48 of the Best Birthday Gift Ideas

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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

Looking for birthday gift ideas for a special friend, family member, or loved one? We’ve got personalized gifts, DIY presents, or completely unique gift ideas that you’ve never seen before for literally anyone on your list! #YoureWelcome

Not only that, we have birthday gift ideas for her, for him, for boys AND for girls. Yep, you’re pretty much good to go now!

To make your birthday buying a bit easier, we’ve divided our list into four simple categories:

Check out all these gifts!

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The Best Birthday Gifts for Him

We’ll help you narrow it down to a few good birthday present ideas he will love.

1. Man Crate

Jerky Box Birthday Gift Idea for Him
Jerky Birthday Box Gift for Him

Source: Man Crates

Grab one of these themed crates and you have a unique birthday gift done for you! Scroll through their different boxes and find one that will feel unique to them and their interests.

2. Massage Gun

Massage Gun Gift for Boyfriend | The Dating Divas”
Massage Gun Gift Idea

Source: Amazon

Certainly a birthday gift any man will get excited about! Relax his muscles at the end of the day and show him how much you appreciate all he does.

3. Ultimate Intimacy Pack

Intimacy Birthday Ideas | The Dating Divas
Intimate Birthday Ideas

Source: The Dating Divas

Give a gift that’s a little sassy and a lot sexy! As far as good birthday gifts go, this one is the top of the list AND budget-friendly. The Ultimate Intimacy Pack really spices up a birthday night! 😉

4. Hoop Bowl

Cereal Bowl Hoops Gift | The Dating Divas
Cereal Hoops Gift

Source: Uncommon Goods

Add some fun to his birthday celebrations! Certainly, this is a fun birthday gift idea that will make him feel like a kid again.

5. New Book

Book Gift for a Boyfriend | The Dating Divas
Book Gift Idea

Source: Amazon

Nick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson, is larger than life in his tell-all book, which is so perfect for the literary lovin’ man!

6. Slippers

Slippers for His Birthday | The Dating Divas
Slippers for His Birthday

Source: Amazon

The best birthday gifts should make his life happier, so help his toes be roasty-toasty with these sleek and snuggly slippers.

7. Sexy Subscription Box

Sexy Birthday Present for Him | The Dating Divas
Sexy Birthday Present Box

Source: The Dating Divas

Good birthday gifts that keep on giving! That’s what our sweet and sassy subscription kit is all about. Your guy gets 12 solid months of sexy ideas delivered in a box!

8. Grill Tools

Grilling Tools for His Birthday | The Dating Divas
Grilling Tools for His Birthday

Source: Amazon

Help his inner grill chef to shine with this complete set of stainless steel tools. Tools are always great birthday presents for him, however, if other kinds of tools are more his thing, go with that!

9. Love Letters

Love Letters Birthday Gift Ideas | The Dating Divas
Love Letter for Every Month

Source: The Dating Divas

Unleash your inner writer and keep your sweetheart feeling the birthday love with our Birthday Letter Kit!

10. “You’re the Man” Box

Fun Birthday Box for Him | The Dating Divas
Birthday Box for His Birthday

Source: The Dating Divas

Fill the birthday box with everything your husband loves. This is a unique birthday idea that is personalized and still affordable!

11. New Shoes

Shoes are the best birthday gifts for him. | The Dating Divas
Shoes for His Birthday Gift

Source: Amazon

Help him hit the pavement in style with these new running shoes! Certainly, new shoes are always a good idea as a birthday gift for him!

12. Fitness Watch

Best Fitness Watch for a Man | The Dating Divas
Fitness Watch Gift

Source: Amazon

Sleek and stylish, a fitness tracking watch will not only help him track his fitness goals but also makes a great fashion statement.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

She is super special and deserves the world; however, really all she needs is your love and attention. So relax and check out these unique birthday gift ideas that are guaranteed to please.

1. Personalized Bracelet

Jewelry Birthday Present Ideas for Her | The Dating Divas
Jewelry Idea for Her

Source: Mint & Lily

Add a special touch with this personalized bracelet, but take a peek at their other jewelry too to find the perfect piece! Use code DATINGDIVAS30 for 30% off!

2. iPhone Lens Kit

Camera Birthday Present Ideas for Her | The Dating Divas
Camera Lens Gift Idea for Her

Source: Luxini

Help her take better photos with just her phone with this unique case and lens kit! Be the Instagram husband she has always dreamed of. Maybe you could even throw in a complaint-free photoshoot!

