97 Romantic & Fun Anniversary Ideas for the Bedroom

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Romantics & Sexy Anniversary Ideas for the Bedroom

Ready to celebrate another year of wonderful, wedded bliss? We’re guessing you’ve planned a fun date night or even a fabulous weekend away, but we don’t want you to forget about having some romantic and intimate fun, too! That’s why we decided to collect our very best, very favorite, very intimate romantic anniversary ideas that are perfect for your next anniversary celebration…in the bedroom! In short, you want to make it a night neither of you will forget, right?! Well, we’ve got more ideas than you’ll ever be able to use, so you’re sure to find something perfect here! Below you’ll find tons of romantic anniversary surprises for him, sexy anniversary ideas for both of you, and so much more! Let’s dive in, shall we?

So many intimate ideas for a romantic anniversary evening in the bedroom. I can't wait to do these for our anniversary! #anniversary #datenight

With so many intimate and romantic anniversary ideas, we decided to make browsing them as easy as possible by organizing them into a few different groups, including:

We had so much fun bringing these romantic anniversary ideas all together!

Intimate Anniversary Printables

Before jumping into this list of romantic wedding anniversary ideas, get your anniversary night started on the right foot by inviting and teasing your spouse to join you in the bedroom! All you have to do is PRINT to use this collection of fabulous printable anniversary ideas. We have collected some of the most amazing romantic ideas for him, as well as ideas for her, to complete in the bedroom. In short, there are enough romantic anniversary ideas in here to make it a night to remember, for sure!

Intimate Anniversary Printables

  1. Tied to You – A clever way to entice your love into the bedroom with a ‘tied’ theme!
  2. Scorchin’ Hot – These DIY scratch-offs are a creative way to let your spouse know just how hot you think they are.
  3. Flirty Notes – Use these prints to send a flirty little message your spouse’s way with a hint of what’s to come!
  4. Bucket List – What better night to start crossing things off your bucket list than on your anniversary?
  5. Golden Ticket – As kids (okay, as adults too!) we all want the ‘golden ticket’. Now you get to give that excitement to your spouse with candy and a winning love note!
  6. Sexts – Use technology to help send your spouse a saucy message and get them excited for an upcoming night of fun!
  7. Sexy Letters – 25 different options for sending some sexy love letters!
  8. Sticky Notes – Print a few sexy notes onto sticky notes and arrange them on the bathroom mirror. Don’t worry, there are three different levels of ‘sexy’ included!
  9. Step Card – Turn this creative card into a sexy DIY by adding saucy phrases instead of the average compliments.
  10. Scratch Offs – These scratch-offs might have originally been intended for St. Patrick’s Day, but there’s no reason your spouse can’t get lucky tonight, too!
  11. Bucket List – Filled with brilliant ideas to start crossing off right away!

Sexy Anniversary Ideas and Dates

    1. Room Service – Isn’t hotel room service just the best?! You’ll love using this idea to make your spouse feel pampered on your anniversary.
    2. With a Kiss – Dress up your lips and you’ll have him intrigued!
    3. Sticky Notes – With an entire section devoted JUST to anniversary notes, this set of printable sticky notes is the perfect fit.
    4. Around the House Love Notes – If you plan on spending your anniversary night at home, it would be special to put some special love notes all around the house for your sweetie, especially in places they would never think to look!
    5. Get Naked – Short, sweet, simple and directly to the point. They won’t leave your spouse guessing what is wanted with this invitation.
    6. Piece of Me – For the couple who loves puzzles, these punny notes are the perfect fit.
    7. Candy Invite – A sweet and suggestive invitation!
    8. Lingerie Note – Let the cute card cover do the talking and suggest what to expect tonight!
    9. Punch Poster – If you’re a creative spouse, your love will be sure to get a kick out of this idea.
    10. Love Coupons– These love coupons are the perfect gift to give to your spouse! Nothing says, “I love you” like love coupons. 😉
    11. Love Notes– Love notes aren’t just for Valentine’s day! These love notes are so cute to print off and hang around your room OR to give to your spouse throughout your special anniversary night!

Intimate Anniversary Decoration Ideas

Nothing says romance more than rose petals, candles, and mood music, right? We know a thing or two about decorating for a romantic anniversary celebration, so we decided to round up all our best anniversary night ideas! But before the fun actually begins, remember that the point of all of these is to make the mood feel sexy, romantic, and intimate. Check out our absolute favorite sexy anniversary ideas for setting the mood in the bedroom below. Unquestionably, these decor ideas will make sure you’re both ready for your intimate anniversary night!

