75 FREE Pumpkin Carving Stencils and Most Creative Pumpkin Patterns

Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils


I love how a good pumpkin can really light up a porch and give everyone a little bit of Fall spirit. Use this huge list of free pumpkin carving patterns to help you create an amazing pumpkin for Halloween this year! Certainly, with so many pumpkin patterns and stencils to choose from, you’ll find the inspiration you need!


75 Fun and Easy Pumpkin Carving Patterns


This list hits all the major categories you want in pumpkin carving stencils! Below you will find…



All of the stencils and pumpkin patterns print for FREE. Some pumpkin patterns are simple, and some are more complex. Click the link of a pumpkin below, print the template, poke holes in your pumpkin along the guidelines, and then carve out the design! It’s as easy as (pumpkin) pie!


Pumpkin Carving Stencils Just for Kids

These free pumpkin stencils are great for inspiring your own pumpkin carving ideas!


1.  Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man pumpkin carving stencils. | The Dating Divas

Spider-Man Pumpkin Carving Pattern











All kids love Spider-Man, so help their dreams come true with this great pumpkin carving pattern.


2. Superman

Super Man pumpkin stencils for free. | The Dating Divas

Super Man Pumpkin Stencils











Superman is a classic when it comes to Halloween!


3. Rocket

Easy rocket stencil for kids. | The Dating Divas

Rocket Pumpkin Stencil











Create this great rocket for your child’s pumpkin carving (if you don’t want to look at the whole slideshow, click here to just print the rocket).


4. Mickey Mouse

Disney pumpkin stencils for kids. | The Dating Divas

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Stencil











Mickey Mouse is a favorite for any kid. Carve this awesome pumpkin for your child!


5. Phineas (and Ferb)

Phineas and Ferb Disney printable pumpkin stencils. | The Dating Divas

Phineas and Ferb Pumpkin Pattern











Create this kid icon for your pumpkin carving party this year.


6. Kermit the Frog

Kermit the front free printable pumpkin pattern. | The Dating Divas

Kermit the Frog Pumpkin Stencil











Make this great Kermit the Frog pumpkin to help your Halloween be perfect.


7. Goofy

Free Goofy printable pumpkin stencil. | The Dating Divas

Goofy Punkin Carving Pattern











This list wouldn’t be complete without Goofy! He’ll make your Halloween carvings complete!


8. Olaf

Olaf printable pumpkin pattern stencils. | The Dating Divas

Olaf Free Pumpkin Stencil











Isn’t this Olaf Halloween carving design just amazing? Forget the kids, I want to carve this one!


9. Lightning McQueen

Cars pumpkin carving free stencil. | The Dating Divas

Cars Pumpkin Pattern











Go as fast as lightning with this great pumpkin carving pattern!


10. Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell Free Printable Pumpkin Carving Stencil. | The Dating Divas

Tinkerbell Free Printable Stencil











Everyone loves Tinkerbell! Turn your Halloween pumpkin into her great character!


11. Ferb

Ferb pumpkin pattern and stencil. | The Dating Divas

Ferb Pumpkin Stencil











You can’t have Phineas without Ferb! Use this creative pumpkin carving pattern to make this great character come to life!


12. Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse printable pumpkin pattern. | The Dating Divas

Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Pattern











Help Minnie come to life with this great carving pattern. You could even pair her with Mickey, up above, for a true match made in heaven.


13. Mike Wazowski

Monsters Inc. pumpkin stencil ideas. | The Dating Divas

Monsters Inc. Pumpkin Carving Ideas











Bring a friendly monster to life with this awesome pumpkin carving pattern!


14. Ariel

Little Mermaid pumpkin patterns for kids. | The Dating Divas

Little Mermaid Pumpkin Ideas











Halloween wouldn’t be complete without adding a princess to the mix!


15. Toy Story Alien

Carve a Toy Story alien into a pumpkin for Halloween. | The Dating Divas

Toy Story Alien Pumpkin Ideas











Bring this funny and silly creature to life for Halloween with this amazing pumpkin carving pattern.



Classic Halloween Pumpkin Carving Patterns

You can’t have Halloween without some of the classics! Whether you are looking for spiders or witches, we have the free pumpkin patterns you need.


16. Spider

Spider pumpkin carving ideas. | The Dating Divas

Spider Pumpkin Carving Ideas











Our list just wouldn’t be complete without including a great, spider carving pattern ideas!


