68 Epic & Fun Thanksgiving Games for After Your Thanksgiving Feast

Best Thanksgiving Games to Play with Family

We absolutely LOVE a big Thanksgiving feast, but it’s the Thanksgiving games afterward that we are ALL about! We’ve scoured the internet to find you the very best Thanksgiving games and Thanksgiving activities for families to enjoy after their meal! We even have them organized into one easy-to-read list so you can pick and choose the very best Thanksgiving activities for your crew. Check these out!

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Table of Contents
  1. Best Thanksgiving Games to Play with Family
  2. Fun Family Thanksgiving Games For Kids
  3. Thanksgiving Games for Adults
  4. Thanksgiving Games for Families
  5. Thanksgiving Activities at the Table
  6. Gratitude Thanksgiving Activities for Families

Fun Family Thanksgiving Games For Kids

Gather a few of these simple Thanksgiving activities for kids to keep them entertained while you complete all of your preparations! With activities ranging from playing tag outdoors to simple table games for kids, you are sure to find something that will fit your specific group’s needs.

Instructions for simple Thanksgiving games for kids. | The Dating Divas
Thanksgiving games instructions for kids.
  1. Turkey Hunt – Hide these printable turkeys for the little ones to find. It will keep them occupied and is a lot of fun.
  2. The Gratitude Game  – Punch a hole in the poster board to reveal the Thanksgiving activities and ideas.
  3. Gratitude Photo Scavenger Hunt  – Use the printable list to search for items in various categories. Add a camera to document your finds.
  4. Kindness Cootie Catchers  – Play this cootie catcher game to reveal which act of service/kindness you will do!
  5. Don’t Eat Pete (the Turkey)!  – This is a fun Thanksgiving spin on the game, “Don’t Eat Pete.”
  6. Turkey Feathers Game  – Race to find the feathers (aka clothespins) and see who can complete their turkey in time.
  7. Thanksgiving Day Parade Bingo  – Add a little extra fun to watching the traditional Macy’s day parade with this BINGO card.
  8. Placemat Games – This idea includes several placemat options that will keep the little ones occupied.
  9. Thanksgiving I Spy Game  – Play this game and search to find iconic Thanksgiving symbols and images.
  10. Thanksgiving Joke Teller  – Remember those paper fortune tellers from your school days? Try this twist that has Thanksgiving jokes hidden inside.
  11. Roll a Turkey  – Roll the die to know what element to add to your turkey craft.
  12. Turkeyland  – This game puts a fun, Thanksgiving spin on Candyland.
  13. Don’t Topple the Teepee  – Play this game by taking a bundle of sticks and placing them inside the loop. Then take turns carefully pulling out one stick at a time. The first one who crashes the teepee loses!
  14. Turkey Day Placemat  – Keep the little ones busy by coloring their own table setting and completing various Thanksgiving-themed activities.

Thanksgiving Games for Adults

This holiday is all about bringing the family together (adults included!) So while most of these Thanksgiving games could be played by all ages, these are our favorite Thanksgiving games that are adult-approved!

Minute to Win It Thanksgiving games for families. | The Dating Divas
A set of Minute to Win It Thanksgiving games.
  1. Pumpkin Win it in a Minute  – Add a little friendly competition with these hilarious, fall-themed Thanksgiving games.
  2. Friendsgiving Dinner – Celebrate the holiday with the “family you choose” – your friends! This link will take you to free customizable printables to organize and decorate for your own Friendsgiving!
  3. Pie Night Tradition  – So much food and so little time. Extend the holiday a little by having a night dedicated entirely to pies!
  4. Thanksgiving Mad Libs  – Everyone loves this classic childhood game. Fill in the blanks to create wacky, wild stories about Thanksgiving.
  5. Thanksgiving Scattergories  – Put your post-Thanksgiving dinner brain to the test with this fun twist on the game of Scattergories.
  6. Thank’phone’ness Challenge  – Pull out your phones for a wacky, Thanksgiving photo scavenger hunt.
  7. Thanksgiving Family Feud – Bring the family together for a little friendly competition, and face off to answer these Thanksgiving-themed questions.
  8. The “Best” Thanksgiving Group Game – This is a hilarious group game in which teams select someone to represent their team in a superlative, such as the tallest or the fastest. The twist? No one knows the part that comes next!
  9. Thanksgiving Minute to Win it Games  – Try these additional silly Thanksgiving games that only take a minute!
  10. Thanksgiving Trivia Game  – Gather some family facts and see how well your family knows them. Some great examples are included in this post.
  11. Turkey Trot  – Organize a little running race for your family before the big meal.
  12. The Left-Right Game  – Start by selecting a prize (or prizes) to pass around a circle. As you read the story, you will pass the prize to the left or right every time you hear that word.

Thanksgiving Games for Families

We love playing games that appeal to all ages, don’t you? So check out the following Thanksgiving activities for families!

