40 Spring Date Ideas

Spring Date Ideas

It’s starting to warm up and I am LOVING it!  It’s awesome!  I LOVE this time of year because you can finally enjoy being OUTSIDE again!  Aaaaaaahhhhh! It feels soooooo good! It’s also a fantastic time to have fun with your spouse!  
I gathered up 40 date ideas that are just perfect for Spring.  Make sure to use one {hopefully MORE} of these ideas to really get your DATE-ON for this Spring!
Below you will find date ideas for….

  • At Home Date Ideas
  • Crazy Fun Date Ideas
  • Intimate Nights Ideas
  • Sports Date Ideas

Basically, there is anything you would want for a great Spring date night.  Browse through all these ideas and get ready to pick your favorites and really make your man SMILE this Spring! {WINK}

At Home

1- Spa Night: Everyone needs a relaxing night…one full of spoiling and being pampered.  This date is perfect to get you and your hubby really ready for Spring by giving each other back rubs, manicures, and you can’t forget a pedicure to get your feet ready for sandals again!

2- Cruizin to the Caribbean: Not everyone has a budget to allow you to go on a cruise.  So, bring the cruise to your house on this awesome date.

3- Spring Olympics: I LOVE the Olympics and can’t wait for them every year.  I might not be able to make an Olympic team, but I know that I can compete against my hubby in this awesome date!

4- Couples Minute to Win It: Come on…who doesn’t love a little laughter and fun? Get a group of friends together OR challenge your hubby, but either way, you have a “minute to win it”.

5- Let’s Get Physical: Most people put on a few pounds over the winter.  This date is dedicated to getting your body back in shape and ready for Spring.

6- After Hours Ice Cream Party: I have to admit, I have been guilty of indulging on a sweet snack after everyone goes to bed.  Make it a date with your hubby… put your kids to sleep and have an ice cream party with just you and him.


7- I’ll Bring the Buns: Spring is the perfect time of year to break out your BBQ.  This date not only does that, but also adds a little ‘spice’ at the end of the night for the 2 of you to share. {WINK}

8- Star Light, Star Bright: I love looking at stars, but hate the cold.  That’s why Spring is the perfect time to go out and star gaze with your special someone and have a blast doing it.

9- Progressive Dinner Date: Dinner parties are so much fun, but this takes it to a new level.  Make it a PROGRESSIVE dinner night and get ready to socialize, eat some great food, and get a little tour of your friend’s houses – all in one night!

10- Crepes in Paris: I have always wanted to go to Paris.  By planning this date you can bring Paris (and great food) right to your house.

11- Double Feature Date Night: Movie night is a fantastic activity with the hubbs.  A DOUBLE movie night equals double the pleasure.

12- Power Outage Date Night: Pretend your power is out and have your whole night by candlelight.  It will really be a romantic evening.  To take it to the next level, go outside for this date and enjoy the warming weather.


13- Make Dinner Fancy Tonight: I’ve always wanted to go to a fancy restaurant, without feeling any hassle.  This date allows you to do just that.  You can have a wonderful, fancy night without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

14- Dream Date by Design: Start this date night by giving your husband a questionnaire to fill out that will tell what adventures you will go on that night.

15- Ticket Invite Date Night: Use a cool website to make tickets to any type of event you want to invite your hubby to. Your night will be full of whatever adventure you want to go on.

16- Plane Crazy About You: Every boy dreams of flying airplanes one day.  With this date (and a little imagination) you will be flying sky high in dreams and adventures all night long.

17- Magical Date Night: Get ready to pull a rabbit out of a hat because that is just what will happen if you plan this magical date right.

18- Who Dunit? Date Night: Is mystery your flavor?  This date is all about solving a crime and having fun while doing it.


19- Make Out Party for Two: Making out is such a fun activity, and this date is dedicated to doing it all night long!

20- World Record Date: If you have ever wanted to hold a world record, then this date is perfect for you.  Plan a whole night dedicated to you and the hubby making history.

