40 Easy and Creative Ways to Say I’m Sorry

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Ever experienced a disagreement, argument or tough situation and wanted a unique and meaningful way to say that you’re sorry? The truth is, we’ve all been there. We all make mistakes and there are certainly times when we stick our foot in our mouth. Today I’m sharing a BUNCH of “I’m Sorry” ideas that are sure-fire ways to better help all of us express our remorse!

Creative Ways to Say I’m Sorry

List of ways to say i'm sorry to your friends, family, and spouse. | The Dating Divas
List of ways to say I’m sorry.

Below you’ll find the best list of ideas for How to Say I’m Sorry, as well as Cute and Clever Apology Texts and Letters. Here’s to hoping you find the perfect way to show that person how sorry you feel!

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Ways to Say I’m Sorry to Someone You Hurt

  • Use your spouse’s apology language. Dr. Chapman, the author of The Five Love Languages, also wrote another amazing book called The Five Languages of Apology. He discovered that not only do our spouses need to receive love in the “love language” they relate to, but they also need to receive apologies in their “language of apology.”
  • Write “I’m sorry” all over white wrapping paper. Wrap up a gift and present it to your sweetie.
  • Create an I’m Sorry phrase with scrabble pieces. Leave it on the counter with a flower or yummy treat.
  • If you want to make them chuckle at your apology, give them a Snickers bar with the following note: “Sorry for what I said when I was HUNGRY!” If you don’t get this, you have to watch this Snickers Commercial for a good laugh and an ah-ha moment. 😉
  • Fellas this one is for you. Attach the following little note to a ring pop: “They say the best way to make up with a girl is to buy them a RING. I hope they’re right!”
  • Create an “I’m Sorry” candy gram to give to your babe and use candy to express your apology. Ideas such as, “I’m such an airhead,” or “I’m sorry for making 100 (1oo grand) mistakes.” Try to pick out some of their favorite candy when making your gram. (For a few more similar ideas, take a peek at this Candy Heart Message and The Valentine Date for a little help with your candy gram!)
  • Buy a package of gummy bears. Present them with this note: “I’m sorry I’m being such a BEAR during this rough patch. I don’t mean to be so gruff with you. Please forgive me and I’ll try harder to be your care BEAR!”
  • Write the following note: “Let’s CLEAR THE AIR. I’m sorry I let you down” and attach it to a yummy smelling candle, Febreeze, or perfume.
  • Attach this note to a package of M&M’s: “I MUST say I’ve MESSED up a lot! Enjoy a little bit of chocolate. It makes everything better. I love you!”
  • Attach a note on a new pair of your spouse’s favorite socks that says, “I am sorry for my mistake, but if you give me another chance, I am going to knock your SOCKS off.”
  • Grab a roll of toilet paper and write this note on it: “Sorry I made your day CRAPPY!” Make this roll extra special by unrolling the roll and writing little love notes on other parts of it.
  • Grab a bottle of sparkling cider, soda, or bubbles and attach a note that says “There’s nothing a little BUBBLY won’t cure.”
  • Before your spouse returns home, cut out different colors of paper hearts. Create a heart trail beginning at the front door. Snake the trail throughout the house, into different rooms, and ending in the bedroom. Pick different areas of the trail to place apology notes. At the end of the trail, stand waiting for them with two glasses of your favorite bubbly drink or a peace offering gift. Don’t forget to apologize again in person.
  • Buy a box of bandaids and tape this note to the box: “I apologize for HURTING you. How can I make it better?”
  • Secretly make the steamy Game of Love to help ease the tension and break the ice. Fold back the sheets just a tiny bit so a bit of the game is visible, just enough to get their attention and tease them a little. Leave a big note on top of your honey’s pillow that says “I’m sorry. Let’s make-up!!!!

