Couples Photography Tips & Ideas

It’s almost time for Family Pictures again!  Last fall we aired our popular 101 Family Picture Tips & Ideas to give you TONS of ideas and inspiration.  We decided it was time to focus on Couples Photography! We wanted you to be prepared for your next couple photoshoot, so we gathered…

Over 100 Couples Photography Ideas

Here at The Dating Divas, we believe in the importance of couples pictures.  There’s just something magical about the way a picture can capture and preserve our memories and feelings.  Just think about the way you feel when you look back at your engagement and wedding photos.  Isn’t it wonderful how all of those feelings of love come flooding back?   

But after the kiddos come along, we usually start taking tons of pictures of them and forget to take pictures of us – the reason behind it all.  Of course, we want to capture these moments with our children before they are grown and gone.  But it’s important to remember to capture our own moments along the way too. That’s why we felt it was important to gather some inspiration for your next couples photography session!

Couple Pictures Tips and Ideas

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Yep!  You asked for more couples photography ideas and we’re delivering – just for you.  {Cuz we LOVE our readers!} 

If you and your sweetie don’t have children yet, this post is perfect for you!  And if you do have children, this post is perfect for you, too!  

Either way, during this year’s family pictures, make sure you have your photographer snap some pics of just the two of you.  Or better yet, make it a tradition to have an annual anniversary photo shoot.

 (And to our soon-to-be-married readers, these tips will help you plan the perfect engagement shoot!)

Whatever stage of life you and your sweetheart are in, make sure you’re capturing these memories!  

And today we’re making it easy for you to do. Because we’ve gathered so much couples photography inspiration, we decided to organize it so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

So sit back, relax, and start scrolling for some serious couples photography inspiration!

Cute Ideas for Couple Poses

We want you to enjoy your photo shoot, so we’ve taken the hard part “figuring out how to pose for pictures” out of the equation! Get inspired with all these couples photography ideas and have fun snapping pics with your spouse!

Pose Ideas for Couples

While your photographer is sure to have suggestions and guidance on posing, knowing a couple of pose ideas beforehand that you absolutely LOVE can really help you get just the picture you’re looking for.  Here are some of our favorite posing ideas for couples…

Couple Poses

1. Arm Around Her Neck – Sources: {A} Matt Clayton Photography {B} Kristen Booth {C} Chard Photographer

2. Hand on Cheek – Sources: {A} Rebecca Ames Photography {B} Chard Photographer {C} Stock Photo

3. Hand on Chest Couple Poses – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Hoffland Studios

Pose Ideas for Couples Pictures

4. Hand on Back of Head – Sources: {A} Kylee Ann Photography {B} Kate Benson Photography

5. Head on Shoulder – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Stock Photo {C} Kristen Booth

6. Arms From Behind – Sources: {A} Kylee Ann Photography {B} Chard Photographer {C} EK Studios Photo & Video

Pose Ideas for Couple Pictures

7. Arms Around Waist – Sources: {A}EK Studios Photo & Video {B} Chard Photographer 

8. Wrapped in His Arms – Sources: {A} Kylee Ann Photography {B} Kylee Ann Photography {C} Kate Benson Photography

9. Arm in Arm Couple Poses – Sources: {A} Alicia Q. Photography {B} Mikki Platt Photography {C} Krystal & Co. Photography

Cute Couple Poses

10. Only Girl Looks – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Anna Lee Media {C} Alicia Q. Photography

11. Only Guy Looks – Sources: {A} Matt Clayton Photography {B} Aria Photography {C}

12. Looking Back – Sources: {A} Casey McFarland Photography {B} Jessica Janae Photography {C} Chard Photographer

Couple Poses and Ideas

13. Right Before Kiss – Sources: {A} Walter Wilson Studios {B} Matt Clayton Photography  {C} Simplicity Photography

14. Kissing Couple Poses – Sources: {A} Taylor Lord Creative {B} EK Studios Photo & Video {C} Chard Photographer

15. Hide the Kiss – Sources: {A} Aqua Photo {B} Aria Photography

Pose Ideas for Couples Pictures

16. Cheek Kiss – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Mikki Platt Photography {C} Kylee Ann Photography

17. Forehead Kiss – Sources: {A} Jessica Janae Photography {B} Chard Photographer {C} Chard Photographer

18. Top of Head Kiss – Sources: {A} Casey McFarland Photography  {B} Kylee Ann Photography {C} Chard Photographer

Darling Couples Poses

19. Nose Kiss – Sources: {A} Taylor Lord Creative {B} Taylor Lord Creative

20. Nose to Nose Couple Poses – Sources: {A} Hoffland Studios {B} A Frame Forward Photography {C} EK Studios Photo & Video

