50 Outdoor Date Ideas

Dates That Will Get Your Outdoors!
There are an UNBELIEVABLE number of fabulous dates you can have outside!! Cool off with a water-themed date, try your hand at outdoor cooking, get romantic with a night time date under the stars, burn off some calories getting active, or just try something new and totally creative! With 50 fabulous choices for some outdoor fun we are sure you are going to find more than one you will want to try:)


Few things can compete with wet fun in the sun!

1. Try out this twist on a water fight with the Soak up the Sun Date.

2. The “Green Lantern” Date has a bunch of fun tasks for you to complete in the water!

3. Try tubing down the river and our Floating Fun Adventure Date.

4. Spice up your afternoon by making your own Cute Homemade Bikini & Date.

5. Spend some quality time and maybe even catch something for supper with The Fishing Date.

6. Nothing beats a summer Pool Party! This post is full of games to try out under the water.


Getting a little hungry? Try one of these extra-special food-inspired dates!

1. The Fate Burger is sure to satisfy everyone’s hunger! A fun group date BBQ coming right up!

2. Discover a New Town Together and make lasting memories.

3. S’more Lovin’… you can never go wrong with s’mores, n’uff said!

4. Hunt down the best food trucks with this fun Haute Wheels Date.

5. Who needs an ice cream truck when you can invite your honey to Get the Scoop and dish up some cool ice cream to enjoy outside together!


Romantic Summer Nights make AMAZING memories!

Try out some of these night time outdoor date ideas to make more of your own.

1. Star Light, Star Bright will take you to the milky way and back!

2. Take a few minutes to enjoy the beauty of nature with the Sunrise & Sunset Date.

3. Movie on the Move will make your next movie a lot more exciting!

4. One place you may have never eaten before… try our Romantic Rooftop Date.

5. Get ready for the lightning with this Last Minute Light Show.

6. Full Moon Group Date may be just what you are looking for to enjoy a spooky and fun night!

7. Blast from the Past is a date full of old-school good-times!

8. Get your campfire skills sharpened with Baby, You’re a Firework Date.

9. Try out our I Spy Date and see what you can find!

10. Patio Prom Date may be just what you need to bring back the flame!

11. Pull out your tent and sleeping bags and try our Campout for Two.

12. This creative Car Treasure Hunt will finish with a drive-in movie.


If you are feeling up for an adventure, you will LOVE these 16 Active Outdoor Dates!

1. Hit up the batting cages as part of our A-Team Movie Date.

2. Yeehaw! A little horseback riding and your man will know that She’s ALL Country!

3. Tell your honey Let’s Get Physical and get in shape together with this active date.

4. Win some medals and some laughs with our Spring Olympics Date.

5. Zip around on quads in the great outdoors with our Bear River Lodge Style Couples Retreat.

6. Remember how awesome recess was? Well this Back to School Date is so much better!

7. Grab your climbing rope and leave your fear of heights behind you with our Rock Star Date.

8. Get outside and do some Service with your Spouse. It is sure to bring smiles to more than just your faces:)

9. Try being a Tourist in your Home Town and see what unique things you have been missing out on!

10. Marshmallows + Shooters = Love is a Battlefield

11. Boys & Girls Night Out is packed full of ideas including a couples archery challenge {wink}!

12. Frisbee Golf with a Twist is cheap, fun, and can be done at the park or in your backyard!

13. Bust out your sporting gear and get ready for an exciting Competition at the Park.

14. Our Wild West Date Night is a great way to get out of the city.

15. This Nerf Wars Date is a great way to get a group of competitive friends together!

16. Try out the driving range with Breakfast and a Bucket of Balls.


Creative dates are always SO MUCH FUN!! Step out of the box a little with one of these great dates!

1. Speed over to the nearest car show or parade for this Fast Five Movie Date.

2. Our Dog-Gone Day Date is a great way to give a little love to puppies and dogs at an animal shelter.

3. There is always a reason to cheer with our Create Your Own Pep Rally Date!

4. Cruise around the neighborhood with our Garage Sale Date Idea and possibly score some amazing deals!

5. Outdoor photos are always so fresh looking and this Family Photo Date is a creative way to take your pictures.

6. With our cute invites, treats, and this Pumpkin Patch Date you are sure to have a spooky good time.

7. Let your spouse know that I Would Still Pick You with this fruit picking creative date idea.

8. If you are still ‘corny’ about your sweetheart then the All About Corn Date Night will be perfect for you!

9. Spend the day together and finish it out with a big bonfire with Our Love Is…date.

Aren’t these all so fabulous? What are you waiting for then… get busy planning a fabulous outdoor date!!

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  1. WOW!! I love seeing all of our outdoor dates all in one place! Gosh, NOBODY should be bored this summer after reading over this!! Great job, Julie!!

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