17. Spider Web

Spider Web Pumpkin Inspiration | The Dating Divas

Spider Web Pumpkin











For those that are more adventurous, try this fantastic spider web carving pattern.


18. Black Cat

Black cat classic Halloween pumpkin patterns. | The Dating Divas

Black Cat Pumpkin Pattern











Halloween carving just wouldn’t be the same without this great cat-themed pumpkin pattern.


19. Bat

Bat halloween pumpkin carving stencils. | The Dating Divas

Bat Pumpkin Carving Stencil











Bats are one of the most common Halloween themed creatures, so we had to include one in this great pumpkin carving patterns list!


20. Skull

Skeleton pumpkin carving patterns for Halloween. | The Dating Divas

Skeleton Pumpkin Carving











This pirate skull pumpkin is a perfect Halloween theme!


21. Witch Text

Witch pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween pumpkin carving pattern. | The Dating Divas

Witch Text Pumpkin











Instead of carving an actual witch, use this awesome, scary, text, carving pattern as a great alternative.


22. Witch’s Brew

Witches brew free pumpkin patterns.| The Dating Divas

Witches Brew Pumpkin











This is a fantastic carving pattern if you are looking for a spooky witch!


23. Owl and Falling Leaves

Creative, beautiful, pumpkin carving ideas and decor. | The Dating Divas

Creative Decor Pumpkin











This is a super creative, owl carving pattern to use this Halloween!


24. Pumpkin

Jack-O-Lantern Carving Ideas for Halloween Party | The Dating Divas

Jack-O-Lantern Face Stencil











Halloween is not Halloween without pumpkins! So use this great pumpkin carving stencil to transform your Halloween pumpkin into something amazing. (If you don’t want to look at the whole slideshow, click here to just print the pumpkin pattern.)


25. Jack-o-Lantern

Pumpkin face carving pattern. | The Dating Divas

Jack-O-Lantern Carving Pattern











These fantastic jack-o-lantern patterns are perfect to spice up your porch this Halloween.


26. Skeleton

Skeleton pumpkin carving inspiration and free pumpkin stencil ideas. | The Dating Divas

Skeleton Pumpkin Carving











Skeleton’s are an iconic symbol of Halloween which makes it an ideal, pumpkin carving pattern!


27. Haunted House

Haunted house pumpkin carving inspiration. | The Dating Divas

Haunted House Free Pumpkin Stencils











Ooooooo! A scary haunted house is just what you need for a great pumpkin carving party!


28. Graveyard

Graveyard pumpkin pattern for Halloween carving ideas. | The Dating Divas

Graveyard Pumpkin Carving Pattern











This graveyard carving stencil is perfect for your Halloween pumpkin this year!


29. Howling Wolf

Wolf and werewolf pumpkin pattern for pumpkin carving. | The Dating Divas

Howling Wolf Pumpkin Ideas











Channel your inner animal with this amazing pumpkin carving pattern.


30. R.I.P.

Gravestone RIP easy pumpkin carving ideas | The Dating Divas

RIP Gravestone Simple Carving Ideas











What represents Halloween better than a gravestone? Nothing! So use this amazing pumpkin carving pattern in your Halloween plans this year.



Scary Pumpkin Carving Patterns

If you want a super spooky Halloween theme for your house this year, this is the list for you! These scary, free pumpkin stencils sure are people pleasers.


31. Ghostly Figure

Creepy pumpkin carving inspiration and ideas. | The Dating Divas

Spooky Spirit











This is the perfect picture if you are looking for a creepy pumpkin.


32. Medusa

Medusa pumpkin carving ideas. | The Dating Divas

Medusa Pumpkin











This is a super, scary, pumpkin face that will make your pumpkin carving a hit!


33. Skull

Skull Carving Stencil for Pumpkins | The Dating Divas

Skull Pumpkin











Scare your neighbors with this great skull carving pattern.


34. The Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper Spooky Halloween Decor | The Dating Divas

Grim Reaper











Seriously, this is a super scary, carving pattern…which I LOVE!


35. Scary Gargoyle

Gargoyle spooky pumpkin stencil ideas. | The Dating Divas

Gargoyle in the Window











It doesn’t get much scarier than this scary gargoyle carving pattern.


36. Skull with Flames

Skull, cross bones, flames ideas for carving pumpkins. | The Dating Divas

Flaming Skull and Cross Bones











Take the normal skull to the next ‘scary’ level with these flames coming out of the skull in this pumpkin carving stencil.


