! That's all you'll need for this adult scavenger hunt, aka Urban Adventure Quest Date. | The Dating Divas
Your phone is all you need for this adult scavenger hunt

Intimacy Invite for Couples Date Night

Now that you’ve explored your city and enjoyed an evening out of the house, it’s time to head home and unwind. Or maybe you can explore your spouse…. in bed! 😉

We’ve got the perfect invite you can text your spouse after you have completed your adult scavenger hunt! Since the theme of your date is “adventure,” we thought it would be fun for couples to continue their adventure, but in the bedroom!

Once you've wrapped up your Urban Adventure Quest, text your spouse this intimacy invite! | The Dating Divas
Intimacy invite that you can text your spouse after the Urban Adventure Quest date

Send this invite to your spouse as the final clue for the evening. You could even say something along the lines of, “Oh, look! One more clue for our adventure. Are you game?”

Not sure how to start your bedroom adventure? We have five ideas for you!

5 Ideas for Continuing the Adventure in the Bedroom

To us, having an adventure usually means trying something new! We’re sure there are countless ways to spice things up in the bedroom, but here are our top five favorites:

1. Start your sexy time by giving your spouse a sensual massage with Passion Sensual Massage Oil! (This is one of our all-time favorites!)

Once you finish your adult scavenger hunt, try out this massage oil for couples! | The Dating Divas
Massage oil for couples

2. Or, give a warming lubricant a shot.

Now that you've finished the adult scavenger hunt, use this warming lubricant to turn up the heat in the bedroom! | The Dating Divas
Warming lubricant turns up the heat in the bedroom

3. If you want to take things to the next level and have a full blown adventure, grab a blindfold for both of you. Now you’ll have to rely on your other senses to explore each other! 😉

To make sexy time more of an adventure, try these blindfolds! | The Dating Divas
Blindfolds that can be used in the bedroom

4. Try playing Truth or Dare for Couples! This game has several reviews that mention the dares being both fun AND spicy!

Now that you've finished your Urban Adventure Quest, play this Truth or Dare game in the bedroom! | The Dating Divas
Truth or Dare card game for couples

5. And last, but definitely not least (but most definitely our fave!), our book of Sexipes! Sexy recipes created with the intent to spice up your sex life. Talk about an adventure in the kitchen!

This Sexipes book is filled with 52 sexy recipes to spice things up in the bedroom! | The Dating Divas
Dating Divas Sexipes book for couples

If you’re in the mood for more, keep reading. As a bonus to the ideas above, we’ve gathered 10 of our favorite adventurous and super sexy intimacy dates you can do from home!

Dating Divas Intimacy Disclosure

Bonus: Our Top 10 Adventurous & Sexy Dates

Alright, who’s ready to turn up the heat and keep the adventure going?! These sexy date ideas do not disappoint!

As always, each idea contains FREE printables.

  • Roleplay Guide: These 10 spicy roleplay scenarios will definitely turn your sexy time into an adventure!
  • Sexy Jenga: Turn a game of Jenga into something sexy with flirty tasks and daring challenges!
  • Sexy Room Service: This room service includes a menu that allows your sweetie to customize their desires for the evening!
  • Bedroom Bucks: Use these customizable bedroom bucks to fulfill each other’s intimate wishes!
  • 25 Sexy Strip Games: Classic games turned into sexy games–and all involve taking off your clothes!
  • Sexy Foreplay Game: All you need for this game is a can of whipped cream and your spouse!
  • Black Light Sex: This date involves glow-in-the-dark body paint and a flashlight for your spouse!

Whether you choose to continue the adventure at home, or you’re ready to crash after an epic date night, we hope you enjoy exploring your city with this urban adventure date!

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