152 Man Approved Date Nights

Dates Your Man Will Love

Say “bye” to girly date nights and do something your man with love! In this round-up you will find a ton of ideas your man will be begging to go on!


A huge shout out to all of the Divas, this date round-up was a team effort, thank you ladies!

The Divas have collected:

46 Sport Dates – nothin’ better than a little friendly competition!

67 Active Dates – get movin’ with your man! 

15 Movie Dates – because you’ve already made him sit through “The Notebook” enough times!

26 Intimate Dates – manly AND intimate… what guy WOULDN’T want that?!

So let’s jump in! First up…


We all know men love sports. Why not make a date out all of his favorite sport activities. Many of these dates have printables, invites, and fabulous ideas that will help you make his dream date come true!


1. Go To A Sporting Event – Like a local professional Football, Basketball, Baseball or Hockey Team

2. Score Tickets To A Great Game – Check out the local sporting events and purchase tickets to a great game. 

3. 12 Sporty Dates – Not only will you find 12 great ideas to last all year but adorable free printables that your man will love! 

4. Home Run World Series Date – Make a date of a World Series Baseball game right in your own home. Included are FREE printables- an invite as well as baseball trivia questions. 

5. Knock it Outta the Park! A Baseball Date Night – Fun printables and ideas for a baseball movie date night. LOVE it! The after game party ideas are hilarious! 

6. Ultimate March Madness Date Night – Get ready for some awesome College Basketball fun! Join in the fun of March Madness with this great date idea! 


7. Go Bowling – Love bowling but wanna switch things up? Try this HILARIOUS “Funky Town” date that will have your group of friends laughing it up in no time!

8. Fantasy Football – Turn football into a sexy night in watching the big game. 

9. Touchdown! A Football Date that Scores – Score your OWN touchdowns while you enjoy a game with your favorite teammate!

10. Super Bowl Super Date – The PERFECT Super Bowl date!

11. Mini-Golfing – Surprise him with something he loves like a fun goofy golfing day. 

12. Go Golfing – Visit a local driving range! Leave a few hints for the date with this hunt idea. 


13. Frisbee Golf With A Twist – Plan a fun date night playing Frisbee Golf…with a twist! Play in your backyard or get away from the house and go to a nearby park. 

14. Go for a bike ride – Put the petal to the metal on a bike ride for two! Rent tandem bikes and go for a nice stroll. Grab mountain bikes and head to a nearby mountain or bike the down the skiing slopes. 

15. Ice Skating – Bring along a canister of hot chocolate to enjoy  during or after your date. If there isn’t a rink near you, play in the snow instead!  Have a snowball fight, make snow angels, or sled down a hill.

16. Spring Olympics – Host your own Spring Olympics! It makes for one fun date night. Get outside and make some memories together! 

17. Kick Off Date Night – Turn a regular soccer game into an extra special date night with a kick-off date night invite,  fun beverage labels, and kisses!

18. Pool Party – Hot summer weather + a refreshing swimming pool = the setting for a great date! Your husband is gonna love this one, what could be better than splashing around with you?!


19. Soak Up The Sun – Make the most of of the warm summer weather by getting out and having a water fight with a twist! 

20. Go to a Swimming Meet – It doesn’t matter if you attend a kiddy swim meet, high school meet, or college swim meet, the important thing is that you go to a meet your husband will love and that you spend time with your honey! 

21. Triathlon – Sign up for a triathlon or some other race and then schedule dates to train for it. If you’re doing a triathlon, you can have different dates to train for running, swimming, and biking. That would be a LOT of date nights.

22. Batting Cages – Batter’s up! Put on your favorite team jersey’s and get ready to go to bat for your team! 

23. Four WheelingGo out to the sand dunes, a nearby mountain, or an open field, grab your man, and hold on tight!

24. Disc Golf – Search out the nearest disc golf spot in your area. Enjoy a night that’s free, fun, and relaxed.

25. Hiking – Look up great hiking spots in your area. Highlight a few that you are interested in trying out. Schedule time during the spring and summer to check out all the trails.