Anniversary Decoration Ideas for the Bedroom

    1. Circle Banner – Your anniversary only comes around once a year, so take the time to celebrate by putting up this festive banner!
    2. Sexy Playlist – Out of all the romantic anniversary night ideas, mood music is essential to a romantic night in the bedroom. This playlist has you covered! If you need some ideas for songs, check out this Ultimate Love Songs Playlist.
    3. Photo Pillow – Looking for a romantic anniversary surprise for him? Here is the perfect DIY gift and bedroom decoration all in one!
    4. Rose Petals – Ah, rose petals – the classic bedroom decor! Here are some great tips for using rose petals effectively! This is one of my favorite sexy anniversary ideas!
    5. Twinkle Lights – With this idea, get rid of harsh lighting and make it feel like your bedroom is filled with the soft glow of the stars.
    6. Bed Tray– This would be perfect to set up on the bed with some sexy snacks (aka whipped cream, chocolates, etc.) some candles, and some sexy notes to set the mood.
    7. Misting Diffuser – They say that scent is strongly tied to memory, so make sure you’ve got a spicy mood set to make it a night to remember.
    8. “Love” Banner – An adorable banner of LOVE to make the bedroom feel dressed up for the occasion.

romantic anniversary ideas and ideas to set the mood

    1. Love Shack – Tons of tips and great ideas to make your celebration place feel that much more special!
    2. “Tonight” Pillow – Another great gift idea, this fun pillow lets you both know who is in the mood – no guessing required.
    3. Candle Light – We love romantic candlelight evenings, but it can be hard to stay in the moment if you’re worried about them burning the house down. Enter: These very realistic, flickering candle lights.
    4. Door Hangers – The perfect “hint” to let your spouse know what you have in mind later on that night!  Leave it hanging on the bedroom door awaiting your lover’s arrival home or stick it in an envelope and give it as a gift to use whenever. This is a perfect surprise for any anniversary, AND it has two sides depending on your “mood”.
    5. Bed Canopy – Make your bed feel intimate and private with a few sheer panels draped above you.
    6. Glowing Banner – Use a leftover Christmas light string and these printables to create a banner that doubles as soft, romantic lighting.

Intimate Anniversary Dates

Are you ready for some anniversary DATE ideas?? This list has our best and most flirty set of anniversary dates that primarily take place in the bedroom. These are intimate ideas designed to spoil your spouse, and what could be more perfect than that for an anniversary? Additionally, these dates are also perfect for a romantic birthday or holiday celebration. You’ll have plenty of reasons to use them!

Romantic anniversary ideas and intimate dates

    1. Spouse’s Choice – What could be a better gift than giving your spouse exactly what they want?!
    2. Treat Yo’ Self – One day each year should absolutely be a splurge day, and your anniversary is the perfect day to make that happen.
    3. Go Picasso! – Light up the night and the bedroom with some bright ideas!
    4. Pillow Talk – These conversation starters are a great way to reflect on your years of wedding bliss, plus they’re sure to lead to much more than talking.
    5. Value Menu – Show your spouse just how much you value them!
    6. Night of Surprises – What’s better than a surprise on your anniversary? LOTS of surprises, and balloons!

Romantic Anniversary Ideas and Date Ideas

    1. Spa Night – Deluxe pampering is sure to lead to a steamy night. This is one of my favorite sexy anniversary ideas!
    2. BINGO – Check out the Intimate BINGO card for a whole bunch of bedroom fun on this special night.
    3. First Date – Recreating your first date might not get to sexy, but trying to recreate your past is always fun. You could try to recreate your Honeymoon or even your wedding night! 😉
    4. Fantasy Menu – Leave all the fantasies to your anniversary night and give your spouse total control!
    5. Massages – Slow things down and offer sensual massages as an anniversary treat.
    6. Fantasy Suite – Use these silly (but saucy) ideas to mix things up!
    7. Sexy Survey – Reevaluate your intimate lives each year by making these sexy surveys a romantic tradition.
    8. Plan a Romantic Getaway – Turn your anniversary night into an anniversary weekend… or WEEK!

