30 of the Most Affordable & Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Affordable, Fun, Steamy and Romantic Valentine’s Day  Date Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it is time to plan the perfect romantic date night! We have everything you need to plan an amazing Valentine’s night with your sweetie! Check out all of these romantic Valentine’s Day ideas below!     By the way, whether you and your sweetheart have been together for 10 years or 10 months, you can make Valentine’s Day absolutely unforgettable with one of these incredibly romantic ideas!     And here’s the best part – MANY of these romantic Valentine’s date nights come with FREE printables to make them extra special! Planning doesn’t get any easier than that! Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about ’em, click here.  
  1. Give 12 Days of Valentine’s – Why not celebrate your love more than just one night? Shower your spouse with love by giving him one special card (including coupons, date activities, etc.) each day for 12 days of Valentine’s! This is a great Valentine’s Day idea for couples!
    12 Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas | The Dating Divas
    12 Days of Valentine’s
  2. Reminisce about the Past – Take a romantic stroll down memory lane with this adorable Remember When Date Night Valentine’s date night idea from Pink Pistachio! Start by writing down some of your favorite memories on little rocks and have them create a trail leading to your final destination! For your final stop, have a romantic set-up with old love letters you’ve saved from past years to read together. You might even bring a lantern, hot cocoa, and tissues to wipe away the tears as you remember all the sweet memories you have created with your spouse!
    Affordable Valentine's Day Ideas | The Dating Divas
    Take a Trip Down Memory Lane
  3. Create a Spa Night – Everyone loves to be pampered, so why not spend your Valentine’s night with a special romantic Spa Date Night? The best part about this date night is it can be done right from home – and you don’t need to spend a fortune to do it! Your sweetheart is sure to LOVE this relaxing and romantic Valentine’s date night idea!
    Valentine's Day ideas for pampering yourself | The Dating Divas
    Spa Valentine’s Day Themes
  4. Create a Romantic Backyard Dinner Date – Surprise your spouse with a beautifully decorated Valentine’s table, meaningful DIY gift,  and a menu to impress! Lauren from Every Last Detail has even included some GORGEOUS free printables for you to use for your Romantic DIY Backyard Dinner Date!
    Creative Dinner Date and Other Valentine's Day Date Ideas | The Dating Divas
    Unique Backyard Valentine’s Dinner Date
  5. Make an Indoor Picnic – So if the weather doesn’t permit you to be outside, check out this OH-SO COZY and romantic Indoor Romantic Picnic from The Perfect Proposal! You can set the mood by bringing the outdoors in with beautiful rustic decorations and yummy finger foods!
    Indoor Picnic Affordable Valentine's Day Idea | The Dating Divas
    Create an Indoor Picnic
  6. Use All 5 Senses to Enjoy Each Other – Our Sexy 5 Senses basket will spice up your celebration in no time! Not to mention, it’s one of the BEST romantic date ideas out there.
    Budget Friendly Valentine's Day 5 Senses Gift Basket | The Dating Divas
    Affordable 5 Senses Valentine’s Gift
  7. Recreate Your First Date – Make this Valentine’s Day extra special by taking a stroll down memory lane and Recreate Your First Date! We have even put together a helpful “how-to” post to make your night especially personalized and romantic!
    Valentine's Day dates that are creative and memorable. | The Dating Divas
    Experience Your First Date Again
  8. “Timeless” Valentine’s Themed Date – Show your sweetheart that your love is truly timeless by planning this romantic date for Valentine’s Day! Reminisce about your favorite memories with your loved one by creating a special slideshow, DIY gift, dinner, and activities on the Our Love is Timeless Date.
    How to Make Her Feel Special on Valentine's Day | The Dating Divas
    Romantic, Themed Valentine’s Day Ideas
  9. Make a Cuddling Gift Basket – Because this adorable, affordable date night basket includes everything you will need for cuddling up and connecting. Plan a romantic Valentine’s evening of snuggling with your sweetheart with this budget-friendly Valentine’s cuddling date night idea!
    Give a creative, cuddling gift basket for a Valentines gift | The Dating Divas
    Snuggling Gift Basket Valentine’s Gift
  10. Send Him on a Scavenger Hunt – Every man has dreamed of being James Bond at some time in his life, and now YOU can make that dream come true!  Spark the romance by sending your ‘James Bond’ on 5 missions to make his and your Valentine’s date night a success! Mission: Valentine Love Hunt will be a perfect, affordable Valentine’s Day activity.