21- Meteor Date Night: There are so many times in our lives that meteor showers occur and they are gorgeous.  Share a special night gazing at the meteor shower over your home.

22- Yours, Mine, and Ours Yard Sale: Spring is the perfect time to clean out your closets.  Do some Spring cleaning and sell what you don’t need.  The wife will be happy because the house is clean and the hubby will be happy for making money while doing it!

23- Love Sick Date Night: Remember playing ‘doctor’ as a kid? Playing with your spouse can really take it up a notch and set the mood for later on {WINK}!

Crazy Fun


24- Choose Your Own Adventure Date: There are times that I would love to have surprise after surprise after surprise – which is what this whole date is about.  Choose this date and have surprises like car tasks, restaurant tasks, etc. and just have a blast.

25- I Spy Date Night: I absolutely love playing ‘I Spy’ with my kids, so a fun night of silly fun with the hubby sounds great.  Pick a great Spring worthy destination (drive up the canyon, a great look out location, etc.) to make this date extra special.

26- Big Bite Passport: This date takes ‘going out to eat’ to the next level.  Pick some destinations around the city you have never been to, add it to the printable book provided in this date, and have a year full of dates at restaurants you’ve never tried.  Awesome!

27- Total Blackout Dinner Party: Spice up your next dinner party by surprising your guests with a fun black out game – and the winner gets a prize.  This would be fun to play outside on a nice Spring night.

28- Fear Factor Couples Dinner Date: I have to admit that I LOVED watching the show Fear Factor, and even contemplated sending in an application, but I never followed through (probably because I knew my fears would get the best of me :).  LOL).  This is a perfect date to really be adventurous and see how far you can push yourself!


Intimate Nights


29- Naked Night: This is probably every man’s dream – to be able to have a whole night without having to wear his clothes. LOL!  Plan a whole date night full of fun, ‘normal’ activities (dinner, movies, etc.), but the real fun of the night is you must do everything in your birthday suit.  This could get interesting people…

30- Games for the Bedroom: Play your childhood favorite games for a whole night…WAIT did I say childhood games – I meant childhood games but ADULT version. Yep, have a fun night of games – intimate style.  It will be a hit for sure.

31- Sizzling Truth or Dare: Truth or Dare is such a great game – but I promise you have never played it having this much fun before.  Put a little sass into the old truth or dare game and be prepared for a night of adventure.

32- It’s Your Lucky Night: Make your own scratch-off cards where your spouse will be surprised with how he/she will get ‘lucky’ with you!


33- 7 Days of Sexy Love: Print off 7 sexy notes, add in 7 cute, little surprises, and it all equals 7 days of HOT lovin.

34- Simon Says: This is definitely NOT your typical game of Simon Says.  Let Simon tell you how to exactly how to ‘perform this favor’ and really have a steamy night with your spouse!

35- Spin the Bottle: This is spin the bottle times 100! Create a sexy board game version of spin the bottle for a great night with you and the hubbs.

36- Wanna a Piece of Me?: Create a sexy puzzle for your hubby to put together to really get his curiosity flowing.



37- A Date Night That Scores: If your hubby is into sports- this is the date for him…create your own tickets and invite him to a fun filled sports night that will be sure to put a smile on his face!

38- Competition at the Park: I am all about having fun with my spouse – especially if it’s in a friendly competition with games that I MIGHT be able to win – LOL – not likely.  Go to the park and challenge your spouse to fun-filled games of competition.

39- Kick Off Date Night: If your hubby likes soccer then this is the date for him.  Enjoy this fun soccer filled night and have fun out on the town.

40- Knock it Outta the Park Date Night: Score high points with this fun baseball centered date.  Even if you don’t have a game to go to, enjoy a dinner and a baseball themed movie for lots of fun!

It was so much fun to gather up these 40 different ideas for you all to enjoy.  I can’t wait to try out my favorites.  Now browse through and pick your top 2 or 3 (hopefully MORE) and have a fun date-filled Spring!

About the Author: Cami

I am a fun-loving, down to earth girl. I love anything from the outdoors to a night in, because I try to make everything that I do FUN!

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