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It’s that time of year again: Valentine’s Day! Are you looking for some romantic Valentine’s Day ideas to do something special for your sweetheart? What about V-day ideas to spoil the kiddos with? Between Valentine’s Day decorations, treats, gifts, and activities, it can be tough to know where to begin. Luckily, We’ve gathered the BEST of the BEST Valentine’s Day ideas all into ONE place for you. No need to go searching all over!

Romantic Valentine's Day ideas for couples | The Dating Divas
Couple sharing romantic Valentine’s Day ideas with one another

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 In this list, we’ve included our…

Basically, everything you’ll need to create a memorable and romantic Valentine’s Day for your loved ones. Just pick your favorite(s) from each section, and you are on your way to one really rockin’ V-day.

Are you ready to get started?!

Top 10 Valentine’s day Date Ideas

1.  Mission: Valentine — Love Hunt – Send your spouse on a fun scavenger hunt using our printable clue cards!

Romantic Valentine's Day idea involving "Mission: Valentine" hunt | The Dating Divas
Romantic Valentine’s Day idea of a Mission: Valentine scavenger hunt

2.  Fondue for Two – Grab the free invite, make up a batch of fondue, and turn a night at home into a memorable date!

Romantic Valentine's Day idea of woman holding "I'm so glad I fondue" sign in front of snack plate | The Dating Divas
Cute fondue tray with printable for an easy and romantic Valentine’s Day date

3.  Loveseat Lounge– The Loveseat Lounge is no further than your own living room.  Your elite reservation includes fine dining, an array of entertainment, and a night of romance!  

Romantic Valentine's Day ideas: candy, popcorn, and loveseat lounge invitation | The Dating Divas
Setting out popcorn, Whoppers, and loveseat lounge invitation are just a few romantic Valentine’s Day ideas

4.  The Love Shack –  How about a nice escape into your own little Love Shack?! And the best part? There’s no money or babysitter required!

The Love Shack Date Night Printables | The Dating Divas
Using these Love Shack date night printables are among our many romantic Valentine’s Day ideas

5.  Valentine’s Win It In Minutes – Invite your favorite couples over and start a little healthy competition between the husband and wives with this fun Valentine’s Party idea! We’ve included everything you’ll need!  

Valentine's Win It In a Minute printable games make for a perfect Valentine's Day date idea | The Dating Divas
Valentine’s Win It In a Minute games are the perfect Valentine’s Day date idea!

6.  Tied to You – We love simple romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, which makes this perfect! Grab our free printable love note along with some darling ideas for a “Tied to You” themed gift and date night.

Romantic Valentine Day Surprise Treats | The Dating Divas
Candy and an adorable note are fabulous Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

7.  Romantic Rose Petal Date –  We LOVE this romantic date! It’s all about the most romantic flower out there — ROSES! You can bathe with them, play a sexy game with them, and even cook with them!

Roses underneath rose petal game for Valentine's Day | The Dating Divas
This romantic rose petal game is a great Valentine’s Day idea

8.  Couple’s Cafe–  Turn your dining room into a cozy cafe for two with our printable menu. And trust me, he’s gonna LOVE the flirty prices on this menu.  

Dinner Date Couple's Cafe | The Dating Divas
Our “Couple’s Cafe” date night is one of our many great romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas!

9.  It’s a Love Match– This printable game is a fun way to connect with your spouse AND spice things up in the bedroom this Valentine’s.

Love Match sexy game for Valentine's Day fun | The Dating Divas
Love Match is a great romantic game idea for Valentine’s Day!

10.  Chocolate Tasting– Forget about wine and cheese — how about a chocolate tasting?! Download the FREE printables, grab some chocolate bars, and you’re set! 

Chocolate taste testing date for couples to enjoy on Valentine's Day | The Dating Divas
This chocolate tasting date is amazing if you need some good Valentine’s Day ideas!

Top 10 Valentine’s Gift Ideas

1.  Year of Dates Binder – Give a gift that will last all year long! Inside is a date for all 12 months already planned, prepared, and DONE!

Year of Dates Binder Set | The Dating Divas
Our Year of Dates binder is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea!

2.  The ABC’s of Us Book–  Use our printable book pages to let your spouse know that you love him all the way from A to Z!

Woman holding Valentine's gift booklet | The Dating Divas
The ABC’s of us are a great Valentine’s Day gift idea | The Dating Divas

3.  Cuddle Kit for 2– Who wouldn’t LOVE a night of cuddlin’, snugglin’, and lovin’ in a basket? It can be thrown together in a jiffy and even comes with a printable tag.