26. Skiing – Don’t let the winter blues drag you down, get out and shred the powder! 

27. Paintball – Paint the town neon green with a challenging yet fun paintball date!!! 

28. Ice Blocking – Purchase Ice blocks at a gas station or local convenient store. Find a smooth grassy hill. Place a towel on the ice block to sit on and slide away!

29. Supercross! –  Enjoy a night full of crashes at the show and once you get home!  Surprise your hubby with a nightcap, dress up like a ‘monster girl’ as soon as you get home.

30. Car Show – If your man drools over super sleek cars, take him to a car show. Make the day even better with ideas found in this Fast Five post.  

31. Powersports Browsing– Spend a day browsing and trying out your honey’s favorite ATV’s, motorcycles, dune buggies, wave runners, boats, etc. at your local powersports store. 

32. Test Driving – Check out BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini, or Ferrari dealerships and test drive their sports cars! 

33. Attend A Man Loving Expo – Check your local listings for a hunting, tools, guns & ammo, or camping expo. Be sure to plan a whole day of browsing for the two of you!!! 

34. Snow Shoeing – Raise the heat during the winter months with a trek up your nearest mountain or field. 

35. Spelunking – Explore nearby caves together. Dress in layers, don’t be afraid to get dirty, and bring along headlights! 

36. Shooting – Go shooting in the wilderness or a nearby shooting range. If going out to the wilderness make a day out of it by taking food to cook over a fire, blankets, and a movie to enjoy after shooting. 

37. Repelling  – Get out and do something adventurous! Still a rookie, sign up for a repelling course, and become pros in no time. 

38. Work Out – Take a boxing class, crossfit, or lift together and get those endorphins pumping!!! Finish your workout with a hot tub or sauna session!!! 

39. Mud RunMaybe you’re not a hard core runner but you would enjoy a little fun mingled with a bit of a challenge, then try out a mud run, color run, or neon run.

40. Couple’s Run – Get active with a run or a walk, something to get the endorphins going. 

41. TennisGrab a couple tennis racquets and some balls and play tennis at the park, or a high school. If your a little more serious about learning to play, take an introductory tennis lesson course together.

42. Water Baseball –  Make your bases out of a sprinkler, a kiddy pool, a base where the opposite team can super soak you, and the home base a slip n’ slide you have to slide to the base. Use a plastic bat and a spongee ball that absorbs water as the game ball. 1st Base: 2 huge buckets of water – runner has to have 1 leg in each bucket to be safe, 2nd Base: a chair & a bucket of water balloons – runner has to sit on a balloon & pop it to be safe, 3rd Base: a kiddie pool – runner has to be sitting in it to be safe, THEN – there is a slip & slide going from 3rd to home… runner slides home on it. The pitcher has a bucket of water next to him & soaks up the spongee ball each time before pitching. SUCH a fun game!!! 

43. Water Balloon Volleyball – Each partnership hold an end of a towel. Throw a water balloon back and forth over the net trying to get the opposing team to miss the catch with their towel and drop the balloon. Teams maneuver to catch the balloon for the save and pass it back to the opposing team. 

44. Super Soaker Capture the Flag – Play capture the flag with water balloons and super soakers. Players are considered tagged if they are pegged by a water balloon or get wet with a super-soaker. Have the jail located in a kiddy pool or sprinkler. The flag can be a marked water ballon or a traditional flag.

45. UFC DateRent or buy tickets for a UFC fight. If you rent, grab foods your man will love, invite his friends over, and be the hostess with the mostest!

46.  Laser Tag – Is your man a good shot? Have him prove it with a few games of laser tag! 


Sports aren’t the only way to get active! We have collected some active dates that will get the two of you out of the house, out on the town, enjoying a group of friends, trying something new, and, of course, enjoying each others company!