37. Glare Stare

Classic, spooky pumpkin faces for carving. | The Dating Divas

Spooky Faces











This super, scary stare is just what you need to make your Halloween extra intimidating.


38. Hand Reaching

Hand reaching out for Halloween. | The Dating Divas

Halloween Reaching Hand











Easy enough for a beginner, but creepy enough to make it perfect for your Halloween pumpkin carving party!


39. Vampire

Dracula in a cape pumpkin carving techniques. | The Dating Divas

Dracula Vampire Pumpkin











What’s Halloween without a vampire? Complete your Halloween with this wonderfully spooky vampire carving stencil.


40. Scary Clown

Pennywise clown Halloween ideas. | The Dating Divas

Pennywise Creepy Clown Pumpkin











This Pennywise stencil is the perfect scary pumpkin carving pattern!


41. Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger scary pumpkin decorating ideas. | The Dating Divas

Freddy Krueger Pumpkin Carving











This creepy classic is great for a scary pumpkin carving.


42. Scary Face

Spooky, creepy, scary Jack-O-Lantern ideas. | The Dating Divas

Spooky Jack-O-Lantern Ideas











Ooooo…this creepy face carving pattern is super spooky and awesome!


43. Green Witch

Witch pumpkin decorations for Halloween pumpkin carving. | The Dating Divas

Witch Pumpkin Decor











There is just something super creepy about witches. This great pumpkin carving pattern is no exception!


44. Monster Lady

Lady monster creative pumpkin stencils and carving ideas. | The Dating Divas

Lady Monster Face











This pumpkin pattern of a lady monster is cool and creepy!


45. Frankenstein Screaming

Frankenstein screaming pumpkin and craving pattern ideas. | The Dating Divas

Frankenstein Screaming Pumpkin











Use this super scary Frankenstein carving pattern on your Halloween pumpkin this year to get into the scaring spirit!



TV and Movie Themed Pumpkin Carving Patterns


If you love movies and want your favorite characters turned into pumpkin patterns, we have all the free pumpkin stencils you’ll need! If you or your kiddos are dressing up as characters, it’s also super fun to carve a pumpkin to match their costumes!


46. Chewbacca

 Chewbacca Star Wars pumpkin carving ideas. | The Dating Divas

Chewbacca Star Wars Pumpkin











Talk about free pumpkin stencils that are sure to please! A Chewbacca pumpkin is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


47. C3PO

C3PO Star Wars pumpkin patterns for free. | The Dating Divas

C3PO Star Wars Pumpkin Patterns











This is the type of Star Wars pumpkin carving pattern that is simple enough to complete, but hard enough that it will impress anyone who walks by!


48. Avengers

Simple, easy pumpkin carving ideas of the Avengers. | The Dating Divas

Simply Avengers Pumpkin Carving











Pumpkin carving ideas are perfect for keeping it simple, while still pleasing your kids with something they love!


49. Harry Potter

Harry Potter pumpkin stencils for free. | The Dating Divas

Harry Potter Pumpkin Stencil











Harry Potter is a classic movie character that is perfect for your carving pattern needs!


50. Darth Vader

 Darth Vader pumpkin stencil pattern for carving. | The Dating Divas

Darth Vader Pumpkin











Darth Vader is the most well-known character of the most popular movie series ever created! Have fun carving him into your pumpkin this year!


51. Harry Potter Text

Harry Potter, HP initials to carve into a pumpkin when you don't know what to carve. | The Dating Divas

HP Initial Pumpkin Idea











So if carving a Harry Potter face in a pumpkin is sounding a little too hard, give this simple pumpkin pattern a try!


52. Jaws

JAWS shark pumpkin patterns and stencils for creative pumpkins. | The Dating Divas

JAWS Pumpkin Stencil











Du-duh, du-duh, du-duh… Come on, you have to go along with me and hear the Jaws theme song when you read this opening. This Jaws pumpkin carving pattern is a great classic movie and had to be a part of this list!


53. Batman

Batman Pumpkin Stencil | The Dating Divas

Batman Pumpkin Carving Ideas











Batman is an absolute classic. So it makes for the perfect free pumpkin carving stencil.


54. Joker

Joker from the Batman movie, carving stencil for a pumpkin. | The Dating Divas

Joker Carving Stencil











The perfect amount of creepy and cool. This is what free pumpkin stencils are all about!


55. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Halloween pumpkin ideas. | The Dating Divas

Wonder Woman Pumpkin











Looking for the perfect pumpkin patterns for your girls to carve? Wonder woman is always a good choice.


