90+ Fall Date Ideas – Romance and Fun All Season Long

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Fall Date Ideas for the Whole Autumn Season

Autumn is the perfect time to get out with your spouse and enjoy an adventure together, and we’ve got all the best fall date ideas right here for you! Are you one of those who want to enjoy a traditional fall, ya know, crisp fall air, changing leaves, pumpkins, and cider? Then you’ll want to pin this post and add some of these fall date ideas to your bucket list. The scents of fall are extremely irresistible and fall is such a romantic time of year. Time to go get your date on!

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The decrease in temperature makes for the perfect time to pull on your sweaters and explore a pumpkin patch or corn maze, rake the leaves, or even just go for a drive to take in the gorgeous scenery!

There are so many fun ideas for fall, we definitely suggest making a Fall Bucket List! We’ve organized the dates into 6 categories to help you find the perfect date for whatever mood you’re in. You can mix and match in order to get the best combo of Fall dates this year.

We are so excited to share these fall activities for adults and children alike! There are date ideas that can be done just as lovebirds, or you could bring the family along too. Whichever you choose you are sure to have a great, autumnal time.

Halloween Date Ideas

We all know that Halloween is one of the major fall events and there are so many crazy, fun traditions to enjoy around Halloween! Turn some of those Halloween to-do list tasks into a fun date—like costume shopping. We’ve also got some brand new Halloween Date Ideas (some sexy date ideas, too) that you’ll want to try out, and probably add to your yearly traditions!

Halloween Fall Date Ideas for Couples
  1. Write Your Fall Bucket ListWhy not make a date of it? Sit down to write your “Fall Bucket List” together! You could even take turns choosing something to put on the list… we’ve got a list for Halloween and Thanksgiving!
  2. Go Costume ShoppingHead out on the town or set aside a night to make them together! Click on the link for TONS of ideas for couple’s Halloween costumes.
  3. Scary Movie on the MoveYep, taking your laptop and a bag of popcorn into a dark field or an abandoned building totally takes the thrill level up about a billion notches! Not only are you alone, but you’re out in the open! Are you brave enough to try it?
  4. You’ve Been BooedHave you ever been “Boo-ed” around Halloween? It’s a clever and cute way to spread some Halloween fun to your neighbors. And this post even has a printable for you to use.
  5. Ghostbusters Movie NightWith Halloween right around the corner, this 80’s blockbuster is perfect for an at-home movie night.
  6. Halloween Scavenger Hunt Get in on the fun with these cleverly Spooktacular Halloween treats and recipes. Not only is it a great time for the kids, but this scavenger hunt is perfect for the whole family.
  7. Host a Costume PartyThis is the perfect time of year to host a little costume party. This Clue-themed date night should give you some inspiration!
  8. Halloween Pizza PartyThrow a super simple and fun Halloween pizza party. We have everything you need in this adorable printable kit!
  9. Indoor Trick or TreatingNope, trick-or-treating is not just for kids! You’ve gotta see how Paige turned it into a fun date night with her hubby.
  10. Halloween Photo BoothPhotos help us keep special memories. Take some silly Halloween photos to bring back some of the best memories and create a crazy fun Halloween season.
  11. Sexy Halloween After PartyWhy not turn this little love tip into a whole date? Head to the Halloween aisle at the store and pick out a sexy costume for each other—for bedroom use only!! *wink*
  12. Halloween Peek-a-booIf you’re looking for more of an “intimate” date to surprise your man, then you’re gonna want to take a peek at this Peek-a-boo game for 2.
  13. Make Haunted Gingerbread HousesMaking these fun treats would be the perfect way to end the night after going to a Haunted House.
  14. Eat Drink and Be ScaryThis is a flirty Halloween candy guessing game for 2… what a fun way to mix up trick or treating!
  15. Halloween Game NightThis list of Halloween themed games will help you throw an amazing Halloween game night!
  16. Whodunit Mystery DateGet together with a group of friends and be detectives and solve a crime! Solving a good ol’ mystery makes this one of our perfect Halloween date ideas!
  17. Halloween Breakfast in BedBreakfast in bed is great any time of the year but these fun “Dead and Breakfast” printables will make for an unforgettable Halloween breakfast in bed. Check out this tray for easy delivery!
  18. Scary Movie BINGOIf you are planning on watching a scary movie this Halloween with your spouse, turn it into a special movie date night complete with treats and games!
  19. Halloween Movie DateThere are so many great Halloween movies that sometimes it’s just too hard to pick one! This date is a movie marathon date! Choose a few of your favorites and get ready for a night filled with your favorite movies and treats!
  20. Dracula’s Diner Family DateThis special dinner date is a great way to get into the fun of Halloween!
  21. Haunted House DateHalloween just isn’t the same without at least one trip to a haunted house! This date will make your trip to the haunted house this year so much more fun. It even includes a fun (and sexy) activity for after you get back from the haunted house!
  22. Halloween Party Group DateThis kit has everything you need to throw an amazing Halloween-themed group date. Send out the invites, prepare some food, and choose an activity and you’re done!
  23. Hocus Pocus Dinner and a MovieHocus Pocus is a classic Halloween movie that deserves a date all by itself!
  24. Halloween Scavenger Hunt DateAs Halloween approaches you are likely seeing a lot more Halloween things all around you. This is the perfect time to have a fun Halloween scavenger hunt date night! Grab some friends or family and break into teams and see who can get to 300 points first!
  25. Boo-tilicious Date NightThis fun bedroom date puts a sexy Halloween spin on the classic card game Go Fish!
  26. Halloween Treat NightChoose a fun Halloween treat to make together for a fun fall date.