1. Different Foods – Try some wacky foods like octopus, alligator, deep fried okra, or snake. 

2. Try A New Restaurant – Go out for dinner for a style of food you’ve never tried – Indian, Thai, Brazilian, etc. 

3. Haute Wheels – On top of your to-do list of dates should be to eat at a mobile food truck. If you have eaten at a food truck, but it has been a few years, you are in for a SURPRISE! Mobile food trucks are taking cities by storm. Search for a nearby food truck or attend a Mobile Food truck Festival. 

4. Who Dunnit? Group Mystery Date – Put your detective skills to the test with this super fun group date night!

5. The Ultimate Amazing Race Group Date Night – Everything you need (and more!) to host your very own version of “The Amazing Race”! Includes clues that can apply to ANY hometown!

6. Country Fair Group Date Night – YEEHAW! Don’t have a local county fair to attend? Why not bring it to YOU! Taste-testing, bake-offs, hilarious games – ALL from the comfort of your own home!


7.  Fear Factor Couples Dinner Party – This couples game night will have all your friends talking! Your man will love touching, eating, and smelling all sorts of creepy stuff!!! 

8. County Fair Date Night – Get your ‘country’ on with this date night at the County Fair! This post includes an invite and a checklist for activities to do at the Fair! Yee-haw!

9. Summer Picnic and Party Games – Celebrate summer with an easy potluck picnic and fun party games that EVERYONE will enjoy!

10. Who’s Line Is It Anyway? – Hilarious improvisation games you can play right from home! Based on the popular TV show, “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

11. Mall Date Dare – I dare you…We all know men love a good dare!!! Enjoy a night of aching bellies from laughing soo hard!!! 

12. The Price Is Right – The price is DEFINITELY right for this completely prepared group date night: FREE! That’s right! The classic television game show, “The Price is Right” is brought to you! 


13.  CSI Love Edition Date – Enjoy trying to piece together what events led up to the {pretend} crime as well as how and why things happened.

14. Summer Picnic and Party Games – Celebrate summer with an easy potluck picnic and fun party games that EVERYONE will enjoy!

15. World Record Date – Looking to try something totally NEW for date night? How about setting a world record? Yep- you just might be able to check that off of your bucket list after this date!

16. The X Box Date Night – We have a fun way to make your husband’s game fantasies come true! You playing games with him! 

17. Magical Date Night – Dazzle your spouse with magic tricks with this creative date. Great for St. Patrick’s Day or any time you are in the mood for magic!

18. Campout in our Backyard – A cheap, fun date night is waiting right in your backyard. 


19. Boating and Fishing –  Rent a pontoon for the day and plan a FUN, inexpensive fishing date for you and your spouse. List of free fishing dates by state and a free printable included!

20. Float A River or Nearby Canal – Need a fun cheap date this Summer? Grab your tubes or a raft and let’s FLOAT! After, be sure to grab root beer floats for a treat! If its a slow, very calm river, bring snacks to eat along the way.

21. At Home Drive-In – Find someone with a projector, rent, or buy one yourself. Hook this up to power with your house, or rent a generator and have it in a park or woods. You can make your own screen by taking a large sheet and inserting pvc pipes on both ends. Sew a loop hole on both ends large enough for the pvc pipe to fit.

22. Earn Your Badges – Earn a badge for each mini-date you and your spouse enjoy together!

23. Boys and Girls Night Out – Spend a weekend doing what your hubby loves to do. Take a peek at this post for a list of ideas to get your date started! 

24. Competition At The Park – Invite your spouse to a little friendly competition- including 4 different Sports. Have a BALL!


25. Wild West Date – Visit a town that is all about the old west, cowboys, horses, and wild life. Let your husband get his wild on!

26. Hay Ride Date Night – Take advantage of the crisp air and fall scenery by snuggling up with your man on a romantic hay ride, followed by a little “roll in the hay”, if ya know what I mean?!