3. Face Brush

Beauty Birthday Gift Ideas for her | The Dating Divas
Beauty Birthday Gifts

Source: Clarisonic

Help her achieve the skin of her dreams with this cleansing brush, engineered to remove dirt and impurities while feeling like a mini face massage! So luxurious!

4. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs Birthday Gift | The Dating Divas
Bath Bombs Birthday Gift

Source: Amazon

Help her unwind and relax from a day with a colorful and complete bath bomb gift set! Most importantly, your spouse will feel loved when you encourage her relaxation with this kind of birthday gift idea.

5. Meaningful Necklace

Birthday gift ideas that are meaningful.| The Dating Divas
Meaningful Jewelry

Source: Made By Mary

Above all, every woman just wants to feel loved on her birthday. So, give her a reminder of your love that she can wear every day!

6. Spouse Birthday Kit

Budget-Friendly Birthday Present Ideas | The Dating Divas
Budget-Friendly Birthday Present Ideas

Source: The Dating Divas

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly idea that is quick and easy, this is it! This kit has everything you need to celebrate your spouse’s birthday to the maximum!

7. Infusion Water Bottle

Infusion Water Bottle Gift | The Dating Divas
Infusion Water Bottle Gift

Source: Amazon

She will love that this infusion water bottle contains a special chamber to be filled with fruit, herbs, and other tasty blends. So yummy!

8. Love Letter Club

Love Letters Gift for Every Month | The Dating Divas
Love Letters Gift

Source: The Dating Divas

Surprise her every month of the year with a heartfelt letter. This is one of the birthday gift ideas for her that keeps giving all year long! She will look forward to it every month.

9. Gift Card

Best Gift Cards for Women's Birthday Gift Ideas | The Dating Divas
Gift Her Favorite Gift Card

Source: Amazon

Let her shop for what she really wants for her birthday with a gift card. If you need an idea of what to buy, get a gift card to every woman’s wonderland – Sephora.

10. Foot Spa

Foot Spa Relaxation Present for Her | The Dating Divas
Foot Spa Present for Her

Source: Amazon

Take care of those feet that work so hard for you. Total relaxation will be just a soak away with a soaking foot spa!

11. New Book

Book Birthday Gift Idea for Wife | The Dating Divas
Books to Gift

Source: Amazon

A great birthday gift idea for your wife is a book she can snuggle up with! This one is a great read, penned by the husband and wife team of HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

12. iPhone Case

iPhone Accessories Make for the Best birthday Gift Idea for Her | The Dating Divas
iPhone Accessories for Her

Source: Amazon

Certainly, a well-lit selfie makes for a great birthday present for her, and fun cases are always great birthday gifts!

Fun Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

Filled with energy, little men are in need of birthday presents that are entertaining, creative, and fun! The best birthday gifts for boys are all here in one place. No matter the age, y0u’ll find what you’re looking for here!

1. Car Track for Little Boys

Good Birthday Gifts for Boys | The Dating Divas
Fun Car Track Gifts for Boys

Source: Amazon

Boys need something that looks cool and is sturdy. Most importantly, little boys need to be entertained for hours, which is exactly why this all-inclusive car track set is perfect!

2. Stikbot Studio

Best birthday gifts for boys creativity. | The Dating Divas
Creative Birthday Gifts for Boys

Source: Amazon

Encouraging creativity through play is so important. Certainly, this Stikbot Studio includes everything a boy needs to shoot and record their own Stikbot stories!

3. Remote Control Car

Remote Control Birthday Presents for Boys | The Dating Divas
Remote Control Toys for Boys

Source: Amazon

Boys of all ages love the thrill of driving a remote control car. This is one of the most fun birthday gift ideas for boys because it never gets old!

4. Tent, Tunnel, & Ball Pit

Tent and Tunnel Birthday Gift Ideas | The Dating Divas
Tent, Tunnel, Ball Pit

Source: Amazon

Not only does this make for a fun birthday gift idea, but it also will get out all of his energy!

5. Megaformers

Magnet Toys for His Birthday Gift Ideas | The Dating Divas
Magnet Toys for Boys Birthday

Source: Amazon

The perfect birthday present for boys! This building set will have them creating in non-stop.

6. Snap Circuit Kit

Circuit STEM Gift Idea for Boys | The Dating Divas
STEM Gift Ideas for Boys

Source: Amazon

Anything that creates and inspires curiosity is a great birthday gift idea for kids!

7. Launchpad Mini

Launchpad SoundBoard for Boys Present Ideas | The Dating Divas
Launchpad Gift for Boys

Source: Amazon

Gift a very unique birthday gift this year! This mini launchpad will have him creating all day long and developing a new talent!