Best Ways to Say Sorry in a Text or Letter

Ideas for Saying Sorry in a Text or Letter | The Dating Divas
Ideas for how to say “I’m Sorry” in a text or letter.
  • Make an old fashioned morse code into a remorse code sorry note. Use an old ticket stub or find antique looking paper, cut it to resemble the size of a telegram. At the top of your note, write “I’m sending you a remorse code.” Below that, use dots, dashes, commas, and backslashes for the middle message, representing your remorse code. Use the last line for your ‘I’m sorry’ message.
  • Write down all the reasons you love your honey on sticky notes. Stick them anywhere and everywhere you can think of (or even in the shape of a heart on your bathroom mirror, like this 100 Reasons I Love You idea.) On one of the notes, write “I’m sorry. Let’s make love, not war.” Take a peek at this Quick Gift For Him: List His Best Qualities for an easy idea to get you started on your notes.
  • Prepare a romantic crab dinner or a gift card to Joe’s Crab Shack with a note on your sweetie’s plate that says “I’m sorry I’ve been CRABBY. Let’s make up!
  • Create a secret code message for your spouse to figure out. Write down the alphabet A-Z & assign a symbol to each letter. For example: A = @, B = $, and so on. THEN – write an apology note to your spouse using the symbols, give him/her the key to the secret message & have them decode the message.
  • Use a Secret Message Writing Set to write an ‘I’m sorry’ note with magic markers. Leave the pen for your sweetheart to find the message.
  • Surprise your sweetie with a secret ‘I’m sorry’ message on a banana. Take a peek at this Banana Love Note post for instructions on how to make these banana notes.
  • Make an “I love you, I’m sorry” breakfast. Use a sausage for the I, a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make a heart-shaped egg, and a cookie-cutter shaped U for a pancake. (Or, cut a toasted bread into a U shape.) Place breakfast on a plate with a sticky note attached that says “I’m sorry.”
  • Make an “I’m sorry” message in a bottle for a quaint and simple gesture that says “I’m sorry.”
  • Pick up your sweetie’s favorite box of cereal and tape this note on the front of the box: “I’m so CEREALOUSLY sorry!!”
  • Write a letter to your spouse with words of thanks and sorry’s. The first sentence will be a ‘thank you’ sentence, the second an ‘I’m sorry’ sentence, the third a ‘thank you’, and so on. For example, ” Thank you for being my everyday real hero. I’m sorry for always wanting to be right. Thank you for constantly making me proud to be your spouse. I apologize for being so set in my ways.” Continue going between thank you’s and sorry’s until you’ve said I’m sorry completely.
  • “Can we just ERASE it and start over?” Write this note on a chalkboard and leave an eraser hanging over the chalkboard.
  • Create an apology ticket. Fill out the name of the offender and the recipient, a “statement” of what you’ve done wrong, sign, date, and give a report number. Create an “excuse” box with reasons why you’re sorry, an “I feel” box with reasons you feel bad, a “please forgive me” box with reasons why you’re asking for forgiveness. Include a section for “notes” at the end. Hand over your Official Apology and say, “I’m so sorry.”
  • Get out of the Dog House using this cute idea! Write an apology letter to your sweetie, and use these downloadable printables to show them you really mean it and will take the time to make it right.
  • Another cute idea is to Raindrop Love your room for them to unexpectedly discover. They will feel showered will love, and ready to forgive you!
  • Lighten the mood by giving an Apology Ticket after a disagreement has occurred. Simply fill out the printable and give it to your spouse for a unique and clever way to say, “I’m sorry!”
  • Write a cute apology note, tie it to your cat/dog’s collar and send them into the room towards your sweetie. If you have a disobedient pet, take a photo and send it to them instead.
  • Another banana idea: Grab a banana and make a banana split, attach a note that says, “Sorry I SLIPPED up!” on their spoon.
  • Before blowing up balloons, write messages on strips of paper explaining how bad you feel for the mistake you’ve made. Insert these message strips into balloons. Blow them up and write ‘I’m sorry’ on each balloon. ‘I’m sorry’ attack the room, their vehicle, or send them to their work.

Did you find a creative way to say Sorry? We hope so! You know what they say… making up is the best part. For more helpful advice, check out these posts:

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List of easy and creative ways to say I'm sorry. | The Dating Divas
Easy and Creative Ways to Say I’m Sorry.


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  1. I dented my BF’s car – badly!!!!
    He’s so mad he didn’t even respond when I told him.

    Don’t know how to say I’m sorry…

  2. So glad to have seen this lovely list. They gave me more humility spirit. I have to say kudos to you. You were right when you say “making it upon to someone is a responsibility.” This is where many people get it wrong in relationships: you offend your lover, say you won’t do such again theatrically and then you are back into same error the next moment. Complete apology is the one that has the responsibility of making it right – that’s what you’ve written here! Heaven on earth would be our experiences if we can be humble enough to take the responsibility of making things right. I want to duff my cap for you once more. Great job.

  3. I love all of these ideas! I used the idea for the socks and decided to create a sticky note of my own with that same wording! The link to it if you’d like to see it! I thought it was adorable! I’m going to make an I’m sorry basket of candy with the candy saying printables and fill it with new socks and some other little things of his to apologize. Even for the simplest I’m sorry, I like to say a BIG I’m sorry. I don’t like fighting at all. Thank you for the ideas!


    1. Heidi, that is such a cute idea!!!! Fighting is never fun but making up sure is! Thanks for sharing your idea with us! xox

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