Pumpkin Date Ideas

One of our favorite things about fall is the delicious food, especially all things pumpkin. We’ve even rounded up a whole post worth of pumpkin recipes! But while enjoying a few pumpkin treats is a great idea for date night, there are so many more things that you can do with pumpkins! In addition to enjoying all the pumpkin foods – enjoy all the pumpkin date ideas!

Pumpkin Fall Date Ideas
  1. Go to the Pumpkin PatchVisit your local pumpkin patch then come home to carve them together and roast the pumpkin seeds. (Oh, and you’ve got to check out the tic tac pumpkin seeds Paige used to invite her husband on this date. Super cute!)
  2. Decorate PumpkinsIf you hate the messy “pumpkin guts” that comes with carving, try this fun pumpkin date idea alternative together! It would make a fun fall centerpiece for your table, or a perfect gift for your friends and neighbors.
  3. Make Pumpkin Caramel ApplesCaramel apples are always fun, but I especially LOVE this twist of the traditional treat! 
  4. Carve Pumpkins with your SpouseSpend some quality time with your spouse carving pumpkins! This is a great way to have some one-on-one time to talk and have fun while you carve – all of the patterns in this post are FREE!
  5. Pumpkin Game NightEnjoy a night of fun fall-themed minute to win it games with your family or a group of friends.
  6. Have a Pumpkin Baking PartyMake a sweet or savory pumpkin treat for a fun fall date! There are SO many fun pumpkin recipes to try out in the fall. It’s one of my very favorite parts! Why not make a whole date of it and cook up a storm in the kitchen?  Try out some of these festive pumpkin recipes and pop them in the oven. Meanwhile, cuddle up to watch a movie, or pull out the board games while you wait!
  7. Pumpkin Carving Group DateCarving pumpkins is a classic fall activity that makes for a great family or group date night. Turn it into a competition and judge each other’s Jack-o-lanterns for even more fun!
  8. Eat Dinner out of Pumpkin Bread BowlsOkay this idea is SO easy but SO much fun! Did you know most bakeries sell pumpkin bread bowls around Halloween?

Traditional Fall Date Ideas

All those traditional fall things that you look forward to each year can easily be turned into fun fall dates! Make some fun memories with your sweetheart this year by putting a little extra thought into your fall date ideas and having some fun fall-themed dates!

