Learn How to Seduce Your Spouse

The Art of Seduction: How to Seduce

Say goodbye to distracted, boring “let’s just get this over with” intimacy. Learning the art of seduction will change your thoughts and feelings during sex. Your partner will find you completely irresistible and be left wanting more of you. Not to mention, knowing how to seduce your spouse comes with a plethora of benefits for both your body, mind, and relationship.

Seduce your spouse using these tips and ideas. | The Dating Divas
A woman who knows how to seduce her man.

So much of the art of seduction is about your attitude. We will give you the best tips for cultivating an attitude and environment of mystery and desire. So read on for a quick and practical guide for learning the art of seduction.

Why You Should Still Seduce Your Spouse

Have you ever thought, “He doesn’t want me; he just wants sex,” or “Why doesn’t she ever try to get into it more?” Rid yourself of the negative thoughts that pop into your mind by learning how to seduce your lover. The art of seduction is an art because it is a real skill–perfected over time. Attracting someone is more than just trying to persuade them to be intimate with you. It is drawing them in subconsciously. Pulling at their primitive instincts in a way that makes you seem irresistible.

When you have been together for a while, sex can become robotic. However, if you take a chance and change things up, it will not only heat things up in the bedroom, but it can revive your whole relationship. Research backs this, showing us that having sex regularly strengthens the bond in your marriage and leads to greater relationship satisfaction.

A couple that has learned the art of seduction benefits in all aspects of their marriage. | The Dating Divas
A couple that has discovered the benefits of mastering the art of seduction.

Additionally, seducing your partner decreases stress and increases confidence. You are creating a great environment for love to flourish. So go for it! Do something risque and unexpected–seduce your spouse!

How to Seduce Your Partner

Do you want to become absolutely irresistible to your lover? Mastering the art of seduction takes time and focused attention to cultivate the right attitude and environment. Use these ideas to increase your desirability and become an expert at seducing your lover.

1. Focus on your daily interactions.

The first step in becoming irresistible to your spouse is focusing on how your interactions and behaviors change your chemistry. Dial down the unsexy nagging or unnecessary arguing and dial up the confidence and banter.

A couple that knows the art of seduction is mastered through having the right attitude. | The Dating Divas
Husband and wife seduce each other through flirtatious interactions.

A common rut couples fall into is being too predictable to each other. Do you always say things like, “put your phone down,” “you never ____,” “who are you texting?” These are everyday interactions in a relationship, but they tend to put out any sexual fire.

Instead, consider who you would want to come home to at the end of the day. What type of attitude, environment, and effort would increase your desire? When you consider it this way, you may see apparent changes you can make that would increase your attraction before you even head toward the bedroom.

2. Study your spouse sexually.

Take a mini-course on what attracts your partner to you. Where do you get the mini-course? From them! Talk to each other, ask questions, really dig in and find out their preferences and fantasies. Knowing what they find attractive and what turns them on does not ruin the surprise. Instead, it makes the seduction more arousing.

Learn how to seduce your spouse from your spouse! | The Dating Divas
A couple talks about their sexual preferences so they know how to seduce each other.

Consider asking these questions,

  • “When you find yourself daydreaming about sex, what are you imagining?”
  • “What is something I could do that would turn you on instantly?”
  • “What is something that you would love to try, but we haven’t yet?”
  • “What gets you most aroused before sex?”
  • “What part of foreplay is your favorite?”
  • “In your mind, what is the best sexual experience we have had together?”
  • “What’s something I do that’s not inherently sexy but makes you want me?”

Doing what your partner finds most tempting turns up the heat degree by degree. So when the time is finally right, they will be burning for you!

3. Use your mind to seduce your spouse.

It may sound unusual but using your mind is a significant factor in the true art of seduction. Intimacy can be so enjoyable if your mind is in it. However, on the flip side, being mentally removed can ruin the whole experience–for both of you.

Imagination plays a powerful role in the art of seduction. Thinking about sex builds excitement and anticipation in the body which increases your body’s ability to experience pleasure. So prepare your mind beforehand.

The art of seduction involves visualizing intimate moments between you and your partner. | The Dating Divas
Use visualization to seduce your partner.

Use visualization to create images in your mind. Imagine intense, pleasurable scenes between you and your spouse. Visualize how you will touch, how you will move, and how it will feel in your body. Preparing your mind will prepare your body. You will exude confidence, and your feminine or masculine energy will draw your partner in.

4. Flirt every chance you get.

Your body communicates with every person you come in contact with. With different people, your body feels more relaxed or tense, open or closed off. You should be mindful of the way your body reacts to your spouse. Cultivate a warm, open, nurturing energy for your partner.

Some other nonverbal ways you can flirt is by using eye contact to show your interest and draw them in. You should also increase how much you touch them. Make contact with them any time you pass by and linger a little longer.

Your body should be doing most of the flirting, but your words can also seduce your spouse. Considing texting sweet or spicy messages throughout the day to build the anticipation of seeing each other again.

The art of seduction includes sending spicy messages and increasing the anticipation. | The Dating Divas
A man sends flirtatious texts to seduce his wife.

When you are together, you can be flirty in a mysterious way by leaving some things unsaid. Increase the compliments and decrease any critical comments. We like people that we know like us. This also applies to marriage relationships. When you make your spouse feel like you like them, they will like you more. So let your admiration and flirtation flow; it will draw your partner in to you, making you more irresistible than ever!

5. Intentionally spice things up.

You may be thinking you are just not naturally a seductive person. If that is the case, adhere as closely to the tips as possible, then use the aid of some sexy games, toys, and activities. Let the games do the work for you. As you use them, relax and radiate confidence. Even if you don’t fully feel it, fake it until you get there. Confidence in the bedroom is the best way to seduce someone.

Knowing what your spouse is most into and considering your own preferences, you can use foreplay games, ideas that set the mood, or get adventurous and try something completely new.

Putting in the extra effort to bring new life to the bedroom will be exciting for your partner. Your open, adventurous attitude will leave them wanting more!

New games and sex toys can help you seduce your lover. | The Dating Divas
A woman using bedroom games to seduce her husband.

The Benefits of Learning the Art of Seduction

Learning to seduce your partner has more benefits than just being pleasurable in the moment. A significant benefit is that regularly seducing your partner creates closeness and intimacy. In addition, when you study your partner and take the time to find out what turns them on, you are giving them the gift of feeling truly known and cared for by you.

Regularly seducing your spouse has the added benefit of lowering your stress levels. This is done through the release of the hormone oxytocin. Even headaches can be treated through the rush of endorphins you get from being intimate with your partner. In addition, your sleep will even improve! So learning to seduce your spouse is great for your body all around.

While it is excellent for your health, it is even better for the health of your relationship. Knowing the art of seduction will spice up your sex life and bring a new element of passion to your marriage. Ultimately, you will feel closer and more tightly bonded with your partner. It’s a win-win all around!

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