8. Gears Kit

Gears for Kids Birthday Gift Idea | The Dating Divas
Gears for Kids Birthday Gift

Source: Amazon

Have them designing and building the day away while also having so much fun with their very own gears kit.

9. Magic Set

Magic Set for Child's Birthday | The Dating Divas
Birthday Magic Set

Source: Amazon

A magic set is a great gift for boys to use their creativity and develop a new skill! Certainly, this is a unique birthday gift idea they won’t forget!

10. Drill Set

Drill Set and Tools for Kids | The Dating Divas
Drill Set for Kids

Source: Amazon

What little boy doesn’t love power tools? Give him his own drill for his birthday!

11. LCD Ereader

Mess-Free Art Ideas for Kids | The Dating Divas
Boogie Board Budget-Friendly Birthday Gift

Source: Amazon

Mess-free and totally portable, you might just find yourself wanting one of these for yourself.

12. A New Game

Good Games for Kids | The Dating Divas
Good Games for Kids

Source: Amazon

This mouth-stretching game is going to give you some SERIOUS laughs! A new game is the best birthday present because it can actually be used at the party!

Birthday Presents for Girls

Little ladies deserve a birthday present that’s as special as they are! You’re sure to find the perfect birthday gift ideas for your girls here! So give your little darling one of these great birthday presents for girls!

1. Crystal Kit

Crystal growing kit is the best things to get for a girls birthday. | The Dating Divas
Crystal Growing Kit Gift for Her

Source: Amazon

Little scientists will loving learning about the crystal growing process while watching their very own crystals take shape!

2. Wooden Cupcake Set

Pretend Kitchen Play Food for Girls | The Dating Divas
Cupcake Toys Birthday Present Idea

Source: Amazon

Forego the mess of traditional baking with this fully decorative wooden cupcake set she’s sure to love! Clean birthday present ideas are our favorite!

3. Magnetic Blocks

Building Toys for Girls | The Dating Divas
Building Toys for Girls

Source: Amazon

Stack them tall and strong with these pastel-colored magnetic blocks that encourage creative play!

4. Building Toys

Building pieces for kids. | The Dating Divas
Creative Building Pieces for Kids

Source: Amazon

This pack of interlocking toys will let your little princess build her own 3-D art pieces.

5. Sewing Machine

Kids Sewing Machine Present for Girls | The Dating Divas
Kids Sewing Machine Birthday Gift

Source: Amazon

This beginning sewing kit is such a unique birthday gift for girls! Not only is it such a fun present, but it also helps them develop a new talent!

6. Lip Balm Making Kit

DIY Lip Balm Making Kit for Girls Birthday Gift Ideas | The Dating Divas
DIY Lip Balm Present for Girls

Source: Amazon

Pucker up and let her craft her very own, all-natural lip balms! A fun, unique birthday gift for girls!

7. Crayon Maker

Crayon Maker Creative Birthday Gift for Girls | The Dating Divas
Crayon Maker Unique Birthday Gift Idea

Source: Amazon

Why buy crayons when you can make them? With this kit, she can harness her own creativity and craft uniquely shaped and colored crayons.

8. Meaningful Book

Meaningful Book to Gift Little Girls Birthday Gift Ideas | The Dating Divas
Best Books for Girls

Source: Amazon

Sweet, clever, and timeless. This is a great, unique birthday gift to show the little girl in your life how much you love her.

9. Stencil Kit

Stenciling Art Set for Kids | The Dating Divas
Kids Stenciling Art Set

Source: Amazon

Art lovers will love this kit packed with all the materials she will need to create something amazing!

10. Mom and Dad Date Kit

Child Parent Date Ideas as Birthday Gift Ideas | The Dating Divas
Mom and Daughter, Dad and Daughter Date Night

Source: The Dating Divas

The best birthday gift ideas for your little best friend is the gift of time. Make her feel super special with this kit filled with dates for her to go on with her mom and with her dad.

11. Bead Set

Bead Set for Jewelry Making for Girls | The Dating Divas
Beads and Bracelet Making

Source: Amazon

With over 1,000 beads and charms, this kit contains everything she’ll need to craft bracelets, necklaces, and more DIY jewelry!

12. DIY Headbands

DIY Headband Kit for Girls Birthday Gift Ideas | The Dating Divas
DIY Headband Making Gift for Her

Source: Amazon

Encourage her love for all things fashion with this DIY headband kit, guaranteed to provide hours fun!

We have 100 Birthday Decorations inspo, 100+ Birthday Party Themes to help you brainstorm, and 101 Birthday Treats to make sure you make the most of this special birthday!

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