27. Fantasy Date – We’ve created a truly indulgent fantasy evening for an over-the-top date that is full of all those things you fantasize about doing, but never actually do. Create this real-life fantasy date with our FREE printables!

28. The Ultimate Fire Themed Date Night – Create blazin’ memories, come closer together, and turn up the heat with an ultimate firefighter-themed date night that is right up your man’s alley.

29. You’re Under Arrest – Let justice be served. It’s time you arrest the man who stole your heart!

30. Power Outage Date – Bring the light to a date in the dark! This power outage date is full activities to do withOUT electricity!


31. Love Is A Battlefield – All is fair in love and war, right?! Well, today we are going to find out. We have the perfect end of summer date night for the two of you! 

32. Grocery Sticky Hunt – Your hubby will love this yummy and lovely hunt all about him and a tasty treat! 

33. Hijack and Kidnap Him – Kidnap him & take him to a hotel for the night.

34. Concert of His Favorite Band – You can create a concert ticket with a hint or two about the nights events by visiting this POST

35. Friendly Competition– Playing pool, foosball, air hockey…something right up his alley. Add a steamy bet and you’ve got a challenge! 

36. Adventure Tours– The ghosts downtown, bird watching, or anything else that your man is interested in touring. 


37. Tourist In Your Home Town – Break out of your bubble and become a little adventurous together while exploring your own home town.

38. Choose Your Own Adventure Date – Let your husband “Choose Your Own Adventure” with this creative date idea! 

39. The Vegas Date – Some of the most memorable experiences are those that you experience for the first time. Why not experience some firsts together that your man will love?!

40. Rockstar Date – Every man wants to be a Rockstar, right? Well, this is his chance to be a “rockstar.” 

41. The Spicy Spanish Date Night – Spice things up with this Spanish-themed date night. Free printables included to invite your spouse as well as to learn a few romantic phrases en Español.

42. Plane Crazy About You – This plane crazy you date night will have you two flying planes, enjoying a picnic, joining the mile high club, and grabbing baggage claim.

43. Fancy Steak House Dinner – Splurge a little, dress up a little, and enjoy a big expensive piece of steak! 

44. Try Out A New Restaurant – Say no to the same old and try something new, his pick!

45. Poker Tournament! – Host a poker tournament. Invite over his best friends and their wives. If you aren’t into playing, have a girl’s night in the living room and let the guys take the kitchen. If you ARE into playing, enjoy raking in the money! 

46. Ping Pong Tournament – Don’t have a table, no problem! Clear off the kitchen table and it’s game on! 

47. Video Game Night – Host a Wii party with these fabulous ideas.

48. One-On-One Game ChallengeSpend the night in doing his favorite activity, playing video games!!! After a few games transform a nice video game into strip video games!!!

49. Go Kart Date Night – Cart racing followed by a Super Mario Kart game night at home. End the night with just the two of you and a sexy twist to Mario Kart. 

50. Archery Shooting Range – Go to an archery shooting range and try out the different bows. 

51. ZiplineFind local deals for a great afternoon enjoying the heights and beauty of the mountains together!

52. Ride Segways – Who doesn’t want to try this?! Your man will love taking these for a cruise! 

53. Rent a Sports Car – Take a day road trip. Find a scenic route to your destination, pack a lunch, and have fun with road trip game ideas

54. Geocaching – Have you heard of this yet? It’s a recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website. Any man that likes a good scavenger hunt will love this!

55. Homemade Boat Races– Find a stream, small irrigation canal, or large gutter that has a nice flow of water. With aluminum foil or another materials of your choice, form it into a boat. Choose a starting and ending point and 1-2-3- GO!

56. Campfire – Go to a near campsite, canyon, or anywhere else that allows you to have a fire pit. Cook a dutch oven dinner or another one of your campfire recipes. Roast marshmallows or starbursts! For a great list of campfire games, stories, songs, and recipes click HERE. Bring a guitar or harmonica if you have one to enhance the evening by the fire.

