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We began this lil’ venture of dating our spouses, just like anyone else…..waaay back before we said, “I Do”! Back when dates were the most important element of our life and held a high status over all else. {WINK} Being at the top of our lists, the focus on dating helped us fall MADLY in love with the men we now call our DEAR husbands. Since those dating years some of us have had children, finished school, started careers, and quite simply have embarked on what we know now as, “The Married Life”. We all know that marriage can become TOO comfortable {a.k.a. routine} and dating your amazing spouse – the way you did when first falling in love… is the sure-fire way to keep that SPARK in marriage!  We are sharing with you the SECRETS to our success! We hope that you will find ideas that keep your marriage healthy, happy, and full of love!

In a nutshell, each Monday the Divas will offer an awesome date already completely planned for your upcoming weekend! {Aw geez… you’re totally welcome!} Throughout the rest of the week we’ll also post quick & easy ideas to serve your spouse, unforgettable family outings and activities with the kids, intimate moment ideas to spice things up in that room, and fun “romance” crafts to boot! There is definitely something for every couple!  {Don’t forget to check out our archives for dates you may have missed!}

Our Mission Statement:

We are wives, mothers, sisters, and friends who strive to enrich marriages everywhere. We want to celebrate the gift of marriage while inspiring others to do the same. It is our goal to provide creative, inexpensive, and innovative dating ideas that will bring joy, fun, and excitement back into the relationship. We encourage all married men and women to take a conscious and proactive approach to investing in their spouse. By putting our spouses first, we are taken back to the simple magic of being head over heels in love again. We desire to help make lasting marriages, which in return will create everlasting families.

Below you'll find all of the "Dating Divas." Select an author below to read the full bio and see a list of articles she has written.

About Tara

I am an outgoing and fun-lovin’ gal who was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams! You could probably say I am…

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Tara's Fun Facts

Married To: Jamie

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Umm…I plead the 5th! (Rick’s College... we were bored... ‘nuff said!)

Good At: Anything Creative & Making Lists

In The "Before" Life: 5th Grade Teacher {Now a full-time blogger!}

Scared Of: Deep Water, The Dark, Creepy Bugs

Worst Household Chore: Toilets, Dusting, & Mopping (Ok, ok….ALL of it! I am NOT a Fan of Cleaning!)

Posts By Tara: 181

About Cami

I am a fun-loving, down to earth girl. I love anything from the outdoors to a night in, but everything that I do…

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Cami's Fun Facts

Married To: Joseph

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Scuba diving

Good At: Socializing

In The "Before" Life: Special Education Teacher

Scared Of: Tight spaces

Worst Household Chore: Bathrooms!!!

Posts By Cami: 73

About Kari

I am a very outgoing person that loves spending time with my family and friends. I have a thirst for knowledge, I am completely…

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Kari's Fun Facts

Married To: Adam

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Cliff Diving off a 20 ft. cliff In The Dark (...and bungee jumping...)

Good At: Snow Skiing & Cooking

In The "Before" Life: Marketing/Business Development

Scared Of: Drowning, Being buried alive, Someone hurting my children

Worst Household Chore: Cleaning hair out of the bathtub drain (Disgusting!)

Posts By Kari: 112

About Wendy

I am crazy athletic and super fun! And I can’t get enough of my family and friends! I have an amazing hubby and 3…

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Wendy's Fun Facts

Married To: Nate

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Sky Diving!

Good At: Being a mom, friend, and playing soccer

In The "Before" Life: Mortgage Business

Scared Of: Snakes! And losing my family...

Worst Household Chore: Toilets!

Posts By Wendy: 103

About Candice

Candice married her college sweetheart and is a mama to 2 adorable Shih-Tzu puppies. She has a passion for making handmade cards, discovering…

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Candice's Fun Facts

Married To: James

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Parasailing over the coast of Turks and Caicos... fortunately, the boat's engine stalled after we landed!

Good At: Organizing, cooking, scrapbooking

In The "Before" Life: Nonprofit Fundraising

Scared Of: Spiders!