Traditional Fall Date Ideas for Couples
  1. Go Berry or Apple PickingOnce you have your pick of the patch, then come home and make a pie together. Yummy! This date is pretty sweet!
  2. Have a Fall PhotoshootGet a photographer, or set the camera timer, and start snapping some photos! There are so many clever ideas for those holiday cards.
  3. Pop popcorn on the cobDid you know that you can pop popcorn while it’s on the cob?! I love trying new things together, and this is a fun one.
  4. Go Zip-lining Through the Autumn LeavesIf you live anywhere near a zip-line, fall is the perfect time to try it out. We just went and seriously had so much fun.
  5. Corn Themed Date NightYou can even make a whole corn-themed night of it, like Lisa did, with a corn chowder dinner and candy corns to top it off.
  6. Go on a Hay RideYou’re never too old for a hayride. In fact, it can be quite romantic without the kiddos climbing all over you.
  7. Make Fall CookiesAren’t these fall cookies so fun? I love baking in the kitchen together and these sugar cookies are so colorful. These fall cookie cutters would be perfect!
  8. Make Apple Cider FloatsThe gals at Our Best Bites have the most divine recipe! So pour two big glasses then go snuggle on the porch after the kiddos are in bed for the night.
  9. Rake and Play in the LeavesWe don’t think you’re ever too old to play! Lisa even shows you how you can turn it into a candid fall photoshoot if you want!
  10. Go to a Football GameNow we’re not all huge football fans, but the clever (and YUMMY) details of this date would get anyone excited about it.
  11. Host Your Own “Pep Rally”And if you’re going to a football game, why not host your own little “pep rally?” We love the fun, football party foods on this.
  12. Go For a Fall DriveWhen the weather gets just a little too cool for a walk, hop in the car and drive to see all the beautiful colors of leaves. You could even bring along some hot cocoa or cider, your favorite playlist or our couples conversation starters.
  13. Make Caramel ApplesDon’t just make caramel apples… have some friends over and have a caramel apple date night with gourmet apples and fun games!
  14. Go to a Fall Festival or County FairSuch a fun date idea, and this post even includes a printable invitation AND a County Fair Date Challenge!
  15. Leaf It All Behind Date NightThis date will help you and your spouse get in the autumn mood. Enjoy the wonders of fall before all the craziness of the upcoming holidays takes over!
  16. Corn Maze DateFind a corn maze near you and enjoy a fun fall date with your spouse! This date even includes an on-the-go dessert to take with you!
  17. Have a BonfireFall is a great time to get out with some friends and enjoy a bonfire. Most importantly, see if you can find some seasonal s’more ingredients for a fun bonfire snack!
  18. Go on a Fall HikeThe changing colors of the autumn leaves are so beautiful. Go for a hike to truly enjoy their beauty. Choose a hike that fits your skill level and just get out and enjoy the fall leaves!
  19. Seasonal Treat Taste TestingAs fall comes, the grocery stores begin to fill with seasonal flavors. Explore your favorite grocery store aisles and select several seasonal flavored items (think pumpkin or apple) you and your spouse would like to try. Take them home and enjoy a nice evening together trying some new seasonal treats!

Thanksgiving Date Ideas

Another holiday that comes around every fall is Thanksgiving and we have so many fun ideas to help you bond with your spouse on a fun Thanksgiving date for two! Most of these fall date ideas are meaningful and service-oriented, but some are just for you and your sweetie – after the family has left 😉