21. Cheek to Cheek – Sources: {A} Kate Benson Photography {B} Kylee Ann Photography {C} Mikki Platt Photography

Creative Couple Poses

22. Forehead to Forehead – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Heidi Ryder Photography {C} Chard Photographer

23. Back to Back – Sources: {A} Natalie Norton {B} Chard Photographer {C} Anna Lee Media

24. Hugging Couple Poses – Sources: {A} Jessica’s Photography  {B} Heidi Ryder Photography {C} Kylee Ann Photography

Pose Ideas for Couples

25. Holding Hands – Sources: {A} Amy Gray Photography {B} Chard Photographer

26. Showing Off the Ring – Sources: {A} Amy Gray Photography {B} Amy Gray Photography {C} Melissa Jill

27. Sitting On Lap – Sources: {A} Aqua Photo {B} Melissa Jill

Unique Pose Ideas for Couples

28. Lying in Lap – Sources: {A} Glass Jar Photography {B} Elle Bowes {C} Taylor Lord Creative

29. Lying on Backs – Sources: {A} Bobbi Photo {B} Chard Photographer {C} Simplicity Photography

30. Lying on Stomachs – Sources: {A} Anna Lee Media {B} Stock Photo {C} Anna Lee Media 

Simple Pose Ideas for Couples

31. Cross Legged – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Kristen Booth {C} Esther Louise

32. Leaning In – Sources: {A} Glass Jar Photography {B} Corinna Hoffman {C} Aqua Photo

33. Walking Couple Poses – Sources: {A} Josh Elliott Studios {B} Chard Photographer

Fun Pose Ideas for Couples

34. Lift – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Aqua Photo

35. Dancing Couple Poses – Sources: {A} Matt Clayton Photography {B} Heidi Ryder Photography {C} Kate Benson Photography

36. Dip – Sources: {A} Walter Wilson Studios {B} Caitlin Boswell {C} Alicia Q. Photography

Couple Poses

37. Being Silly – Sources: {A} Mikki Platt Photography {B} Natalie Norton

38. Piggy-Back Ride – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Josh Elliott Studios {C} Chard Photographer

39. Laughing Couple Poses – Sources: {A} EK Studios Photo & Video {B} Walter Wilson Studios {C} Josh Elliott Studios

Sweet Couple Poses

40. Whispering a Secret – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Heidi Ryder Photography {C} Walter Wilson Studios

41.  Grab His Clothes – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Anna Perevertaylo

42. Tippy Toes Couple Poses – Sources: {A} Matt Clayton Photography  {B} Casey McFarland Photography  {C} Chard Photographer

Unique Couple Poses

43. Reflection – Sources: {A} Stock Photo {B} Anna Lee Media {C} Corinna Hoffman

44. Silhouette – Sources: {A} Walter Wilson Studios {B} Amy Gray Photography  {C} Chard Photographer

45. Zoomed In – Sources: {A} Taylor Lord Creative {B} Chard Photographer

Creative Couple Poses

46. Leading the Way – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Heidi Ryder Photography {C} Anna Lee Media

47. Only One in Focus – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Chard Photographer 

48. Walking Away – Sources: {A} Melissa Jill {B} Kate Benson Photography {C} Hoffland Studios

Gorgeous Pose Ideas for Couples

49. Foot Pop – Sources: {A} Aqua Photo {B} Krystal & Co. Photography

50. Side by Side – Sources: {A} Elle Bowes {B} Aqua Photo {C} Elle Bowes

51. Staring Contest – Sources: {A} Casey McFarland Photography {B} Heidi Ryder Photography {C} Andria Lindquist

Couple Poses

52. Arm Across Shoulders – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Chard Photographer {C} Chard Photographer

53. Arms Around Neck – Sources: {A} EK Studios Photo & Video{B} Chard Photographer 

54. Swept Off Feet – Sources: {A} EK Studios Photo & Video {B} Aqua Photo {C} EK Studios Photo & Video

Couple Photoshoot Locations

Location is everything. Think about what kind of location really represents you as a couple when you’re trying to decide where to take pictures. Ready for some more couples photography inspiration?