Worst Household Chore: Cleaning bathrooms

Posts By Candice: 69

About Michelle

Michelle loves anything that sparkles, everything dealing with love, warm summer rays, and her hot hubby. She finds balance in life by…

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Michelle's Fun Facts

Married To: Only the hottest firefighter in town, Weston

Craziest Thing Ever Done: On our honeymoon we went kayaking, which ended with us swimming with the sharks.

Good At: I have a knack for creating naughty games, I run a little shop full of them!!!

In The "Before" Life: I blogged about keeping the marriage "spark" alive and spicy.

Scared Of: Sharks freak me out! Minus the sharks, the beach is my favorite place ever!

Worst Household Chore: I detest cleaning the toilets and folding laundry.

Posts By Michelle: 64

About Paige

I am an energetic girl, who loves thrift shopping, fitness, fun and anything coffee! I am lucky enough to be married to my true…

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Paige's Fun Facts

Married To: Tim

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Moving 12 hours away from home, only knowing my husband!

Good At: being thrifty and organizing!

In The "Before" Life: High School Marketing Teacher

Scared Of: Losing the ones I love!

Worst Household Chore: Dishes! Sticky or soggy food creeps me out!

Posts By Paige: 66

About Becca

Besides my hilariously witty husband, I love a good book, sappy songs, old black-and-white movies, cute crafts, and all things chocolate. With three…

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Becca's Fun Facts

Married To: Enoch

Craziest Thing Ever Done: I ate fried ants in China

Good At: Making lists & planning parties

In The "Before" Life: School Teacher

Scared Of: Bugs & rodents (Ewww)

Worst Household Chore: Bathrooms!

Posts By Becca: 107

About Sarina

Sarina is a Spanish-speaking, theater-teaching, ballroom dancer & Zumba instructor with a conviction of the importance of dating her love! She met her Prince…

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Sarina's Fun Facts

Married To: Christian

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Swam with whale sharks

Good At: All things creative

In The "Before" Life: Teacher (still am!)

Scared Of: Poking my eye

Worst Household Chore: Folding laundry

Posts By Sarina: 71

About Julie

Julie’s favorites are her husband, her children, Downton Abbey, root beer slushes, and really good pasta.

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Julie's Fun Facts

Married To: Paul

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Bungee jumping 2x in a row!

Good At: Putting things together

In The "Before" Life: Teaching in the US, Canada, and Japan

Scared Of: Strange noises at night

Worst Household Chore: Cleaning the tile

Posts By Julie: 67

About Chrissy

Chrissy is a loyal Army wife to her hot soldier hubby, she was raised in California but now calls Texas home, and she loves…

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Chrissy's Fun Facts

Married To: Zach

Craziest Thing Ever Done: backpacking in Europe with 3 other friends for 6 weeks!

Good At: staying positive in a crazy world

In The "Before" Life: college professor and part-time photographer

Scared Of: weirdos

Worst Household Chore: cooking (it's a chore to ME!)

Posts By Chrissy: 43

About Hilary

I am a passionate and energetic mother to five beautiful children. I love reading books and playing with them, planning and going on…

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Hilary's Fun Facts

Married To: Rusty

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Asked Rusty to marry me after knowing him for 6 weeks!

Good At: Being a mom and baking

In The "Before" Life: Taught preschool

Scared Of: mice and scary movies

Worst Household Chore: Mopping

Posts By Hilary: 1

About Emily

I am a creative, adventurous, happy newlywed married to the man of my dreams! My cute husband lets our little bungalow be the Pinterest…

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Emily's Fun Facts

Married To: Jordan

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Zip-lined in the Costa Rican jungle

Good At: Being the queen of crafts

In The "Before" Life: Advertising Student {still am!}

Scared Of: Large spiders

Worst Household Chore: Cleaning out the vaccuum

Posts By Emily: 12

About Stacy

I’m the wife of a brilliant medical student and SAHM of two little ones. Any free time I get is spent reading, crafting, Pinterest-surfing,…

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Stacy's Fun Facts

Married To: Zach

Craziest Thing Ever Done: I ate a fried mealworm for extra credit in my freshman Biology class at college!

