Deal or No Deal

Is your man a risk taker!?  Just how risky is he?  Find out by playing a SASSY round of “Deal or No Deal” in the bedroom!  THE GOAL: have your man pick the ULTIMATE PRIZE of PASSION!  Have no fear, we’ve attached an easy set of instructions along with amazing game piece printables designed by the TALENTED Leah Aldous!


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 The Breakdown:

1. First, print out all of the wonderful printables for setup.

2. Grab 13 small envelopes. Label a set of envelopes 1-9 and place a briefcase card in each.  Label the remaining envelopes 1-4 and place a deal card in each.

3. When the time is right, have your man select his “briefcase” envelope and let the game BEGIN!

4. First round, he’ll eliminate 3 cards.  As he opens the “briefcase” envelopes, mark them off the game card (be sure to print extras so you can play MORE than once {wink wink})!

5. After the first 3 “briefcase” envelopes have been opened, he will select a “deal” card!  He can either take the deal on the card OR keep eliminating “briefcase” cards (see instructions for details), hoping he’s holding the ULTIMATE PRIZE in his envelope!

6. Enjoy a night (or two) full of PASSION!!!

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I am madly in love with three men (1 big and 2 little)! I am lucky enough to be married to my true complement. I spend my days doing any and everything 'boy!' I have a passion for fitness and love trying anything that makes my heart race.

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38 Responses to Deal or No Deal

  1. Thanks for what looks like another fun game. FYI, when I printed off the game pieces you are missing the card that says “High Five” and the game card prints with a text box over the game title. Maybe my printer is just weird. Anyway thanks again.

  2. Which link do I click on to print out? I keep clicking on pics and just going to the pic location, not the print location. Just having trouble figuring out which one is it.

    1. Hi Amanda! Do you see the pink words of briefcase cards, deal cards, game card and instructions?! If you click those it will take you to the printables or a link to get to the printables and from there you can print them?! I hope that helps and have fun!!!

  3. I am having trouble understanding the instructions. When briefcase cards are eliminated, we see what’s in the envelope, but it’s discarded & the action is not performed, correct?

    1. Hi Sam! After you select your first round briefcase cards, open the envelopes and mark them off the game card. Then open a deal card. Your partner can either take the deal on the deal card OR keep selecting the briefcase cards hoping that the original one he choose is holding the ULTIMATE PRIZE OF PASSION! Don’t open the envelope your partner selected until hes decided he wants that as his final prize and NOT one of the options in the “deal” cards! I hope this helps! Its just like the tv show! 🙂 Best of luck and have fun!

  4. I love, love, love this idea!! This month is my turn for date night and we’ll be playing this. Thank you to everyone, you really are strengthening marriages:)

  5. Hi Loni,

    The printable are free for this game! On #2 click in briefcase cards and deal cards and on #4 click in game card and you will see all the printables!!!! Hope that helps!

  6. Hi! I’m trying to print the briefcase cards…i’ve clicked the highlighted link multiple times but nother ever shows up on the page aside from the banners at the top?

  7. just a quick question. If he decides to take a deal card, lets say in round 1 is the game over and you act on that card? or do you act on that card and continue to the next round?

    1. Hi Amber! You can really play it either way. If you play it close to the tv show, you would act on the card he took the deal on and be done! But if you’re up for it… you can definitely continue onto the next round! {wink wink} Have fun

  8. I cannot seem to find the “printables’ for this game?! Would you please let me know how to locate them?! I am soooooo looking forward to playing this! Thanks!

    1. Hey Jasmine! You can use one photo and link back to this post. 😉 We don’t allow any text to be copied or more than one photo to be used. Thanks for asking! XOXO

    1. Hi Nicole!!! On numbers 2 and 4 there are words highlighted in pink(the words are briefcase card, deal card and game card). When you click on those it will direct you to the printables…where you can then print them off. Hope that helps!!!!


  9. Hey!
    This game sounds really good
    However I have a few questions which are confusing me

    Firstly, is it 1 player playing or 2 taking turns?

    Secondly, When the spouse opens the deal card and reads it then decides not to take it , do they leave return it bak to the pile to be used again by next round?

    Thirdly loll, after they return the deal card what do they do with brief cards ? Do they act upon it when theyve opened them or act upon it at the end of the game ? What exactly do we do with briefcards

    Sorrry for the questions, cant remember tv show good and was confused =)

    Thanks !

    1. Hi Mary! 1. It is one player playing. (Your spouse) Just like the TV show. 2. If they decide not to take the deal, they don’t return it to the pile. It’s just out of the game. 3. You act upon the briefcase cards as your spouse picks them and they are “eliminated.” You act on the deal card at the end of the game when your spouse has accepted a “deal.” I hope that helps! XO