Couples Photography Locations

You’ll want these couple pictures to match your personality and reflect this time in your lives.  Choosing a great location is the perfect way to do that!  Consider where you spend a lot of time together and which places hold special significance to your relationship.  If you love baking together, why not set up the shoot in your kitchen?  If  you met at the grocery store, why not take your couple pictures there?  And if you love playing a sport together, why not make a whole themed photo shoot out of it?  Who says you have to be traditional?  Get creative and personal and make these pictures your own.

Couple Pictures Locations

55. Amusement Park {or Fair} – Sources: {A} Stock Photo {B} Walter Wilson Studios

56. Beach – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Walter Wilson Studios

57. City – Sources: {A} Walter Wilson Studios {B} Kylee Ann Photography

58. Country – Sources: {A}Matt Clayton Photography {B} Anna Perevertaylo

Couples Pictures Ideas

59. Mountain – Sources: {A} Josh Elliott Studios {B} Walter Wilson Studios

60. Forest – Sources: {A} Casey McFarland Photography {B} Casey McFarland Photography

61. Wildflower Field – Sources: {A} Lyndsey Kaye {B} Heidi Ryder Photography

62. Lake – Sources: {A} EK Studios Photo & Video {B} Aria Photography

Couples Pictures Locations

63. Barn – Sources: {A} Krystal & Co. Photography {B} EK Studios Photo & Video

64. Desert – Sources: {A} Melissa Jill {B} Chard Photographer

65. Train Tracks – Sources: {A} Josh Elliott Studios {B} Aria Photography

66. Grassy Knoll – Sources: {A} Aria Photography {B} Walter Wilson Studios

Couples Photography Locations

67. Boat – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Natalie Franke

68. Around Town – Sources: {A} Mikki Platt Photography {B} Mikki Platt Photography {C} Kate Benson Photography

69. Harbor – Sources: {A} Kristen Booth  {B} Natalie Franke

70. Fireside – Sources: {A} Alixann Loosle Photography {B} Aria Photography

Couples Pictures Locations

71. Laundromat – Sources: {A} Kate Elizabeth Photography  {B} Kate Elizabeth Photography

72. Military Base – Sources: {A} Elle Bowes {B} Mikki Platt Photography

73. Sports Field or Court – Sources: {A} Glass Jar Photography {B} Matt Clayton Photography

74. Cafe – Sources: {A} Anna Lee Media {B} Rebecca Ames Photography

Photography Ideas for Couples

75. Park – Sources: {A} Casey McFarland Photography {B} EK Studios Photo & Video

76. Kitchen – Sources: {A} Melissa Jill {B} Melissa Jill

77. Comfy Chair at Home – Sources: {A} Jean Smith Photography {B} Heidi Ryder Photography

78. In Bed – Sources: {A} Andria Lindquist {B} Rebecca Ames Photography

Prop & Couple Picture Ideas

Couples photography ideas to make taking pictures fun! These playful ideas will help you make memories and remember the fun in your marriage.

Fun Prop Ideas for Couples Pictures

The difference between a good picture and a great picture is in the details.  So don’t forget to add in some fun props for that little something extra.  The best props are typically the ones that help you interact together or that have special meaning to your relationship.  Choose props that really personalize the picture.  So if you enjoy biking together, bring along your bikes!  Or how about a picnic lunch to enjoy together while your photographer captures the connection that is uniquely your own.  (Oh, and if you’re planning an anniversary photo shoot- try incorporating a favorite wedding photograph or the number of years you’ve been married!  Wouldn’t that be a fun tradition to start?)

Fun Props for Couples Photography

79. Snow – Sources: {A} Casey McFarland Photography {B} Aria Photography

80. Bikes – Sources: {A} Drew B Photography {B} Aria Photography

81. Balloons – Sources: {A} Anna Perevertaylo {B} Mikki Platt Photography Check out our favorite balloons, Here and Here!