Thanksgiving Date Ideas for Couples
  1. Make Blessing BagsOne of our favorite ideas for service is these fun blessing bags. Not only are they FULL of ideas to get your family focused on GIVING all throughout the holiday season, but putting them together for a fall date is a great activity!
  2. Plan a Thanksgiving Prep DateSpeaking of Thanksgiving, here are some fun ideas for turning all of that dinner prep work that must be done into a fun date. The printable turkey bag is seriously so much fun!
  3. Sexy Thanksgiving After-Party DateThanksgiving is full of food, fun, and family. When it is all over though, sometimes you need some time to spend alone with your spouse to reflect on how grateful you are for them. This date serves just that purpose!
  4. Thanksgiving Scavenger HuntThis great Thanksgiving scavenger hunt takes you through the house and at each stop you must complete an activity as a family in order to move on to the next clue. The activities are designed to help you think about the things you are grateful for.
  5. Family Thanksgiving BINGOThis Thanksgiving when you are together with your family pull out this BINGO activity to keep everyone entertained. Watch whats going on around you and when you see something happen that is on the Bingo card mark it off!
  6. Play Thanksgiving CharadesThis is such a great way to show gratitude! In this version of charades act out the things you are grateful for!
  7. Make a Giant Gratitude SignThese giant poster-sized signs are a great way to show how grateful you are for the many things and people in your life. Spend some quality time with your spouse discussing all the things you are grateful for while you create your poster!
  8. Go Turkey BowlingTurkey bowling is such a fun activity perfect for a special fall date night with your family. Firstly, print the free designs, secondly purchase your squash. Lastly, HAVE FUN!
  9. Have a Pie NightWith all the dinner preparation and eating all that good food, there is rarely time or space in your stomach to really enjoy the pie. The pie should get its very own night where it can be the star! This date makes sure pie gets the attention it deserves!
  10. Thanksgiving Service Bucket ListIt’s easy to find some service to do this time of year! Firstly, work through a service bucket list for date night, secondly, enjoy those happy feelings!
  11. Friendsgiving FeastGather with friends and have a Thanksgiving feast. Our printables will certainly make it easy to plan and organize this fun date with friends!
  12. Thermos PicnicFill up your thermos and head out for a picnic under the gorgeous trees. It’s perfect for a little soup or cocoa picnic for two on a chilly fall evening.
  13. Thanksgiving for Two Thanksgiving can feel a little lonely when it’s only 2 of you; however, this date makes it feel like home.

Outdoor Fall Date Ideas

Getting outdoors is one of the best parts about fall and there are so many fun ways to enjoy the changing of the seasons, including those gorgeous colorful leaves. We gathered up some of our personal favorite fall date ideas that can be done outdoors – get all the fresh air you can before winter hits!

Outdoor Fall Date Ideas for Couples
  1. Make S’moresYummy… the perfect after-dark dessert date. Whether you roast your marshmallows over a bonfire in the woods or a candle in the living room, it’s the perfect excuse to cozy up close.
  2. Park HoppingThis makes a fun family date night, and the printable park hopping checklists are even included! As a result you have to do minimal planning – that’s what we like to see!
  3. Horseback RidingTime to make good use of those cute fall boots and get all cowgirl’ed up! After some horseback riding, why not hit the town for some country dancing?
  4. Hot Air Balloon RideNow THIS is a date worthy of the Bucket List. If you’re looking for the ULTIMATE fall date and are willing to splurge – this is the date for you! Totally romantic!
  5. Go on a Sunrise or Sunset DateGrab a blanket and a thermos of cocoa and head to the park for an easy & inexpensive, but totally romantic outdoor fall date.
  6. StargazingEven though it’s a bit chillier out now that it is Fall, this is actually a great time to go stargazing. Grab some blankets and warm clothes and pack a thermos of hot cocoa to help keep you warm!
  7. Discover a New TownIf you’re looking to try something new, then you need to try this spontaneous date idea. (And I just love the little rhyme she used to get him out on the road with her.)
  8. Service Scavenger HuntIf you want to feel closer to your spouse, I highly suggest doing service for others with your spouse. This post has lots of ideas of “Random Acts of Kindness” you can do together.
  9. Mini Golf Date NightMini golf is such a fun activity and fall is the best time to play because the temperature is just right!
  10. Visit a Farmers MarketFall is a great time to visit your local farmers market. Fresh fall produce is great for so many great fall recipes. Take your goods home and make something delicious together!

Indoor Fall Dates

Here are a few more fall date ideas that you can add to your list! We’ve got so many fun ideas not only for couples, but also for family date night. Plus, our Mafia date night and Choctoberfest are fun group dates that you will absolutely love. We also have some intimate date ideas that will help you grow closer together as a couple and make some great memories.