Valentine's Day cuddle kit for two | The Dating Divas
Valentine’s day gift ideas called “Cuddle Kit for Two”

4. Reasons Why I Love You Jar – How’d you like some darling FREE printables to put together this adorable (and tasty!) gift jar for your sweetheart? Fill up this jar with tasty treats and tell them why you love them!

Reese's in a jar labeled "Reasons Why I Love You" | The Dating Divas
Cute Valentine’s Day gift in a jar with printable label

5.  5 Senses: Bedroom Edition – Your sweetheart will LOVE this intimate gift basket that shows them you want to love them with ALL of your senses!

Intimate gift basket including printables about showing love to your spouse through the 5 senses  | The Dating Divas
Your sweetie’s 5 senses get the royal treatment with this gift basket, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

6.  Room Service– Give your sweetie some pampering and special treatment with the gift of room service. Printable door hanger, menus, and tag included!

Woman holding sexy date night invitation in front of lingerie - Valentine date ideas | The Dating Divas
Your spouse will love this sexy room service Valentine gift!

7.  Date Night Jar – This cute date night jar can easily be put together in a hurry! We have all of the printables you need, including ready-to-go date ideas and blank scraps where you can write your own ideas!

Date Night Jar easy Valentine's Day gift idea | The Dating Divas
Cute and easy Date Night Jar Valentine’s Day gift idea

8.  The All About YOU Basket – This customized gift is the perfect way to show your spouse all of the reasons why you love them AND include fun, coordinating gifts.

Valentine's Day customizable gift idea featuring "All About You" basket printables | The Dating Divas
A gift basket “All About You” that can be customized for Valentine’s Day

9.  Candy Bouquet – Most men aren’t huge fans of flowers, but I guarantee you that he’ll appreciate this tasty candy bouquet! While it’s perfect for any holiday, you can make it even more Valentine’s-appropriate by attaching these sexy puns to the candies!

Valentine's day gift idea candy bar bouquet with "We love you" sign in front of it | The Dating Divas
This candy bar bouquet makes the perfect Valentine’s day gift!

10.  “Hot For You” Punch Card – Grab our free printables and make your hubby his own Punch Card.  Every day’s a surprise, so PUNCH for your prize!

Cups holding slips of paper for Hot For You Punch Card - the perfect Valentine's Day idea | The Dating Divas
Our Hot For You punch card is a Valentine’s Day gift that your man will love!

For more ideas, check out Michelle’s Ultimate Valentine’s Gift Guide AND Kari’s round-up of 25 Valentine’s Gift Ideas Under $25.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

1.  Love Note Clothespin Wreath– This cute wreath works as a Valentine countdown with 14 coordinating love notes AND also doubles as darling decor!

2.  Valentine Decor Date – Combining date night AND Valentine’s Day AND decorating?! Sign us up! This post has adorable decor and will ensure you’re spending some romantic quality time with your spouse. Win/win!

3.  “I Love You” Banner– If you love fun little crafts but never seem to have time to put anything together, then this is the perfect one for you! We have done all the hard work — now you get to do the fun part and take all the credit! {Wink!}

4.  5 Love Quote Prints – One of our favorite designers turned five of our very favorite love quotes into gorgeous wall art. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or just cute bedroom decor!

5.  How Do I Love Thee?– Show your hubby some love AND add some cute Valentine’s decor to your home with this fun countdown.

Compliment your sweetie for 24 days with this Valentine's Day countdown.

6.  Kids Valentine’s Day Countdown – We are OBSESSED with this adorable kids’ countdown — and you will be, too! It’s the perfect (and cutest!) way to make memories with your kiddos for the holiday. {Psssst: we’ve got one for spouses, too!}

7.  Carved in a Tree– There’s just something so romantic about carving your initials in a tree. Don’t you agree? Here are 5 DIY gift ideas that can also double as romantic bedroom decor!  

8.  Family V-day Mailboxes– These family mailboxes look darling displayed in your home AND are a perfect way to start some fun family traditions. 

9.  Love Story Subway Art –  I fell in love with this idea as soon as I saw it. Turn your love story into a piece of art! It is absolutely darling, but also meaningful and romantic.

10.  “Two Little Lovers Sitting in a Tree” Decor – This personalized work of art is one of my favorites! It features your OWN love song! Just add your names to the hearts for a sweet and meaningful masterpiece.