82. Books – Sources: {A} Casey McFarland Photography {B} Casey McFarland Photography

Fun Props for Couples Pictures

83. Bubbles OR Bubble Gum – Sources: {A} Walter Wilson Studios {B} Aria Photography Bubble gun, Here!

84. Hammock – Sources: {A} Joyeuse Photography {B} Alixann Loosle Photography Check out this beautiful hammock!

85. Flowers – Sources: {A} Aria Photography {B} Hoffland Studios

86. Sharing Straws – Sources: {A} Aria Photography

Fun Props for Couple Pictures

87. Canoe – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Aria Photography

88. Car OR Truck – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Anna Perevertaylo

89. Swing – Sources: {A} Drew B Photography {B} Hoffland Studios

90. Fence – Sources: {A} Casey McFarland Photography {B} Aria Photography

Couple Pictures Props

91. Picnic – Sources: {A} Rebecca Ames Photography {B} Chard Photographer

92. Kite {I love this kite – it would add such a splash of color!} – Sources: {A} JoPhoto {B} JoPhoto

93. Umbrella {this red one would be so cute!} – Sources: {A} Jean Smith Photography {B} Aria Photography

94. Letters – Sources: {A} Anna Lee Media {B} Anna Lee Media

Couples Photography Props

95. Lights {some like these would be perfect!} – Sources: {A} Andria Lindquist {B} Kylee Ann Photography

96. Blanket – Sources: {A} Chard Photographer {B} Aqua Photo

97. Instruments – Sources: {A} William Huff Photography {B} Drew B Photography

98. Anniversary Year – Sources: {A} Anna Perevertaylo

Couple Pictures Props

99. Suitcases – Sources: {A}  Alicia Q. Photography

100. Chair OR Couch – Sources: {A} EK Studios Photo & Video {B} Mikki Platt Photography

101. Steps – Sources: {A} Natalie Franke {B} Anna Kirby Photo

102. Pets – Sources: {A}Aria Photography {B} Bobbi Photo

5 Bonus Tips to Rock Your Next Photo Shoot

103.  Get Organized-  For a flawless photo shoot, make sure you’re organized and know what you want.  Download our Free Printable Picture Planner and write down your budget, what you plan to wear, and some of your favorite couples photography poses, locations, and props.  

104.  Communicate-  Once you know what you want, make sure you communicate it to your photographer.  By showing him/her some of your favorite couple poses, locations, and props- you can easily get on the same page and are much more likely to capture the style of pictures that you’re after.  

105.  Rely on Your Photographer- After you’ve communicated what you want to your photographer, make sure you ask for and value their opinion as well.  After all, they are the professional.  They will know if there are any problems with your chosen location, or if there are better options available.  

106.  Order Prints-  When it comes time to order your pictures, don’t forget to order some prints!  So many people just get the CD- and then it ends up lost in a drawer when they could have a gorgeous print on the living room wall instead.  Also, plan ahead and consider how and where you’re going to be displaying your pictures in your home.  It makes ordering so much easier.  It can get pricey, but remember you’re not just buying pictures- you’re preserving memories.  {To keep the cost down, Shutterfly always is running amazing deals on prints. If you haven’t checked them out already, they are a must!}

107.  Just Do It-  You don’t HAVE  to do an elaborate photo shoot.  Keep it simple if you want.  Even if it’s just a quick 10-minute session that your neighbor took in your backyard, or that you took of yourselves on the couch with a tripod – just do it!  Make sure you’re capturing these memories in your marriage. You’ll be so glad you did!  

Happy Picture Taking!

And if you’re looking to get better at taking pictures yourself, you HAVE to check out our partner Shoot Along! They are a year-long photography project dedicated to helping ALL skill levels {from hobbyest to professional} get the motivation, inspiration and know-how you need to start snapping your shutter!

For even more photography inspiration, make sure to follow our “Couples Photography Ideas” and “Family Picture Ideas” boards on Pinterest.

**We did our very best to find and link to the original sources of each photo, but if you see a photo that is not linked correctly, please let us know so we can fix it.  We definitely want to give credit where credit is due.  We are so grateful for these wonderfully talented photographers who capture love so beautifully!**

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