57. Ride A Harley – Rent a harley for a day and go for a long drive together. 

58. Tasting– Go to a tasting- bubbly, cheese, donuts, etc… End the night at home with Chocolate Tasting

59. The Lucky Date – This lucky celebration is easy, fun, fast, and can be pulled off in a jiffy. We are giving you a ton of ideas to make your spouse feel super lucky on date night!

60. I’m a Fool For You – A fun, fast, and foolish date prepared for the two of you! Who needs pranks, when you’re a fool in love?! Express your love by being fools and rushing in!

61. Dollar Theater – Go to the dollar theater and make it a double header. 

62. Sporting Goods Store – Go to an outdoor store like Cabela’s and let him browse in ALL sections: hunting, camping, fishing, the safes, etc. 

63. Aquarium – Go to an aquarium together. 

64. Get Your Laugh OnIf the two of you like to laugh- then THIS is the date for you!  There’s nothing like a little laughter to bring you closer together.

65. Sports BarGo to Buffalo Wild Wings, Lokals, or Leatherheads for dinner and all the sports he can handle!

66. Bull Riding – Let your man show off his stuff with a bull riding competition. Whoever stays on the longest gets a wish fulfilled by their partner!

67. Canyoneering and River Rafting – Combine the two activities for one epic guided adventure. Fight the rapids, rappel, hike camp, and  enjoy the great outdoors. On top of all that each meal is cooked for you by the guides, while you sit back and relax! This adventure will make memories that you will remember for a lifetime!


We all love a good movie night! These aren’t your ordinary dinner and movie ideas. We have collected some of the best guy loving movies and supplied a ton of ideas to help you pull them off. On top of all that, there are printables galore to help you kick off movie night!


1. The Napoleon Dynamite Date – Show your husband how much you love him with this goofy movie themed date. 

2. Batman Movie Marathon – A batman date centered around your man that he is sure to love! 

3. Man of Steel Party – Love Man of Steel? We do too! Host a fun party with these easy ideas and free printable invite!

4. X Men Date – Spice up dinner and a movie X-Men style!

5. A-Team  – This super cool date for your hubby that will have him feeling like he is part of the A-Team. 

6. Double Feature Date Night – LOTS of FREE printables and fun ideas to make your at-home movie night extra special!


7. Sherlock Holmes Date – Have a BLAST being Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson for the night. 

8. Movie On The Move – What guy doesn’t love it when his favorite girl clasps his arm and squeals out for his protection during frightful scenes in a scary movie? Get ready to squeal and cuddle with this movie date idea

9. Hunger Games: Catching Fire Dinner and a Movie  Spend the night becoming a tribute and surviving the arena! The printables and ideas in this date will bring the movie to life right in the comfort of your home!

10. The Blind Side – The best of both worlds! Someone was thinking of the ladies AND men when they made The Blindside! 

11. The Office Date – We have some cool ideas for a quick party to go along with the show that your hubby will love! 

12. John Wayne Date Night –  Get out yer’ guns and cowboy hats folks… here’s a fun date you’ll remember!

13. TV Series Marathon– Rent a full season of his favorite show and have a marathon. 

14. War Movies Watch his favorite war movies like Armageddon, Glory, The Patriot, Braveheart, or The Last of the Mohicans.

15. Masculine Movie Marathons– Grab a couple of movies like Avengers, Iron Man, Batman, The Bourne Movies, Tombstone, etc, popcorn, and his favorite snacks. Easy and exactly what your man will love! 


Our men love to get a little closer to us! So of course we are ending this round-up with the best intimate dates that is sure to make your man’s knees weak! Say bye, bye to being stuck in a lovin’ rut and hello to steaming up the bedroom!


1. A Steamy Bucket List – What intimate items do you want to fulfill? Rev up intimate time with your spouse today! Bye, bye bedroom boredom!