Good At: Baking & watching Netflix (usually at the same time)

In The "Before" Life: BA in Creative Writing

Scared Of: Someone breaking into the house. *shivers*

Worst Household Chore: Laundry. I would rather scrub a toilet than fold a load of laundry!

Posts By Stacy: 2

About Camille

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Camille's Fun Facts

Married To: Brandon

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Scuba Diving and Swam with Sharks!!

Good At: Organizing and Pinteresting! :)

In The "Before" Life: Mary Kay Sales Director

Scared Of: Losing A Loved One

Worst Household Chore: Anything in the bathroom.. Showers mainly

Posts By Camille: 4

About Guest Blogger

These posts are from amazing Guest Bloggers we’ve been lucky enough to work with. **We are currently BOOKED with Guest Bloggers for the rest…

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Guest Blogger's Fun Facts

Posts By Guest Blogger: 44

The fabulous divas who've shared ideas with us in the past.

About Kiirsten

I am a vivacious diva with a passion for life and my roles as a wife, a mother, and friend.

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Kiirsten's Fun Facts

Married To: Brian

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Moving in with a complete stranger

Good At: Flirting with my husband, Budgeting

In The "Before" Life: Executive Assistant

Scared Of: My kids being in danger or getting hurt

Worst Household Chore: Steam mopping the kitchen

Posts By Kiirsten: 42

About Corie

I enjoy life! My family is my everything. I enjoy shopping and decorating and of course…being a DIVA!

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Corie's Fun Facts

Married To: Jared

Craziest Thing Ever Done: I once entertained a large Vegas crowd with karaoke singing....and I can't sing!

Good At: Shopping and Crafts

In The "Before" Life: A School Teacher

Scared Of: Mice

Worst Household Chore: Dishes

Posts By Corie: 76

About Kristen

In December 2005, I married the most amazing man who compliments me perfectly. Together we love to travel, discover new places, and live an…

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Kristen's Fun Facts

Married To: Jason

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Having a child and being responsible for anothers life.

Good At: Doing hair and Planning

In The "Before" Life: Hairstylist

Scared Of: Something bad happening to the ones I love

Worst Household Chore: Folding laundry

Posts By Kristen: 52

About Erika

I married the love of my life and enjoy being with him and our son. We love to try new things – traveling, food,…

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Erika's Fun Facts

Married To: Justin

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Went to Albania for 10 days not knowing anything

Good At: List Making, Organization, & Crafting

In The "Before" Life: 5th Grade Teacher

Scared Of: Embarrassment, losing a loved one, tripping, and returning phone calls!

Worst Household Chore: Ironing & Unloading the Dishwasher

Posts By Erika: 66

About Lisa P.

I love my family and enjoy all of the little things. My husband is my best friend and we enjoy doing many things together….

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Lisa P.'s Fun Facts

Married To: Brent

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Too many to share...

Good At: Listening and Organizing

In The "Before" Life: 5th Grade Teacher (Still Working)

Scared Of: Tight Spaces

Worst Household Chore: Cleaning the Toilet

Posts By Lisa P.: 60

About Bridget

I am a girl who loves my husband, and adores my babies! I love to go out but I am content to stay home…

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Bridget's Fun Facts

Married To: Justin

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Moved away to see if a boy would follow me, and he did and I married that boy!

Good At: Loving my babies

In The "Before" Life: Mortgage Company

Scared Of: Earthquakes and Fires

Worst Household Chore: Laundry

Posts By Bridget: 25

About Lisa M.

I am a wife to one, mom to five, and pet owner to two. I consider myself very fulfilled in this journey we call…

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Lisa M.'s Fun Facts

Married To: Dominick

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Get ready for it..........I Modeled a swimsuit on TV just 8 weeks after delivering my triplets!

Good At: Running my house and home, even on the craziest of days.

In The "Before" Life: I was a hairstylist.....still am!

Scared Of: Folding laundry!!! As well as creepy, crawly, slimy and slithering things. Not to mention, heights, deep water, and flying.

Worst Household Chore: I'm going to sound repetative here.....But folding and putting away laundry is the worst!!