Intimate Anniversary Games

A wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate another year of wedded bliss. The best way to celebrate? Playing games! These romantic wedding anniversary game ideas are so fun and will surely make your wedding anniversary a sexy night to remember!

Anniversary Bedroom Games

    1. Minutes in Heaven – Act like a kid again… well, kind of. Use this simple game to take things to the next level.
    2. Shake or Dare – A delicious and intimate game that will leave you with all kinds of treats!
    3. Countdown – It’s your anniversary! Make it a celebration for more than just one night!
    4. Question Cards – These interview cards aren’t all sassy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little naughty with your answers!
    5. Tic-Tac-Toe – It doesn’t get easier than Tic-Tac-Toe. It’s the perfect game if you want to make your anniversary special without too much extra fuss.
    6. Truth or Dare – What do you get when you mix the classic game of truth or dare with the classic game of Jenga? Jenga Truth or Dare! We recommend making some of your questions a little more daring than normal. 😉
    7. DIY Board Game – Make this bedroom game customized for your anniversary night.
    8. Bed Sheet Game – Looking for romantic anniversary surprises for him? Add these sheets to the bed and let the Game of Love lead you through the perfect intimate night. It’s another fun idea that doubles as the perfect gift. These sheets are sure to surprise your spouse. 😉
    9. Make a Deal – See if you can each get creative and make your final prizes anniversary-themed!
    10. Love Jenga – Let the blocks fall where they may and… you’ll be falling too… in love again, of course.
    11. Would You Rather? – A night filled with decisions, but in this game, there are no wrong answers.
    12. Spin the Bottle – Especially perfect if you’re high school sweethearts, this classic game is a fun way to spice things up!
    13. Chocolate Checkers – Just agree to buy each other chocolates as a gift and use them to play checkers.
    14. Taboo – Actions may speak louder than words, but these intimate words will get the actions started!
    15. Bowling – Go out for a regular game of bowling, then finish up the night with your own private game.
    16. Love Matching – The two of you are a MATCH, so what’s more perfect than a matching game?!

Romantic Game Ideas for Him in the Bedroom

    1. Deck of Desire – Don’t have much time to whip up a fancy anniversary celebration? No worries, this intimate card game is all you’ll need.
    2. Twister – This hot version of twister will get you close to each other in a jiffy!
    3. Minute Games – You’ll never laugh this much again! Try these quick, little games if you’re the type of couple who likes to celebrate with a competitive edge.
    4. Bedroom Party – Celebrate your anniversary the way you celebrate all special occasions… with a party!
    5. This or That – A little bit of prep goes a long way to make this an anniversary-themed night.
    6. Name the Treat – Anniversaries are all about special treats, so share them with each other and turn it into a guessing game.
    7. Strip Poker – A classic game that’s simply perfect for your anniversary.
    8. Deal or No Deal – Agree to any of the ‘deals’ in this game and no one will lose. 😉
    9. Strip Horse – For the athletic types, you can’t beat a game of horse… unless you’re stripping with your spouse, that is! This is one of the most perfect romantic ideas for him in the bedroom, ESPECIALLY if your guy is into sports. 😉
    10. Sexy Dice – Roll the dice to determine your bedroom fate. No matter what turns up, you’ll have a spicy night.
    11. Love is Sweet – One of the Divas’ all-time favorite games, this bedroom board game will remind you how sweet your love is!
    12. Dirty Deeds – Suggestive ideas that will last all the way until your NEXT anniversary!
    13. Sexy Cards Trail– Let your spouse know that they “played their cards right this year” with this sexy trail of cards leading to YOU!
    14. Glow in The Dark Dice– These glow in the dark dice are sure to light up your anniversary night.

Intimate Anniversary Props & Products

We still have tons of ideas up our sleeve! Make your anniversary just that much more special by adding a few interesting items to your intimate night. This list is full of the most perfect sexy anniversary props and products and we’re CERTAIN you’ll find something you’ll love below! Wink 😉