2. Dirty Deeds – Spark up your mundane and fizzled routine with a game for two. Hot ideas to keep you busy the whole year through! Increase intimacy and say hello to fireworks!

3. Spin the Bottle – Test your lover’s luck TONIGHT by playing this spicy version of spin the bottle!

4. Bedroom Value Menu – Spice at just the right price! Use our Bedroom Value Menu to add a little excitement to the bedroom tonight!

5. Simon Says – Let “Simon” dictate your night of intimacy! Play a game of Sassy Simon Says!

6. Sizzling Truth and Dare – Are you ready to have a sizzling night with your heartthrob? It’s time for a game of Truth and Dare. Add a little excitement to an old time favorite!


7. It’s Your Lucky Night – Get lucky tonight! Hand your man a sassy DIY scratch-off and have him pick his own destiny.

8. Deal or No Deal – Is your man a risk taker?! Find out just how risky he is by playing a sassy round of Deal or No Deal in the bedroom!

9. Strip Trivia – This post is no longer available on our site but you can see all of our intimacy ideas here!

10. It’s a Love Match – Create some sparks with your sweetheart with this free printable that puts a romantic spin on the classic game of Memory!

11. A Game Of Love – It’s time to play The Game of Love! It’s a game your hubs will love even more than the Superbowl!

12. Name That Treat – Looking for a way to change things up tonight??? Here’s an easy idea that is sure to please! Play a game of “Name that Treat.”


13. Strip Horse – Horse is such a quick and easy game, why not turn up the stakes! Grab your inside basketball set and these amazing printables for a couple rounds of one-on-one!

14. Games for the Bedroom – Sometimes we just need to shake it up inTHAT room and make it a fun activity between you and your spouse. This is the perfect time to introduce “Bedroom Games” into your intimacy.

15. Booty Camp – Your man doesn’t need to be in the military to enjoy this sassy idea. Enroll your man into booty camp, he will love it!

16. Smoldering Violation Ticket – Best intimate date ever! Tease and flatter your spouse with a violation ticket and get exactly what you want in the process. Cherry on top = Free printable!

17. Hot and Ready – A yummy lunch and the promise of some lovin’- what more could a guy want?! 

18. Fantasy Suite Date Night – Surprise your spouse and spice up your marriage with this intimate moments suggestion!


19. Follow Me Sexy Tease – This fun little idea will surprise and remind your man about how fun and sexy his wife is! Every husband loves a little tease!

20. Go Picasso – Get creative with black lights, highlighters, fingerpaints, and body paint. Heat up the romance by Picasso-ing! Sweet finale… washing the art off each other in the shower!

21. The Love Shack Date Night – A romantic setting you can put together in no time at all. Just grab our printable & build your own little Love Shack!

22. Love Doctor – Everyone needs a check up now and then, right?! Here’s a visit to the doctor that your hubby will be looking forward too! 

23. Lingerie Shopping – Go lingerie shopping together, then pick out cologne and perfume for each other to use that night. 

24. New Location – every week try a new location {WINK!}

25. New Toy – Go toy shopping & pick out something you are both comfortable trying. 

26. Guess This Body Part – Play ‘Guess this body part’ using picture text. Keeping those pics clean is what ultimately makes it feel scandalous! Make sure you show him those body parts when he gets home! 

Ladies, we get dizzy with lovey-dovey date nights but I promise you are going to have so much fun with these man-approved date nights. Many of these dates will make you swoon just as much as he will. When you make your man happy, he will make you happy and these dates are just the ticket to grabbing his attention, heart, and all the affection you need!

Be sure to add this to your bookmarks bar so you can access these dates quickly and easily.

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I love anything that sparkles, everything dealing with love, warm summer rays, and my hot hubby. I find balance in life by staying physically fit and keeping it real. My purpose in life is cherishing my marriage and making our adventure shine!

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