75 Sexy Bedroom Games Round-Up

Are you looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom?! No need to look any farther! We have rounded-up some of our very best intimate moment ideas as well as some fabulous NEW games for you to try!  Get ready to have a variety of steamy options to fit your “love-style!”

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1. Private Affairs: Over 500 cards that will get you and your spouse talking! Includes deep, thought-provoking topics regarding intimacy and your relationship.

2. Would You Rather-Adult Version: The Adult Version of Would You Rather is full of laugh-out-loud funny and provoking dilemmas about your love llfe. Discover what you would rather do!

3. Let’s Fool Around: It’s time to get out a the same old rut! This game is all about switching it up, exploring, daring, and teasing! Bye, bye rut!

Candice-Matching Game2

4. It’s a Love Match: Create some sparks with your sweetheart with this free printable that puts a romantic spin on the classic game of Memory!

5. A Year Of Creative Games For Lovers: This game comes equipped with 52 different creative bedroom games you and your spouse can engage in each week of the year. With 52 options, you’re sure to find a few new ideas that you and your spouse just love!

6. The Bedroom Game: Reveal hidden desires and fantasies of your spouse with this 6 category game set. Equipped with 90 unique cards, you and your spouse will experience new bedrooms delights that keep on giving!

Paige - April Simon Says - Box & Instructions Web

7. Simon Says: Let “Simon” dictate your night of intimacy! Play a game of Sassy Simon Says! 

8. Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick:  Fun game twist to a an old favorite. Pick a stick to start your adult game of Truth or Dare!

9. All Night Love Affair: With 96 cards and a die, everyone is a winner with this game! Grab it for an all night love affair with your spouse!


10. Sizzling Truth or Dare: Are you ready to have a sizzling night with your hearthrob? It’s time for a game of Truth or Dare. Add a little excitement to an old time favorite!

11. Poker For Lovers: Are you all in? Be sure to bet ONLY what you’re willing to lose when playing this game.

12. Sealed With A Kiss Game: Looking for a more simple way to spice things ups? Explore the many ways of kissing and how just kissing can really add passion!

13. Naughty Bingo: Say goodbye to the classic game of bingo, you’ll never go back after playing this sexy, sultry and enticing NAUGHTY game. This game will incorporate food, novelty items, and competition to foreplay. Winner takes all, loser performs all, but in this game, everyone is a winner!!!


Strip Horse Invitation

14. Strip Horse: Horse is such a quick and easy game, why not turn up the stakes! Grab your Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set and these amazing printables for a couple rounds of one-on-one!

15. Amour Tempt and Tease Romance KitThis 3-piece kit is sure to arouse any couple.  With its teasing and tickling surprises, you’ll both have a fun-filled night!


16. Dirty Deeds: Spark up you mundane and fizzled-out routine with a game for two. Hot ideas to keep you busy the whole year through! Increase intimacy and say hello to fireworks! 

17. The Discovery Game: For a Married Couple: Discover each other all over again while creating a natural space for true romance to evolve. Work on your marriage and your intimacy while you are having fun!


18. Deal or No Deal: Is your man a risk taker?! Find out just how risky he is by playing a sassy round of Deal or No Deal in the bedroom! 

19. The Naughty Bucket List: We dare you to break away from your normal routine! Open this book to any page to discover a list of imaginitive ideas that will get you more intimate with your partner. Cross off hundreds of thrilling escapades as you complete your to-do list.


 20. Panty Gram: Prepare a steamy night for the two of you and by sending your man a panty gram. Your panty gram experience will be soooooo hot!!! The perfect way to kick things off for a spicy night!

21. Glow In The Dark Dice: Let the dice spice up your night! Take turns rolling and perform the tasks written out on the dice for your spouse. It’s a sweet surprise every time. 

Kari-FlashbackJune2012-Spice Rack

22. Not Your Mother’s Spice Rack: Give some spice back to your life! No worries finding a spice rack, we’ve found the perfect Spice Rack, provides organized storage space for spicy items. Essential for any bedroom setting!

23.  Bedroom Magnet Darts: Use darts to play a steamy game and revv up your love life! You and your spouse take turns writing down your prizes. Then start throwing! Oh, and did I mention that cheating during the game is totally encouraged? Go ahead and use that body of yours to block your spouse’s view. Distract him/her with any means necessary!

