Our Most Popular Valentines Day Ideas

Over 100 of Our Best Valentine’s Day Ideas

Finding ways to show love to your spouse all year long is kind of our thing here at The Dating Divas. It is our specialty. So just imagine how much help we can be when it comes to cute Valentine’s Day ideas. As you can assume, we go ALL OUT! Over the years we have created new and unique Valentine’s day ideas to show extra love to your spouse on this day of love from gift ideas to date night activities – we have thought of it all. Today we have gathered our best – and most popular – Fun Valentine’s Day ideas!

A collection of the most popular Valentine's Day ideas - from the Dating Divas! Valentine's Day gift ideas, date ideas, love notes and more! #ValentinesDayIdeas

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We have hundreds, no, thousands of marriage ideas here on our site and don’t even get me started on our Dating Divas Pinterest board. When planning for Valentine’s Day – where do you even start? Here! You start here because these Valentine’s Day ideas are the ones that have stood the test of time, the ideas that have been pinned thousands of times and the ideas that our readers keep coming to over and over again. These are our most popular and best Valentine’s Day ideas, all in one place. You are welcome!

When gathering the best of the best ideas from our site, we are able to help you with Valentine’s day ideas for her, Valentine’s day ideas for him…and the whole family! So in this post, you will find our most popular and best Valentine’s Day ideas in the following categories:

Valentine’s Day Countdowns

Why leave all the Valentine fun for just one day? How special would it be if you did a little something special for your spouse in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day? Well, if that seems daunting, let me assure you that with these done-for-you unique Valentine’s day ideas it can be easy (but your spouse doesn’t need to know that!).

Valentine's Day Countdowns

  • Love Note Clothespin Wreath – Looking for some cheap Valentine’s day ideas?! Look no further! 14 days-worth of love notes for your spouse and this unique clothespin wreath to display them are perfect! You can grab some of the cutest Valentine’s clothespins here.
  • Valentine’s Fortune Cookie Countdown – Who wouldn’t like to countdown to Valentine’s Day by eating a yummy fortune cookie and reading a sweet love note each day?
  • The Perfect DIY Valentine’s Countdown – Open an envelope-a-day leading up to Valentine’s Day. Each envelope includes either a sweet love note, a date night activity or an act of kindness. P.S. This one is my personal favorite! These mini clothespins are the perfect embellishments.
  • 30 Days of Love – This is what I did for my spouse this year! 30 quick and easy love ideas in an all-in-one printable kit.
  • Valentine’s Advent Love Notes – Make the days leading up to Valentine’s Day extra special by putting together this super sweet set of framed love notes to help you count down until the ultimate day of love!
  • 12 Days of Valentine’s – Why should Christmas be the only holiday to enjoy 12 days of celebration!? Shower your spouse with a little somethin’, somethin’ for 12 days leading up to Valentine’s Day.
  • 14 Days of Love for Him – Build the anticipation as you count down to the big day filled with sweet treats and our darling Diva Central Exclusive printables!
  • The 14 Sexts of Valentine’s – Free and cheap Valentine’s day ideas are my favorite! 14 printable “texts” that you can send your sweetie to let them know you love them and you are ready for a good time!
  • How Do I Love Thee? – A Valentine’s Day Countdown using a mini-muffin tin and magnets.
  • 14 Days of Valentines – 14 little tags to place on different items and make your spouse smile every day!
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts by the Hour – A quick and easy countdown in which your love will receive a fabulous Valentine’s Day card to accompany a small gift every hour of the day!
  • Seven Days of Valentine Love – An entire week to show your spouse some love with this unique pill case holder and several options for love notes to house inside.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Shopping for your spouse can be so difficult. One of our most frequently asked questions is for Valentine’s Day ideas for her and Valentine’s day ideas for him. Well, below you will find JUST what you’re looking for! 😉 So, if you want to give them something sweet, thoughtful and personal but just don’t know what – you just hit the best Valentine’s Day Ideas jackpot! Choosing just one of these unique Valentine’s day ideas will be the hardest part!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

