31 Fun Places To Go On A Date

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Fun Places to Go on a Date With Your Man

We all know a good date night needs to appeal to both the guy AND the girl! So when we heard that many of you were looking for a list of fun places to go on a date that meets both you AND your guy’s standards, we accepted the challenge! Below, we gathered up all sorts of cute date ideas for your boyfriend and you to enjoy for date night (or your husband, of course!) Not only does this list include fun places to go with your boyfriend, but it also includes things to do for your boyfriend’s birthday, AND things you can do at home! That being said, you can consider date nights AND birthday activities covered thanks to this list! Now, let us show you all these amazingly fun places to go on a date that your man will be begging you to take him to!

This list of fun places to go on a date is top-notch! It has things to do for your boyfriend's birthday too! #Boyfriend #DateNight #BirthdayDate

A huge shout out to all of the peeps that helped make this round-up come together! Without a doubt, it was a team effort from many Divas! Not only that, we made sure to include birthday activities for your boyfriend because we know how hard it can be to plan an epic and romantic birthday for your sweetie. Us Divas sure know how to do romantic birthdays, though! 😉

We collected a huge list of fun places to go on a date, including sports dates, active dates, movie dates, and even sexy dates! All this to say, you’re going to die when you see all these fun places to go with your boyfriend for date night that are possible no matter where you live! So, are you ready to check out this list?

Cute Date Ideas For Your Boyfriend

It’s no secret that men typically like sports, food, competition, and sex (among lots of other things!) But when planning a date night that will make them both happy AND give your relationship that boost it needs, the challenge becomes a little harder! Fear not, however, because we have got your back! We know what dates men love the most AND we know super fun places to go on a date! Basically, we’ve thought of all the cute date ideas for your boyfriend (or husband) and you to enjoy. Many of these date ideas have printables, invites, and fabulous ideas that will help you make his dream date come true! PLUS, we threw in some ideas for birthday activities for your boyfriend, too! On that note, let’s dive into these fabulous date ideas!

