Sexy Favorite Things Party Ideas

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Share Your Favorite Sexy Things

Have you ever attended a “Favorite Things” party? In short, they are SO much fun! However, we wanted to go do something a little crazy and change it up… We created a Favorite Things Party: Sexy Version! That’s right, you’re going to want to gather your closest friends (or maybe your briefest acquaintances, depending on how open you are about these things) and share your favorite things – for the bedroom! Without question, this is going to be a girl’s night you will always remember! So gather up your favorite products, toys, and teasers and enjoy these sexy favorite things party ideas!

I've been looking for some favorite things party ideas and stumbled across this post... A Sexy Favorite Things Party! I can't wait to do this for a girls night!! #FavoriteThingsParty #GirlsNight

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Sexy Favorite Things Party Ideas

The idea for this party came about when I was chatting with some of my girlfriends. They were asking about some different bedroom games that we have here on I offered to send them a list of favorites, and then we decided it would be more fun if we were discuss all our favorite things together! Long story short, this is how this sexy favorite things party idea got started!

Sexy Favorite Things Party Ideas

Preparing Your Favorite Things Party

This just had to be made into a girl’s night – kind of like a bachelorette party, but for wives! Basically, it would be a special time to share and help each other out in the bedroom department. However, we realize this sexy favorite things party idea may not be for everyone. Keep in mind that it’s important to be respectful when sharing sexy favorite things ideas with your friends and fellow wives.

Girl's Night Printables

The first thing we needed on our list of sexy favorite things party ideas was an invitation! So, we created two different invites, a printable one or a text image! Enjoy using either one when you throw this adorable party!

Then, when it came to setting the “favorite things” budget, we decided it wasn’t realistic to buy everyone at the party one of our sexy favorite things. Different items in the intimacy realm can be pricey! Not to mention, all of the attendees had husbands in school. But this was not going to stop our plans! It just made us creative! You can do something similar!

So, instead of bringing one item for each guest, we just brought one item each. Then, on the night of the party, we each wrote our name on a slip of paper (included on page 2 of your prints below)! When it was our turn, we would pull a name out of a bowl and whatever item was “up for demonstration” would be given to the person who’s name was on the slip. So fun!

Sweets and treats for a sexy favorite things party.

Not only were we sharing sexy bedroom gift ideas, but I also asked each guest to bring one of their favorite treats. We have the cutest tags for the sweet, the salty, the drinks, the fruits, and the veggies. Oh, there are also adorable drink wrappers with space for guests to write their names. We couldn’t resist! 🙂

Pro Tip: When printing, print page three of the printables for however many guests you have coming. For example, if you have ten guests, print ten copies of page three. Each person will need everything on that page.

Favorite Things Party Gift Ideas

Before the party, we were talking about different sexy favorite things ideas. We talked about sharing favorite lubes, bedroom toys, and different games that help make sexy time fun and low-pressure. This enabled each of us to feel comfortable bringing our chosen item to the party!

Sexy Favorite Things Gift Ideas

If you are wondering about some of the sexy ideas that appeared at the party, check out these links below!

Of course, there are so many different options that you could bring! However, we want to stress that you should NOT stress about what to bring as your favorite things party gift. Just take something that you have tried and loved – don’t overthink if people will like it or not! Part of the fun of the night is sharing something that could help improve another couple’s sex life!

Party Activities and Gifts

Now to share all the little details of these favorite things party ideas! Firstly, make sure to prepare enough bags for all your friends who come, just in case someone doesn’t bring their sexy gift wrapped. Included in your printables are adorable name tags that you could put on each bag so everyone knows whose is whose. This is a simple favorite things party idea that really gives the party a little extra cachĂ©!

Favorite sexy things gift ideas

In each of the bags, I also included some party favors. I wanted to make sure everyone went home with one of my favorite games: Sexy Win It in a Minute. I printed and prepped them all and stuck them in each guest’s bags. We also had some adorable party favors made that you can use when you throw this party! Check them out below!

Girl's Night Gift Favor Printables

  • A note sheet: Because you may only go home with one item, but plenty of new ideas. We wanted a space for your guests to jot down notes!
  • A sexy survey: This is a take-home questionnaire for your husband to help get you talking about HIS favorite sexy things.
  • A keychain: While a print isn’t the ideal keychain material, we just “laminated” ours with packing tape. You can slip it on his keyring, keep it for yourself, or use it as a signal that you are ready for some lovin’!

Additionally, we also created a Sexy Mad Lib game to play as an activity during the party. Have your guests fill this out, and then you can all giggle as you read the final stories!

Sexy Mad Libs Activity for Girl's Night

Without question, this was one of the most fun girls nights that we’ve ever had! Definitely one of the top favorite things party ideas out there!

If you’re looking to enjoy a girl’s night, as well as get some new ideas for the bedroom yourself, you DEFINITELY have to try this party out!

For even more girl’s night ideas, check out our original Favorite Things Party post, our Couples Favorite Things Party, and a more in-depth Sex Survey.

Have fun!

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