    Creative Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt Activity | The Dating Divas
    Unique Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt
  11. Make a Breakfast in Bed – Dinner can be expensive, so if you are looking for a way to create a romantic meal, why not whip up an over-the-top Valentine’s breakfast date? Your sweetheart will sure to be swept off their feet, especially if served as a Romantic Breakfast in Bed!
    Breakfast in Bed Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas | The Dating Divas
    Valentine’s Breakfast in Bed
  12. Celebrate Over Lunch – If you are looking for an inexpensive, but romantic date idea, try packing up an adorable “Love Lunch” and surprising your sweetie! We have included gorgeous printables for you to make your lunch date extra special, including Valentine’s cards, coupons, and tags! It’s especially cute for celebrating with your kids!
    Valentine's Lunch Ideas and Cards | The Dating Divas
    Valentine’s Day Love Lunch
  13. Bond Over a Bucket of Balls – Save a little money by going to the driving range instead of the golf course and enjoy Breakfast and a Bucket of Balls with your sweetie! If you aren’t very skilled at golf, don’t worry! You can easily ask your spouse to give you a 1-on-1 training course! Finish off your romantic date with a hearty Valentine’s breakfast!
    Unique Valentine's Day Golf Date | The Dating Divas
    Go Golfing and Have Breakfast for Valentine’s Day
  14. Go to the Bookstore – This date night idea is so creative and so fun, and guess what?! It is absolutely FREE! A perfect, affordable Valentine’s Day idea. Now, pull some books off the shelf and get ready for some fun! Use our codes to write each other secret love notes on your Bookstore Date.
    Valentine's Day Date Ideas at a Bookstore | The Dating Divas
    Go on a Bookstore Valentines Date
  15. Make Fondue – This V-Day, express just how glad you are to have found your significant other with a Romantic Fondue Date Night! Try our quick idea by whipping up a cake mix and dipping it in our yummy fondue frosting recipe and sprinkles! Such a cute idea if you are looking for romantic, affordable things to do for Valentine’s Day!
    Fondue Vday Date Night Idea | The Dating Divas
    Fondue Date
  16. Get Outside – Head outside and enjoy the fresh air on a romantic bike ride with your spouse! Bike riding can be such a fun outdoor date idea (if the weather permits) and takes minimal planning! If you have an extra 10 minutes, you could even pack up a small picnic to enjoy during your biking adventure!
    Active Outdoor Date Idea for Valentine's Day | The Dating Divas
    Active, Affordable, Sporty Date Idea
  17. Build a Fort – Channel your inner child by creating a Romantic Valentine’s Fort! You can simply grab blankets and pillows lying around your house and create a fun fort to snuggle up in together! Or make your own Love Shack! We have some great quick ideas to make your Valentine’s fort even more romantic!
    Fort Building Valentine's Day Activity | The Dating Divas
    Fort Building Date
  18. Give a Day of Spoiling – Now this date night is all about your sweetie and spoiling them to the max! Use this Valentine’s idea to show your spouse how much you love them! Simply print off our Spoil Your Spouse Date Night printables and let your spouse tell you what they want!
    Give the gift of service for Valentine's Day | The Dating Divas
    Spend the Day Spoiling Them With Service
  19. Get Take-Out – Show your spouse just how “Fortunate” you are to have them by planning a romantic Fortunate to Have You: Chinese Take-out Date Night, similar to this idea from Pink Pistachio! Order in some yummy Chinese food and don’t forget the fortune cookies creating one of the cutest Valentine’s Day themes!
    Take out Valentine's Day date night | The Dating Divas
    Fortune Cookie Valentine’s Day Idea
  20. Go Skating – Quickly put together this Romantic Ice-Skating Date in a jar idea from The Gunny Sack, then bundle up and head to a skating rink (bonus points if it’s outside!). It doesn’t matter if you’re not an Olympic skater, it’s more fun when you hold onto each other!