24. Dress It Up, The Fantasy Role Play Game: Who doesn’t feel sexier dressed up!?  Get dressed up and act out a fantasy you’ve been dying to try!  Open your mind and free your inhibitions. You never know where you’ll imagination will take you!


25. 2 Minutes in Heaven: All you need is 5 pieces of clothing, cards, and Jumbo Playing Dice to get your blood pressure soaring!!! 

26. Fantasy Affairs: Take on a new role and have your spouse begging for more! Get creative and surprise your spouse one special evening!


27. Remove your Candy Shell: Here is one fun idea for the bedroom to make your “suite” life sweeter!! Grab a bag of M&M’s and get ready for sweet stripping!!!

28. The Sexy Activity Book: This book is full of games, quizzes, and challenges to get you and your spouse in the mood for a little “bump and tickle.”


29. Cowboy and Pilgram: Show your spouse just how ‘thankful’ you are for them by playing this ‘Cowboy & Pilgrim’ bedroom game!! Print off the FREE printable and you are ready to show your spouse the love!

Board Games


30.  Jumbling Pieces:Do you have a steady hand?! Lets hope so! Write foreplay ideas onto a variety of Jenga pieces and stack it up! As you and your spouse pull the pieces, perform the various actions!

31. An Enchanting Evening – A Game of Romance: This enchanting game includes 100 game cards, 25 wish cards and two game pieces for the happy couple! The first one to reach the finish wins their personal wish!  Show your competitive side tonight!

32. XXXopoly: This game promises to increase your passions, intimate energy, and peaks for the rest of your life. The best part is that you’ll never play the same game twice! There’s never a dull moment, you’ll enjoy every passionate moment every time you play! 

33. Strip Chocolate Checkers: This game is anything but checkers as usual! As you lose a game piece, you lose your clothes! The chocolate checkers are a feast for your eyes and your mouth!

game of love

34. A Game of Love: Grab a Fitted White Sheet and draw individual boxes to fill with sassy ideas for you and your spouse! Put it on your bed anytime the mood strikes and see where the night leads you!

35.Bedroom Baseball Board Game: Knock it out of the park and engage your playful side with this game! Whoever reaches “home plate” first may be the winner of the game, but you both will be winners of the night! {wink wink}

36. Lust! The Game: Lust is an intimate learning game that will explore and indulge your steamy desires.

37. Twist & Dare: Twist and Dare is a wild floor game that will have the two of you bent in all sorts of directions. This game includes a plastic washable sheet, spinner board, and instructions. This game is tons of fun and can be as hot as you want it to be.

38. The Journey Begins: In this engaging game take a journey to ecstasy. Dive in and explore the sensual and intimate aspects of your partners body, mind, and spirit as you play.


39. Chutes and Ladders: Kids don’t have all the fun! Input some foreplay ideas on the squares to see who gets ahead first!

40. Around The House: Spice up your intimacy without having to leave the house! Experience as many rooms in your house as possible.

41. Bedroom Rockstar: Rock and roll yourselves into the bedroom with this all-star adult board game. With each turn, you will perform the task on the card, making the whole night worth while.

42. Sexy Stack: Kick it up a notch with this stack-up game! Your night will go from timid to hot with foreplay cards that will direct your actions. 

43. Sexy Rendez Vous: As you move around the board get ready to flirt, tease, and seduce your love. As you collect cards you will discover a steamy encounter that is creative and adventurous.


44. Scrabble: Set up a romantic, candle lit game of scrabble. And to add a sassy twist, allow only “bedroom” words to be played. Who ever wins gets to pick how the night shall end!

45. Behind Closed Doors: A romantic board game where you make your way to the bedroom. The first player to enter the bedroom gets to make their dreams come true!

46. LOVER’SOPOLY: Putting a spin on a classic game, this game is sure to bring you and your spouse closer both physically and emotionally.  While you may get bored with other adult games, this game offers you, as a couple, to explore the deepest, most intimate parts of your relationship and learn what makes you tick and please each partner.