56. Dory

Dory pumpkin party ideas for Halloween pumpkin carving. | The Dating Divas

Dory Pumpkin Patterns











Simple, sweet, and your kids will love how this pumpkin carving pattern turns out!


57. Back to the Future

Back to the Future Halloween ideas and free pumpkin carving stencils. | The Dating Divas

Back to the Future Stencil for Pumpkins











So here’s a throwback I know you can get behind! Use this cool design for some serious nostalgia.


58. Olaf

Olaf from Frozen Halloween free pumpkin carving stencils. | The Dating Divas

Olaf Pumpkin Stencil











Tell me your kids and neighbors wouldn’t love this free pumpkin pattern!


59. Dumbo

Dumbo pumpkin patterns. | The Dating Divas

Dumbo Pumpkin











A Dumbo pumpkin would certainly be a cute addition to your doorstep!


60. Ghost Busters

Ghost Busters pumpkin stencil for free. | The Dating Divas

Ghost Busters Pumpkin Stencil











This Ghost Busters pumpkin stencil is certainly on my pumpkin patterns to-do list!



Artistic, Free Pumpkin Stencils


If you like some gorgeous and super creative, free pumpkin patterns, then this is the list for you! These pumpkins are literally works of art. I would put them on a tablescape!


61. Fairy House

Fairy House easy pumpkin carving ideas. | The Dating Divas

Fairy House Pattern for Carving











Transform your Halloween pumpkin into an amazing fairy house with this great design!


62. Night Owl

Beautiful owl pumpkin carving patterns. | The Dating Divas

Owl Pumpkin Stencil











This is a super, creatively designed pattern that would be beautiful when completed.


63. Galaxy Pumpkins

Creative pumpkin carving pattern ideas of space. | The Dating Divas

Constellations of Space Pumpkin











Wow! These are gorgeous and super creative carving pumpkin patterns!


64. Where the Wild Things are

Where the Wild Things are monster advanced pumpkin carving pattern. | The Dating Divas

Monster Book Themed Pumpkin











This iconic book comes to life with an amazing pumpkin carving stencil!


65. Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin Stencil Template | The Dating Divas

Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin Template











If you don’t want to scroll through all the awesome patterns, click here for this specific free pumpkin stencil.


66. Gourd Owls

Owls made out of pumpkins. | The Dating Divas

Pumpkin Owls











So these pumpkin owls are super unique!


67. Dog- O-Lantern

Pet dog pumpkin patterns and templates for pumpkin carving. | The Dating Divas

Pet Dog Pumpkin Template











Use a good silhouette picture to help create these fun, pet carving stencils.


68. Haunted House

Haunted House pumpkin carving template. | The Dating Divas

Haunted House Stencils











Choose from 1 of 3 free pumpkin patterns. The list of templates is on the side of the page.


69. Snake Pumpkins

Snake pumpkins and reptile stencils for pumpkin carving patterns. | The Dating Divas

Snake Pumpkin Patterns











Use these unique templates to create reptile pumpkins.


70. Fox and Bunny

Beautiful pumpkin carving pattern templates. | The Dating Divas

Whimsical Pumpkin Ideas











Gorgeous, whimsical pumpkins with free carving templates!


71. Etched Silhouettes

Pretty pumpkin patterns and ideas for decoration during Halloween. | The Dating Divas

Pretty Pumpkin Patterns











These different Victorian styled Halloween pumpkin carving patterns are the perfect inspiration as Halloween pumpkin carving ideas.


72. Cat

Spooky cat free pumpkin stencils. | The Dating Divas

Spooky Cat Stencil











Turn your pumpkin carvings into masterful art pieces this Halloween.


73. Mouse House

Mouse house, creative pumpkin ideas for Halloween. | The Dating Divas

Mouse House Pumpkin











This strange mouse house is what you need to make your Halloween carving super unique!


74. Lace Patterned

Lace pumpkin idea for a pumpkin carving party.| The Dating Divas

Creative Lace Pumpkin











These lace pumpkin patterns are so creative and just awesome!


75. Pattern Pumpkin

Full pumpkin pattern with stencil that covers the whole pumpkin. | The Dating Divas

Cool Pumpkin Patterns











Make a pumpkin pattern that wraps around the whole pumpkin.


We hope you got all of the pumpkin patterns and inspiration you could dream of! For more ways to make this the best fall ever, click over to our:

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