25 Ways to Take Sexy Time to the Next Level

How to Kick Your Sexy Time up a Notch

So, you think you want to kick things up a notch during sexy time?! Lucky for you, we’ve got just what you’re looking for! So, say “goodbye” to those same old boring ideas and say “hello” to some ultra steamy and super sexy foreplay and dates you can try out!

We’re rounding up 25 ways to take sexy time to the next level! So, grab your sweetie, and let’s race to the bedroom. The first one there gets to pick out which idea you get to try first! 😉

A man and woman in bed enjoying some new and exciting sexy time ideas together | The Dating Divas
Couple in bed enjoying sexy time
Table of Contents
  1. How to Kick Your Sexy Time up a Notch
  2. Games for Sexy Time
  3. Steamy Ideas for the Bedroom
  4. Bedsheet Games for Sexy Foreplay
  5. Sexy Out of the Box Activities

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Games for Sexy Time

Everyone loves the classics when it comes to games, right?! We’re talking about childhood all-stars such as Jenga, Checkers, and Spin the Bottle! Well, good news, everyone! We’re taking everyone’s favorite games and putting some sexy spins on them with these fun and exciting games for sexy time!

1. Sexy Jenga – If you want a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom, this sexy game might be exactly what you need! A little flirting, some Jenga questions, and a hilariously silly game will make for an evening of sexy fun! Plus, you’ll be provided with free printables to attach to an actual Jenga set!

Printable Jenga game piece covers that can be used for some sexy foreplay | The Dating Divas
Sexy Jenga game printables for sexy foreplay

2. Love is Sweet Game – The Love is Sweet Bedroom Game takes everything you love about a certain “candy-themed” childhood board game and gives it an intimate and sexy spin! Take turns drawing a colored card, performing the action, and then moving your game piece to the matching color on the candy path. Whichever spouse draws the card has to perform the action unless otherwise directed. Who’s ready to play?!

Love is Sweet board game and prompt cards with free printables | The Dating Divas
Free Love is Sweet game printables

3. Sexy Win It In a Minute Games – Sometimes, you have to loosen up to feel comfortable being intimate with your spouse. And what better way to do so than with some silly games?! So get ready for a night of hilarious and steamy competition with this Win It in a Minute: Bedroom Edition. These Win It In A Minute Sex Games are the perfect, fun, silly way to put you both at ease while getting those sparks burning!

Basket full of goodies for a sexy foreplay game of Win It In a Minute with free printables | The Dating Divas
Sexy Win It In a Minute game basket for sexy foreplay

4. Chocolate Checkers – Are you looking for a little romance? Stress-relief? Fun in the bedroom? Then this will be the perfect solution! Strip Chocolate Checkers… Yes, chocolate is good for many things, including a little sweet seduction. This game is full of a little strategy and many creative and sexy tasks involving your favorite chocolates!

Free printables for a game of chocolate checkers with game board and prompt cards | The Dating Divas
Chocolate checkers game board and cards

5. Spin the Bottle – This sexy throwback game of spin the bottle is the perfect way to reconnect and add a little spice to your lives. So, turn up the heat and bring on the butterflies! This couple’s version of the classic spin-the-bottle game comes complete with everything you need to create your own game board. Talk about FUN!

Free printables for a sexy time game of Spin the Bottle | The Dating Divas
Spin the Bottle sexy time game

Steamy Ideas for the Bedroom

Admit it. Every couple wants to try out new and steamy ideas in the bedroom every once in a while! Well, if you and your spouse are looking to turn up the heat in your bedroom with some fun, sexy ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

6. Tantric Sex Experience – Consider this your ultimate guide to tantric sex. It has all the info, tips, and tricks you need to have an enjoyable tantric sex experience. This post goes over what tantric sex is, how to get ready for tantric sex, and tantric sex tools for your five senses! It also comes with free printables for you to try out some prompts yourself!

Enjoy the ultimate night of sexy time with this tantric sex experience | The Dating Divas
Tantric sex invitation card for sexy time

7. Sexy School Girl Date – Welcome to the School of Love! This school was created for couples just like you! So take a stroll down memory lane and relive the old school days. At the School of Love, passing love notes is highly recommended, physical education is meant to get your heart racing, and chemistry is a class you definitely won’t want to skip! 