47. Monogamy A Hot Affair..With Your Partner 2!: This hot game allows you to set time aside to focus on your partner and their personal pleasures by experiencing new things together.  Monogamy is a beautiful thing and this game proves why!

twister 2

48. Twister: A classic game with a sassy twist! Grab a twister matt (or create your own on a sheet) and bring it with you to the bedroom…clothing optional {wink wink}

49. Passion – Closer Together: If you want to learn more about what your spouse wants, then this is the board game for you.  You will challenge each other to favor cards while trying to avoid penalty cards. This game can change any ordinary night into a romantic event you’ll remember!

Dress Up


50. Bedazzling Surprise: Whether you’re one who prefers to go more bare or less bare “down there”, there’s always some space around your bikini area {usually covered up} that you can bedazzle with little girly Rhinestone Gems.

51. Hot Chocolate Game: Who doesn’t love hot chocolate?! This is a game of painting romance. Perform various sensuous activities including painting with chocolate!


52. Go Picasso: Get creative with black lights, highlightersfingerpaints, and body paint. Heat up the romance by Picassoing! Sweet finale…washing the art off each other in the shower!

53. Fantasy Chocolate Body Toppings: Make your fantasy a reality! Try the Chocolate Sampler pack, including Cafe Mocha, Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Strawberry and Chocolate Raspberry for your edible pleasures!



54. Make the Night Spark: Spark it up by playing dress up in the dark with these Hot Glow BraceletsHot Glow Bead Necklaces, and Pop Rocks! Add even more creativity and make jewelry for each other using glow sticks. Get ready to ignite! 

55. Edible Body Finger Paints: Painting is fun but licking is the best!!! With this set you can enjoy the best of both worlds! 

56. Eat Your Heart Out: Have your man eating out of the palm of your hand! Sport some candy jewelry in the bedroom.

57. THERAPY KIT FOR LOVERS: Don’t go calling the Dr. you can handle this all by yourself! Your prescription to pleasure can be found in this game of healing! Who knew therapy was so much fun?!


58. Flirty Fun with Candy: Now when your MAN mentions he likes a certain candy, think of a way to “flirtify” it into the bedroom! Make foreplay a tasty affair with yummy EDIBLE UNDERWEAR ONE FOR HIM AND HER!

59. Black Light Body Paint Encounter: Light up your imagination and turn on all your senses! Plug in the black light and finger paint away. Spend the night in a colorful fantasy world.

60. Body Arts: Become an aritist! Get creative and paint a canvas on each other.

michelle-name that treat-post 

61. Name That Treat: Looking for a way to change things up tonight??? Here’s an easy idea that is sure to please! Play a game of “Name that Treat.”

62. Hot Spot Body Paint Game: Take turns spinning, painting, and licking as you go through this yummy game. The first person to finish gets a reaward!  

63. Weekender Love Kit: Spend the weekend enjoying your senses and each other! Dip into 4 delicious treats and let your imagination run wild!



64. Printable Check for 100 Kisses: Use this adorable printable and surprise you spouse with a check for 100 kisses! You never know, those kisses may lead to so much more! {wink wink}. If you’re not into hints, tell him exactly what you want!!!

65. 101 Sexy Surprises for Her: Steamy Sticky Notes to Drive Her Wild and  101 Sexy Surprises For Him: Steamy Sticky Notes to Drive Him Wild: Steamy Sticky Notes to Drive Her/Him Wild: Let your spouse know you want them by placing these steamy sticky notes some place special for them to find! These sexy sticky notes are full of sassy suggestions, fresh ideas, love coupons and MORE.  You won’t disappoint with these!

66. Bedroom Bucks: If games aren’t your thing, try these Bedroom Bucks. With 60 different bucks, you will have plenty of quick and easy options to spice up the romance in your relationship.

67. Fetish I.O.U. Game: A set of hidden pleasures you can give your spouse to cash in on a night when they are feeling frisky! You and your spouse may find joys you have never imagined.


68. I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions: Choose between 30 sassy prompts, each sealed in an envelope {no peeking allowed} for a night of endless fun.

69. I Love You Coupons: This book is full of 44 coupons guaranteed to leave a smile on your spouse’s face! Which coupon will they choose tonight?

