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Adult Halloween Party Ideas For an Epic Party

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Something I love about Halloween is that it is not just for kids. Kids, teens, and adults (maybe even especially adults) love this holiday! Every year I have tried to host a get-together with friends during this season because there are so many fun adult Halloween party ideas out there. To help you plan, prepare and then host an epic Halloween party that your friends will love – we have collected over 100 of our favorite adult Halloween party ideas. From unique Halloween party themes to party games and from food to decor we have everything you need for a scary-good party.Halloween Party Ideas For Adults

If you are a fan of this spooky holiday and love entertaining then this list of ideas is going to be scary exciting for you! This treasure trove of spooky, kooky, Halloween party ideas for adults is full of ideas for a bewitching bash with all of your grown-up friends but beware! We have a lot of fantastic Halloween party ideas to share with you. In order to help you navigate all of these spooktacular ideas we have divided the ideas into four categories (and you can click on the links to take you right there):

  1. 30 Halloween Party Ideas For Adults
  2. 20 Halloween Party Games For Adults
  3. 25 Halloween Party Food For Adults
  4. 26 Halloween Party Decor Ideas

Adult Halloween Party Ideas & Themes

To begin planning your adult Halloween party, you will first want to choose a theme for your party. Halloween is one of those holidays where you have several different options for the type of party you throw. Halloween parties can range from hair-raising scary to ghastly elegant! When deciding your adult Halloween party theme, consider your location, your guests and how much effort you want to put in. In order to help you narrow down your Halloween mood, here is a collection of some of our favorite adult Halloween party themes.

Adult Halloween Party Ideas

  • Halloween Costume Party – The most popular types of Halloween Party Ideas for adults is a fun night of flaunting costumes! This link includes invitations, party decor and printables for hosting a costume contest.
  • Halloween Movie Marathon Party – Bring your friends together for a night of classic Halloween movies. Turn it into a party with printable invitations and party food labels.
  • Pumpkin Decorating Party – Get together with your favorite friends to decorate pumpkins together. Add these printables for some friendly competition. And, for inspiration, we have a collection of 150 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas
  • Walking Dead – You have to see this amazing Walking Dead party pack. Halloween time is the perfect season for all things zombie
  • Harry Potter Party -Halloween is the perfect time to bring everyone together for a night of Harry Potter! With spells and witches, this is a party that your muggle friends will enjoy!
  • CSI – Solve the crime with these elaborate clues all ready for you and your guests.
  • Murder Mystery Party – This is our popular murder mystery pack. My personal favorite of all of the adult Halloween party ideas. This game brings your guests together in character to solve a murder.
  • Fear Factor Dinner Party – Just like in the TV show, your guests will compete to complete daring tasks.
  • Dracula’s Diner – This fun twist on Halloween dinner will have your guests ordering items like Dracula’s blood and witch’s brew.
  • Corn Maze – You don’t always have to host a party at home. A corn maze is a really fun place for a party.
  • Haunted House Night Out – Many adult Halloween party ideas start with a haunted house in mind. This post includes printables and games. This invitation is my favorite!
  • Pumpkin Patch – Head out to the pumpkin patch and turn it into a party with your friends.
  • Orange and Black Party – Check out this party decorated in all black and orange! It screams Halloween.
  • Caramel Apple Party – This post includes to-die-for delicious recipes in addition to the fun apple-theme games for play.
  • Who Dun It? – Was it Chef souffle in the kitchen with the plunger? Find out as you play a live-action game of Clue. The game includes assigned characters and a mystery to solve. This is another of my favorite adult Halloween party ideas.
  • Trunk or Treat – A Halloween version of a tailgating party would be a fun adult Halloween party. In addition to trunk decor ideas, this post includes a guide to hosting your own Trunk or Treat. 
  • Ghouls Night Out – Get together with your favorite witches for a fun ghouls night out. 
  • Halloween Pizza Party – Keep it simple and invite some friends over for a pizza party. This post includes an invitation and treats bag. 
  • Hocus Pocus Dinner & a Movie – This post includes some fun dinner ideas and an activity to go with the classic Hocus Pocus move – a class Halloween favorite. 
  • Choctober Fest – Better than traditional German Oktoberfest we have CHOC-tober Fest! Forget the beer and brats, and instead invite your friends to enjoy delicious chocolate.   
  • Haunted Gingerbread Houses – This is a fun twist to a typical Christmas tradition! You have all the candy for Halloween – why not add a haunted twist to a gingerbread house. 
  • Day of the Dead – Plan a festive, colorful and authentic Day of the Dead Party. Mexico has its own unique take on the Halloween season and it makes for a great party! 
  • Witch’s Tea – Invite your ladies to dress in their witch’s best for a girl’s lunch and tea party and then enjoy the afternoon with your favorite ghouls. 
  • Scary Movie Date Night – Direct from our Year of Movie Dates Pack we have printables and activities to pair with watching a scary movie. Some ideas are more for just you and your spouse, however, the ideas can be adapted to a group party. 
  • Cheese and Wine Party – This party idea includes adults-only drinks and some ghoulish DIY decor.
  • Halloween Horror Movie Party – A fancy twist on a night to watch scary films at a haunted movie theatre. 
  • Nancy Drew Themed Party – Nancy Drew fans will love this Adult Halloween Party Idea. Solve clues and unravel a mystery. 
  • Elegant Halloween Harvest Party – Click on over to be inspired for a more elegant Halloween dinner party. 
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Party – Enter the world of Jack Skellington and his haunting friends for a party that screams “This is Halloween!” 