Fun Places to Go With Your Boyfriend Through A Drive Thru
  1. Progressive Drive-Thru Date – Remember us mentioning that guys love food? This date is, by far, one of the most man-approved dates, AND one of the best things to do for your boyfriend’s birthday! You simply pick different fast-food restaurants to meet all your date night meal needs: appetizers, entree, sides, and dessert! Doesn’t that sound so fun?
  2. Year of Sporty Dates Pack – Not only will you find 12 great sports date ideas to last all year in here, but you’ll also find some adorable free printables that your man will love! Included are dates for baseball, football, hockey, and even bowling. If your boyfriend is a sports lover, you need this pack!
  3. Home Run World Series Date – Additionally, you gotta check out this unique World Series Date that is a baseball date but with an extra twist! You can make a date of a World Series Baseball game right in your own home. Included are FREE printables, an invite, as well as baseball trivia questions. I’m sorry, but does this scream HOME RUN, or what? 😉
  4. Bowling Date – Bowling is one of the most fun places to go on a date with your man! Do you love bowling but wanna switch things up a little? Try this HILARIOUS “Funky Town” date that will have you and your boyfriend, OR you and your group of friends, laughing it up in no time!
  5. Ultimate Mini-Golfing Date – According to most people, mini-golfing is considered one of the more fun places to go with your boyfriend for a date night. It’s easy, inexpensive, and fun! That being said, surprise your man with this cute mini-golf date and they’ll be thrilled! (This would even make an excellent thing to do for your boyfriend’s birthday!)
  6. The Ultimate Amazing Race Group Date Night – First of all, have you ever seen the show “The Amazing Race”? If you have, then you’ll love this activity even more! It has everything you need (and more!) to host your very own version of “The Amazing Race”! Not to mention, it includes clues that can apply to ANY hometown! Is this one of the best birthday activities for your boyfriend and all your friends to do for his birthday? Yes, yes it is!
  7. Mall Dare Date – Now before you think this is some sort of scam, it’s not! We actually LOVE a good dare activity and this one you can do at your local mall! Isn’t the mall one of the more fun places to go with your boyfriend? It totally is! On that note, enjoy a night of aching bellies from laughing soo hard with this unquestionably hilarious Mall Dare Date!
The Price is Right Fun Game to Play for a Date
  1. The Price Is Right – The price is DEFINITELY right for this awesome date night! Additionally, it’s FREE! That’s right! Based on the classic television game show, “The Price is Right,” this date night idea is the perfect thing to do for your boyfriend’s birthday OR just a regular date night!
  2. Fear Factor Couples Dinner Party – But now, this couples game night will have all your friends talking! To begin, watch this YouTube clip from a real Fear Factor episode. Then, get ready to recreate something similar for date night! Undoubtedly, your man will love touching, eating, and smelling all sorts of creepy stuff in a competition style, so this is 100% man approved!
  3. Car Make-Out Date – Would you like to know one of the most unique and fun places to go on a date with your boyfriend or husband? Your CAR!!! Call us nostalgic, but a good ol’ car make-out is in order for your next date night and we think your man is going to love it!
  4. Campout in the Backyard – First off, do you have a tent? Whether you do or don’t, grab some marshmallows and roasting sticks anyway, because this is one of the best cute date ideas for your boyfriend or husband and you to enjoy! Campout in the backyard as a cheap, fun date night that is 100% man-approved!
  5. Competition At The Park – Does your boyfriend or spouse love competition? The park is definitely one of the more perfect places to go with your boyfriend for a little friendly and flirty competition! This man-approved date night activity includes 4 different sports, too. Without a doubt, they’ll be in heaven!
Power Outage Date for Boyfriend's Birthday
  1. Power Outage Date – Uh oh! Lights went out? Don’t you worry! This Power Outage Date is full of activities to do withOUT electricity. We think you’ll absolutely love this one!
  2. Video Game Night – With all sorts of interactive and exciting video games constantly coming out these days, why not host a video game party for your boyfriend and all your friends? This is one of those cute date ideas for your boyfriend or husband that you know they’ll be appreciative of!
  3. Go Kart Date Night – Speaking of video games, the classic Mario Kart game is ALWAYS a good idea for a man-approved date night at home! And because this video game is so classic, consider adding to it with a sexy twist at the end!
  4. Double Feature Date Night – Do you need ideas for birthday activities for your boyfriend? Without a doubt, a MOVIE NIGHT is the way to go! But not just any movie night…This Double Feature Date Night has LOTS of FREE printables and fun ideas to make your at-home movie night extra special! This is one of our favorite, easy things to do for a boyfriend’s birthday!
  5. Two-Player Games Date Night – Sometimes the best date nights are the ones at home with just you and your sweetie. Thankfully, we have the perfect list of two-player games you can use for your next at-home date night! Not only that, these games are simple enough to play a few rounds OR more complex that you can play night after night! Either way, this list is man-approved!
SexBox Game as a Fun Thing to Do With Your Boyfriend
  1. The SEXBOX Date Night – In our opinion, giving your boyfriend or husband two of their main loves is the definition of a perfect date night. That’s why “The SexBox Date” was created! If you’re in a relationship with a gamer, this date night is perfect! Additionally, this is a fun way to make your husband’s game fantasies come true!
  2. Deal or No Deal – Is your man a risk taker? Find out just how risky he is by playing a sassy round of Deal or No Deal in the bedroom! We can guarantee he will like this version since it ends in quite the prize at the end!
  3. It’s a Love Match – Before you pass on this game, remember how easy the game Memory is? If you’re looking for a simple, but sweet, date night activity, then try this one out! You can create some sparks with your sweetheart with this free printable game that puts a romantic spin on the classic game of Memory. Psst! They will love the unique rules of this one!
  4. The Love Shack Date Night – “Looooove Shack is a little old place where we can get togetha!” This old school date allows you to create a romantic setting that you can put together in no time at all. Just grab our printable above and build your own little Love Shack!
  5. Mafia Date – Who remembers the game of Mafia? This popular game is one of our favorite cute date ideas for your boyfriend, you, and all your friends to enjoy! We have just one question…Will you be innocent? Or will you be guilty and eliminated?
  6. Spring Olympics – Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Which one will you win? This amazing Olympics-inspired date night is unquestionably man-approved! Get your competitive juices flowing, and don’t forget to award the medals at the end!
  7. Chocolate Tasting Date – If your boyfriend or husband loves chocolate, then we have the perfect date or birthday activity for you to do for them! Go on a taste-testing journey to find the best chocolate! Don’t dessert restaurants sound like the most fun places to go on a date? Um, that’s a yes! And for the record, you’ll still love chocolate at the end of this date! 😉
  8. Taste the Rainbow – Speaking of sweet things, this sexy date involves another tasty treat…Skittles! However, it’s still 100% man-approved because you’ll never guess what each color of the Skittle represents…Something sexy to do to each other!
Sexy Spin the Bottle Activity to do With Your Boyfriend
  1. Spin the Bottle – Ready to test your lover’s luck tonight by playing this spicy version of spin the bottle? In truth, this is one of our favorite sexy games because it’s so simple. Simply spin the bottle and do whatever it points to. Warning: This is way better than the middle school version!
  2. Couples Catchy Phrase – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Game night is ALWAYS a win for date night! This hilarious acting game for couples is beyond exciting and super fun to play with a group of friends!
  3. You Tube Date – Let it be said that the world’s craziest things can be found on YouTube. However, why not let that become a date night activity for you and your boyfriend or husband? Try and find videos for all the different categories on this list!
  4. Netflix Binge Date – And while YouTube might be all the rage, so is Netflix! This Netflix Binge date is another man-approved date that your boyfriend or hubby will love! Especially because Netflix automatically equals cuddling, too!
  5. Intimate Date During A March Madness Game – Does your boyfriend or husband love college basketball? Without a doubt, they most likely love intimate time too, right? 😉 Therefore, enjoy the perfect combination of the two with this sexy March Madness date that combines their two loves… basketball and YOU!
  6. Flag Football Game Date – If you’re looking for unique and fun places to go on a date or have a group activity, consider a large grassy area and invite all your friends for a fun flag football game! We also happen to love the free printables included in this one.

Well, it’s official. This is the best list of man-approved dates out there. Wouldn’t you agree? 😉

Need more easy & fun date ideas? You’ll never have to wonder “What Should We Do For Date Night?” again! We’ve done ALL the work for you.


We’re talkin’ activities, games, invitations, instructions – EVERYTHING you need to have fun while connecting with your sweetie.

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