Thanksgiving games for families who like Charades. | The Dating Divas
Charade prompts to use during Thanksgiving games.
  1. Thanksgiving Charades – This is a super fun twist on the classic game of charades, and is one of our favorite Thanksgiving family games!
  2. Thanksgiving Bingo  – A classic game that is perfect for large groups. Place your marker on various traditional Thanksgiving images.
  3. Scavenger Hunt With Thanksgiving Activities – Try this unique Thanksgiving scavenger hunt. So much fun for the whole family!
  4. Turkey Bowling  – This idea is both a craft and a Thanksgiving game, and is a whole lot of fun! These printables give you everything you need (minus the squash).
  5. Shooting Turkeys  – For the wildest of Thanksgiving activities, gather your nerf guns and aim at turkeys drawn on helium-filled balloons.
  6. Flying Turkey – Flying Turkey is a little twist on the shooting turkey idea that uses paper cups instead of balloons.
  7. Thanksgiving Pictionary  – Thanksgiving family games don’t get much better than this. A little bit of skill and a lot of guessing make this one so fun for the whole family.
  8. Stuff the Turkey  – A game of toss with this brown bag turkey will be a hit with the whole family.
  9. Turkey Baster Relay  – Race to get the turkey feather across the line using only a turkey baster.
  10. Shake Your Tail Feather – This post includes twelve hilarious Thanksgiving Games for adults and kids alike!
  11. Candy Dice Game  – Roll the dice to earn (or lose!) assorted candy pieces.
  12. Pumpkin Stomp – Start by filling orange balloons with small prizes. Then, race to stomp and pop the balloons to get your prize.
  13. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt – These printable clues will lead your group around the house in search of clues.
  14. Turkey Tag  – Get your family up and moving with this creative mixture of tag and flag football. It’s perfect for the whole family!
  15. The Thanksgiving Charades Game  – In this board game, players experience different Thanksgiving Games such as ThanksGiving, ThanksGuessing, and ThanksSharing.
  16. Photo Booth Props  – Capture the memories of your family gathered together by adding these fun props.
  17. The Gratitude Game: Pick Up Sticks  – In this fun twist to the game of pick up sticks, each color guides you to questions about gratitude.

Thanksgiving Activities at the Table

We believe that what happens around the table is just as important as what’s on it. That’s why these dinner-friendly Thanksgiving family games take the cake!

Gratitude questions to get people talking. | The Dating Divas
Thanksgiving activities and conversation cards.
  1. Thanksgiving Conversation Starters  – Get the conversation focused on the meaning of Thanksgiving with these unique Thanksgiving conversation starters.
  2. Gratitude Tree – Draw a large tree on butcher paper and fill it in with the things you are grateful for.
  3. Coloring Tablecloth  – This tablecloth provides places for the kiddos to color as well as some fun Thanksgiving games and activities.
  4. Engineer Print Tablecloth to Color  – Engineer prints are a super inexpensive way to create a DIY giant coloring sheet for the little kid’s table.
  5. Table Spinner  – This is a little ‘spin’ on the game Spin the bottle. Spin the arrow to take turns answering questions.
  6. Would You Rather? – These unique questions act as both a fun game and will provide lots of conversation for the Thanksgiving table.
  7. M&M Gratitude Game  – This is a fun way to share what you are grateful for this year.
  8. Thanksgiving Jokes  – Pull out some of these Thanksgiving jokes and prepare for laughter.
  9. Thankful Basket  – In this activity, guests write something they are grateful for and place it in a basket or cornucopia. At the table, pass the basket around and have people randomly choose a paper to read aloud. Then, everyone tries to guess who wrote it!
  10. Conversation Cards and Tasks  – These printables include questions and funny tasks for your family and friends to complete.

Gratitude Thanksgiving Activities for Families

Sometimes amidst the family gatherings, the football, and the food, the focus on gratitude gets a little lost. So here are a few of our favorite Thanksgiving activities to keep you thankful all month long!

Activities and printable decor to use in November. | The Dating Divas
Printable banner and other gratitude-based Thanksgiving activities.
  1. Thanksgiving Countdown – This idea includes two unique ways to countdown to Thanksgiving.
  2. Service Bucket Lists  – These lists are perfect for getting your family serving during the season.
  3. Holiday Bucket List – Try this list of classic and memorable Thanksgiving activities with your family.
  4. Random Acts of Kindness  – This post includes an amazing list of 101 simple ways to serve to offer some inspiration, and printable tickets.
  5. 101 Ways to Say Thank You  – This month is all about giving thanks. Here are a lot of creative ways to express that gratitude.
  6. Gratitude Journal  – Share your gratitude in a very personal way with this gratitude journal.
  7. 27 Days of Gratitude Challenge  – This post has plenty of ideas on how to show gratitude for your loved ones.
  8. 70 Ways to Teach Your Children Gratitude  – The happiest people are the most grateful. Help your children build a strong sense of gratitude using any one of these ideas.
  9. The Kindness Elf  – Looking for an alternative to your Elf on the Shelf? Utilize him during the Thanksgiving season to be on the lookout for kind acts.
  10. The Giving Jar  – Start this jar with the intention of it getting passed on and on. Free printables explain this fun tradition!
  11. Gratitude Posters – Included are five different poster options to hang on the wall.
  12. The 12 Days of Gratitude – With one for each of the 12 days leading up to Thanksgiving, these cards provide a simple activity that is great for teaching thankfulness.
  13. You’ve Been Gobbled  – Drop off some goodies to a neighbor in need for a special holiday.
  14. Blessing Bag  – Fill bags to take to others in need and bless their lives.
  15. The Turkey Ticket  – Keep track of all of your many blessings and watch this list grow and grow!

Was that a great list or what?! It is surprising how much a simple game can change the whole family environment. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and make many new memories!

And now that you have your Thanksgiving games all picked out, here is a little help for you to plan your meal! Check out our Thanksgiving Meal Planner as well as these delicious Thanksgiving Recipes.

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