Thanksgiving Games Post Dinner

Post Thanksgiving Family Games

Getting the family all together is what the holidays are all about. And since it can be so rare to have everyone together under one roof, it’s important that you make the most of your time together! To maximize your time as a family, don’t let the Thanksgiving festivities end after dinner. Use any of our 50 fun Thanksgiving games as post-dinner bonding time with family and friends. We’ll even let you in on a little secret… some of these ideas can even be used to occupy the kiddos while dinner or while the adults are spending time together.

No matter what you’ve got planned this Thanksgiving, we’ve got you covered. Our Thanksgiving family games and activities are the best way to make lasting memories with those you love!

After Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

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You are sure to be the hit of the holiday with these fun and unique Thanksgiving dinner games! Now think about your guest list and find the PERFECT activity to fit each age group. Below we have 2 different groups of ideas:

  • Post Thanksgiving Activity Ideas
  • Fun Thanksgiving Games

Post Thanksgiving Activities

In this category, you’ll find super fun Thanksgiving activity ideas that the whole family can enjoy or just the kids can participate in.  From scavenger hunts to learning games, we’ve got a variety of ideas to keep everyone busy and capture the spirit of the holiday. Sometimes finding Thanksgiving activities for adults can feel a little bit silly, but we promise that once you get going, everyone will quickly get into the spirit of it!

25 Post Thanksgiving Activities

Alphabet Turkey Match {I Heart Crafty Things}  – Using a collection of bottle caps, create a darling turkey and have your toddler match the letters in the caps with the letters on the feathers for a perfect holiday themed educational activity.

Candy Corn Relay {The Inspired Tree House} – Have kids race through a course holding a spoon full of candy corn. Whichever team gets more candy corn in their bowl at the end, wins.

Thanksgiving Bingo {The Dating Divas} – Keep your family and company entertained on Thanksgiving Day with these fun and free Bingo Cards and Thanksgiving Day Scavenger Hunt!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt {The Dating Divas} – Clues and activities for a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt the whole family can enjoy! Includes scavenger hunt ideas, riddles for adults and kids, and more!

November When {The Dating Divas} – Place one of these darling printables on everyone’s plate to allow them to share their favorite Thanksgiving memory. Then, use them as great conversation pieces over dinner!

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages {1+1+1=1} – A sure way to keep kids distracted during post-dinner clean up!

Thanksgiving Mad Libs {How Does She}  – Who doesn’t love Mad Libs?! Also a fun activity.

Thanksgiving Mad Libs for Kids {24/7 Moms} – Here is an easier version of Mad Libs that allows the younger guests to participate.

Thankful From A-Z {The Crafting Chicks} – This is a great activity for elementary age and older! Ask everyone to list things they are thankful for, starting with each letter of the alphabet.

Blessing Bag {The Dating Divas} – Use our darling Blessing Bag printables to create a thoughtful gift bag and give it to a neighbor or friend.

Photobooth Props {The Dating Divas} – Set up a fun photo booth station in your house and grab some great pictures of the family!

Thanksgiving Conversation Cards {Happy Home Fairy} – A great set of activity cards that get the family together.

Turkey Feathers {The Idea Room} – Gather the kids around a die and the printable cards and see who can roll numbers 1-6 first!

You’ve Been Gobbled {The Dating Divas} – Fill a bag of treats and place it on the doorstep of friends or neighbors for a thoughtful surprise.

Thanksgiving RAOK {The Dating Divas} – We’ve created the ULTIMATE list of service ideas for the perfect “giving” time of year. Complete some of these tasks after dinner!

Thanksgiving Would You Rather {Classroom Freebies}  – A game of “Would You Rather” is always telling. Learn more about your kiddos’ preferences.

Thanksgiving Thankful Letter {DGreetings} – Grab a card perfect for your friends or family and share it with them over the long weekend.

Thankful Treasure Hunt {A Girl and a Glue Gun} – Have your kids list things they are thankful for and then have them search for them while they wait for dinner, dessert or other activities.