A husband and wife enjoying an evening of sexy time with this sexy school girl date idea | The Dating Divas
Couple on a sexy foreplay school girl date

8. Try Sex Toys – So, you think you want to give sex toys a try, huh? This post rounds up 25 of the best sex toys that you can use with your spouse tonight! So, whether you’re looking for toys that are good for beginners or accessories to enhance your toy experience, you are bound to find something that will knock your socks off!

Couple trying toys together for sexy foreplay

9. Strip Tease Date – If the thought of learning to striptease for your spouse seems a little intimidating, you are definitely not alone! Trying something new in the bedroom can be scary, but in this case, the results are well worth it. Check out this post for a few reasons why you should learn to striptease and tips on how to actually get to it!

Free printable invitation, guide, prompts, and rating cards for an epic strip tease date night | The Dating Divas
Free printables for a sexy strip tease date night

10. Sex Positions Jar – Whether you’re struggling with too little sex or too much of the same sex position, this Sex Positions Jar can help! Essentially, this jar is full of the best sex positions written on little slips of paper with a description of each one. Pull out a slip at random, try out the position, and let the fun begin! New and exciting sex ideas are just a jar away!

Free printables for the best sex positions that can be stored in a cute love jar | The Dating Divas
Printables for a sex positions jar

11. Try Roleplaying – Roleplay is a fun, exciting way to add a little spice to your sex life, and we love how roleplay games have become really popular in recent years! Experiment with these ten spicy roleplay ideas that are perfect for all couples to enjoy! You can even print the pages out, punch a hole in the corners, and bind them together with a book ring. Super easy, right?!

Free printables to create a roleplaying guide for couples to use during sexy foreplay | The Dating Divas
Sexy foreplay roleplay guide for couples

12. Shower Sex Positions – If you and your spouse are looking to ramp up your shower sex game without all of the awkward slipping and sliding, this is the perfect idea for you. Now presenting… How to “Shower Sex” Like a Pro, including the best tips and shower sex positions all wrapped up in a fun, sexy shower date! You can even print off this Steamy Shower Spinner and spin the wheel to find out which shower sex position to try next!

Free printables to create a steamy spinner of the best shower sex positions | The Dating Divas
Printable spinner for shower sex positions

13. Quickie Sex Date – Let’s face it, sometimes all you want (or have time for) is a quickie, right?! Well, now you can have the ultimate quickie experience! Simply hand this cute printable off to your sweetheart and let them fill out the survey, which will reveal what they are hoping for during your sexy rendezvous! Then, when you two finally meet up, you definitely won’t have to wonder what will *ahem* fulfill the other person’s needs–thus enhancing the quickie experience!

Free printables for a quickie sex survey to surprise your spouse with | The Dating Divas
Quickie sex printable survey card

14. Sexy Room Service – Ready for some Room Service that will REALLY heat things up? This idea will help you give your sweetie something hot, spicy, and full of sexy surprises. The made-for-you printables include a super sassy pocketed door hanger, service menu, pillow note, and comment card that will turn ordinary Room Service completely on its head.

Free printables for a sexy room service date night for the ultimate sexy time | The Dating Divas
Sexy room service printables for sexy time

Bedsheet Games for Sexy Foreplay

Say it with me…bedsheet bedroom games. SAY WHAT?! Yup, you heard us right! We’re talking game boards that are printed or created right on top of your bedsheets. These are all quite literally game changers!

15. Sheets & Ladders – Sheets & Ladders is a fun and flirty board game printed right onto a bedsheet! Fill in the blank spaces of the game board with hot, sexy, and flirty foreplay ideas. Then, take turns rolling the die and move space to space, and performing the foreplay ideas. Let’s just say it is a bedroom game where you BOTH win {wink! wink!}.

A husband and wife sitting in bed playing a sexy foreplay game of Sheets & Ladders | The Dating Divas
Couple in bed playing a sexy foreplay game of Sheets & Ladders

16. The Game of Love – Game of Love™ is a customizable bedroom board game for couples! They’ve printed a blank game board onto a fitted sheet, and it’s ready for you to customize! Using the included washable fabric markers, you’ll fill in each space with an activity, question, gift, or another idea from the Idea Vault. When you’re ready to play, you and your partner will roll the die and move along the game board to complete each space!