  • Candy Bar Gift Tags – Sweet Valentine love notes to attach to your love’s favorite candy bar.
  • I’ve Kissed The Ground You Walk On… – These cheap Valentine’s day ideas don’t get better than this. 😉 Leave a trail of kisses for your Valentine to find – chocolate kisses that is!
  • Valentine’s Day Video Gift From Animoto – Create a professional-looking, customized video slideshow in less than 10 minutes!
  • Sexy Love Book  – Looking for Valentine’s day ideas for him!? Give your sweetheart just what they want – more of YOU!! A love coupon book that is full of sexy favors. Running short on time? You can grab this one, just make sure to get rid of anything you wouldn’t want to do {wink!}
  • Valentine’s Gift Box – Whatever gift you are giving for Valentine’s Day, you can add some flair to the box, gift bag, and more with these fun printables.
  • Cuddle Kit For Valentine’s Day – A gift basket with everything you need for an evening of cuddling.
  • Valentine’s Mixed CD Printables – Make your honey a creative and thoughtful CD mix filled with the best love songs! Plus, what a great Valentine’s gift idea to help set the mood for the entire night!
  • DIY Love Coupons – A unique coupon book with over 25 coupon ideas. Choose the ones that your spouse will most appreciate. Like the idea but short on time? Grab this pre-made one.
  • Romantic Carved Initials Gift – A meaningful, DIY gift idea that can also double as romantic bedroom decor!
  • Valentine’s Day Spicy Book of Love – Spicy love coupons for your spouse’s eyes only! Oo la la!
  • Heart-Shaped Picture Poster – Looking for unique Valentine’s day ideas?! Use this easy-to-use template to convert your favorite photos into a fun heart-shaped picture display.
  • Valentine’s Day Man Bouquet – Whip up a “bouquet” with your spouse’s favorite sweets and treats! Both women and men would appreciate this one! Make sure to have a cute pot to put them in.
  • The Five Senses Gift – A gift basket with items centered around sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell!
  • Showered in LOVE – Shower your spouse with love, with this fun gift basket surprise in the bathroom.
  • Memoirs Romantic Gift Idea – This website can turn communications with your spouse from emails, WhatsApp and Facebook chat into a beautiful, printed book.
  • Cuddle Kit for Two – A gift with an activity attached! This gift basket includes items to promote an evening of cuddling together.
  • DIY Photo Pillow – Surprise your sweetie with a customized pillow with a photo, memory or phrase that is special to your relationship.
  • All About You Basket – Looking for a good Valentines day ideas!? Well, this is a great one! 😉 A gift basket filled entirely with things your spouse loves.
  • Create Your Own Storybook – My husband’s favorite gift to date! This website helps turn your love story into a personalized storybook!
  • 5 Year of Dates Gift Ideas – A gift of future date nights fully planned and prepped for each month of the year – and five different options to choose from! A year of sporty dates, intimate dates, around the world dates and more!
  • The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women – Looking for Valentine’s day ideas for her!? Well, no more guessing the perfect gift for your lady. This post shares the secrets behind hundreds of our surveyed readers’ responses!
  • The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men – Looking for Valentine’s day ideas for him!? It can be hard to shop for a man, but after surveying hundreds of men, we narrowed it down to three main things men really want for Valentine’s day.
  • Romantic Wall Art – Three different designs for personalized artwork that feature your own love story.
  • A Personalized Love Print – Four gorgeous wall art designs that can be personalized for any couple.

Good Valentine’s Day Ideas for Date Nights

Of all of our Valentine’s day ideas for her, Valentine’s day ideas for him and the family…spending quality time together on a date night is probably what we can help with the most! Narrowing down our hundreds of date ideas to only the most popular was tough, but we did it! You are welcome! Here are our top 30 date ideas that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day ideas. (or just save them to Pinterest for later if you can’t pick just one!)

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day Love Notes

Expressing your love for your spouse on Valentine’s Day is a must! Whether you are looking for a card that is sentimental and sweet or silly and humorous – we have something for you! Check out these unique and cheap Valentine’s day ideas.

Romantic Valentine's Day Love Notes

Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

All of these cute Valentine’s ideas are just so exciting, aren’t they!?! Well, now it’s time to set the mood and the theme with these easy Valentine’s Day ideas for decor from our site!

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

PLUS we have 50 more ideas from other sites in our 50 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas Roundup!

Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

Whether you are planning on surprising your spouse with some sweet treats or dinner at home – we have a few fun Valentine’s day ideas you will love for some yummy treats and dinner! Because who doesn’t LOVE a good Valentine dinner and delicious treats!?

Valentine's Day Food Ideas

Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas for Families

Valentine’s Day is definitely about celebrating your love in your marriage, but you can spread that love to the kiddos too! Here are a few of our best Valentine’s Day ideas that you can do with your families! This is FULL of super cute Valentine’s ideas that you will definitely want to do with your cute family.

Valentine's Day Ideas For Families

  • Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt – A hunt with clues and activities that the family must work together to complete!
  • Cupid’s Crazy Cafe: Family V-Day Dinner – A fun twist on a family Valentine’s Day dinner. Instead of actual food names, you’ll be using Valentine’s code words to order your food!
  • Heart Attack – Spread the love during this holiday season with a poem and lawn signs for an unsuspecting neighbor. Also, lots of alternative ideas for a unique heart attack!
  • Valentine Photo Booth Props – Just print, adhere to skewers or popsicle sticks, and get your “picture perfect” Valentine game on! Out of time?? Order these and no printing or cutting required.
  • Valentine’s Search and Find – A quick and easy Valentine surprise hunt for your kids or your spouse (2 versions!).
  • Covert Cupid – Covert Cupid is a family tradition that runs the first two weeks of February leading up to Valentine’s Day and is ALL about serving each other!

While these are our most popular ideas for families – don’t worry, we have more! We have 100 Kids Valentine’s Day Ideas including crafts, activities, mailbox ideas for school parties and more!

Bonus Valentine’s Day Ideas!

With so many good Valentine’s day ideas to choose from – here are two fun ways to keep yourself organized through it all!

So, are you ready for Valentine’s Day now? You are probably set for the next 50 years of Valentine’s Days together! So, whatever you decide to do for February 14th we hope you will come back to The Dating Divas throughout the year to find even more exciting ways to show your love for your spouse throughout the entire year!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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