Home Decor Gift Idea

For more V-Day decor ideas, check out Shanelle’s epic Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas list AND Lisa’s Valentine’s Day Round-up: Decor.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Love Notes

1.  Valentine’s Day Count Down Love Notes– This adorable printable features 14 little love note tags for you to stick onto coordinating snacks and treats for your sweetie.  Go on – make him smile!

Gum Valentine Love Notes

2.  12 Days of Valentine’s – Why should Christmas be the only holiday to enjoy 12 days of celebration!? Shower your man with with a little somethin’ somethin’ for 12 DAYS of Valentine’s!

12 Days of Valentines Ideas

3.  Punny Valentine’s Card – You know we love a good pun over here at the Dating Divas — and when it’s Valentine’s-themed? Yes, please! Your pun-loving sweetheart is going to adore these one-of-a-kind cards!

Valentine puns for your sweetie.

4.  “Open When” Letters – Use our free printables to make your own “Open When” letters. These are incredibly romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, and they’re the PERFECT gift idea for a long distance couple, or really for ANY couple!

5.  Car Love Notes – Sprinkle these cute love notes all over your spouse’s car for a fun surprise. Oh, and I totally recommend adding our “violation ticket” between the wipers and windshield! 

6.  Post-it Note Heart – “Oh, how I love thee… let me POST the ways!” Here’s a quick and easy idea. Write down all of the reasons why your love your sweetheart on Post-it notes and stick them on your bedroom wall in the shape of a heart.

Short Love notes

7.  Kissed the Ground You Walk On – Ready for a SUPER easy V-day idea? Print off this adorable sign, grab some Hersey’s kisses, hugs, & some rose petals…. and you are SET!! 

8. Love You a Hole Punch – Let your spouse know you love him a whole “Punch” with this cute love note set. It’s seriously the sweetest way to show some appreciation to your spouse AND encourage a little more romance at the same time.

9. Exploding Love Box – Not wanting to just use a traditional store-bought card this Valentine’s? Create your own exploding love box and fill the 24+ flaps with pictures and personalized messages for your sweetheart! 

Exploding Box Card

10. DIY Kids Valentines Cards – How cute are these cards?! We seriously can’t get over them. Trust us — your littles will eat this up! (Speaking of eating… These cards are perfect for attaching small treats to!)

Candy Kids Valentines Cards for class treats.

For more ideas, check out Cami’s round-up of 50+ Flirty, Fun, and FREE Love Notes! AND our round-up of 140 FREE Valentine Printables

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

1. Love Potion Drink Labels– Add “love potion” to the menu for your upcoming Valentine’s party… or just for a night in with you & your sweetheart with these free printable drink labels!

2. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries – Who doesn’t love a chocolate-covered strawberry? Make this romantic treat with your sweetheart for V-Day! And trust us, you’ll want to check out this link — with an easy game, you can end the night with an even sweeter treat!

3. Valentine Twinkies – Who knew that you could make such an elegant and festive dessert with Twinkies?! And the best part? No cooking required!

4. Valentine’s Lunch – Use these cute printables to make a delicious Valentine’s lunch — bonus points for using red and pink foods in the spirit of the holiday!

5.  Strawberry Heart Brownies– How darling are these brownies with the heart-shaped strawberry garnishes?!  Darling AND delicious? Count me in.

6.  Peek-A-Boo Pound Cake– Add a fun surprise to your baked treats this year. I’m pretty sure I’d be mom of the year if I made this peek-a-boo pound cake for my girls!

7.  Pink Sugar Cookies – How delicious and soft do these cookies look?! I’m drooling! I love how festive they are! Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

8.  Strawberry Shortcake Skewers – These strawberry shortcake skewers look divine — both to eat AND to look at! Plus, they’re easy enough to make that even the kids can help!

9.  Pink Punch– This pink punch would be the PERFECT drink to serve at Cupid’s Crazy Cafe. You’ll just need 7-UP, cranberry juice, raspberry sherbet, and frozen rasberries to keep it cold.

10. Pudding Parfaits – Simply layer colored pudding into glasses for a fancy but totally easy dessert. Check out this website for even more delicious Valentine’s Day-themed treats!

For more ideas, check out Wendy’s Valentine’s Day Food Round-up!

Oh, and if you’re serious about creating the BEST Valentine’s Day EVER for your loved ones, then don’t forget to snag your own copy of The ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day Printable Pack! It seriously has EVERYTHING you could ever want or need for Love Day!

We hope all of these romantic Valentine’s Day ideas got your wheels turning with excitement. Have the best Valentine’s Day ever!

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