70. I.O.U. The Game of Hidden Pleasures: Forty-two cards full of spicy suggestions you can give to your spouse so they can cash them in when the time is right!

71.Love Rewards: Earn love rewards for the bedroom! Good behavior is always rewarded. {wink wink}

72.Secret Romance 100 Ways To Say I Love You Game: Express your love in 100 romantic ways without even saying a word! But don’t share because these are secrets between you and your partner!


73Love Lotto: 100 Romantic Scratch-and-Win Lottery Tickets: A coupon book full of 100 scratch-and-win tickets.  You may be lucky enough to win a hot-date, some french kisses or even 7 minutes in heaven!

74. Steamy Checks: Fifty checks to give to your sweetheart to steam up the bedroom.

75. Sexy Coupons: 44 moments of unforgettable passion await you with these coupons.  Tear out a coupon to present for seduction and satisfaction!!!

Now that we’ve got you all hooked up with many nights of bedroom games we can’t let you leave without a little Diva help to get you two in the mood!!!  We promise you, game night won’t be the same unless you add some va-va-voom to your bedroom.  Add a little romantic ambiance with our favorite tips below!

Setting the Mood


1. The Love Shack: A romantic setting you can put together in no time at all. Just grab our printable & build your own little Love Shack!

2. Not Just For Da’ Garden: Rose Petals Seductions is the perfect way to surprise your love! This kit has everything you need to turn an ordinary evening into an extraordinary one!

3. Setting the Mood: What sets the inviting mood? Here are a few simple diva ideas that are EASY to apply to your favorite “lovin’ place” and can be used again and again.

4. Little After Thoughts: Does your bedroom need a little help in the romancing department? Here a few ideas to take it up a notch from “Whatevah” to “Wowza! Much-bettah!”

5. Follow Me…Sexy Tease: This fun little idea will surprise and remind your man about how fun and sexy his wife is! Every husband loves a little tease!


6. Suite Retreat Kit: Romantic Basket for Two: Everything you need for a night away at your own private suite for 2 with your honey.

7. Anticipation Half the Fun: Set the mood by surprising him with a different and fun way to ~ yes ~ make love… and yes, he is gonna LoVe the genuine attention and YOU!!!

Foreplay is going to be creative, sensual, and fun when you add these games to your bedroom play!!! The real dilemma is choosing which game to play first! You really can’t go wrong with any of these choices, so pick one and get your groove on!!! 


About the Author: Paige

I am madly in love with three men (1 big and 2 little)! I am lucky enough to be married to my true compliment. I spend my days doing any and everything 'boy!' I have a passion for fitness and love trying anything that makes my heart race.

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  1. Hmm … I’ve been trying to get my honey to play Scrabble with me for a long time. He is not a board game person, so the idea isn’t so pleasing to him. Perhaps if I suggest it this way, he might be more inclined. Food for thought!


    1. lol, that’s totally how it works in my home girlie! If I add a little spice to a game, he’s all in and will play whatever I’ve got planned. Try it out, I promise it works! xox

  2. I have several of these games and they are fun every time we play them. I am excited to buy a ton of these games and give them a try with my honey. Game night is always a blast when you add a little heat!!! xox

  3. I found the two minutes in heaven game a few months back, and it is one of our favorites! Thanks for the idea. I also have a best friend getting married soon, and I would love to make some of these kits for personal shower gifts. Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. I thought the whole idea behind this site was to strengthen marriages. Idea number three is a link to a game to play with other couples. I do not think this kind of act in any way strengthens a marriage!

    1. Hi Cary! The game says in multiple areas it can be played with 2 players. Regardless of suggestions the game may have, if it can be played with a couple alone we may have featured it as an idea for married couples. I believe our site as a whole proves our dedication to strengthening marriages and one games suggestions does not question our value! I hope you understand. Thanks!

  5. Your recommendation #3 “Let’s fool around” is for 3 or more singles. Yet, you’re recommending it as a couples game? I was starting to trust you… but this leads me to believe you’re just publishing for $$$.

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for voicing your concern but if you read the “About the Product” and “Product Description” it does say for two players. Although it might be able to be played with more people we obviously only encourage the game to be played between you and your spouse. Thank you