Dancing Corn Science Activity {Little Bins for Little Hands} – Grab your science-loving kid and have fun with this experiment!

Candy Pumpkin Engineering {Lemon Lime Adventures} – Let your little builder build fun structures out of candy pumpkins and toothpicks.

Flying Turkey {Frugal Fun 4 Boys} – Have a house full of boys?! This activity is for you! Set up some “turkeys” and allow your kiddos to shoot them down with a nerf gun or even just a ball.

Pumpkin Ring Toss {Meaningful Mama}  – A simple concept but so much fun! With some rings and pumpkins, you are all set!

Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher {Bren Did} – Cootie catchers are always the best! This one is just darling!

Fun Thanksgiving Games

After dinner, it’s time to work off some of that food! Beat the “tired” by getting the family involved in any of these fun Thanksgiving family games! We have so many awesome Thanksgiving dinner games that you’re sure to create lasting memories with those you love. After all, that’s what the holidays are all about!

25 Post Thanksgiving Game Ideas

Thankful “FOUR” {The Dating Divas} – A fun game of Connect Four that allows you to share what you are thankful for.

Thanksgiving Traditions Bingo {The Dating Divas} – A version of Bingo that discusses Thanksgiving traditions.

Thanksgiving Scattergories {U Create}  – This is a sure hit for family fun!

Turkey Land {Modern Homemakers} – If you love Candy Land then you’ll LOVE Turkey Land!

Touch Football {Wall Street Journal} – A classic Thanksgiving game, touch football will burn off that pumpkin pie for sure!

Turkey Tag {Teach Beside Me} – Attach feathers to the tail of your shirt and play tag. The idea is to grab feathers off your opponent’s shirt. Once you’re out of feathers, you’re out of the game!

Turkey Bowling {The Dating Divas} – How cute is this setup!? Decorate some gourds and aim for a strike!

Roll a Turkey {Inspiration Made Simple} – This is an EASY game for young kids!

Don’t Eat Tom {Prepared Not Scared} – Grab M&M’s and this printable board game for a tasty, after-dinner game!

Thanksgiving Family Feud {Teachers Pay Teachers} – Who doesn’t love family feud?! Now, you have a Thanksgiving version!

Thanksgiving Board Game {Amazon} – Add this to your family traditions! The perfect game to enjoy during family time.

Turkey Baster Pom Pom Race {School Time Snippets} – This makes me chuckle. Drop some pom-poms on the floor and give each child a turkey baster to see who can blow the pom-pom across the floor the fastest.

Turkey Rockets {Growing a Jeweled Rose} – Your kids will LOVE this game. Adhere a turkey to a balloon and attach the balloon to a straw and rocket your balloon down a string!

Turkey Trivia {Craftaholics Anonymous} – Test your Thanksgiving knowledge with a little Turkey Trivia.

Racing Turkeys {Mom Inspired Life}  – Develop motor skills and teach numbers by rolling a die and moving your clothespin turkey up the number line.

Stuff the Turkey {Kid Friendly Things to Do} – Create a darling turkey out of a brown paper bag and then toss paper balls inside!

Pumpkin Win It in a Minute Games {The Dating Divas} – This along with other ideas shared in this post are SURE to be a hit at your Thanksgiving get together.

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe {Blue iStyle} – Spray paint some small pumpkins and create a DIY tic tac toe board gorgeous enough to use as a table centerpiece.

Don’t Topple the Teepee {The Inspired Tree House} – Tape together a number of pencils and have kids take turns removing one at a time. The first to make the “teepee” topple, loses.

Pin the Feather on the Turkey {Living Well Mom} – A simple DIY game of pin the feather on the turkey!

There is just too much fun listed all in one place!And if you’re looking for more than just activities or games, check out any of our Thanksgiving Traditions for the Family to make this the most memorable holiday of the year! Also, be sure to check out our Free Thanksgiving Day printables!

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