A bedroom game printed on a bedsheet for the ultimate sexy time game night | The Dating Divas
Sexy time bedroom bedsheet game

17. Chutes & Ladders – If you want to go the DIY route, this bedsheet game will be perfect for you! So grab some paint or markers and make a date night out of prepping your customized bedsheet game. This post also includes some steamy printables you can use for the game! The first person to get to the last square is technically the winner, but I’m pretty sure you will both feel like winners after the game board gets a little rumpled!

DIY bedroom bedsheet game of Chutes and Ladders for an epic sexy foreplay game night | The Dating Divas
DIY bedsheet game for sexy foreplay

Sexy Out of the Box Activities

Out with the standard or downright boring bedroom ideas intended to spice things up and bring in the big guns, baby! These out-of-the-box sexy activities and date ideas will easily get both of your hearts racing!

18. Sexy Escape Room for Two – Put on your thinking cap and cast all your claustrophobic cares away because this at-home escape room has a sexy twist that won’t involve being locked in any rooms… Well, not until the end, at least! 😉 You and your sweetie will embark on a fantasy adventure to complete a series of clues and puzzles, each with its own QR code to check for correctness and give hints if you’re stuck!

Printable clue cards for a sexy foreplay Escape Room for Two | The Dating Divas
Printable cards for a Sexy Escape Room for Two

19. Sexy Scavenger Hunt – If you’re a fellow scavenger hunt fanatic, you’re in luck. This post takes one of everyone’s favorite activities and adds a little bit of spice to it with a Sexy Scavenger Hunt! There are some super fun scavenger hunt ideas and free printables to go along with it. Oh, and I should probably mention…YOU get the honor of being the special prize waiting at the end of the hunt!

Free printable cards and clues to host the ultimate sexy time scavenger hunt for two | The Dating Divas
Free printables for a sexy time scavenger hunt

20. Sexy Titanic Date – Come aboard for a sultry & sexy Titanic date night – straight out of the movies! Embark on a steamy night together as you recreate the famous drawing scene from the movie. If you really want to get into character, this Heart of the Ocean necklace is a MUST!

21. Sexy Body Paint Ideas – Perfect for the DIY couple, this post contains three different homemade, sexy body paint recipes for you to try! The post includes chocolate body paint recipes, edible body paint recipes, and non-edible body paint recipes. Use these body paint ideas as a full intimate bedroom game and date night, or as a quick and fun activity to reconnect!

22. DIY Boudoir Photos – Ever wanted to have some boudoir photos taken of yourself? Or even of you and your spouse TOGETHER?! Well, now’s your chance! Check out these tips on how to DIY boudoir photos from the comfort of your home. Everything from equipment to lighting, props, outfits, and poses! Whether you take some photos together or your spouse solely photographs you, we guarantee that this experience will get your blood pumping!

23. Sex Seminar – Sex tips from the sex-perts! Get ready for every piece of advice you never knew you needed about how to amp up your game in the bedroom. This virtual Sex Seminar includes 23 different presentations (that you can watch on your own time) to answer every sex-related question & address every problem that you have about sex! Use these free printable invitations to invite your spouse to join you and totally transform your sex life in the best way possible.

24. Intimate Recipe Book – Try whipping up a little cookbook of sexy ideas for couples! Inside are intimate “recipes” for activities that both of you can enjoy to mix things up in your sex life! These recipes will give you a list of “ingredients” you’ll need and instructions for some new intimate ideas to bring some romantic foods in the bedroom. Get ready to cook up some love (and kiss the cook!)

25. Create a Sex Bucket List – Nothing says “next level” quite like creating a Sex Bucket List! This post contains free printables which you can use to create your own sexy bucket list. Not to mention, it also includes 68 ideas ranging from hot, to smoldering, just in case you were stumped for steamy ideas. This Sex Bucket List will help the two of you keep things fresh, steamy, and exciting in and out of the bedroom!

Having an active sex life that both partners are satisfied with is SO important in any marriage. Not to mention, spicing things up in the bedroom every so often is a fantastic way to keep things interesting. So putting in the effort to keep things fresh and exciting in your relationship will always pay off!

If you and your spouse are searching for even more sexy time ideas, check out 23 easy and sexy ways to spice up your sex life. Enjoy!

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