    Ice Skating Valentine's Day Date Ideas | The Dating Divas
    Ice Skating Date in a Jar
  21. Go Stargazing – Picture a cool night, cuddling with the one you love, and gazing at the stars.  Doesn’t that sound like a great way to spend your Valentine’s Night?  Absolutely! That’s what you will get with our Stargazing Romantic Date Night!
    A night under the stars stargazing for Valentine's Day | The Dating Divas
    Have a Night of Stargazing With Your Love
  22. Take a Mini Trip – Take a spontaneous last-minute Valentine’s adventure and Discover a New Town! Once you arrive, ask a local to point you in the direction of good food and entertainment!
    Take a Road Trip to a New Place for Valentine's Day | The Dating Divas
    Explore a new place together for Valentine’s Day
  23. Light a Fire and Eat S’mores – Are you looking for easy romantic things to do for Valentine’s Day? Put the kids to bed early and rekindle your fire with this SWEET, at-Home S’mores Valentine’s date night idea from Twelfth Avenue! Create your own s’more soirée as you roast yummy marshmallows together over a quick and easy DIY indoor campfire!
    S'mores Valentine's Day Date Ideas | The Dating Divas
    Light a Fire and Eat S’mores With Your Valentine
  24. Make a Unique Menu –  There is just something so romantic about a home-cooked meal made with love! Stay home and turn your meal into a romantic dinner for two!  You can easily make your menu extra special with our Couples Cafe Romantic Dinner Date, which includes free printables!
    Valentine's Day Dinner Date Ideas | The Dating Divas
    Pay for Food with Kisses on this Adorable Valentine’s Day Date
  25. Camp Indoors – If the weather hasn’t warmed up, try out this SUPER Romantic Indoor Camping Date Night idea from Darling Be Darling! You can set the mood by adorning your tent with twinkling lights and romantic candles!
    Indoor Camping Idea to Celebrate Valentine's Day | The Dating Divas
    Valentine’s Day Glamping Idea
  26. Enjoy Each Other in the Dark – Because candlelight makes everything WAY more romantic! This entire Power Outage Date Night is about setting the mood, using nothing but candles for light during dinner, games, and of course, a romantic dessert – no electricity allowed!
    Turn out the lights for a creative Valentine's Day date idea | The Dating Divas
    A Date in the Dark
  27.  Create a Silly Cafe – Our creative family Valentine’s dinner is not an ordinary meal! Your kiddos won’t even know what they’re ordering because all of the actual food names will be coded with Valentine’s words! This fun Cupid’s Crazy Cafe Valentine’s family date is sure to get everyone laughing!
    Valentine's Day Dinner Idea for Kids | The Dating Divas
    Silly Valentine’s Day Menu
  28. Play Valentine’s Day Minute to Win it – Create a family Valentine’s tradition with this fun Valentine’s Minute to Win It Game Night! These game ideas are specifically intended for Valentine’s Day and are an awesome way to get the whole family involved! You can also find some great instructions for the Minute to Win it: Valentine’s Edition game here!
    Valentine's Day ideas for Minute to Win It | The Dating Divas
    Minute to Win It Valentine’s Day Ideas
  29. Hang Out in a Love Shack– Who says you have to go to a nice hotel to help set the mood? Turn your room into a romantic Valentine’s Day hotel of its own! All you need is some rose petals, sheets, candles, and of course your hot date to create your own Romantic Love Shack Date!
    Love Shack Valentine's Day Theme Date | The Dating Divas
    Build Your Own Love Shack
  30. Play Spin the Bottle – Are you looking for a romantic game to end your Valentine’s night? Well, try out our Sexy Spin the Bottle Bedroom Date! Just like when you were a teenager, only way better!
    Sexy Spin the Bottle Valentine's Day Activity | The Dating Divas
    Play Spin the Bottle this Valentine’s Day

Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day can be a great chance to reconnect with your sweetheart. But you don’t need to break the bank to do it. Despite what the jewelry and rose industries might advertise, it is possible to find romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for him (or her) that are super affordable.   Ultimately, knowing your spouse is the key to creating a memorable, and inexpensive Valentine’s Day. Use these simple ideas to have a romantic date on a budget! Or buy one of these simple, budget-friendly Valentine’s ideas: rose petals, lingerie, and a fun game. You really can’t go wrong using these as your inspiration!   Happy Valentine’s Day!       If you’re looking for even more romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, click on the posts below:


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