Halloween Party Games For Adults

Part of hosting a great party is keeping your guests entertained. Finding a good balance of games that encourage mingling in addition to providing a good laugh are always winners. In some cases, the game could be the main focus of the party. We have serveral options, however, so you might have a hard time just choosing one. Here are some of our absolute favorite Halloween party games for adults to have a good time!

Halloween Party Games For Adults

  • Pumpkin Win it in a Minute – This is the perfect Halloween game for adults! It includes competitive games that take under a minute to complete. 
  • Guessing Candy Game – Pull out the Halloween candy and see if your guests can identify the candy without being able to see it. 
  • Mafia – When I thought about adult Halloween party ideas – this game came to mind. Put on your poker face to convince others your completely innocent. Printables included. 
  • The Ultimate Halloween Challenge – Teams race to earn points by finding specific Halloween items or by completing silly tasks. 
  • Scary Movie Bingo – Fill up your bingo card as you watch for certain scary movie classics moves. 
  • Dem Dry Bones – This is a great game to get your group to bond. Players connect different body parts (elbows, knees, heads, etc.) in a crazy game of partner twister. 
  • Horror Movie Trivia – Free printable game with movie trivia cards for both kids and adults.
  • Telling Ghost Stories – Two unique game ideas for twists on telling scary ghost stories at your party. 
  • Halloween Scavenger Hunt – Send your guests around the house for a fun scavenger hunt. Each clue leads to a different Halloween party game.
  • Name That Monster (and other games) – Each guest as the name of a monster placed on their back. Using yes or no questions throughout the night, players try to identify who their monster is.
  • Pass the Pumpkin – Decorate an orange like a Jack O’Lantern and then play this game of pass the pumpkin with your guests. It requires everyone to get really close.
  • Halloween Name That Tune – See who can come up with the name to fit the spooky tune first.
  • Halloween Reverse Charades – This is a fun twist on the game of charades. In this game, the object is to guess what is being acted out, however, in this version several players act out the clues for one person to guess. Most importantly, it includes a list of Halloween-theme words.
  • Witches Scattergories – A free printable game of Scattergories where the categories are all Halloween-y.
  • Halloween Family Feud – This one has a small cost but could really add some competitive and bonding fun to your party.
  • Touch and Feel Mystery Bags – Go ahead. Reach inside and feel around and then try to guess what the spooky item is. You can create these mystery boxes with items you might even already have around your home.
  • Halloween Mad Libs – Give your guests some of these Halloween Mad Libs and let then the laughs begin. 
  • The Chalk Outline Game – Trace various guests in a chalk outline and have the other guests guess who is who.
  • After Dark Scavenger Hunt – Some fun competitive games to play in the dark! 