Posts By Lisa M.: 27

About Angie

Angie is a homeschooling mom of four who has been married to her true love for almost fourteen years. After meeting her husband online…

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Angie's Fun Facts

Married To: Jeremy

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Had four kids. :)

Good At: Organization, teaching, and being a mom

In The "Before" Life: I got married at 19, so I didn't really have a "before" life.

Scared Of: Scary movies and bees.

Worst Household Chore: Definitely, scrubbing the bathtub!

Posts By Angie: 34

About Jess

Jess is a happy girl who is thrilled to be married to her favorite person in the whole world. She spends her days…

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Jess's Fun Facts

Married To: My favorite person in the whole world, Jeremy!

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Swimming with stingrays and scuba diving even though I'm terrified of the ocean!

Good At: Documenting the life of my children through photography and scrapbooks!

In The "Before" Life: Well, I got married after a semester of college, so my “before” life consisted of schooling.

Scared Of: SHARKS! And the ocean in general. But I love the beach!

Worst Household Chore: Dishes and taking out the garbage! Yuck!

Posts By Jess: 4

About Robin

I am a fun-loving, busy mama of 3 little cutie-patooties. I met the man of my dreams when I was in 5th grade!…

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Robin's Fun Facts

Married To: Zac

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Had two babies 16 months apart!

Good At: Party planning, and coming up with fun projects for my kids.

In The "Before" Life: I was a high school kid :-)

Scared Of: BEES. I swear they chase me...

Worst Household Chore: Without a doubt, LAUNDRY.

Posts By Robin: 27

About Stephanie

Stephanie is soon to be the mother of 3 kids under 3. Some people say that’s crazy, but with the support of her amazing…

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Stephanie's Fun Facts

Married To: Jon Jon

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Placed 2nd in the World Cup Staking Championships

Good At: Reading Books to my Kids

In The "Before" Life: I went to Miss Idaho twice, I was also in the movie Napoleon Dynamite

Scared Of: Expired Food

Worst Household Chore: Mopping

Posts By Stephanie: 10

About Nisha

I am a work hard, play hard kind of gal and lucky to have a man in my life that balances me out! …

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Nisha's Fun Facts

Married To: Adam

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Climbing a mountain that's 11,749 feet high, just six weeks after birthing a baby!

Good At: Marketing, Sass, & Kitchen Experiments

In The "Before" Life: Gotta think about this...

Scared Of: Experiencing anything short of living life to the fullest.

Worst Household Chore: Everything is the worst except laundry and vacuuming.

Posts By Nisha: 15

The "Dream Team" that keeps us up & running!

About Webmaster


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Webmaster's Fun Facts

Married To: Corri

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Walked the plank

Good At: programming

In The "Before" Life: unmarried

Scared Of: nothing

Worst Household Chore: chore

Posts By Webmaster: 0

About synthesis

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synthesis's Fun Facts

Posts By synthesis: 0

About Kyle Bahr

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Kyle Bahr's Fun Facts

Posts By Kyle Bahr: 0

About Ferren

I love my man! After only spending 5 weeks together I knew Ken was my one and only! I am currently attending Utah State…

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Ferren's Fun Facts

Married To: Ken

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Delivered first baby without any medication

Good At: Making lists, multi-tasking, scheduling my time and giving things my all

In The "Before" Life: Does college count?

Scared Of: Darkness, scary movies and killing spiders!

Worst Household Chore: Cleaning the bathroom, especially toilets!

Posts By Ferren: 0

About Jennifer

I’m a minimalist rebel with eclectic style, learning to refuse, reuse, and recycle. Love to read, run, and make & eat Real Food to…

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Jennifer's Fun Facts

Married To: Walter

Craziest Thing Ever Done: Zip Lining in Hawaii... and British Columbia!

Good At: Running half marathons

In The "Before" Life: Corporate video writer & producer

Scared Of: Running a full marathon!

Worst Household Chore: Furminator-ing my very furry dog

Posts By Jennifer: 0

About Jason Frey

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Jason Frey's Fun Facts

Posts By Jason Frey: 0

About Andy

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Andy's Fun Facts

Posts By Andy: 0

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