Indoor Fall Date Ideas for Couples
  1. Bedroom MakeoverMakeover the most important room in the house—your bedroom! Don’t forget to decorate for the season!
  2. Love Shack DateFall is the perfect time for some cuddling! Click on the link to grab your “Love Shack” printable and wait for you spouse to come home. Meanwhile, make a romantic, cozy fort for two – you will both love it!
  3. Plan a Cuddle DateAutumn is the perfect time for some cuddling, don’t you think? Fill your “Cuddle Kit” with cozy slippers, a blanket, some cider or cocoa, and a movie. Then settle in for a night of cuddling on the couch.
  4. Have a Spa NightIf you need a little romance and relaxation, this is the perfect at-home date for you. Oh, and in case you need it, here are 25 DIY Spa Recipes to try out together.
  5. Power Outage DateYou don’t have to wait for the electricity to go out to have some fun in the dark! Here’s your chance to cozy up in the candlelight.
  6. Have a Harry Potter Movie MarathonIf Harry Potter is your style, then you’ve got to check out the clever decorations for this one!
  7. ChoctoberfestChocolate and fall go so well together! So grab some chocolate and have the fall date dreams are made of!
  8. Go on a Bookstore dateTry your hand at the printable task cards and then grab some cocoa from the cafe. It might even be fun to grab a book and head to your favorite park bench and read together.
  9. Escape Room Date NightIf you haven’t done an escape room (or want to do another one!) find one near you and get ready for a night of solving puzzles! In addition to being the perfect fall date night for you, you get to spread the fun to few of your couple friends.
  10. Chili Cook-Off Group DateWith temperatures cooling down it is time for a hot bowl of chili! A chili cook-off makes for a wonderful fall date night! This printable kit has everything you need to make your chili cook-off a huge success!
  11. Soup Swap Group DateThis kit provides everything you need to host a soup swap! Fall is such a great time to make and eat soup, especially on those chillier days!
  12. Passwords Couples Date NightFall is such a great time to get together with friends and play games! This is a spin-off of the original Password game show that we turned into a super fun couples date night!
  13. Chocolate Tasting Date NightThis date is honestly good to do any time of year because it involves eating chocolate… however it’s fall right now and you want chocolate so this date is perfect!
  14. The Walking Dead Date NightAs Halloween approaches watching some zombies together as a couple is a great way to get in the mood for Halloween!
  15. Fixer Upper Date NightFall is the perfect time for a simple home improvement project!
  16. Game Night Group DatePlaying games with a small group of close friends is a great way to spend date night. If you are looking for some game night ideas this fall look no further! This kit has everything you need to make your game night a huge hit!
  17. Couples “Win it in a Minute” Date NightIt’s minute to win it time! Grab some friends or family and head inside as the evening cools off and play some games!
  18. Just You and Your Spouse Game NightSometimes playing a simple game with just you and your spouse is just what you need. Finding good two player games can sometimes be difficult though, so we have put together a great list for you to use. Pick a few of your favorites from this list and you have some easy fall date nights planned and ready to go!
  19. Couples “Catchy Phrase” Date NightCatchy Phrase is the Diva’s digital version of the hit party game Catch Phrase! Grab a few other couples and get ready for a fun night of Catchy Phrase!
  20. Potluck Party Group DateFood is an essential part of life, likewise we need to have our support system. Combine the 2 with a potluck – eating food together with friends and family is a great way to spend quality time together. Throw a potluck party with some friends you would like to get to know better this fall!
  21. Make a Fort Date NightBuild a fort with your spouse and spend some time cuddling! While cuddling you could watch a movie, read a book, or play a game. This idea is so versatile and is perfect for those chilly fall date nights.
  22. Stranger Things DateLove the show Stranger Things? Make a date night of it with these fun themed printables and activities.
  23. Mafia Date NightThis is the perfect fall group date  – it brings out the detective in all of us!

And there you have it, some amazing fall date ideas to help you enjoy the cooling temps and gorgeous views with your sweetheart.

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