Halloween Party Food

A key component of a great party is the food! Halloween is the perfect holiday to have a littel fun with your food choices! The creepy, crawly, ooey, gooey fun of Halloween can come to life at your food table. There are some really fun things you can do. From appetizers to desserts, we have you covered with delicious to-die-for recipes and food ideas.

Easy Desserts

  • Pumpkin Guacamole – Probably the most popular of the Halloween appetizers for adults, the placement of this delicious dip gives the illusion that the jack o’ lantern is spewing out gooey green stuff. Not very appealing but appetizing! 
  • Bones & Cheese Dip – This is a unique way to have fun with your food choices. It is fun while not being too gross or creepy. 
  • Bat Bites – These bite-sized bats are a creative way to serve cheese dip and chips. 
  • Witch Finger Pretzel Rods – When looking for Halloween appetizers for adults, this one might seem a little juvenile, but I promise that adults will appreciate the creativity. 
  • Halloween Puppy Chow – The easy grab and go snack is the type of Halloween appetizer adults love. The deliciousness of the classic muddy buddy recipe with a Halloween twist.
  • Snake Breadsticks – Just twist the bread dough using this trick and create delicious breadstick appetizers that resemble snakes. 
  • Eye Ball Punch – Eyeballs made from lychees and blueberries can be frozen to become eye cubes for your favorite Halloween party drink for adults.
  • Halloween Soda Labels – Keep it simple and purchase some two-liter bottles of soda and add these free printables to bring in the Halloween party theme.
  • Halloween Punch – Don’t forget the drinks at your Halloween party. This orange sherbert punch is the perfect concoction that is both simple and festive.
  • Witch’s Potion Halloween Drink – This green party drink takes less than five minutes to prepare and will add a fun color to your party’s spread.
  • Halloween Finger Hot Dogs – These are some Halloween treats for adults that look a little too realistic. If anything – just click to see the pictures! 
  • Jack O’ Lantern Stuffed Bell Peppers – I have made these before and my guests loved it. It is a good meal to make with a fun Halloween twist. 
  • Toxic Waste Mac & Cheese – I had never seen this idea before, but I absolutely love it! Who knew changing the color can make something so creepy?
  • Mummy Pizza – Pizza is an easy meal to make and most importantly one that everyone loves. This unique little twist can add that Halloween flair you are looking for to your party. 
  • Halloween Spaghetti – I did this recipe for my Halloween party last year and it was a hit! Spaghetti is inexpensive and is a food that everyone loves.
  • Halloween LasagnasLasagna is a great meal to make ahead of time before your adult Halloween party begins. This site has several ways in order to add some Halloween creepiness to the pan.
  • Creepy Meatloaf – Meatloaf turned FEETloaf. A mound of delicious meatloaf shaped like feet and topped with ketchup. Yum.
  • Gooey Monster Eye Cookies – Take a cake box cookie recipe (so easy to make) and add some food coloring and an edible candy eyeball and you have a Halloween party treats adults will definitely appreciate.
  • Chocolate Spider Truffle- I have personally made this one and can attest that is both delicious and easy to do.
  • Easy Halloween Cake Ideas – This site includes several brilliant Halloween cake decorating ideas. The candy corn one is so clever and the mummy cake is extremely easy to pull off.
  • Bloody Band-Aids – Of all of the Halloween Treats for Adults this is one that I just don’t know if I could eat. I love wafers, but this just looks a little too realistic. 
  • Jack Skellington Cheesecakes – For fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas, your adult guests will appreciate the nod to the show. 
  • Witch Hat Cupcakes – I love this cute topping to yummy cupcakes. So delicious! 
  • Rice Krispie Brains – These looks so realistic. This is one of those Halloween treats for adults that will make them squirm but they will certainly devour it. 
  • Jell-O Worms – This is so clever! Use Jell-O and straws to create a unique effect. 
  • Caramel Apple Recipes – The most mouth-watering recipes you have seen. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see them all. So much deliciousness all in one place. 
  • Monster Eye Cake – I love the simplicity of this cake. Even I can do this one! 