Intimate Anniversary Products, Props and Items

    1. Dessert – For your first dessert of the night, make it special with these chocolate phrases. We’ll let you decide what to do for your second dessert.
    2. Pheromones – How you smell is a powerful lure to your spouse. This is one added trick that I have up my sleeve to reel my husband in on date night. Now, there have been plenty of research on pheromone scents. Personally, I apply it to my pulse points (neckline, wrists, behind the knees and behind the ears).
    3. Subscription Box – Start with a gift to set the mood that will last all year.
    4. The Man Can – Looking for a multi-gift romantic idea for him in the bedroom? This gift will set an intimate mood right away AND make your anniversary night absolutely unforgettable.
    5. Chocolate Paint – Decadent chocolate goes hand in hand with a romantic anniversary evening.
    6. Bedazzling – Use this creative idea to give a sparkling surprise to your spouse.
    7. Sexy Eyes – Make yourself even more irresistible than usual with these tips for sexy eyes!
    8. Body Paint – Let your imaginations run wild and have a crazy, fun night.
    9. Bedroom Recipes – These DIY recipes are perfect for anyone who wants to try some new things for their anniversary.

Romantic Anniversary Surprises for Him

    1. Edible Recipes – Why not combine two of the best parts of any anniversary—delicious treats and intimate moments?!
    2. Pop Rocks For starters, we recommend trying something a little different to make the night memorable. Why not pick up some glow sticks and pop rocks? Then, bring them home, create a fun saying or card, and leave them out for your spouse for when they come home.
    3. Hair Chalk – Get fun and flirty with some funky hair colors. Choose your spouse’s favorite color, or even colors, to coordinate with the flowers and theme you used on your wedding day!
    4. Chocolate Tasting – Feed your spouse sweets and make a game out of it… We think you know where this is going to end up! 😉
    5. Whipped Cream – Have some fun with a simple can of whipped cream and a sticky note!
    6. Five Senses Gift – Fill your spouse’s senses with an entire basket of naughty fun. This is an especially popular romantic anniversary surprise for him. Your spouse will love being surprised with a whole basket of sexy goodies!
    7. K-Y – We doubt you’ll need much help figuring out how to use this, but if you need a suggestion for our favorite type, just click the link!
    8. Yearly Kits – Out of all the romantic wedding anniversary ideas we have, this is one to remember! Celebrate your anniversary by year and use some of these ideas to jumpstart your night! Just get a little bit more sassy with your loves notes, or tweak the ideas a tad to fit in the bedroom!

Well, we brought you TONS of romantic anniversary night ideas, and now you’ve certainly got your sexy and intimate plans all squared away!

However, are you realizing you don’t have any idea what you’re going to do before all that? I mean, you can’t spend your entire anniversary in the bedroom – right?! Don’t you even worry about it! Anniversaries just happen to be one of our specialties, so we have everything you need to make the day special from sun up to sun down! Check out our list of 100+ Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Dinner , 101 MORE Anniversary Gift Ideas and Anniversary Ideas for Each Year.

ONE LAST THING, and this one is SO important: To make your connection powerful throughout the year, you have GOT to download the Intimately Us App. We recently discovered the BEST app for married couples and this is it! From flirty messages to bedroom preferences, from conversation starters to intimacy challenges, this app is PURE GOLD for couples. Go check it out!

See? Told you we’ve got you covered! 😉



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  2. My husband and I are celebrating our 17th anniversary on June 2. We also have 8 children. It has been a rocky marriage, but we are trying to strengthen it. I am trying to put together some great ideas to make the whole week special, since we have not ever really had a special anniversary before. I am lucky if we celebrate it at all. So, if anyone has any really great ideas, I would appreciate them. I am planning on giving him something fun each day. I purchased 2 cards and will give him those at some point. I am going to write up some reasons that I love him and attach some goodies. I was also thinking of doing 17 balloons with pictures/memories attached to them. Our 2 night honeymoon in our local motel was memorable because the best man/maid of honor team filled the room with balloons and I was thrown from the door onto the bed as my husband tripped on balloons. So, I was thinking of doing something like that to our bedroom as well.

  3. Haha…I have the Twister bedsheets. I found them on clearance years ago, just after I got married. I forgot all about them until we moved a month ago and I found them again. I knew I had to have them the second I saw them. 🙂

  4. My husband and I are TERRIBLE at coming up with good date nights, let alone a good anniversary idea. Our 4 year anniversary is coming up on May 17th (with a baby boy due two weeks later), and I want to make sure it is the BEST ever! He will be deployed next year and will be gone..so I want to make this one EXTRA special. Thank you so much for this website and all your wonderful ideas.
    My husband and I have a GREAT marriage, and with these dating ideas it’ll make it even that much better. Thanks again!