Spooky & Fun Decorating Ideas

Decorating for a Halloween party can be as simple or as extravagant as you would like it to be. Decide on your party theme from any of the adult Halloween party ideas above and then use these decor ideas to enhance that idea. With Halloween there are so many things you can do to create a spooky atmostphere. Below are some simple Halloween party decor hacks in addition to some extremely epic things you can do to go all out for your party.

Cupcake Toppers

  • Halloween Party Pack – Over 15 pages of Halloween party printables all in one place. 
  • Mantel Decor Inspiration – Ten gorgeously decorated fireplace mantels that are to-die-for! So much inspiration in one post!
  • Black Plants – Have fun with a little spray paint and fake plants for a fun and simple effect to your party’s decor. 
  • Blood-Splattered Vases & Cups – Splatter some red paint on various items for a splash of Halloween festivity.
  • Floating Witch Hats – This would be really neat to do down a hallway or on a porch entrance to the party. So unique and eye-catching! 
  • Head in a Jar – Creepy or funny I am not sure, but it is definitely a clever and personal addition to your Halloween party ideas for adults. 
  • Spook Service Menu & Food Decor – Use these Halloween food toppers to haunt up your treats. So many printables included in this one. 
  • Photo Booth Props – These fun printable masks and props could be fun for a photo booth corner at your party. It pairs well with any of the other adult Halloween party ideas above. 
  • Stacked Pumpkin Topiary – This is a clever idea for a Halloween party decor items with “wow” factor. 
  • Halloween Lighting Effects & Ideas – This page is loaded with tricks to give your party space a complete Halloween atmosphere.
  • Scary DIY Adult Halloween Party Decorations – From a body bag in the bathroom to a creepy clown invader in the ceiling this link takes you to seven totally spooky additions to your adult Halloween party.
  • Bloody Candle – What a clever way to transform candles into Halloween decor. 
  • Bug Invasion – Add some creepy crawling creatures to everyday items like the hand soap in your guest bathroom, for instance.
  • Trash Bag Spider Webs – Spider web decor is a must and this method is inexpensive in addition to being easy to make.
  • Black & White Party Decor – Indulge in several clever ideas for decorating for your Halloween gathering. For example, I love what they have done with the crepe paper wall and the ballon bunching hack is brilliant.
  • Create Fog – Use a fog machine or even dry ice to bring a spooky fog into your space.
  • Halloween Home Decor – I basically love everything that she did for her Halloween party decor. This post includes all the details of her party decor from classic fake spider webs to projected holographic images.
  • Digital Decorations – Go digital in your Halloween decor. Consider projecting some spooky images of your walls or in your windows.
  • Haunted Mirrors and More – A collection of truly unique Halloween party decor ideas and simple explanations on how to do them. I have never seen anything like #5 before.
  • Trail of Bats – You might have to be a little batty to cut out all of these little critters. However, if you have a silhouette or Cricut machines – this idea would be as easy as it is fun!
  • Hanging Ghosts – A complete tutorial to show you how to add some floating ghosts to your party scene.
  • Bloody Handprint Window Clings – Details on how to leave bloody handprints in your guest bathroom and such for your guests to suspect you just a little. These are pretty convincing . . . or convicting? haha.
  • Dry Ice Jack O’Lantern  – Instructions for creating a cool fog effect coming from your pumpkin. 
  • Halloween Chalkboard Art Prints – Free printables of these 8 x10 black and white prints.
  • Halloween Music Playlist – Twenty-five totally ghost-worthy songs in order to bring all the Halloween feels to your night.
  • DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas – And if you’re going for a show-stopper lawn set up, you’re definitely going to want to check out these outdoor decoration ideas that are festive AND all DIY!


So many ideas in one place!

We hope you have a wicked good time with your friends! In addition to these adult Halloween Party Ideas, you will definitely appreciate some of our other Halloween party ideas for adults. For your healthy, we have 100+ Healthy Halloween Treats and if your party includes costumes we have 101 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas


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